Story: In the family of blind dates, unexpectedly meet the ex -boyfriend, the next second object speaks: "Xiao Xun"

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I was originally refused about blind dates. I also know the guy, named Yan Fei, who is a patient before our department.

However, the eldest sister of Numero is really enthusiastic. It is said that this Yan Fei has a promising future. Thinking of Yan Fei’s appearance of the little nurse in our department, I asked weakly: "Sister, how do you see that he has a future."

The elder sister confidently slapped her waist: "Opening a gold shop at home, open BMW, can still have no money."

Oh, money money.

The elder sister continued to persuade me: "You go and see, you can achieve success, you can do it if you ca n’t get a meal."

I think that the elder sister said makes sense. The location of the dating is indeed a high -end western restaurant, so I hesitated a little bit, and decided to participate in my first blind date in my life.

After meeting, I didn’t wait for the food, and Yan Fei couldn’t wait to ask, "Can you pretend to be my girlfriend?"

Seeing my expression a little confused, Yan Fei explained to me.

Grandpa Yan Fei is almost eighty years old, and his body has been bad. He had a serious illness at the beginning of this year. His only wish was to make him find a girlfriend.

I looked at him up and down: "Look at your posture, your condition is not like a lack of a girlfriend."

Yan Fei dumped Liu Hai: "I am not talented, and it is really a solid in terms of objects."

I was greasy by his expression, but I didn’t hold back a white eyes.

"But," he continued: "The types I like are not what my grandfather likes. Except for teachers, doctors, and civil servants in his eyes, other work belongs to rogue.His old -fashioned thought can only follow him … "

When I took him, I said, "So you see me as a doctor."

Yan Fei nodded. Before he had a small operation in our department, when he was hospitalized, the sister of the nurse had to introduce me to him as a girlfriend., Mainly because I want to tease Grandpa happy.

I was preserved, in case Yan Fei cheated me to his house and sold it for me.

Seeing me hesitating, Yan Fei said: "I am not sincere, I played you once a thousand."

I frowned: "I’m not for a thousand folds."

"Three thousand."

"It’s not because of money. If you have money, you can make ghosts, but you can’t shake a honest heart with money."

"Five thousand, there is no longer more."

"Trading, I am not for money, mainly to see you filial piety."

Before I went to the appointment, I found someone to ask. The chain gold shop was indeed a son named Yan Fei at home on Saturday. I also read the photos. The elegant oblique bangs made me sure that hiring me to pretend to be his girlfriend.Essence


On the day of the appointment, I put on my most plain white skirt according to Yan Fei’s instructions, and wearing a frameless myopia mirror that I usually worked at work.

The old man really likes me very much. Sitting next to me asked Dong to ask the West, either to give me a fruit, or to greet me to eat snacks. I heard that I like to eat mango, and hurriedly let Yan Fei peele mango.

Yan Fei drummed: "Aunt Liu is fine and sent to it."

The old man almost gave him a cane: "Do you know what pet wife is!"

Then I heard the old man turn around and said, "I don’t know what you like to see you in the small river. There is no academic degree, no appearance, no work, no job, not better to others. In case others run awaywhat to do!"

When I was considering whether to help Yan Fei from the face of 5,000 yuan, the doorbell suddenly remembered that I saw that Yan Jia’s young school moved.Get up and go to the door to welcome the guests.

"Who is here?" I asked Yan Fei.

"My little sister -in -law, our family is the most popular, and my grandfather’s favorite person. I just learned from the United Kingdom. I heard that I was going to take my girlfriend home. Grandpa specifically called Xiao Xun and wanted him to help him inspect you."

I’m just a fake hired by Yan Fei. I shouldn’t have any waves in my heart, but I don’t know why, my heart can’t stop jumping.

I didn’t realize until I saw the little sister in Yan Fei’s mouth. It turned out that my sixth sense was reminding me that Yan Fei’s little sister -in -law turned out to be my derailed ex -boyfriend Jiang Yixuan!


Jiang Yixuan and I can be said to be a thorough.

On the day I broke up with him, I met a medical trouble at the hospital. The family members of the patient wanted to beat the female nurse we were pregnant.

I didn’t hesitate to go up behind her pregnant female nurse. The male doctors around me and other justice people embraced and separated the troubleders.

