Story: After 3 years of marriage, my husband changed his heart. When I learned the news, I was faint, but I woke up and found that I was pregnant.

Husbands who have been married for three years have been married for three years, and women who have lolly entered the hotel.

The dusty nightmare was once again evoked.

This time, I would pay for those who hurt me.


Wu Pinming changed his heart, and his lover told me.

[Your husband has changed his heart]

Just scam text messages, I didn’t take it in my heart, and a photo popped up after a while.

Two people were next to each other, and the woman only showed her hair, and the man’s face … was the face of my husband for three years.

The huge impact has not let me slow down, and there is information.

[If you don’t believe it, you will come to XX Hotel Sanbin Road at about 10 pm]

I cleaned up again, at least before I saw the confirmed evidence, there was still a little hope.

Wu Pinming’s call came over,

"Weiwei, I want to work overtime today, go back late, if you are sleepy, go to bed first."

"Okay, pay attention to your body Olympic."

We talked a lot of things as usual as usual. I love him and love it as before.

At about nine o’clock, I went to the milk tea shop opposite the hotel. The anxiety made me unable to feel at home with peace of mind.

At least there are other things outside to divert attention.

It is about 10 o’clock, and it turns out that people cannot be alleviated at all when anxiety.

If it can be relieved by other things, it is not important enough.

Time is slowed down at least twice the speed, everything slows down.

Except for my heart, the heart wrapped in the horrible vine moved.

At 10:16, Wu Pinming appeared, accompanied by a woman, and the woman seemed to be weak from a distance.

Relying on him, the coffee wool rolls are exactly the same as the half of the hair leaked in the photo, and he really changed his heart.

This person who accompanies me from school uniforms to wedding dresses, I firmly love me and change my heart.

We have been married for three years and have been together for six years. I don’t care about the itch for the upcoming seven years. Now the dream is finally broken.

Maybe I should take a picture now, then rush forward to slap him, and then go home to prepare for divorce.

But I didn’t do anything, staring closely at the two, maybe he just gave her to the hotel.

Will come out soon, all this is just a misunderstanding, just waiting for a long time.

Wu Pinming did not show up, and the clerk told me to snooze, and now it was midnight.

The moonlight was quietly illuminated, and I walked aimlessly on the street. The memories came. We met each other very early.

I was bullied by a girl in high school. Her name was Wang Shujia. She had no purpose and spread rumors everywhere.

The ink that "accidentally" poured on me, she did just right, everything could be explained as a coincidence.

I used to confront her courage to confront her and questioned her loudly, why should I treat me like this.

But my anger, unwillingness, and suffering are just jokes in their eyes.

Only Wu Pinming, he covered me with a clean coat to the embarrassing red ink, and the scattered textbooks became clean and wrote carefully.

He did not stand in front of me, and he stood in front of me and chose me without words.

This should be the first time my life has been firm.

I asked him why he was so good to me, he took me back to a long time.

I was hungry for breakfast and gave him the bread that should have should be the breakfast. He said he was in love at first sight.

Love at first sight, ancient and romantic words.

When we graduated from college, we got married smoothly. Even after marriage, he still played the role of a good husband.

This light illuminated me for a long time, and I always thought we would be so happy.


The family is still very warm, these three years of marriage with him.

The days in Chaimi oil salt are almost exactly the same as my ideal appearance.

Wu Pinming has always been very good to me, constantly tolerate my inferiority, and take me to see the outside world.

I only took me to the sun again, and my junior gathered the courage to take him back to home.

Grandma was very happy, she held Wu Pinming’s hand and said a lot.

I was still worried that he would be scared away by my bad family, but he didn’t, and he was better to me after returning.

I have been firmly chosen by him countless times, and it can be said that I exist because of his love.

I want to sit in the living room and wait for him to go home, waiting to fall asleep.

When he goes home, he will gently hold me back to the bed, as usual, as usual …

I woke up on the sofa in the morning, and he didn’t go home all night.

Although I have been preparing for a long time, I still have a huge tingling in my heart.

He has never been like this.

I still want to hear what he said, so from dawn on the sofa until it is dark, the moonlight reflects on the living room.

Make the original warm home cold, and the shadow of stunned the air like a vine.

He hadn’t returned yet, and he didn’t even have a phone call. I tried to call and couldn’t connect.

