Still taking pictures of the dolls in the stomach?Huaxi experts: pregnant mothers must not be these behaviors

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Is there any doubt about health issues?The famous doctor of "diagnosis" is waiting for you to ask

Some time ago, the Olympic champion Liu Xuan showed a period of "pregnant belly" on social media. As of now, the relevant reading has exceeded 80 million

Pregnant mothers have lamented that the Olympic champion is not ordinary, and the physical fitness is too good. Some pregnant mothers are even "inspired" and they are eager to try.

However, the clinic editor reminds you that they are the Olympic champions. After receiving professional training, we cannot try it easily.

However, this year’s new pregnant mothers seem to be not afraid of it. They always feel that it is okay. The old mother is good.In fact, there are many misunderstandings in life during pregnancy. The first thing that is the first is to take a commemorative photo of the baby in the stomach.

Today, the famous doctor answered the 03rd issue, and we invited Dr. Sun Weiwei, the attending physician of the obstetrics of the Second Hospital of Huaxi, and Professor Yao Qiang’s obstetric health science popularization studio team to remind the new pregnant mothers to pay attention to the misunderstanding of life.


Does B -ultrasound and MRI have any effects on the health of the baby?

I want to take a "commemorative photo" for the baby in my stomach?

Dr. Sun Weiwei said: B -ultrasound and MRI have no radiation, and have no effect on the baby.

However, the three -dimensional four -dimensional ultrasound needs to be noticed. Real -time three -dimensional ultrasound will also involve continuous radical issues on the basis of the increased output power. Some non -medical institutions are produced by commercial profits to make facial photo albums on the fetus.It shows that the real-time three-dimensional ultrasound (RT-3DU) has even been abused.

The excessive radiation time may have a different degree of impact on the growth and development of the sub -dynasty, learning and memory.

Ordinary B -ultrasound and four -dimensional color ultrasound

(Three -dimensional color ultrasound seems to be a three -dimensional color photo, and the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is more like a VCR taken by the camera. The main role is to cooperate with the doctor to do various inspections).)

In order to reserve the babies in the stomach, some pregnant mothers are commemorative, and even at different stages of fetal development, they will do a three -dimensional four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound inspection without necessary."" ".

Sun Weiwei suggested: 3D ultrasound should only be used as a prenatal diagnosis.

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What exercise can be done during pregnancy?Is it possible to stand up?

Dr. Sun Weiwei introduced:

It is not recommended that pregnant women blindly imitate such difficult movements.

Ordinary pregnant women lack systemic training, such as pregnant women’s upside down. In the case of unstable conditions, there is a risk of falling injuries. In addition, pregnant women may also cause pain in the pubic area.

In terms of difficulty in the degree of difficulty in pregnant women’s sports, it mainly includes: walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga.Pregnant women can arrange as appropriate according to individual conditions.

Sports Tips

● Regarding swimming: It is best to choose a place where the water quality is relatively clean during swimming.

● Regarding yoga: Only pregnant women with the basis of yoga can be performed, because yoga has high requirements for human ligaments. Due to changes in physical function during pregnancy, related problems of joint ligaments are prone to occur.

● If you have abdominal pain, bleeding, etc., you must stop in time.Careful considering exercise and time in the following circumstances:

There is a pioneering abortion risk, pre -placenta, hypertension during pregnancy, and complications such as hypertension, and twins.

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Can pregnant women take medicine for a cold?

Look at internal medicine or obstetrics?

Dr. Sun Weiwei emphasized that if pregnant women have colds, fever and other diseases, they should go to a regular hospital to see the internal medicine doctors and arrange for the doctor according to the doctor’s order.

Remember: Don’t take medicines yourself.

In addition, Dr. Sun Weiwei also reminded that if pregnant women have vaginal bleeding or abdominal pain, they should go to the hospital to see the emergency department of the hospital immediately.

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Can I still eat hot pot during pregnancy?Can pets still be kept?

Dr. Sun Weiwei said:

It is not recommended.

Tips for life

About hot pot:

● Try to eat as little hot pot during pregnancy, because the abnormal edible oil exceeds the standard, which is not conducive to the weight management of pregnant women. In particular, diabetic patients do not recommend eating hot pot, otherwise it is not conducive to the control of blood sugar.

● At the same time, hot pot may increase constipation of pregnant women.

● In addition, mutton, beef and fish are the main ingredients of hot pot, but these meats may have parasites. Unspecked meat may cause gastrointestinal infections and severe diarrhea in pregnant women.

About small pets:

● It is not recommended to raise small pets during pregnancy. In addition to grasping the risk of injuries, it is also worried that pregnant women are suffering from Toxoplasma. Such pathogens are often resident in cats, dogs and birds.Water and other deformities.

In this issue, we make a summary about the minor misunderstanding of the new pregnant mothers in daily life. In the next issue, we will answer questions about pregnant mothers in medical and health.In short, remember to listen to the doctor.

When you are a mother, you must do a good job for the baby in the stomach.

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[1]. The Chinese Medical Association Obstetrics and Gynecology Branch.

Picture source: Obstetrics, 123RF, Doutu, Internet, etc.

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