Story: I was pregnant for five years with my boyfriend.

His cinnabar mole was back, because of this, he smoked three hours on the balcony.

I guess, that woman is likely to come to him for a compound.

But he also has a girlfriend who lives together -and I am there.

Should I betray my girlfriend or my heart?Judging from the smoke buttocks in one place, it is really a problem for him.


The performance was about to start, but the teacher who danced away was delayed.

The audience has already entered, and the lights and audio are doing the final debugging. The host asked me, "If the opening dance is too late, enter the competition directly?"


This is a super -collapsed friendly match.It is an opportunity to show the students who dance.

It can be imagined that if there is no hot field in the opening dance, the scene will fall into death.

The opening dance was that I applied to the company for funding, and I specially invited Sunny, who was on the market, and a hot dance could ignite the field.

It’s already here. The audience is like boiling water, but Sunny just got off the plane. The assistant Xiao Ai was crying. I thought, "You and Rock said, let him save the field."

"An impromptu opening dance?" Xiao Ai asked in surprise.

"Um." Rock is the dance teacher of the Lemon Dance Club, with first -class dance skills and professional actors.

But being indifferent, thinking that Xiao Ai is likely to be rejected. I said, "Forget it, let me say."

"Sister, you still fight for righteousness." Xiao Ai applauded, as if I was not lobbying for her, but instead of sending her to death.

When he found Rock, he was smoking at the door.He actually rarely smokes, unless he encounters something.But the performance has passed, I don’t have time to care about him, I just want to help them first.

He spit out the last cigarette ring and did not answer me.

It really is indifferent.

I immediately made the kitten’s expression of cuteness. If it was in the past, he would smile and smile, and then promised his dear girlfriend, that is, me who kept underground relationship with him.But today, he finished smoking a whole cigarette and didn’t speak.

"I’m going." The girl next to him took a sip of the smoke in his hand, threw the smoke ass on the ground, stepped on his feet, turned his eyes to me, when I came back, "I am Sunny’s dance instead, I often help her save the field. I am one flight earlier than her. "

Silk goes back to the background, takes off his coat, and exposes the tight T -shirt inside.Then pull the hem, plug in underwear, and expose the tattoo in the waist, which is a round of burning sun.

At the same position of the Rock waist socket, the moon is tattooed.

Sisi is Rock’s ex -girlfriend, and she can’t forget Bai Yueguang.


The lights are in place and the music sounds.

It was hard to blew the audience without effort, and Rock’s eyes were stuck on Sisi.

Xiao Ai said that fortunately, the performance began in time, and was shocked.

I feel that the crisis is in full swing.

Take a sip of cooling air, and the lower abdomen is slightly painful. It seems that there is a heat flow overflowing. How can I come again in the past two weeks?And wearing white pants today.

Full of irritability.

I don’t want to shame in front of the ex -girlfriend who is thinking about my boyfriend.So I wondered if I insisted on staring at the performance, or sneaked out to buy pants.

Suddenly I was put on a large jacket, which was ROCK. He was like hanging his jacket on me, and then found a seat to sit down without saying hello.After all, in the company, no one knows that we are couples.

The subsequent performances were smooth. The 20 women’s groups appeared in turn. Although they were not neatly moved, they were not stuck, they were not sexy and not hot enough, but everyone’s face was filled with a smile.It was a smile because of love and life.

This is a performance specially organized by Lemon Dance Club to sprint at the end of the year. All young ladies who continue to report 100 courses can get the opportunity to perform on stage.

The oldest was a 55 -year -old aunt who was sitting in her old sisters.The bunch of old sisters applauded and enthusiastically.The on -site decision also has to sign up for class.

After the performance, it was the sprint stage of the sales performance. The scene was extremely hot. The sales could not be busy. I personally received the order and lobbying the young ladies and sisters to register.

It seems that Rock and Sisi disappeared together.

The event was completely over, it was already three hours later.As soon as the rough calculation, the indicator at the end of the year increased by 10%year -on -year.But for three hours, the two people who were enough to dry firewood rolled a sheets quickly.

And ROCK’s mobile phone was lost.


Five years ago, Rock and Sisi were dance teachers of the Lemon Dance Club. At that time, I did not know that they were underground couples. I was an adult elementary student. Rock was the teacher of the children’s group, but it did not hinder me.Fan girl.

One day in the lounge, I asked him if he wanted to drink herbal tea. He dragged my hand, pulled me into my arms, kissed me, and then I saw the silk behind him, his face pale.

Later, Sisi never came to the Lemon Dance Club, and then I was with Rock.

At this moment, my eyelids kept suddenly, and there was a bad hunch.

I kept calling Rock, but no one has been answered.The phone display at 10 o’clock in the evening, will it be a supper?Drink and chat?Or rolling the sheets?Rock will not return all night tonight, right?

After staring at the scene, I went back to the company to put various materials. Please sell the merits for supper and return home at 12 o’clock.During this period, ROCK never called me.I have a picture of him and Sisi Eighteen, but I don’t know where to arrest.

