Story: Rebirth Hou Ye chose his wife. "God, how difficult finding a suitable wife"

Shen Yan has no ambitions in his life.

There are two small wishes.

One wish, Haiqinghe Yan, the career is smooth.

Two wishes, marry a good wife and have a son.

In this way, the title of An Guohou he inherited can pass safely.

However, the wishes are inconsistent.

Both his two wishes were not fulfilled.

Fortunately, God treats him for not being thin, giving him a chance to come back again.

This time, he must turn around.


When Shen Yan woke up, there was only a crying Wu Yan who was crying and swollen.

Seeing that he woke up, Wu Yan stopped talking. In the end, he just paused, wiped his tears, and hurriedly called people, "Go to notify Hou Ye and his aunt, his cousin wakes up."

Although Shen Yan had a headache, he still heard the word "Hou Ye" in Wu Yan’s words.

He was doubtful, "Hou Ye? Father, still alive?"

There was a touch of panic in Wu Yan’s eyes, and he reached out to explore his forehead. "Cousin, do you scare me, what kind of nonsense do you say?"

When Wu Yan said this, Lao Hou and Lao Hou just entered the door.

Mrs. Hou didn’t hear the preface of Shen Yan, but only heard Wu Yan’s post -words, crying, "What nonsense, did my child burn out my mind? Go to the palace to ask a doctor."

"What is the blindness and crimson." The old Hou Ye was obviously very unhappy and interrupted the words of Mrs. Hou. "People don’t wake you crying, people wake up, you still cry, and the house is not as restless.","

Mrs. Lao Hou still wanted to say, and glanced at her husband’s cold face, and immediately squeezed.

Shen Yan saw the spiritual father, a little stubborn.

He remembered that he was pulled down by his wife Shu Yan to faint. At that time, his father had passed away four years and he had already attacked him.What woke up, but his father stood in front of him?

Lao Houye stared at himself and stared at himself, and his face was even more ugly. "How, letting you marry the girl Shu is so unwilling, you have to use your physical life and be a father."


Shen Yan remembered.

Five years ago, when his father forced himself to marry Shu Yan, he also became ill.

Lao Hou thought that Shen Yan was in order to get angry with him for his marriage with Shu Yan, and deliberately jumped to the lake to find a short seeing.

In fact, Shen Yan was pressed because of his medicine. He met Wu Yan in the garden and pulled it under the lake that was promoted by Wu Yan.

At that time, Shen Yan and Wu Yan did not break the matter with their own minds.

Later, Shen Yan was forced to marry Shu Yan by Lao Houye. Wu Yan was returned to his house before his wedding, and this matter was gradually forgotten by Shen Yan.

Now that Yin Yiyang went back to the wrong way, Shen Yan did not expect that he had returned to the original point of the original choice.

Shen Yan looked at a few people standing in front of him, and opened the quilt to get out of bed and kneeled in front of the Lord Hou and Mrs. Hou. "Father, mother, son is not filial."

Seeing that his son opened his mouth, he seemed to have something to say that he sent away a man in the room, etc., and also called Wu Yan to go out.

I did n’t know that Wu Yan was left by Shen Yan, "I urge his father to allow his son to marry his cousin Wu Yan as his wife."

The three people in the room were shocked by Shen Yan’s words, and they didn’t know what medicine he sold in his gourd.

Wu Yan heard Shen Yan’s words quickly turn around. He didn’t know what Shen Yan wanted to be, let alone the true or false in his words.

She did not understand why the cousin who had a very cold attitude towards her in the past was promoted by her after being promoted by her.

Is it because my cousin takes care of his famous festival, so do this?

But Wu Yan thought about it again, and between that night, it seemed that the cousin had guessed it was her medicine.Now that Shen Yan knew that the medicine was from her, how could she ask Hou Ye and aunt to marry herself?

Wu Yan made a mess in his mind, and in his heart, he thought about what Shen Yan said the day before, and did not listen carefully to Shen Yan and said something to Hou Ye.