When is it?

I thought a lot, even if I searched the recent memory, I didn’t find any clues about his change.

I made a gorgeous dream. In the dream, he was still like me as when he was a teenager.

We will go to see snowflakes in the winter, even if he is afraid of cold, we will accompany me.

He will grab my hand into his pocket, and will surprise me in ordinary days.

For example, rough peace, he said, slightly, he will be peaceful in the future, and he will run into me in the crowd.

The eyes are all light, and the high school is the case, and the university is, even after work, even if it becomes calm.

As long as I go to him, he will still be accelerated towards me, and the light in his eyes has never dissipated.

In the bedroom, his breath still exists, so I was lying in it, and the memories of staggered were about to submerge me.

The sound of opening the door outside the door, I didn’t think about anything at that moment.

I ran straight to the direction of the sound, I wanted to see him, I really thought.

There was a strong wine smell on him, and the red blood shreds in his eyes almost overflowed, and I wanted to come forward.

But just seeing that he had made me defeat the soldiers and had encountered grievances before.

Will talk to him, so now?The problem he encountered now is derived from him.

"We slightly, work is too busy." A very barely smile, the clothes were wrinkled.

I took his coat,

"Hard work, A Ming." This is the habit of our three years of marriage.

He walked to the dining table, picked up the water cup, gurgled and poured a few sips of water, and turned to look at me,

"I’m sorry, it’s too busy, I will definitely accompany you after waiting after time."

If it is normal, I will definitely feel very distressed, but now all I can do is just nodded.

"Are you angry?" He stepped forward and hugged me, and his liquor had a headache.


Before the words were finished, he had picked me upside down and walked towards the bedroom.

I couldn’t refuse, even if I was unwilling.

Wu Pinming fell asleep quickly, and he could see that he was really tired.

With the moonlight, I quietly walked outside with his mobile phone. His password did not change. It was our wedding anniversary.

WeChat did not see suspicious people, nor did the text messages.

I suddenly thought of that phone number and what would happen to him with his phone.

The phone was connected to the opposite side twice. "Why do you miss me?"

I was immediately hung up by the phone, and at that moment seemed to be derailed.

Why do you betray?


In the morning, as usual, I would prepare everything for him, and the kiss before going out did not fall.

I want to see if there is something different in his eyes, and I don’t see anything.

This is a very usual day.

Looking around this home, this is where we have lived for many years. The memories are like a drop of feathers, which cannot be handled in complicated.

I decided to leave. The biggest disadvantage of delay was not delay, but to make myself hesitant, and finally lost my courage.

Pack up some clothes casually and pack your luggage. To be honest, I don’t know where to go.

We have been together for too long, and we have the wrong roots. If we want to completely cut off, we can only pull hard.

I went to a hotel first, and it was night. He hadn’t called the phone yet. It seemed that he had to work overtime tonight.

Thinking like this, the phone call, "Slightly, where are you going?"

"Wu Pinming, let’s divorce."

The phone stopped on the phone for a long time, "Slightly, what’s wrong?"

I didn’t speak, and this scene rehearsed for a long time after I found that he changed his heart.

"Divorce, don’t you change your heart, don’t you?"

"Slightly not, where are you now, I can explain, not that …" His voice became rapid.

Half an hour later, he appeared in front of me.

"Slightly, can you listen to me explanation?"

The man’s eyes were red, and for a moment we seemed to be back on the day of the college entrance examination, and the sky was slightly white.

The teenager’s eyes were hot and cramped. After the sunset was leaking in the sky, the teenager said unexpected confession.

"That person … it’s my friend.

She just returned to China recently, I took care of her … "He said that he was getting more and more atmospheric.

If he was still distressed and compassionate about him, but he was just thinking about my love for him.

"Friends? Friends can friends reach this point?"

The photos are turned out on the phone.

He took a deep breath,

"No, we drank some wine at the time, but didn’t that step at all, do you believe me slightly?"

"Do not believe."

"It’s really just a friend, nothing happens."

"I have never heard you say this friend."

"Slightly, I can’t explain some things for the time being …

Can you give me another time?"

We have been together for 6 years, and I thought I knew him very well, but now I can’t understand it at all.

"Wait for you to explain it clearly, now I don’t want to see you anymore."


"I’m going to sleep."

