Story: Henan’s one -half -year -old girl is pregnant, her belly is larger than balloon, and the surgery scene scares the doctor

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The child is the heart of every parent. From the moment the child falls to the ground, the family will do their best to give us love.

You can’t see any injuries.

However, in Henan, a one -and -a -half -year -old girl, from one year old, his belly became bigger and accompanied by vomiting.

Not only that, she was also accompanied by loss of appetite, so she began to cry.

These symptoms can’t help but make everyone feel the symptoms of pregnancy, but this is just a child over one year old. How is this possible?

Because the belly was too large, his parents took him to the hospital for treatment.

After examination, the doctor found that she was a twin parasite.

There is a strange little girl in a village in Henan Province.

He was only one year old, but his belly was extremely strange, as if he was about to break his belly immediately.

This little girl is called Kang Mengru. She has become more than one year old, and her belly has gradually become larger.

At the beginning, parents just thought that they had eaten too much or flatulence, and the starting belly was not so obvious.

But then Xiao Mengru cried more than every day, and began to lose his appetite, accompanied by many vomiting conditions.

The neighborhood was very distressed to see him.

His parents began to take him to see a doctor in the village clinic, and the doctor thought it was not very digestible.

However, the doctor prescribed the medicine for Xiao Mengru did not improve after taking Xiao Mengru, but became more and more serious.

The stomach also started to get bigger day. In the end, the little girl’s belly was really like a balloon.

The little girl usually lives in life and play for 24 hours. They are afraid of what is wrong with their children.

But because the abdomen is too big.

Not only do parents start their heads, what is going on?

But it was not good to drag like this, so he took Xiao Mengru to the hospital in the provincial capital.

The doctor checked and found that there seemed to be a child in the abdomen of Xiao Mengru’s abdominal cavity.

After telling Xiaomengru’s parents.

Not only are they scared, this is just a baby girl over one year old.

How can there be a fetus in the stomach?

The doctor explained that this should be formed in the mother’s belly. Similar cases have been seen before, which is a kind of tumor.

Although there were similar cases before, how could it be so big?

This can’t help but make doctors be in trouble. The risk of this tumor removal is extremely high.

He couldn’t perform such surgery at all, so he asked Kang Mengru’s parents to take a look at the large hospital.

When the couple heard the doctor say this, they couldn’t help but panic.

His daughter was so serious.

But no matter how much you have to try it.

So the couple began to take Xiaomeng Ru on the road to seek medical treatment.

The hospital in the county does not work, then find a larger hospital.

They came to the hospital in the city,

The doctor saw Xiao Mengru shocking, because the child’s belly was too big.

After the examination, he knew the child’s condition.

Xiaomengru is really rare, and if you want to surgery, it will have a high test for doctors’ skills.

Just discussed with other experts and deans of the hospital, they expressed their rejection.

Because Xiaomengru’s operation was done, they were very low.

Xiao Mengru’s parents sank, and her daughter’s condition is far more serious than they think.

But you can’t help but save your daughter. The couple began to seek medical treatment again.

However, because her daughter’s condition is getting worse, major hospitals have said that she has no way.

The couple finally came to the Provincial Hospital, Henan Provincial Hospital.

Henan Provincial Hospital experts gathered, and the medical level is very high.

Finally, the hospital was willing to treat Xiao Mengru, and his parents’ hearts fell a little bit.

As long as the hospital is treated, it proves that the daughter still has hope.

As a parent, as long as there is a hint of hope, it is happy.

Although he came to the provincial hospital, doctors have made some difficulties in studying Xiao Mengru’s condition.

Although they can do it, this operation is still very risky for experts.

The hospital doctor convened the condition of the gynecological and tumor and some internal medicine experts to discuss the condition of Xiao Mengru.

Xiao Mengru is only one and a half years old, and the malformation tumors in the body are already so big.

Because the organs in Xiaomengru’s body are squeezed for a long time, if they are rashly taken out, the organs in the body are different, and they may cause severe major bleeding.

Furthermore is that Xiao Mengru is too young, and they are afraid that she cannot bear this high -intensity surgery.

Another thing that makes them most worried is that the tumor in the body is too large, and it has already occupied nearly half of Xiaomengru’s weight.

In the face of these issues, experts have discussed the plan and must do their best to ensure the success of the operation.

When the surgical plan came out, the doctor told Xiao Mengru’s father.