I was exhausted just after the night shift, and I was tired after finishing the transcript. I called Jiang Yanxuan and wanted him to pick me up, but he couldn’t call him.

I think that the police station is closer to his house. I also know that his door locks password, so I want to go to his house to sleep first.

As soon as I pushed the door and put on slippers, I found that my feet didn’t seem to be right. I picked up things and found that it was a lady’s underwear.

Throw the satin skirt, stockings, and men’s underwear.

When I entered the bedroom, I found that a man and a woman were lying on the bed. My fatigue couldn’t support my anger. I didn’t even shout and beating.let’s break up."

After coming out of his house, it was as if in order to set off my sad mood, and suddenly it rained.

Not only did Jiang Yanxuan chase out and retained me, he didn’t even call me.

When I was wet all over, my heart was ashamed, decisively deleted all contact information, retreated the house, and even when Jiang Yanxuan came to the hospital to find me, avoided him and took the initiative to apply for support in the field for three months.Essence

Jiang Yanxuan was my first love. At first, I begged Bai Lai for two years. I liked him more. I liked or even thought about whether to forgive him like this, but soon my reason was up to the upper hand.Crossing it, this relationship is no longer possible.

But I didn’t expect to meet again on this occasion with this situation again.

Yan Fei pushed my arm and asked me to pull it out from the gang.

"This is my little sister Jiang Yixuan."

"Xiao Yan, this is my girlfriend Jiang Li Duo."

When the two of us were holding together, I noticed that Jiang Yanxuan’s expression was very exciting. There were surprises, and there was still a hint of anger?

In the family of the blind date, I accidentally reunited my ex -boyfriend, and the next second was spoken: "Xiao Xun"

What is he angry?I found that I became someone else’s girlfriend and then possessing it?Why is it derailed!Dumber!

Although Yan Fei didn’t know that I was Jiang Huanxuan’s ex -girlfriend, he had a good eye to see that the atmosphere between us was not right, so he hurriedly greeted everyone to eat.

After everyone took the seat, Yan Fei went to me and asked quietly: "Do you know before with me?"

Jiang Yanxuandao’s sharp eyes stared at me and Yan Fei. I glanced back at all, biting the back of the fangs: "It’s time to end."


When eating, Grandpa has always hinted that Yan Fei, Yan Fei was afraid of exposing the stuffing, and was busy giving me the vegetables according to Grandpa’s instructions.

Yan Fei caught a chopstick into my bowl, Jiang Yanxuan said coldly: "She eats spinach allergies."

Yan Fei put a chopstick into my bowl again, and Jiang Yanxuan continued to say coldly: "She does not like to eat coriander."

Yan Fei did not give up a chopstick and put a chopstick into my bowl. Jiang Yanxuan still said coldly: "She eats braised meat and is disgusting."

The scene was very embarrassing. Yan Ma smiled and fought: "Did Xiao Xuan know Xiaojiang before?"

Jiang Yanxuan glared at me: "Knowing, not familiar."

I was almost broken by him. What does this scumbag mean? Obviously he made a mistake in making mistakes.Intersection

Yan Fei also felt that the atmosphere was not right. He asked in my ear and asked, "What is your relationship with Xiao Xun? How do I think his eyes are going to swallow us."

Since Jiang Yanxuan’s attitude, I had to be angry at him, let him see, leave him, I live better.

I got together to Yan Fei’s ear, so I was intimate: "It doesn’t matter, if there is any relationship, I am his debtor."

Jiang Yanxuan owed me this emotional debt, for fear that it would not be over.


Everyone has their own thoughts, so this meal is not pleasant. Grandpa Yan is a personal essence. Although I try to hide it, he still sees that I am not very happy, so I have asked me to take me to the jewelry shop.Give me two things if you like.

I didn’t plan to go, but Jiang Yanxuan didn’t know what the medicine had taken wrong. He said that he had no gift to give me this nephew and daughter -in -law. He had to buy me two jewelery with the jewelry shop.

I snorted coldly, since he wanted to send it, don’t do it for nothing.

Our group came to the jewelry shop. For the first time, I realized the power of capital. I heard that the boss wanted to bring his future granddaughter. The whole shop immediately entered a state of rest. A large jewelry shop only served us.

I saw Grandpa Yan’s masterpiece: "Xiaojiang, you can get which one you like, grandpa will give you."