When I went home to turn on the lights, I found that Rock leaned against the lounge chair on the balcony, and there were smoke buttocks under my feet.


My heart sank, just like Sisi left Rock at the time, and ROCK’s depression looked like a hairy, this dog was absolutely old.

Not only heartache, but even the lower abdomen also faintly painful.I put his jacket on the lounge chair armrest and signaled me to come back.He looked at me, and his eyes were full of exhaustion, as if for the rest of his life.

I had a trace of distress.

In the past, Rock was not so indifferent. He was the most popular teacher in the children’s group. After class, the children also liked to play with him. Later, Sisi left, like taking his essence and God away.From the children’s group to the adult group teaching.It really responded to his name, cold as a rock.

I was hesitant to say "I slept first", or asked him what happened, and finally I couldn’t care about it."

"I’m thinking about things. The mobile phone is quiet."

From the smoke under his feet, he speculated that he did stay on the balcony all night.But what are you thinking?

Probably the ex -girlfriend is back, and may want to reunite with him, but he also has a current girlfriend, should he betray the present girlfriend or betray himself?

It’s a problem.

I nodded gently and went into the bedroom silently.I dare not ask again because I was afraid of hearing him saying, "You know, I have never forgotten Sisi, now she is back, let’s break up."

The reason why ROCK is unforgettable for the old love is because even if they broke up for 5 years, I will still hear Rock’s name in my dreams, ask again and again, Sisi, why?

It may be asking why he leaves and why you break up.

I tried to keep my sober. After I wanted to wait for Rock to fall asleep, I heard that he had a name for him again, but I fell asleep and had a nightmare.

I kept running in the dream, and a black shadow kept chasing me.No matter where I go, that shadow will find me.Until I woke up exhausted.

Rock was asleep next to me. He habitually held my hand. When he fell asleep, he would call me again and again.


Go out to the company.

The mobile phone buzzed, and it was a small group of "what a woman is embarrassed and a woman".

Xiao Ai asked in the group, "Star Dad continues his life?"

I sent her a red envelope, "concentrated ice American style."

"What about Sister Xiaorong?"

"She got the two children to go to school in the morning, and didn’t have time to see the information. Give her a normal temperature latte."

Sure enough, the moment the elevator door was about to close, Guo Xiaorong rushed in.

I often criticize her. Although the company does not require wearing a shirt western skirt, as a sales, she is proud of her clothes, and it is the minimum bottom line.

Every time she looked at me in love, as if her body was dead, and now she was forced to operate.

Mom in the workplace, I understand.

Just like the children’s dance class of the Lemon Dance Club, the middle -aged mother sitting in Qi brushed the middle -aged mother, with empty eyes and expressionless, and sometimes sale to say hello. The old mother immediately waved and said, I just want to be quiet.

Putting children into the dance class is the only time for mothers in the workplace to let go and breathe.

Rarely Guo Xiaorong turned off his light makeup today, rubbed lipstick, and sat next to President Li, the head of the Marketing Department of the Lemon Dance Club.It’s just that her red lipstick is a bit old, as if the original wife came to the workplace to catch rape.In fact, she is just a bottom sales.

The Lemon Dance Club has two product lines, one is children’s dance and the other is adult dance.Tony and I are responsible for each.Guo Xiaorong was a member of Tony, earlier than I joined.Because the birth of a child was delayed, otherwise my seat should be her today.

"First of all, there is a good news to tell everyone that the Red Japanese Art Troupe has agreed to cooperate with Lemon Dance House." President Li enthusiastically announced and took the lead in applaud.

The Red Japanese Art Troupe is a benchmark for the dance industry, covering all ages and dance species. It can get a lot of opportunities for commercial performances every year, and it is even more on the Spring Festival Gala.

If you can cooperate with Hongri, it is naturally resources.

I have always followed the Red Day, but the other party is very cold and can get a few head institutions that can get opportunities with Hongri.The top of the lemon dance club is mostly upstream and upstream.

President Li voted to Guo Xiaorong’s gaze, "This cooperation, Xiao Rong has contributed."

The applause of the children’s group is extremely enthusiastic,

Xiao Ai and I looked at each other. Xiao Rong’s mother -in -law was the deputy head of the Red Retire. Xiao Rong talked in the small group of the woman’s embarrassing woman almost every day. How suffocating her mother -in -law was.

Looking at Guo Xiaorong, she did not dare to meet my gaze.

Because she knows that Red Ri is my customer, and I should be pioneered by me.I also thought about asking her to match, but she said that her mother -in -law was born with an enemy. Unless she asked her mother -in -law to step on her body, she would give me a wander and give me a head to her mother -in -law.I also dispelled this idea.

"The second news, I want to take a break for a while, and then the functions of the general manager of the Tony agency department."

The children’s group took the lead in applauding, and my colleagues in the adult group looked at me one after another,

Mr. Li is old and is going to retire. The company intends to choose one between Tony and me, but there has been no conclusion.

"The agency function is the appointment of personnel. Have you signed the party committee and leaders at all levels? The process has gone? I seem to have not received a notice of manpower?"