At the last moment of the door closed, he also said the last sentence, "Slightly, wait for me."

He also said when I ….

On the day of the grandmother’s death, the sun was very good. It was a rare warm sun in winter. My hometown called and told my grandmother to fall.

It has been taken to the hospital now. Wu Pinming was still worried about work at the time. I called him after starting the journey.

He said, "Weiwei, wait for me."

That day, he left all his jobs and went to the hospital one step than me.

The grandma on the bed held his hand and held me again, and finally closed his eyes peacefully.

Grandma should think that even if she left, I still rely on it.

After my parents divorced, I was sentenced to my father, and my dad quickly had a new lover.

Marriage, pregnancy is almost completed in an instant. I am completely an outsider. I don’t expect her stepmother to treat me well.

But after they have children, it is the beginning of a nightmare.

Fragrances and beating again and again are common things.

Grandma was seeing me as thin and weak, and proposed to take me home.

They are naturally happy to save a lot of trouble.

The day with grandma is my happiest time.

I helped my grandmother to work, and my grandmother would try to cook for me.

Grandma is home.


After he left, a verification of a friend’s news popped up.

[When do you divorce?.

I didn’t reply to the news, first click on her circle of friends to look closely.

New bags, delicious Japanese, punch in net red shops.

Honestly, I don’t want to play a drama in the palace, but after watching her circle of friends, I suddenly came up with jealousy.

[Don’t plan to divorce, our relationship is good]

[?She was silent, if she could get angry, I would be very happy.

[See you tomorrow, you don’t know who I am]

Of course I don’t know, no matter who it doesn’t matter.

The change of mind has become a fact, who is that object is still important?

The fact is important.

Wang Shujia became better, and the coffee cup blocked her face.

The leaky eyes were like cunning cats, and the cells in my body were telling me to run quickly.

"It’s been a long time." She said slowly.

I didn’t speak, and the beauty of my circle of friends made me fail to recognize her.

"Yeah." Nail pliers can force himself to calm down, Wu Pinming, why?

"When do you divorce?"

She asked again, and the smiling of the winner on her face was telling me that I was grabbing your husband.


Why does Wu Pinming betrayed, why are you still targeting me?

The coffee was slowly stirred by her.

"Why not, like it."

She should have thought of this answer.

I still remember that I was just at the beginning of the bullying, and I haven’t felt obvious maliciousness. The textbook fell to the ground and then stepped on the mess.

A small mouth appeared on the school uniform, and the bugs appeared in the stationery box, and I summarized all these into unlucky.

Until I saw her with my own eyes, he commanded several boys to catch bugs.

I was curious and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Grasp the worm, do you want to show you?"

Before I had the consent of my boy, the worm was put in front of me.

I yelled and ran away, and I heard them laugh very happily when I was away.

I’m so stupid, even if I don’t think too much, I just think they are playing.

In the afternoon, when I put my hand into my pocket, I groped my pocket and didn’t know what shape.

After I took it out, I saw it clearly that the bug was squeezed by me, and half of my body was disliked.

The other half is still creeping.

I was crazy, my whole body trembled, and I even wanted to cut this hand.

The screaming sound suddenly attracted the attention of the whole class, and there was a sharp laughter in the noise, which was her.

Everything can be explained.

After the matter was handled, I found her, and asked her what she had done before.

"Yeah." She wrote the book and looked straight at me, as if the person who did something wrong was me.


The eyes turned, as if thinking, and then said, "Nothing, it’s fun."

Unexpectedly, as if I was just a toy, I was completely angry with her attitude.

I raised her hand and slapped her. I had no experience. This slap was very strong.

The face was swollen quickly, and she covered the face and said to me, "Jiang Xuewei, you’re finished."

She was right, the nightmare would follow me no matter wherever she was, the nightmare that was completely split with the world.

But this is such a person who is sitting opposite me now.

Even the life is more moist than most people. Is there really cause and effect in the world?

"Well, sometimes looking at you, I feel that you are very pitiful."

She looked outside,

"Sometimes I am a little envious. The one in your family is also a bamboo horse.

But he still married you. After I went abroad, I met a lot of people. In the end, I felt that he was the best, so I came back."

"Plum Bamboo Horse?"

Her expression finally changed, "You won’t know yet, right?"

