Stomach pain thinks indigestion, it turned out to be pregnant!Several signs are pregnancy, don’t know!

Many women may not pay much attention to life. After reminding, pregnancy test only knows that she is pregnant.Duo Duo’s mother said that she had hurt her stomach for a few days, and she was particularly uncomfortable. She went to see Chinese medicine, but if she didn’t see it, she got some Chinese medicine that warmed the stomach and took it.It turned out that I was pregnant and tossed for a long time I was pregnant. I didn’t expect that I would get pregnant. Because I was old, I had no intention to have it. I couldn’t get pregnant at all. I did not expect that this stomach pain turned out to be pregnant.It is therefore reminded you to be pregnant before the pregnancy test time comes. You must know that you do n’t have to take medicine, eat randomly, etc. to avoid hurting your baby.

The time for sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs is about 1 to 2 days. The time from fertilized eggs to the uterus is about 6 days. It can be known whether I am pregnant for almost 10 days.Therefore, some unbelievable mothers do not know their pregnancy, and after menopause, I think of pregnancy test.After pregnancy, people will be abnormal fatigue, and they are more expensive than usual. At this time, we must pay attention to might be pregnant.

After pregnancy, due to the changes and mobilization of the body hormone level in the body, it will affect the digestion of the stomach. Therefore, some unbelievable mothers may have uncomfortable stomach, do not want to eat, and have a little nausea.Many times they are similar to poor digestion of the stomach. Most people think that it is caused by stomach discomfort. At this time, it needs to be paid attention to, which may be caused by pregnancy.

After pregnancy, because the hormone in the body is rapid, the composition of saliva will continue to change, so it will affect the changes in appetite.Pregnant mothers will have appetite changes. In the past, those who liked to eat light might suddenly like to eat heavy taste. I did n’t like to eat acid before, and suddenly I liked acidic foods.Be careful, you may be pregnant.

As the body changes with hormone levels, the feeling of breasts is relatively obvious.It’s like when menstruation, it may be soft in the early stage, with a little sore feeling, the more obvious it may be behind, a bit painful, the isola color will become darker, etc.How long, when the menstruation has not arrived, there is such a situation. It must be noted that it may not be that menstruation is advanced, but a sign of pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, these early signs will have some potential feelings, so expectant mothers should pay more attention to avoid taking medicine by themselves, moxibustion, scraping, cupping, and so on.EssenceWhat other signs of pregnant mothers can also leave a message below to give more mothers, especially novice mothers for reference, and successfully bred healthy babies.

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