In my question, the meeting was unhappy. After the meeting, I asked the assistant to check. President Li submitted a long -term illness leave application. He suggested that the vacation was represented by Tony during the vacation. At present, the process is spreading by leaders.

I came straight to the office of Li, and Tony was also handed over.

"President Li, 20%of the adult group’s performance last year than the children’s group. I think the function of the general manager should be represented by me. I can create more income for the Lemon Dance Club."

President Li asked, "Su Nuannuan, how old are you this year? 33? Do you not plan to get married in recent years? Do you plan to have a child after marriage?Can you also rush in the Lemon Dance Club? "

I just want to debate, it is my personal affairs to get married or give birth to children. Tony intervened, "I can, 7*24 hours, serve the Lemon Dance Club." Mr. Li noddedThe recognition of subordinates and men’s recognition of men.

No one has always told me that women climb up in the workplace. They need to take off the uterus in advance, lift it on their hands, and prepare to shoot on the table at any time, or on the face of the other party, to prove that they will not delay their work because of pregnancy.

"Nuan Nuan, your face is not good, is it sick, do you want to go home to rest?" Mr. Li asked with concern, but in my hearing, it was more ironic.

I was really uncomfortable. Since I appeared last night, I started to be uncomfortable.

Then, I was shameful, and I fainted on the ground.


When I woke up, I saw Xiao Ai first, "Sister, you finally woke up! But Sister Xiao Rong snatched the customer and was promoted by Tony first."

Almost fainted by her.

"It’s not important! Now you are the most important! I’m going to call a doctor." Xiao Ai ran out in a panic.

Tony was there. He poured me a glass of water and said, "Congratulations."

If I have the strength, my white eyes can turn into the sky, but my whole body is collapsed, I can only close my eyes, and signal that he should stop his mouth and not be a villain.

"Even if President Li represented the general manager, you are just pregnant at this moment. Do you think you take it?"


I looked at him in surprise, how could I get pregnant, and I came to my aunt yesterday.However, just seeing redness, it is really different from the turbulent surging in the past.

"Warm, women still have to focus on family. Although I always think you are single, no matter who your boyfriend is, I hope, a good person."

Tony is sincere, not like deceiving people.The tone was exactly the same as when I parted ways with me.

Five years ago, after Rock kissed me, I seemed to lose my soul.

Guo Xiaorong is my university roommate. Seeing that I asked in my roommate every day, what to do, what to do, what to do.She said, otherwise, come over to work, sales and teachers, selling and class, perfect match.

At that time, Guo Xiaorong and I were in Tony’s team. Guo Xiaorong was busy getting married and having children. I helped her share a lot of work and snatched Tony’s cultivation and device.

Continuous overtime and business trips have made me and Tony get familiar with it. Tony more than once expressed a good opinion of me, but Tony did not want his future girlfriend to be as busy as him.

At that time, the Lemon Dance Club was preparing the product line of the adult group. Before Tony recommended me, I officially asked me. There were two options. As his girlfriend, he was responsible for making money to support his family.The leader of the group is busy with a dog, with an unknown future, and has changed from cooperation to a competitive relationship.

In fact, Tony is really good. I heard that his wife has been in two years since she got married and has no job again.

But at that time, I already had Rock, so I walked on the way to compete with Tony without looking back.Of course, Tony did not recommend me anymore. He cut me off the list of recommendations. I also took a long circle before I sat on the position of the person in charge of the adult group.

Xiao Ai took the doctor back. The doctor had a simple examination for me.

Tony’s eyebrows immediately picked up, as if you were saying, you see, Li and I are always good for you, so as not to give you the burden of work.


After passing Tony and the doctor, Xiao Ai immediately asked me in the gossip tone, "Sister, who is my brother -in -law? You have mysteriously! Even I don’t know! And you don’t know at 11 o’clock every day, where is the time to fall in love.?elder sister?"

Xiao Ai called me several times before I barely pulled my thoughts back, "Send me to the company."

"Sister, you are all red, the doctor asked you to stay in bed, how can you go to the company? The company is not your home, can you not turn it?"

If Xiao Ai is not my straight school girl, I may have expelled her eight hundred times.But from the perspective of Xiao Ai, if it wasn’t for me to be her direct school sister, she would have resigned eight hundred times.

Although it is also poor, it will not be free to sell for thousands of pieces of odor every month. In short, out of the eight hours, the workman is looking for her. Please send a red envelope and clearly marked the price.

The younger sister of the post -95s may not understand the middle -aged unmarried woman in the post -85 post -85s.

Xiao Ai opened the throttle home. "Sister, the doctor said that you are weak. This child is fate. If it is dropped, it will be difficult if you want to have it anymore in the future. It is not worth your personal happiness."

It ’s really like that, I asked her,“ What if I ’m not married?”

Xiao Ai frowned, "Then you really should take protection measures. Don’t you know who the child is? Little maternity leave is 15 days.


Xiao Ai put me at the door of the community and rolled it.

When I got home, Rock had gone to class.I was half -lying on the balcony lazy chair and worked hard to perceive. Last night he smoked so many cigarettes here, what was thinking.