What was my expression in Mu Na, she started to laugh and laugh.

"What?" Intuition told me that I shouldn’t ask anymore.

She laughed even more presumably,

"Wu Pinming can hide you for so long, classmate Jiang, you are still as stupid as the original."

Wu Pinming appeared at this time, and I called him.

"Wang Shujia, don’t say it!"

Getting along with him for so long, I have rarely seen him angry, and then turned to look at me again,

"Weiwei, will I tell you when I wait?" If you say so, you will drag her out.

"What, what is it, what are you hiding from me!"

Isn’t we a lover?Why do you have to deceive again and again?

Wang Shujia worked hard to open his hand,

"Why don’t you tell her! Do you care about this extent? Or you …" You … "

Before the words were finished, it was interrupted by Wu Pinming’s slap, and the air finally calmed down.

"So, Jiang Xuewei, don’t you always ask why?

Now I tell you that the original thing was not what I wanted to do. Your good husband had a lot of power behind him."

The air continued to solidify, and an invisible big hand was about to strangle me. "Is that is it? Wu Pinming?"

"No, wait a while, I …" I … "

It was him, really him, my good husband.


In the picture before fainting, they were still quarreling.

After waking up, he saw Wu Pinming at first glance.


"Is she talking about it?"

I don’t want to pass my head, I don’t want to look at his eyes. The eyes in front of me are all my men.

How can we overlap with that kind of person?

"Is there anything uncomfortable? Do you want to drink some water?"

"Is she talking about true?"


Tears fell unknowingly, grievances, and anger gathered together. Why do you want this, why?

"Slightly, I’m sorry, I, I’m really … I’m sorry."

At this moment, he was anxious, but he couldn’t step forward.

"You roll! Roll right away !!!" The nerve finally collapsed. Hurry up the world to destroy.

"Slightly, I’m sorry."

The movement here was too great. After the nurse came over, Wu Pinming was driven out, and then comforted me.

"You are pregnant, your mood should not be so excited."

Pregnancy, child.(Story: After 3 years of marriage, my husband changed his heart. When I learned the news, I was faint, but I woke up and found that I was pregnant.)

My first reaction was to kill this child.

What can I give him, let him see the failed marriage, a bad world?

I finally understood that his salvation at that time was just compassion and fun.

As a result, I accidentally put myself in, ridiculous.

What is even more ridiculous is me who treats him as the savior.

In the next few days, Wu Pinming will come every day, and I will be beaten out without exception.

Every time he arrived, it was a disaster.

Even Wang Shujia came.

She was still dressed very well, and she also took out the latest version of the mobile phone and played a long -distance video for me.

As soon as I turned on the video, I already knew what it was, running, running, the whole body cells were telling me.

She leaned and circled me with her hand. I knew that she was going to drag me into hell.

We are very close, looking at a close friend in the distance.

That day we said a lot and a lot of words. She and Wu Pinming were indeed a bamboo horse.

Because of a piece of bread, I was noticed by Wu Pinming. On the grounds of being too boring in life, Wang Shujia bullied me with a little means.

At the beginning, it was just bullying, and Wang Shujia didn’t think much. Until I existed, there were more and more existence, and they were among them.

A certain heavenly king Shu Jia suddenly discovered that there was even no other topic except me.

She felt angry, but had nowhere to vent, and silently upgraded the strength of bullying.

Wu Pinming quickly discovered, but he actually said, "Don’t do this in the future."

In this way, he thought he could save me, but this sentence just pushed me to a deeper abyss.

After the video was played, she spoke again,

"I thought he was just playing, who knew he was serious.

Since I am not happy, everyone is unhappy together."

I’m so tired, I don’t want to see them anymore. I just wanted to be transferred by me and turned back by her warm hand.

She suddenly leaned close, "He doesn’t know about it yet."

Is she a letter to me?

After she left, I went to the rooftop to stroll around. Lengfeng mixed with the cold sweat that had just emerged made me shivering.

Do you want to die?

If you don’t want to, you can almost see the sun.

Wu Yun left by Wang Shujia was still shrouded in front of me.

What would we do now without this?

I am pregnant, we will be very happy, he will definitely treat me better.

He will become a good dad, and we will continue to be happy.

But those far away from me, now I just want to vomit.

I always don’t understand why people and people have such a great malice.