Hearing Grandpa Yan’s words, Yan Fei couldn’t sit still. He dragged me aside while I saw the jewelry.

"We are obviously marked, 5,000 at a time, and we can’t collect extra gifts anymore."

I ordered his chest with a fist: "Don’t worry, I’m not a person without the bottom line. After a while, I can simply make Grandpa Yan happily, and then give you things, you can make it inside and outside."

Yan Fei gave me a "buddy on the way", holding my shoulders to discuss with me whether the 5,000 yuan labor costs were WeChat transfer or hit me card.

At this moment, Jiang Yanxuan’s cough came from behind me. After two coughing, he gritted his teeth and said: "Beltails, you can pick it up, which little sister to pay for it."

Grandpa Yan and I are polite, but I don’t want to be polite with Jiang Yanxuan. In Grandpa Yan, I simply took a pair of gold earrings. When I arrived at Jiang Yixuan, I came up with a five -digit pure gold bracelet.At the price, the tears after I was derailed were not in vain.

Jiang Yanxuan bought the order without blinking, but the moment he took the initiative to put the bracelet on my hand, I still couldn’t hold back the red eyes.


It has been three days since the reunion with Jiang Yanxuan. In the past three days, I looked at the familiar and strange avatar lying on the blacklist countless times. It may be because I really loved it.Doing it will also shake my mind.

Suddenly, Yan Fei called me. He said that he wanted to see me. I suddenly thought that the earrings that Grandpa Yan gave me was still in my hands, so he asked him to wait for me downstairs.

As soon as I met, I played interest Yan Fei: "The family is still so big, isn’t it just a golden earrings, so I can’t wait."

"I can’t wait, but it’s not for gold earrings."

I suddenly realized that I took off the gold bracelet that Jiang Yanxuan bought me from my wrist: "And this, you help me return it to you."

"I don’t take it," Yan Fei pushed the golden bracelet: "This view is a hot potato."

After a while, Yan Fei asked curiously: "Are you the two of you, wouldn’t you be a former male and female friend?"

"Is it so obvious?" I asked.

Yan Fei nodded: "It’s not the kind of peace breaking up."

It may be that I had a love with Jiang Yanxuan, and I automatically substituted myself into an elder Yan Fei.

"You little fart, what do you know."

"Little fart?" Yan Fei snorted: "I have talked about more love than you have eaten rice."

"Oh!" I rolled my eyes: "The upper beam is not right and the lower beam, the young scumbag taught by the old scum!"

Yan Fei immediately jumped out and guarded Jiang Yanxuan: "You say I can, I can’t say that I am a little bit. He is the one I have seen the hardest man. He must have done something sorry for me."

I gritted my teeth and said: "Being a man should talk about evidence, otherwise I will sue you to slander, the little scumbag!"

Yan Fei opposes me: "You must be wrong, otherwise why do I want to explain that I do n’t want to continue my relationship with you."

My Ren Du Ercai was almost Qi Qi, and Jiang Yanxuan, Wang Baba, was just a derailment. Now it is still to destroy my marriage. It is unbearable!

I was fainted by anger: "This bastard is planning to dismantle us two!?"

When he heard what I said, Yan Fei immediately turned 5,000 yuan over: "Sister, do you remember what the two of us are?"

The joy of receiving money scattered my anger, I calmed down, and I didn’t even hold back and laughed: "I think of it. I will call me again next time.I will discount you during the second time. "

Yan Fei, a small scumbag, did look at the old scumbag of Jiang Yanxuan. He whispered: "See the bad woman with money eyes!"


I did n’t have to see it with Yan Fei. After all, he was counted as half a gold master, so Mei Zizi planned to go home to order a takeaway to celebrate.

As soon as I walked to the entrance of the corridor, I heard someone called me.

I am too familiar with this voice, and I don’t need to look back. I know it is Jiang Yanxuan.

Seeing me, he will continue to say, "Are you not with Yan Fei, right?"

I could hear a hint of joy in his voice, but I didn’t want to entangle with him too much, and said, "You ask Yan Fei yourself." Then he went straight to the corridor.

Jiang Yanxuan did not intend to let me go. He entered the corridor with me. Coincidentally, the lights in the corridor were broken. I was a little scared and unconsciously speeded up.