But it is not important to think about anything, because I have children in Rock in my stomach.I am not only a underground girlfriend of Rock, but also the mother of his child.

Unless ROCK is a scumbag, he will not leave me to the arms of his predecessor.

However, I was just snatched by customers and grabbed my position. I should fight back, otherwise I am likely that I am the second Guo Xiaorong.

I started to feel a headache again, and my lower abdomen pain.Lai in the lounge chair, there was no strength to get up, and then fell asleep.

In the evening, I was hugged from the lounge chair by Rock. When he hugged me, I habitually drilled into his arms.The shoulder is wide and waist, and the eight -piece abdominal muscles were eight. When they learned to dance, they grew him, and later they were together. They had to work hard to hold it, so as not to reveal my desire.

He climbed his neck with both hands, leaning his head against his chest, and the sleepiness on the lounge chair disappeared instantly, feeling like drinking a pound of two pot heads, which was too much.

"I heard you fainted in the office today?"

Um?I was awake at once.

I told Xiao Ai, do not tell my colleagues in advance.I hope Tony can be personal, don’t leak my secrets.

"Maybe it’s too tired recently." I found an excuse.

"Well, pay attention to rest, work is always someone else."

"So what is mine?"

"Warm, we want a child, my child, I am yours."

Rock kissed my cheeks, put me on the bed, and buried my head on my neck.I know that there must be one on the list of Rock’s life goals, to be a good father.I stroked his back, but did not answer easily.

I don’t like him, but I don’t want to be a mother.

After five years of pregnancy with my boyfriend, he was surprised to embrace me, but I didn’t want this child.


I lay at home the next day for a day. When I was about to get off work, I couldn’t bear it. I went to the company. Everyone looked at me with a strange look.

I met Guo Xiaorong in the tea room, and I was surprised. After she grabbed my client, how could she be embarrassed to say hello to me?Why didn’t you hide his face?And don’t mention the red day, as if nothing happened?Intersection

Just like before, I secretly reported my gossip of Tony, "I heard that you want to take a long vacation. Yesterday, your mobile phone could not be turned on, and Tony began to let you report your work with him."

"When will I take a vacation!?"

"The little news means that you have been snatched by Tony, you are in a bad mood, and you do n’t cooperate with your work, so take a long vacation."

Holding his hands on his chest and staring at Guo Xiaorong, "Why do I be robbed of a position, you should know the most. I really did not expect that you talked in the group every day to say that my mother -in -law was born to be an enemy, either she died or you died.Go three or four to ask her? What did you exchange with your mother -in -law? "

"I promised my mother -in -law to have a third child. I hope this time is a son."

"Are you crazy?! Two children have made you struggling. How can you agree to have three babies? Are you at home with mine and wait for inheritance, or can 10 nanny can serve you in turn?"

"Tony has been eliminated at the end. He gave me the ultimatum, either contributed to the team or resigned. The Red Day is I’m sorry for you, but this customer is icing on the cake, but it is about life and death to me.

If I was fired, I was drowned by my mother -in -law’s saliva.Tony promised me, if I was pregnant, I didn’t use it to work until the end of maternity leave."

"Do you just want to teach your husband like this?"

"I am already the mother of two children, can I still choose? If you come again, I may not be born again." Guo Xiaorong’s eyes were full of helplessness, the helplessness, I was at the door of the children’s dance class classroom, many of them, many of them, many of them.The old mother had seen it in her eyes, as if carrying a burden on her body, but even if she was crushed, she couldn’t put down the burden.

"I’m sorry." Guo Xiaorong whispered, but she had a firm look and did not regret it.

Maybe she had weighed all this long ago, and whether I forgive, it doesn’t matter how to choose her.In other words, she has no time to take care of it.

After walking back to the office, the body started to become virtual.Through the glass window, I saw Sisi entering Tony’s office.

Xiao Ai took a cup of hot water for me and closed the door and said, "Tony is worried that you will take a vacation from now on, until the end of maternity leave, it will take a year and a half.Instead of dancing in Sunny, I heard that it was also the teacher of the Lemon Dance Club before. Tony was recruiting her. "

A moment of anxiety started from his heart.

Did Sisi come back to revenge?Not only do she want to snatch Rock, but she also wants to snatch my position?

A faint pain for a while.

"Sister, your face is pale, or you still go back first?"

I nodded, mainly because I didn’t want to faint in the office again, which was too shameful.

Xiao Ai was not assured of me, insisted on sending me home, half of the car drove, and I asked her to turn her the largest direct -operated store in the lemon dance club. At 7 pm on working days, the stores were all people in the store.

"Sister, we are all working dogs. You should go home to rest now. What do you come to the store to do?" Xiao Ai really cared about me.

But I like to come to the store, especially when I don’t know how to choose, I will come here to see all beings.

The adult classroom is a dynamic girl. According to the member information of the Lemon Dance Club, they are 30 years old and are unmarried. They have sufficient time, freedom, financial resources, and the ability to choose lifestyle according to their own minds.Essence

At the entrance of the children’s group is the dull mothers, and their age is only 30+.