What would happen if this malicious transfer to them?

I was dazed for a long time on the rooftop, and then got up and went back.

Wu Pinming has appeared in the ward and is very anxious. "Where did you just go?"

I don’t want to ignore him. After going to bed, cover the quilt and plan to sleep.

"Is she here today?"


"Weiwei, I …"

His noisy headache,

"I know, it’s you, right, she is talking about it, so what are you still explaining?"

"Do you think it means that you transfer the topic like this?

It is ridiculous, you are not even as good as Wang Shujia. At least she admits it."

"Do you think you can still hide it? Wu Pinming, why didn’t I find you so bastard before.

At the beginning, I still didn’t understand why you hate me, but looking for others to bully me.

Now that you know, you are a downright coward!"

He didn’t speak.

"Let’s divorce."

The second time I said that if the first time is the courage, there are still many reluctance, and the second time is his full -hearted disgust.

"Weiwei, I’m here to pick you up today."

Men’s eyes have begun to be red again, "things have been cleaned up long ago, let’s go home slightly."

Home?Where is there a home.

I stared at him for a long time, forget it, go back, it is nothing to do at the hospital.


Wu Pinming began to be unprecedentedly diligently, and 800 news a day explained anywhere, and the housework was completely covered by him.

I was like before, as if we didn’t happen between us, we would still hug and kiss.

It may be the last tacit understanding between us to tell each other, not mentioning each other.

At night, he would hug me tightly, repeating it over and over again, don’t leave me slightly, I will respond to him.

"Slightly, more than a month will be our wedding anniversary.

Let’s go to see grandma first, and then look at the sea."

"Okay, I want to eat seafood, I still want to see the snow!"

"Okay, you can want anything slightly." The light in his eyes became brighter and brighter, and the future will definitely be beautiful.

It wasn’t until he really felt that I couldn’t leave before going to work.

Just like now, after we have dinner, the tableware is thrown aside, and Wu Pinming holds my waist.

Hold me directly to the bed, I said, "I can’t now."

He immediately realized, "Yes, right, there is a little baby."

When it comes to the baby, he laughed happier.

"No, I’m going to abandon today." The dream should wake up.

The speed of changing the face is probably like this. He grabbed my hand and it hurts. I haven’t waited for him to ask me to make up for another sentence.

"Luck you."

"Don’t make a joke with this matter."

A very serious expression, as if we really have a future between us.

"I didn’t have a kid." I fled to the arms,

"Either let me suffer her to experience it again, or we divorce, the child I will not want it."

Since I can’t sanction her with my strength, let Wu Pinming do it.

What would happen to the person who made her love and can’t give her a fatal blow.

Wang Shujia said yes, he loved me, he played himself in, this is my most favorable sword.

Long silence, "Go out, I don’t want to be in the same space with you."

The dates are finished, it should be given a slap.

His expression is like a child who is doing the wrong thing, and it is funny.

"Don’t you go out? Then I’ll go out."

"I am going out."

This house is no longer home.

He slept on the sofa, and I finally slept the most comfortable nights in the past few days.

When I got up in the middle of the night, I saw the moonlight scattered on him, and it was cold like a corpse.

I didn’t even cover a blanket. I thought about it for a while, or covered him with a blanket.

The next day for breakfast, I didn’t get up. I slept until three rods on the day, which was too comfortable.

He sent a few messages on WeChat. It was nothing more than telling me to go to work. Remember to have breakfast.

I didn’t do anything all day. I was in a daze. I just need to know that doing one thing is enough.

It’s simple, and when he came back, he swollen his eyes.

The sound of the door appeared, and the tears were brewing immediately, and it could be seen anywhere.

He quickly noticed that he was strange. He ran in my direction without changing the shoes, holding my shoulders, "What’s wrong?"

"I’m sorry A Ming, is my request too much? I really can’t … I’m scared …"

Wu Pinming was hugged by me, crying until sobbing could not be controlled, A Ming, this is a play for you.

But fear is true, crying is true, I am too tired, I have too many grievances, my A Ming is the one who knows me the most.

I cried too hard, Wu Pinming trembled with me, and I kept saying sorry.

At that moment I felt that even if I asked him to die, he would agree.

"I will do it slightly, I will, as long as I am there, she will not hurt you anymore, and we will believe me WeChat."