Suddenly, I grabbed my wrist with one hand, and I instinctively reacted and turned around.

Through the light of the window, I saw Jiang Yanxuan’s face, and he circled me into his arms with oppression.

I tried to break free, but he didn’t want to let go of me, and even pressed down.

I whispered and scolded: "Jiang Yanxuan, are you crazy!?"

Jiang Yanxuan ignored me, he asked himself, "Are you not with Xiaofei, right?"

I smelled a faint taste on him, but I was stunned by his attitude, so I asked my neck and asked: "Even if I don’t have Yan Fei with Yan Fei, it has something to do with you ….". "

Before I finished speaking, Jiang Yixuan’s kiss fell on my lips. This kiss was overbearing, impossible to refuse, with punishment, and fell over the sky, and suddenly smashed me.

The oxygen in my head seemed to be taken over by this kiss, or was taken over by Jiang Yanxuan. While I catered to the kiss out of control, I scolded myself without bone air, so that the derailed scum man took advantage.


Suddenly I thought that I kissed Jiang Yixuan for the first time, which was when we determined the relationship of love.

My love story with Jiang Yanxuan can be summarized in a word, that is, I was struggling.

As a character of medical University, Jiang Yanxuan naturally has many people pursuing, but I stand out from a fan girl with her face and perseverance.

I chased the self -study room from the library and the basketball hall to the stadium. At that time, I couldn’t wait to know that the entire medical science knew that there was a place where Jiang Yanxuan, and there must be my Jiang Li Duo.

I have been playing with it since I was a child, and I have been doing things for three minutes. However, in the pursuit of Jiang Yanxuan, I have exhausted all enthusiasm and chased him for two years.

Just when Jiang Yanxuan was about to graduate and went to another university to study, I also planned to give up this single love drama that belonged to me from the beginning.

I remember very clearly that it was a rainy day. Jiang Yanxuan was invited to visit the debate.

The roommate who came back from the debate field told me that Jiang Yanxuan was stopped by the heavy rain and was standing at the door of the venue.

I hesitated for a moment, still holding the umbrella to pick up Jiang Yanxuan. The rain was particularly heavy. Even if I was in the umbrella, I was wet by the rain.Do n’t you decide to give up umbrellas! How can you still be able to hear Jiang Yanxuan suffer! "

I scolded all the way, waiting for me to come to the door of the venue, and she really saw Jiang Yanxuan standing at the door, as if waiting for anyone.

"I will never wait for me." I whispered, and then ran to Jiang Yanxuan with an umbrella.

"Senior, let me send you an umbrella."

Jiang Yanxuan naturally took the umbrella, didn’t say a word to me, and hit the umbrella and walked into the rain.

My mood suddenly fell to the bottom of the valley, and I didn’t even have a word. Jiang Li Duo, you also sticked your cold buttocks to give people an umbrella.

I just talked in my heart, and Jiang Xuan suddenly turned back: "Don’t you go?"

I shook my head: "Our bedroom is not walking, you can go first."

Jiang Yanxuan frowned slightly: "It’s all the way before, why don’t you get along today, let’s go together. I will take you back to the bedroom. If you get back, you will not be assured."

I was so promising. Jiang Yanxuan threw an olive branch, and I took it.

Halfway, Jiang Yanxuan suddenly said, "You know which school I have gone to the school."

Although I don’t understand why he suddenly asked, he still replied: "I know, the major medical department of A."

"I helped you develop a learning plan, with your current level, if you want to pass the exam, I am afraid to pay more efforts."

I don’t understand what he meant: "What do you take?"

Jiang Yanxuan’s face was full of "Xunzi cannot teach": "Naturally is a graduate student of the Ministry of Medicine A."

I faintly have a hunch, a kind of joy rolling in my chest.

But in order to appear reserved, I deliberately twisted: "What do you mean by you?"

Jiang Yanxuan suddenly stood, and then turned to face me: "Don’t you understand what I mean? That’s it, when I didn’t say it." Then he turned around and walked forward.

I was anxious: "Don’t, senior, do you mean you want to be with me."

I was too anxious. I didn’t find that Jiang Yanxuan stopped again. When the two umbrellas encountered together, I reacted.

Jiang Yanxuan came back and said with a smile: "Stupid."

