Specific mothers always feel that there is something in her belly jumping?It turned out that the fetal treasure is hiccuping

"Husband, how do I feel that my stomach is a bit different?" Qi Qi said to her husband, "I just reacted my stomach just now, and the common fetal movement was not the same."Let’s go to the hospital for a look, so rest assured. "Pack up the things, and the two went to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor’s comprehensive examination of Qi Qi found no abnormalities.Let Qiqi narrate about the situation at the time. After the doctor listened, he laughed and told Qi Qi and her husband that this is the child’s snoring!Rest assured, the child has no problem.Qi Qi and her husband realized that the fetus hiccup was like this, and it turned out to be "deceived".

No disadvantage

The baby is very leisurely in the mother’s uterus, and sometimes he "train" some of his own skills, such as snoring.Hicccurning has no disadvantages for babies, but has a lot of benefits.Benefits, snoring can enhance the baby’s lung function, so that after birth, we can better adapt to the external environment and learn to breathe better.Benefits Second, doctors can determine whether his fetal position is normal through the position of the baby’s snoring.If the location of the snoring is in the middle and upper part, the child’s fetal position is horizontal or other.When this happens, parents are better to find a professional doctor to help them correct themselves.If the position is below, it means that the fetal position is relatively normal, and the mother will be more smooth when produced.

Baby snoring is normal

Children’s snoring time is not fixed, sometimes 3 minutes, sometimes 8 minutes.The baby is similar to a heartbeat when snoring, and moves, but mothers should not worry. This is a normal phenomenon. Don’t think that there is any problem with the child, and start taking medicine and want the child to be normal.Taking medicine is not good for the baby. During pregnancy, expectant mothers should ensure that their health is healthy. In this case, you can take a little medicine.

Many mothers only know that the child can move, but does not know that the baby can hiccups. The baby’s snoring is to practice the breathing of the lungs so that he can breathe normally in the external environment in the future, and the fetal movement is because the baby is excited and the expectant mother does not want to do some.Actions to do.So when the baby is snoring, the expectant mothers should not panic, knowing that this is a normal phenomenon.

Feeling a change in my belly?This is the child in your stomach hiccups. If you know these, mothers do not have to go to the hospital to check the doctor.

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