The warm tears flowing on the hair, soaking a whole piece, and some of them sticking to the neck. It seems that I will wash my hair tomorrow.


I have to say that he promises that my business can always be done, and the next day he took Wang Shujia’s beating video.

The environment in the video seemed to be surrounded by four or five women in the underground garage. I was annoyed by the screaming sound.

After watching it for a while, I returned the phone to Wu Pinming, and my pain still didn’t taste it.

Wu Pinming handed me a brand new phone again, and I asked him to take it.

I emphasized that although he did not understand, he still did it, how rare feelings.

Find in the album for a while, and soon found it. It seems that she attaches great importance to this video and is collected.

"Is it okay now?"


Hearing this sentence, he finally missed his relaxed expression and stepped forward to stick me.

I was next to him, and I never left from my phone.

"Wait, what are you see, what is this?" Click on the play, the sound must be louder.

Wu Pinming stared at the screen puzzledly. In the video, I don’t know he can’t remember, the embarrassing me.

As I am now, I was pressed on the ground, and my last dignity was torn.

The sound of crying screaming through sound shock pain.

The shooters of the video obviously don’t shoot much. The camera shakes greatly, but it just echoed the "I" look.

Wang Shujia should be very happy to see the results of this video.

What did you want to do that day?

Forgot, I just remember that she appeared in front of me, and there were several women around me, all of them who bully me together.

They were very enthusiastic and came up to hold my shoulders, as if we were good friends, and then dragged me to the alley.

I thought it was just a while, but I still underestimated the evil of human nature.

That’s my hell, hell in hell, no one will come to save me,

"Please let me go"

In this case, I almost shouted my throat to be hoarse, am I still alive?Live, it hurts, it hurts everywhere.

Kill me, please.

Unfortunately, Wang Shujia did not give the order to them, and I was alive.

What is even more terrible is that I was pregnant, had no money, and the idea of suicide for the first time sounded for the first time.

But it doesn’t work yet.

It doesn’t matter. The only grandma can be afraid of me, if I die like this.

Grandma will definitely be pointed by the people around, and the gossip will really hit the person.

I was so angry that I found my father. As soon as I opened the door, the disgust in his eyes had not disappeared.

"What are you doing?" He stood in front of the door and didn’t mean to let me go in.

"Dad .. I want to order money …."

"What do you want to do, just like a debt ghost."

He said that he threw me hundreds of dollars, which was more generous than calling Huazi.

I still want to say something again. The sound came from the house, "What do the little girl’s family want money?

Dad turned his head and stared at me, "Let’s go!"

Fight in the desert.

Later, I found a private clinic. Compared with that day, this pain was nothing at all.

The disgusting dirt can finally leave me.

The next step is the last step.

After comprehensive consideration, I still decided to go to school, and I left a suicide note to accuse their sins.

If things can be expanded, as long as they can get retribution, it is worth it.

But I did not die, and Mr. Salva, who had belonged to me, appeared.

He said that he felt that those people were too much, and he said, he would help me, he said, I can live well.

I didn’t tell him about it. This was my scar, and I wanted to conceal the past.

But Wang Shujia torn out the scar relentlessly. In this case, I didn’t care.

Come on A Ming and take a look at the good things you do.


Wu Pinming’s face gradually became pale and turned to furious. The mobile phone was smashed by him, and the glass was broken.

Then I knelt down in front of me, "Slightly, sorry, I’m sorry … I don’t know, I’m sorry …"

Thank you Wang Shujia, how can you see the impact on the scene directly in oral suffering.


I just feel sad when watching him,

"Why do you bring me the game between you? I just want to live well, what am I doing wrong?"

When boring, the idea of pushing people into the abyss can be pushed into the abyss, and then saved with a little goodwill.

I raised my legs and wanted to leave, but Wu Pinming hugged my legs, and I kept repeating my mouth and was sorry.

"Don’t say sorry, as long as you still exist in my life, you will feel nauseous.

Being with you, get married and have children?

Oh, it’s really the stupidest thing I have ever done."

His expression was as pale as death, "slightly, you can’t forgive me, right?"

"Yes, impossible."

He finally let go.

We have no divorce, as long as we ignore him, life is easier than before.

We were in the same space and didn’t speak each other. He accidentally wanted to approach me, but was ignored by me.