But Xiao Mengru’s father was in trouble, why is this?

It turned out that Xiaomengru’s parents had two headaches.

One is that the two of them are not Xiao Mengru’s biological father at all; the second is that they can’t afford such a high cost at all.

How could the two of them be biological parents?

This not only doubts everyone, but also have bold speculation.

It turned out that Xiao Mengru was a child who picked up outside the couple.

Xiao Mengru’s parents have been unable to get pregnant since they got married, and the couple also visited many hospitals.

They used many ways to not conceive their children.

The child was picked up that day, which made the couple very happy.

The two of them regarded this abandoned baby as their biological daughter.

However, the good times did not last long, and her daughter had such a disease.

Maybe this is not surprising why it was abandoned.

But Xiao Mengru was also lucky, and his adoptive parents picked him up well for him.

After picking up Xiao Mengru, their husband and wife have no culture in the countryside, and they are not young.

So there has been no normal adoption path.

It must be too late if you start to take the normal adoption path now.

Xiao Mengru’s condition has become more and more serious.

But this is the case. If you still can’t sign it, you can’t sign it if you can’t sign it.

But the Henan Provincial Government heard this situation and opened the green channel for them.

They can temporarily do not need to go through normal procedures.

Moreover, the government heard the situation of the Xiao Mengru family and expressed sympathy for their family.

So they began to convene society to raise funds for them.

Government officials told the whole society about Xiaomengru’s story through media channels.

Many people feel sympathetic to Xiao Mengru’s experience. He is just a child over one year old.

At the same time, it was also moved by Xiaomeng Ru’s kindness.

At the beginning, some people reached out to them, trying to help them through the difficulties.

It was only a few days after Xiao Mengru’s surgical costs were raised enough because of all sectors of society.

Xiao Mengru’s mother couldn’t say anything, and they kneeling down to the donors and doctors, shouting thanks.

At that time, the people present were all tears.

Since Xiaomengru’s surgical costs have been raised enough, it will be on the operating table.

Xiao Mengru’s body was inserted with a lot of tubes. The mother looked and looked at her daughter before entering the operating room, for fear that she would never see her daughter again.

Doctors are also comforting, and we will do our best.

Xiao Mengru entered the operating room, and experts also entered the operating room.

The doctor started, and the doctor first cut Xiao Mengru’s abdomen, and the tumor in Xiaomengru bounced out immediately.

It seems that the space in the stomach of Xiao Mengru is not enough for this tumor to survive.

Although the tumor pops up, the internal organs and the sudden pressure of the vascular change are still dangerous.

Doctors must take out the tumor very carefully, otherwise it is easy to cause major bleeding.

The masterpiece and carefulness of the doctoral doctor finally took a few hours after a few hours.

The tumor was separated and the surgery was very successful.

A surgery with a high probability of hemorrhage, Xiao Mengru was lucky to survive.

After that, it was simply sutured, and then Xiao Mengru was transferred to the intensive care unit.

Xiaomengru must be transferred to the general ward after a period of observation.

The doctor told Xiao Mengru’s mother’s surgery very successful, and the big rocks in the hearts of their husband and wife finally fell.

Xiao Mengru was sober in a coma for a while, but the pain of Xiaomeng after the anesthetic made her cry.

Although the parents are distressed by watching him, it is good to get better.

Xiao Mengru stayed in the hospital for a while, and his body gradually improved, and he was no longer the child with a big belly.

Xiaomengru can finally eat and sleep normally as other children.This is the most pleased thing for parents.

Xiaomengru can survive, it is really lucky.

He was abandoned from the beginning, but he was lucky to meet such a kind adoptive parents.

Although adoptive parents have no culture, this pair of parents love this child with their own lives.

There is also the help of the government. When they were the most difficult, the government stretched out a helping hand to open the green channel.

Not only that, but also helped them call people from all walks of life to raise donations to help Xiao Mengru.

Xiao Mengru also encountered a superb doctors and experts such as medical skills to formulate a surgical plan for Xiao Mengru, and the surgery was particularly successful at the end.

When Xiao Mengru was discharged from the hospital, many caring people came to see this cute little girl. They saved a lively life with the help of them.

Xiao Mengru’s parents also brought their children to the doctor on the occasion of their children. They were their medical skills to make Xiao Mengru have such a healthy body.

Today, Xiao Mengru thrives under the shelter of his parents. I believe that after Xiao Mengru grows up, he will be amazed.

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