Seeing that Jiang Yanxuan’s attitude was very good, I dared to get into his umbrella, and then looked up and asked him, "So are we together?"

Jiang Yanxuan blushed his face, don’t look at me or not, "Is it?"

I "get into the foot": "Since you kissed me like this."

Then while Jiang Yixuan didn’t pay attention, he tiptoe and kissed his face.

After kissing, I still reflected: "I want to do this for a long time …"

I didn’t say that Jiang Yanxuan held my face with one hand, leaned over and kissed my lips.


After venting the ordinary kiss, Jiang Yanxuan held my face. I saw that he was scarlet under his eyes, and restrained and tolerated.

"Can you touch my face?" Jiang Yanxuan said with a humblely: "I’m afraid I am dreaming now."

I guess the role of alcohol, which made Jiang Yanxuan’s pride.

"Do you know how I have lived in the past two years? Jiang Li Duo, how can you be so cruel? Obviously you came to provoke me first, why can you go so cruelly and leave!"

Jiang Yanxuan’s bitter drama of the male lead, let me play a little bit, but I don’t have time to ignore it because I am afraid that he will disturb the people.

"Jiang Yanxuan." My name was his name.

Unexpectedly, he started to rot while drunk, and output Qiong Yao literature crazy: "What do you call me! You didn’t want me at first! You are not worthy of my name!"

Seeing him like this, I could only cover his mouth to take him home first, and then called Yan Fei to let him take Jiang Yanxuan back.

When Yan Fei came, Jiang Yanxuan’s snail lived on my lazy sofa, and he was confused and woke up.

Yan Fei raised him, and he couldn’t wake him up. Jiang Yanxuan was like a lazy sofa. He hugged my doll and muttered in his mouth: "Smelly river pear!Girl Jiangluo! Wang Ba egg Jiangluo! "

Yan Fei is like a cricket in Gua Tian, his ears are old and long: "You still have a hard mouth that you don’t make mistakes, you are right, he scolds you."

Looking at Yan Fei’s gossip, I glanced at him: "I told you that he is a scumbag."

Yan Fei whispered: "Look at him, it seems to be betrayed by you."

Be betrayed by me?I flashed in my spirit. After the reunion, Jiang Xuan’s various performances flashed in my mind like a horse lamp. Yan Fei’s words woke me up. Is there any misunderstanding between us?

Yan Fei is still trying to move Jiang Huanxuan while moving: "Sister Jiang, you are my sister, can you let the little sister borrow a stay in your house, just stay, I really can’t move him."

Looking at Jiang Yanxuan’s face, I was soft -hearted, and gave Yan Fei’s gesture to signal him to let him go first.

Before I left, I heard Yan Fei whispered in Jiang Yanxuan’s ear: "Xiao Xun, I can only help you get here."


The next morning, Jiang Yanxuan woke up. He moved his painful waist and looked at my eyes full of vigilance.

"You won’t beat me while I am asleep."

I put down the sandwich and said helplessly: "I still give you a mouth, what do you drink? Coffee? Milk? Or soy milk?"

Sleeping on a lazy sofa, it is strange to have no back pain.

Jiang Yixuan rubbed and stretched out the table: "Milk."

We were sitting face -to -face, looking at his familiar face, and I wanted to talk to him.

"Do you regret it?"

I thought I would gain a confession of Jiang Yanxuan’s tears, and I was crying deeply, and I had to kneel. I made up for him to help him. I did not expect him to ask.It’s you who had a heartbroken heart. "

I immediately refuted: "What is me who is cruel to the couplet, not that you derailed and being caught in bed by me, I broke up with you, deleted all your contact information because I like you so much, I am afraid I will be againIf you contact you, you will forgive you regardless of your bottom line. "

After I finished speaking, we both stunned, digesting the meaning of the other party, and after half a minute, we both spoke at the same time.

"You are not derailed!"

"Who is derailed!"


The scene was very embarrassing. In the past two years, we have lived a painful life that misses each other and torture each other. It is because of a big misunderstanding!Intersection

Jiang Yanxuan said that I remembered all his contact information that day. At that time, he asked him to talk in the hospital. There was an opportunity to study and communicate abroad. The hospital intended to send him.