For example, now I take another man home and hug it lightly in front of him.

It feels great to watch his anger and helpless feelings.

After the man left, Wu Pin knelt in front of me and slapped himself with a slap.

I’m too lazy to care about him, just torture each other.

"Don’t you like this slightly? Please." Please? "Please?


The time of time was commemorative day, and I rarely got up early. When I went out, I found that he was missing.

Maybe I am preparing to surprise me.

There is a note on the table.

[Weiwei, I know that we can never go back to the past, I hope to give you a little surprise at the last moment.


Is my gift coming?So happy.

For two days, there was no news, and he didn’t come back.

But when the police came, they told me that Wu Pinming died.

As a family member, I have to confirm.

I just glanced at it and spit it out.

He jumped off the building and died, and there was another female corpse who jumped together.

It can be concluded that my husband changed his heart, argued with his lover, and finally fallen accidentally.

I cried so much that I was almost fainted, and finally ended, everything was over.

I have always hoped that he could die. As long as he died, then my remaining memories would love his memories.

Time will make me forget the evil they do.

If you are still alive, you can only lose the final decentness in each other.

At least that, I can still live on the love in his memories, and I can’t tell him.

After that abortion, I was difficult to have a child anymore, and the child was wrong.

But after the child is born, I will tell our story to our story, all the stories of pink bubbles.

Fanwai (Wu Pinming)

I rarely pay attention to the girls in the class. Until the one named Jiang Xuewei, I handed me a piece of bread.

I didn’t want to ignore her. I heard that her family was not good. Why should I give me the bread?

She has no food herself, right?


I observed her for a few days, a very nice person, a bit of wood.

On the way to school, I told her to Wang Shujia. This should be the last thing I regret in my life.

"How to mention her?"

"Nothing, just feel fun."

"Then I go to bully her and see if it is fun."

"Just you."

Wang Shujia has been like this more than once, anyway, there will be no big mess anyway, all of them are some small movements.

Watching her Mona was scared by the bug, it was really fun.

But I didn’t expect Jiang Xuewei to slap her, and Wang Shujia was spoiled since childhood.

At that moment, I was really a little panicked.

So I did another wrong thing.

I told Wang Shujia not to bully her anymore, and she agreed on the surface.

I am also relieved, but I forgot her temper.

Wang Shujia does not have a small movement anymore, but I always feel that Jiang Xuewei is getting more and more stupid, and sometimes calls her to ignore her.

Finally, once I watched what she was stuffing in the drawer, and walked out of the classroom again.

Unknown hunch in the heart was burning, and I followed her out.

Seeing her direction, I understand, she is going to the rooftop.

As long as you are shocked in your head, the first time in his life has a sense of guilt.

She stood at the high altitude, and everything around was dissipated, paving the way for her to die.

The ghost was so bad, and I told her a lot before I went to her eyes.

I closed my mouth, and afterwards I summarized these guilt.

Unconsciously, I started to maintain her, and she laughed very beautifully.

If I don’t look good at first, I can’t notice her.

Wang Shujia is so troubled, but I don’t want to care about her anymore, what shit lady.

I’m just enjoying the feeling of being a hero.

We are in contact with more and more, and she will tell many interests of many rural areas with a smile.

I also quarreled with me because of a trivial matter. At that time, she was warm like the sun.

I didn’t dare to tell her that she was right, I was a coward, I was so scared that she would leave me.

We get married, have children, and finally grow old, this is the day I dream.

But my slightly disappeared because of my ignorance.

Her eyes were only disgusted with me, and even facing strange men, it was better than me.

I was still lucky. I felt that I could make up for the fault that year, until I saw the video.

I’m going crazy, why can I suffer so much pain because of my fault.

For the first time, we trembled slightly under me. I told her that if I was scared, I would not do it today.

Silently hugged me at that time, she said in my ear, "I love you."

She really loved me with wholeheartedly, even if these loves were built on a lie, it was enough.

She turned back to the girl of that Mona again.

I know that no matter what I do, I can’t return to the past, so let me do one more thing for her.

The only sad thing may be that we can no longer go to see the sea.

Slightly, sorry.

Sorry, I couldn’t stop others from hurting you at that time.

Sorry, I couldn’t know your pain early.

Sorry … everything.

(Original title: "Our love started with harm")

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