A mother impressed me very deeply. She was sitting at the door of the children’s group, but often looked at the adult group class through the glass door. She had a lobbying her. She hurriedly refused, but her face was in a hurry, but her face was her face.It was full of envy.

She suppressed her needs because she was afraid of spending money, and because she had no time.

The students of the adult group and the mother of the children’s group are like two worlds.

I instinctively move towards the adult group.

In the classroom, Rock, who is dancing, is all like glowing. Although life skills are almost zero, almost all I am taking care of him, as long as the music sounds, he is the king.

Once the music stops, he is like a fierce beast, exuding a signal that he is not close.

He rarely interacts with the trainees, and occasionally interaction is also the most popular of his courses on the students who are not jumping well.When the class is released every week, the members are grabbing almost in seconds.

At the end of the course, Rock came out of the classroom to call a video of the video recording the little video of the video. When I saw me in the store, I hurriedly greeted, "Isn’t it uncomfortable, how can I come to the store?" I gently gently, my eyes were concerned.

Xiao Ai was surprised to fall on the ground, "I heard that Teacher Rock never grew with anyone. Sister, how did you do it? Even the stone will ask you?"

Seeing someone around me, Rock didn’t say more, and sent me a message after entering the classroom.Rest your body. "

Even Rock knows that I am going to take a vacation, and the news is too fast.

"You have too many overtime, say you don’t listen, now, now, right away, go home." Rock sent the message and greeted me a pet death. I went back to him, "Go home, see on the bed."

Of course, I can’t perform any adult movement in my current situation, but "seeing on the bed" is our communication signal. There is no problem that I can’t solve it on the bed.


Rock is back at 10 pm, maybe because of the influence of progesterone, I have fallen asleep on the sofa.

Rock is close to me and bite my earlobe gently. "Didn’t you mean, see the bed?"

I woke up, hooked his neck with both hands, and looked at his eyes seriously. I like to stare at him affectionately. His eyes are like a calm sea.Emotions are rarely seen in the eyes, as well as desire for material and rights.

He said that being a man should be explored inward, don’t always explore.Famous and fame are all things outside the body. We must be good at listening to the more real thoughts and real pursuits.

ROCK doesn’t like me to fight for fame, too superficial.

"I saw it in the company in the afternoon, and she was going back to the Lemon Dance Club." I carefully observed Rock and didn’t let go of any expression on his face.

He laughed, ridiculed, and joked, "She can’t come back, she doesn’t want to be a dance teacher. She is not here."

"If the person in charge of the adult group?"

"What about you?" Rock frowned slightly, but it was difficult for me to distinguish it for a while. It was because of it because of Sisi, because of me.

After exhaling, I talked my courage and said, "ROCK, I’m pregnant. So the company arranged for my vacation."

The surprise extended from his eyebrows to the corner of his mouth. The lower abdomen he stroked his hand and listened carefully.But at this time, the baby may not have rice grains. Rock, except to hearing my gastrointestinal murmur and grunting, he couldn’t hear anything, but he grinned exaggeratedly.

"I’m going to be a dad! I’m going to be a dad!" He was so happy that he picked me up, and he was afraid to be shocked.

I rarely see such a public smile from his face, so that I had to avoid his eyes, and then said, "But I don’t intend to want this child."

"Why?" Smile was froze on his face.

"Because the fetal position is not good, I have already seen red, and it is not necessarily possible to keep it; and I drink it before pregnancy. I have several important meals a while ago; now I am not a good time.Position, wait for me to finish maternity leave after giving birth to a child, and I can’t go back to my current position. "

The smile on Rock’s face retreated quickly, "Do you just care about work? Position? For money? House? Car?"

Yes, not.

I can find a lot of reasons not to do this child.But in fact, the real reason is that I don’t want children at all.

If you can choose, I want to be a free adult student in the dance club instead of sitting at the door of the door.

About any normal man will feel that a woman who refuses to be a mother is not a woman at all.

I suddenly realized that I like ROCK, but I didn’t like it, enough to cross all my fears to my mother.

Silence is full of the entire house, and Rock’s head is still on my stomach. We have kept this ridiculous posture until Rock asked, "Are you sure you want to choose a job between children, me and work?I have never known before, you have such a big ambition.

Then you should not be in the Lemon Dance Club. You should set up your own dance club. It is best to get from scratch, from the end to the leader, release and go on the market, and go to the pinnacle of life, otherwise how can you afford it, you have to kill your own life."

Rock gets up, slowly walks towards the balcony, and lit a cigarette, "You don’t mind me smoking? Anyway, you don’t want this child?"

Don’t want it either.

Full of irony.

He told me that he broke up with Sisi because of a child.

At that time, I was pregnant with Rock’s children, and then the child was flowing without a sound. On the day when Rock kissed me in the lounge crazy, it was the voice of Rock inadvertently hearing the voice of Sisi and girlfriends.Sisi said, "I have flowed his child, and I have to leave him."

Rock knows that I am his fan girl, and I will not reject him, so he pretend to pretend that he doesn’t care about Sisi in such a ridiculous way.In fact, in the heart, it was unable to defeat.