I was afraid I couldn’t take care of me. He was very hesitant. After he came out of the dean’s office, he saw that I called him several calls, but when he called back, he found that I had gathered him, including WeChat, QQ, etc.All contact information can no longer be contacted.

He came to my house to find me. I didn’t open how to knock on the door. I simply waited for me downstairs, but he saw that I glanced at him through the window upstairs, and then pulled the curtains without hesitation.

When I went to work, he went to the hospital to find me, but found that I was still avoiding him.

Although he didn’t know why I wanted to break up with him, he could feel my decision. Even if he still likes me, his pride did not allow him to continue his entanglement, so he sat on the plane to Britain.

After listening to Jiang Yixuan’s breakup version, I stunned and told him what happened to me.

From the medical trouble, when I went to his house to see him lying on the bed with a woman, and then I was too sleepy. I didn’t hear him knocking on the door at all, but I was actually woken up by him. I thought it wasThe sun was dazzling and woke up with me, and got out of bed and pulled the curtains, but I didn’t wear glasses, and I didn’t see him at all.

When he was in the hospital, he did something to hide, because I was afraid that he would not bear to break up.

Jiang Yanxuan decisively caught the loopholes of the matter, and my glasses were broken and stepped on …

Jiang Yanxuan felt very speechless: "You six hundred -meic -myopia, how can you determine that the man on the bed is mine without glasses?"

Suddenly I realized how remarkable this was, because of this misunderstanding, the two of us almost missed a lifetime.


When I received Yan Fei WeChat again asking me to meet me, I refused directly.

"Sorry Xiaofei, I should not play your girlfriend."

I can’t continue to make these 5,000 yuan, I am very painful.

"I don’t mean that, let’s talk about it again."

I came to the cafe I made up with Yan Fei, and it took a long time to find Yan Fei in the corner.

I laughed forward: "What are you doing? Wearing sunglasses in the cafe, are you a bit sick?"

Yan Feiyi took off the glasses and exposed the dark circles that were not lighter than the panda inside.

I didn’t hold back, and the coffee that had just drank into his mouth spit his face.

I couldn’t help spitting my face as I wiped him: "I’m sorry, I can’t hold back. Are you looking for a part -time job as a panda in the zoo?"

Yan Fei was full of guilt: "What should be sorry is me."

I held his face to help him with his face: "Why apologize to me?"

"The man you saw at the little uncle’s house was actually me in two years. I slept confused at the time, and I didn’t hear what you said too much. When I woke up, I was afraid that Xiao Yan would find that I took the girl to his house, So I didn’t dare to tell him what you have been here. "

His voice was getting smaller and smaller, and my face was getting darker.

I sighed and said, "I don’t blame you all of this."

Listening to me, Yan Fei was wronged: "That’s it, as for being so fierce, do you still do not face."

I was going to hit Yan Fei, and he scared to shrink into the sofa.

"Don’t blame you all, you have at least 60 % of the responsibility! Can’t you open a house? Why should you bring people to Jiang Yanxuan’s house!"

Yan Fei said weakly: "Don’t you have to spend money to go to the hotel …"

I clenched my fist: "Why don’t Jiang Yanxuan kill you a little rabbit!"

Yan Fei grievance: "Why are you both so violent!"


If Yan Fei has 60 % of the responsibility, the remaining forty percent is definitely in me.

At that time, I have been with Jiang Yanxuan for four years. It is reasonable to say that four years of contact. The mode of getting along should have long been like an old husband and wife, but this is not the case.

In this relationship, I always feel that I love Jiang Yanxuan more than he loves me.

He is not like someone else’s boyfriend, and he will report the trip every day. I don’t have much request. Even if it is just a word or two of the greetings, but when he is busy, it is common for two or three days to talk to me.

Occasionally, we will forget our anniversary, and I will throw me in the restaurant for two or three hours because of a temporary operation.

As a doctor, I can understand that human life is greater, but as his girlfriend, I will inevitably be disappointed.

And because this love is my first, I take the initiative first, and even I love deeper than him, so I can’t, I dare not be coquettish with him like an ordinary girl.It looks like.

After accumulating one by one, I often suspect that Jiang Yanxuan did not like me, but was moved by my persistence day after day.

Therefore, when the "derailment" incident occurred, the emotions that had been accumulated had been leaked. I had no time to distinguish the authenticity of this matter, and I couldn’t wait to give Jiang Yanxuan a hat of "scumbag".

