Spring itching, I suggest you quit this bad habit

Many people have itchy and tears in this season, and they can’t help but reach out and rub. Some patients even described themselves as "I can’t wait to pull my eyes and scratch them back." This problem is allergic conjunctivitis.If you can’t help rubbing your eyes at the beginning, it is likely that you will fall into the dead cycle of "the more itchy, the more you want to rub, the more itchy, the more itchy".Therefore, the habit of rubbing the eyes must be quit.

Spring’s itchy eyes are mostly pollen to cause trouble

Allergic conjunctivitis is a common allergic disease, mainly manifested in symptoms such as redness, swelling, itching, tears, and sneezing.As the name implies, allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of conjunctiva caused by allergies (that is, the transparent membrane covering the white part of the eye). Because the essence of allergic conjunctivitis is the human body’s allergic response to allergen. In this processAmine and other active substances stimulate vascular dilation, so the eyes often appear red and swollen.

Although the cause of allergies varies, the most common reason is pollen.If rhinitis is combined, this situation is also called allergic nasal conjunctivitis.

The eyes are so more itchy

Many "senior" patients know that it should be eye -catching potion in this season. So, in addition to the eye -catching potion in accordance with the doctor’s instructions, what else can be comfortable to make themselves comfortable?According to the latest systematic review, patients with allergic conjunctivitis are strongly recommended to avoid or remove allergens and avoid rubbing.

"Avoiding or removing allergens" is well understood but the most difficult to do. The pollen is almost ubiquitous in this season, but we can still use as much as possible outdoor activities, turn off the windows in the car or indoorAvoid touching your eyes when outdoors, replace your clothes after returning to the room, and wash your hands in time to reduce the stimulus of allergens.

Another very important suggestion is to start with yourself, start from now, and no longer rub your eyes.Although the mild pain caused by rubbing can be briefly suppressed itching, this process activates the reward mechanism of the large brain pattern, which will make people want to stop; rubbing the eyes will also exacerbate the local inflammatory couplet reaction through mechanical stimulation, aggravate inflammatory factor and itching and itching.The original release, strengthening itching transmission channels.Therefore, once you start rubbing your eyes, you often fall into the vicious cycle of "itchy-rubbing the eyes-the eyes itchy", so you must break the cycle from the beginning to make the eyes safely "itch".

"Artificial tear liquid+cold compress" that makes the eyes comfortable

In addition, with the method of artificial tears and cold compresses, the symptoms of the eyes can be relieved.Artificial tears can relieve the symptoms by reducing the concentration of local allergens and inflammatory factor by impulse conjunction. Cold compresses not only refer to the use of ice packs cold compresses, but also cooled the commonly used anti -allergic eye drops or through (4 ° C refrigerator refrigerator)Artificial tears to achieve the effect of "two -tube approach".

But it should be noted that when you apply cold compresses, try not to use towels.Because the towels are loose and porous, it is difficult to completely clean. If it coincides with the skin of the eyes and the epidermis around the eye, it will cause local infection and lose it.

Text/Cui Haoran (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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