At this moment, Rock’s back looks lonely, full of anger and weakness, as if being hit by two women in the same way, but unable to fight back and unable to stop.

I thought he would persuade me, at least growled and asked me why, not a person who smoked quietly on the balcony.

Buw, the phone rang.

Ms. Su called.I waited for a while, hoping that she thought I was asleep, but she hit him persistently.

"Come back on the weekend to eat a meal. I will find you a university professor to see you. If you are, the other party can arrange an administrative teacher outside the editor. After getting married for a few years, you can solve the preparation."

"Mom, I have a job."

"The sales of your small institution are also called a job? The dance training at the door of the house is closed down. Which one can have a school stable? You are now a person who is full and the family is not hungry.After closing, do you open your mouth to drink the Northwest Wind? Besides, you are busy working overtime all day, and have time to control your children? "

Ms. Su’s call will always be like a self -service radio station. As long as I press the key to connecting this opening, she can keep talking about her plan for my plan.

"Hey? Hey? Nuan Nuan? Are you listening? I don’t listen to talking now? How much do I give up for you?"

When Ms. Su was young, there was a very important opportunity to promote. The organization wanted to send her overseas for three years, and when it was transferred back, she could promote two levels. Then she would translate from the backbone of the translation to the team leader.It is also easier to vice.

At that time, I was only 8 months old. Ms. Su was in a vicious circle of vicious milks in the deep water, carrying milk, night milk, sleeping, and lack of consciousness.After all, she is the first one in the team, and she came to work without a rest.

But she gave up.

In her words, she gave up her future to change my future.

She chose to take care of me. Later, she had no chance to consider her in the team, so that she used all her victory on me.

I opened the public, and Ms. Su’s roaring voice came out of the handset. "I have paid so much for you, why are you so disobedient? How can you be worthy of me?"

Rock, who was smoking on the balcony, came over and hung up my phone.

Looking at him in surprise, he rarely intervened in my family affairs.When he called Ms. Su, he held his breath, and he knew that Ms. Su would not like him.

The phone rang persistently, and Rock answered for me.

"Warm, isn’t the signal bad? Are you not at home at night?"

"I hung up." Rock’s magnetic sound passed through the current, and it was estimated that Ms. Su was caught off guard.

"Who are you?"

"I am Shi Lei."

I don’t know that Ms. Su still can’t remember Shi Lei.

The first love letter I received in junior high school was sent by Shi Lei of the dance school.He is a few years older than me. He is a professional learning to dance. Unlike me, he just uses dance as a talent that can get a hand.

After Ms. Su discovered, she was furious, thinking that I must take the initiative to hook up Shi Lei.Otherwise, so many female classmates who learn to dance together, how can he write a love letter to me?Moreover, what can a boy who studies dance?

Later, Ms. Su blocked Shi Lei at the door of the dance classroom. "After our family Su Nuannuan, I want to be a person. Your love for her is hindering her progress."

That day, I followed Ms. Su, and I didn’t even dare to lift my head.

I really take the initiative to approach Shi Lei. I often practice dancing when I have no class. Ms. Su asked me to take dance as talents. However, I really like it. At that timeWomen’s mercy, be a dance teacher.

I have a dance classroom with Shi Lei, and I often ask him some dance movements.I get familiar with one or two.I later asked him that there were so many girls in the dance school. Why did I choose me? He said, because when I danced, I had a smile on my face and light in my eyes.

He thought we were the same type of person.

Unfortunately, Ms. Su claimed that she stopped my dance class. She believed that it was enough as a talent display. I should put more thoughts on learning.Shi Lei also became my memory. When I went into the dance classroom a few years after work, I saw him again.

Shi Lei changed his name to English, and Rock looked more foreign, but he did not change his love for dance as stable as a rock.

"Su Nuannuan has a boyfriend. In the future, don’t introduce her to the blind date, don’t go, not interested." Rock linked the phone and turned off.

Remember when you were with ROCK for a long time, Rock asked me, did you later become a person?I curled up in his arms, did I still answer?Who is not a social animal?

In fact, why not be mediocre but happy, why must you fight hard?

In the past, Rock never participated in my game with Ms. Su, but tonight, he may be really annoying.

He turned off my mobile phone, in front of my face, half a meter away from me, and a cigarette.

"I shouldn’t be born. When my mother was pregnant, my dad didn’t want it. He gave my mother a sum of money and asked her to beat the child. My mother ran away with the money and secretly gave me up.Essence

She did not remarry, did not make her boyfriend, and did not accept the help of my dad anymore, because later, my dad lost contact.She took me to the factory to work, and let me write homework in the conveying room. If there is only one egg left in the house, she will definitely eat it.

I thought the mother in the world would love her children so much.It turns out that your mother is not, so you are not."

After Rock, he took the quilt from the bedroom to sleep.


In the morning, the alarm was not sounded, and the doorbell rang. I thought it was a takeaway called ROCK.

She was full of murderous, her eyes were like two assault guns.But I am very used to it. From a young age, she has a lot of instantaneous that she can’t wait to hammer me.