I love it early, so when Jiang Yixuan didn’t know, he put himself at a low position. Not only did he not be able to communicate, he also stubbornly thought that Jiang Yixuan did not like me.


Like waiting for a trial, during this time, I kept thinking, and finally waited for Jiang Yanxuan to make me out.

It may be that I really want to break with me, otherwise why he asked me to the seaside and made me a meal for mosquitoes.

I don’t know where Jiang Yixuan got from the bench, I was sitting side by side on the beach in the beach.

The atmosphere between the two of us became a little embarrassed. In order to break the embarrassment, I took the initiative: "This beach is really silent, no one."

"This is a private beach, my friend’s house."

The scene fell into silence again.



Suddenly, the two of us spoke together and apologized to each other.

Jiang Yanxuan motioned for me to let me say first.

I was guilty: "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t believe you. After the incident, I was unilaterally disconnected, which caused us to miss it for two years. If you want to punish me and don’t want to be with me, I can accept it.","


"What is impossible?"

Jiang Yanxuan turned to look at me: "I can’t want to be with you."

"I only know how important you are for me in the past two years," Jiang Yanxuan continued: "I was wrong before. Relying on you like me, I always stuffed my love for you.It ’s my fault without taking the initiative to communicate with you. Would you like to give me another chance?"

Looking at Jiang Yixuan’s side face, I suddenly remembered something that I was ignored before.

Although Jiang Yanxuan would not talk to me on WeChat for two or three days, he would insist on eating with me every night, even if he was reading the literature when he was eating.

Regarding the memorial day, he originally wanted to surprise me, so he pretended to forget, but his professor suddenly visited their hospital.I was surprised and carefully selected a two hundred grams of gold bars for gifts.

It is indeed a life of my pigeons, but he immediately ran to the restaurant he had applied for an appointment after the operation, but the restaurant had been closed.Eat meals.

Although he was not good at words, he has been loving me with actual actions.

I rushed into his arms and hugged him. After I started, I was afraid, and I almost lost him.

"I have a problem too, I don’t believe you, are you willing to give me another chance?"

My words just fell, and the sky -high fire was lit not far away. Jiang Yanxuan kneeled with a ring with a ring: "We have missed too much. Compared to who is right and who is wrong, I don’t forgive me.By my side, Jiang Li Duo, are you willing to marry me? "

At this moment, Yan Fei took a group of people to run from not far away, handing over the bouquet to Jiang Yanxuan and laughed and coaxed: "Aunt, promise me a little sister!"

My tears fell one by one. One week after thinking that Jiang Yanxuan was "derailed", I drank day or night, and 20 pounds were lost. At that time, I never thought that the two of us could still be today.Lost him, so he bent down and hugged him tightly, dare to determine that this is not a dream with his body temperature and heartbeat.

When I said "I am willing" loudly, after Jiang Yanxuan put the ring on my hands, I saw Yan Fei wiped tears.

"What are you crying?" I asked.

Yan Fei’s corner of his mouth pulled out a smile that was ugly than crying: "You promised Xiao, I don’t need to be beaten."


In order to retaliate against Yan Fei, Jiang Yanxuan took Yan Fei to his house to his house overnight and influenced our relationship, and the news of finding me to impersonate his girlfriend to deceive Grandpa Yan, and told Yan Dadan Yan Ma and Grandpa Yan.

Grandpa Yan was so angry that he took a cane to Yan Fei: "I just say that you are a good brother, why are you willing to follow you with a good girl like Xiaojiang? It turns out that this is the case.I don’t know the height of height! "

In order to let Yan Fei grow his wings as soon as possible, don’t be like a child, Grandpa Yan broke his economic source and kicked him out of the house, but he came to me and Jiang Yanxuan.

No accident, Jiang Yanxuan rejected him.

But Yan Fei ate me as a soft -hearted person, and he was lying on the door of the door. "Aunt, save me …"

I transferred him to the 5,000 yuan earned by hiring me to pretend to be 5,000 yuan made by his girlfriend: "The little aunt can only help you get here …"

With a "bang", Jiang Yanxuan closed the door fiercely. Only the world that Yan Fei was injured was reached …

The full text is over (original title: "After the reunion with the ex -boyfriend")

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