"Su Nuannuan, can you be patient?! Do you tell me if you make a boyfriend? Still dare to hang me up? What else is you dare not?"

I glanced at the hanging clock on the wall and rubbed my eyes, "I’m going to wash and go to work, what’s the matter and wait for me to come back from get off work."

"Your work that breaks sales, don’t do it. Let me go home today!"

Ms. Su dragged my wrist, and she should not agree with me at all. She should not let me delay my future, and should not be disciplined by me.I want to shake off her hand, but her hand is welded on my wrist like a pliers, pumping sharply, and the two of us fell to the ground together.

The moment I fell down, I instinctively wanted to catch, and dragged the shoe cabinet in the hall.

Soon after this shoe cabinet was bought, I have been forgotten to tell Rock that it is fixed on the wall.

When ROCK came out of the study, what I saw was a mess with Ms. Su, and Yin Hong under me.He immediately picked me up, and I only felt the pain of my lower abdomen.In addition, there is a heartache.As if I can feel a young life is leaving my body.

TA seemed to feel my rejection of TA, and then TA chose to leave me before I abandoned him.

I do n’t know why, I feel that there is a liquid slipping across the corner of my eyes, why do I cry?Curled up in Rock’s arms and said sorry over and over again, but I don’t know who I am sorry, whether it is myself, baby, or Rock.

There were 15 days of small maternity leave. Before the holidays were finished, I returned to the company.

I have lost my child, and I am likely to lose my boyfriend. I can’t lose my job, my position.

Standing in the office of President Li, I said, "You ask me, if you are married and have children, can you be able to flutter in the Lemon Dance Club, I can answer, I will not have a child, so your question does not exist at all. According to Lemon.The corporate culture of the dance club is the king. I am willing to challenge Tony with the performance of the adult group. "

The gossip is always faster than any news.

Everyone knows that I have to come to work when I flow.I was suddenly recessed with a strong woman.

The happiest thing is Ms. Su. Although she was also guilty, she said that she didn’t know that I was pregnant, but the guilt might be only a little, because she immediately began to blame me, how could she get pregnant before marriage?And the other party is still a dance teacher?Fortunately, stop loss in time.


Since I had a miscarriage, Rock has been taking care of me silently.While I opened the window to ventilate when I was not at home, I tried to keep my home warm when I was at home; my glass cup was replaced with a constant temperature water cup, and there was a cushion on the seat.

But whenever he and I approached, he walked away.

I thought he would break up with me, but he didn’t.

I heard that Sisi is in the largest direct -operated store in Lemon Dance Club, where ROCK teaches, is making promotional videos.I decided to meet her.

While I was on vacation, Tony signed a contract with her in order to win Sisi. At a very attractive price, please ask Sunny to shoot a promotional video, but the whole process is basically the back.If you repair some effects, there is no problem at all.

I have to admit that the dance of Sisi is very good, almost people dance together, as if she is born for dance.When the music stopped, she was still dancing, maintaining the ending movement until applause sounded at the scene.Even the staff lamented that she was a soul dance club.

Sisi is absolutely not lost to Sunny, and she lacks only opportunities.

When she returned to the lounge, I took the initiative to introduce myself, "I am Su Nuannuan, the person in charge of the lemon dance club adult group."

The reason why I deliberately emphasized my job was to tell her that I was back.Tony promises to her, it is impossible to achieve it at all.

I didn’t expect that she didn’t care at all, "I have not intended to come back since I left the Lemon Dance Club."


Seeing that I don’t understand, I explained, "I am a dancer, I don’t want to be a teacher, I don’t want to be a manager. My life and I only belong to the stage."

When Sisi spoke, his eyes were firm and powerful.Before that, I always regarded Sisi as my enemy, my opponent, but at this moment, I suddenly envious her and admire her a little.

"I heard, have you flowed off Rock’s children?"

Her insufficiency surprised me, knowing that Rock is not many of my boyfriend.How could she know?Did ROCK tell her personally?

"Rock gave you his jacket that night. He would only do this for his girlfriend.

You can rest assured that Rock and I ended.A few days I took here, ROCK deliberately adjusted the class and went to other stores.

When breaking up, Rock dragged all my contact information.I and I are impossible.After I came back, our only conversation was the day of the performance. He asked me why he claimed to abandon his child."

It turned out that in ROCK’s sleep, asking why he asked again and again, he was asking why he gave up his child unilaterally.

"He asked me, because he didn’t deserve to be a father?" Sisi turned to me. "Do you know that Rock is an illegitimate child? So he is particularly persistent and wants to be a good father."

I also learned that after I was with ROCK, his father was a well -known dancer, and his mother was the most loyal supporter of his father before becoming famous.

Once watching TV, I said that Rock looks very similar to the seniors in TV. Rock said that that person is his father.

Therefore, his father couldn’t agree with his mother to give birth to him, and it was impossible to recognize him.

Fortunately, Rock’s mother has affectionate care for ROCK, just like the name that the mother gave him, Shi Lei, love like a rock, and his heart is clear.

Rock loves dance and lives with dance. It is to get closer to his father, but he does not want to live unable to live comfortably because he is famous for his father.

"How are you, why don’t you want children?" I asked Sisi.After all, Rock and her waist nest couple tattoo explained that their feelings at the time were deep.

"Because I don’t want to be a wife, and I don’t want to be a mother. My life belongs to the stage." Sisi’s eyes raised light, with an immortal love.

Compared to Sisi to dedicate the rest of my life to the stage, so I do n’t want children, my reason is not so clear.I don’t want to be a strong woman, and I don’t have so many progress.I just don’t want to be a mother.

I don’t want to be tied to death by my mother, I don’t want to pay for their children, and then control it after giving.

I don’t want children, just because I want to escape.


Rock and I started the unconventional Cold War. To be precise, my hot face always pasted Rock’s cold ass.He didn’t ignore me, but he always said simple. If he could use his eyes, he would never speak. If he could say one word, he would never say two words.

But he didn’t say a breakup.I’m a little panic.

In fact, when the dance class was interrupted for the first time, I secretly followed Shi Lei, which was Rock when I was a child.

Knowing that he participated in the national competition, he knew that he had received business performances, knew that he lived near a rental house near a dance school, and knew that all his spare time was practicing in the dance classroom.

I peeked out of the window many times, but I didn’t have the courage to walk in to find him.

Rock thought we were the same type of person, but we were different.He can unswervingly chase his life goals.And I was just a line puppet.

Not long after Rock and my Cold War, Ms. Su came.

With dozens of cartons and a moving company.What kind of future can she question me and be with a dancing?She couldn’t watch me delaying youth, and then regretted it.

In fact, I have 33, where I can be called youth.It was just that Ms. Su kept refused to admit that I was abolished and lost in her hand.

She taught me while packing and east -west, like the love letter that was very tearing my love letter and said it was good for me.

When she directed the moving company to move the last carton and drag my hand, I dumped her.Just like the day I miscarriage.

"You can move away everything or tie me, but unless you lock me up, otherwise I will still come back."

"Su Nuannuan, your wings are hard? You don’t want to think how much I have paid for you, can I have you without me today?!"

"Your giving, how much do you need to return you to be satisfied? I have already given you my child. If you are not satisfied, you can take my life."

"What are you talking nonsense? I do so much, isn’t it for you?"

"Do you know why I don’t want children? Because I never want to be a mother like you!"

I roared and said the words that had been pressed in my heart, and I felt that the stones pressed on my chest were finally moved away by me.


Ms. Su’s slap hit my face.

I stared at her directly, if I could, I hope to return this life to her.I had half a face on the side and waited for her to continue playing.

This is the case from an early age. No matter what, as long as she believes that I am wrong, I will always hit me until I confirm my mistake.

She raised her hand, but was stopped by Rock.He has been in the study, and he finally can’t listen.

"ROCK, this is nothing to do, you let her kill me."

But Rock is still in front of me. "How hope for me, in the process of warmth, you are a gentle and considerate, good mother who cares and adds, instead of scolding, moral kidnapping mother."

I was pierced by Rock, and my heart was like a thunder in a sunny day.Rock even said, I have never said the idea for decades.I was ashamed of myself, how can I pick my mother.

Ms. Su’s wrist was scratched. She called letting go, "Su Nuannuan, you don’t follow me today, let’s break the mother and daughter relationship!"

I watched Ms. Su’s noisy and angry. Although she straightened her back, she looked lonely and lonely. She had divorced my father for more than ten years.

During the divorce, my father asked me, whom.I chose her, not because I love her more, but I think that without me, Ms. Su had nothing.

But I did not expect that after more than ten years, I still had to face and gave up Ms. Su.

The family was empty, and I and ROCK said, "I’m sorry."

Sorry, I didn’t tell him the first time that I was pregnant and didn’t let him feel the joy of being a father; sorry to let him see my mother so unreasonable;

I’m not up like him so much, but still hurt him.Sorry, I may not learn how to love someone, love him, or love myself.

Sorry, I feel like a downright loser.

ROCK said, "I think, you don’t want a child, you are worried that I am not a qualified father; I didn’t understand it until just now that you don’t want a child, because you are afraid of being a mother like your mother.You can choose to do better. "

This is the longest sentence that Rock and I said after we lose our children.

In fact, although we are all adults, we are still a child who is learning to grow in the body of adults.Learn how to face your native family, learn how to face the various hidden rules of society, learn to face the true self, and learn to get along with each other.

I cried like a sieve in Rock’s arms, and ROCK stroked my back. He said, "Warm, I want to understand, if you insist on not children, I will do my best to synchronize with you,If I can’t accept it in the end, I will wish you happiness;

If you are willing to try to be a mother, I will definitely cooperate with you and be a good father. I hope to have the opportunity to be deeply tied up by my father’s position. I hope that you can become a family of three or five or six.We hope that in the future, we will accompany each other and discuss together.After all, nothing happened, it was not solved in bed."

I was laughed at RCOK.Take a deep breath to calm down.

It hurts to grow, but fortunately you have you.

(Original title: "Stone with warm")

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