It wasn’t until her aunt called her three times that Wu Yan returned to God, and hurriedly kneeling down to defend: "Hou Ye, Auntie, cousin is not, I …"

"What is not," my aunt wiped her tears and lifted her up. "Good boy, you have suffered such a big loss, but I just want to maintain the face of Houfu and the reputation of the feast. It is really hard for you.Give you an explanation. "When Mrs. Hou said this, she carefully glanced at the lock -up Lao Houye.

Lao Houye didn’t say a word, but just shook his robe sleeves and left Shen Yan’s house. His face was very ugly. Wu Yan looked at Shen Yan. Today, she seemed to have a little tenderness in her eyes.

Wu Yan borrowed the opportunity of tears, and he slammed hard on his face. It was painful, and it was not dreaming.

But she was too lazy to think about what happened to Shen Yan’s attitude towards herself.


After living for two times, Shen Yan lost the complete memory of Wu Yan’s push of water.

He only remembered that he was thin and thin, and Wu Yan was forced to push himself into the lake in order to take care of Houfu’s face, and to protect himself loudly in order to protect himself.

In the past life, in order to maintain his reputation, Shen Yan did not tell his father to tell the truth, so he missed Wu Yan. Under the pressure of his father, he ended up with Shu Yan, and eventually made her end.

Shen Yan compared Shu Yan and Wu Yan together in his heart. He was also pushed down. Wu Yan was to protect himself, and Shu Yan was to destroy himself.

In this life, Shen Yan was unwilling to repeat the same mistakes, and he would not let Shu Yan marry into Houfu.

Therefore, his heart was overwhelmed, and he couldn’t care about other, and he confessed the reason for his falling water in 151.

After listening to Shen Yan’s words, he knew that Houfu and Shen Yan had a loser for Wu Yan. They could only agree to Shen Yan’s request to marry Wu Yan with a black face.

When Lao Houye walked out of the yard where Shen Yan lived, although he was unhappy, he was secretly glad in his heart.

Because Shen Yan was not awake, he was scheduled to go to the Shu family today. Fortunately, the matter was not mentioned to the foreigner before.

Otherwise, once this Geng Tie is sent out, it is not such a simple thing to recover.


Parents and Wu Yan were sent away, and Shen Yan recalled the past carefully.

Shu Yan, the wife of Shen Yan’s previous life, married himself as a high marriage.

Shen Yan has always been higher than the top, and feels that he has lost his blood with Shu Yan.

Shen Yan has a prominent family world, a solid family situation, and in case of one -looking appearance and body.

After the hair was married, he had won the top of the "Beijing Most Want to Marry the Lang Lang" for many years.

Those who barely can match him in Beijing, who did not look at two, did not look at two, but in the end, he married a sister of Liupin Temple as a wife.

This was all blame Lao Houye. In order to report grace, he had to marry the Shu Yan of his mouth and wise and virtuous and virtue.

As a result, less than a year after Shu Yan passed the door, Lao Houye died of illness. The relationship between Shen Yan and Shu Yan also dropped from harmony to the freezing point.

Moreover, Shu Yan’s married Houfu has passed five years, and he has never given birth to a half daughter.

After three years of marriage, the mother asked him several times. At the beginning of the year, he even said directly that if he was half a year, he would have to marry him and he would have to marry him if he didn’t move anymore.

Although Shen Yan did not like Shu Yan, he had never thought of Shen Yan for the time being.

Today is a kind of love, and the queen has always been accompanied by the East Palace, and her feelings are very different.The first thing after his royal pole was the concubine who stopped once every three years.

In the hearts of the emperor, people, husbands, and father who are not doing well, how can they be a good minister.

那 Wall broom, it is even more unbearable.

Therefore, at the foot of Tianzi, officials in Beijing, regardless of their positions, are on the surface, the husband and wife are loving and harmonious.

When the previous life, Shen Yan was in the capital of the capital, and received a lot of words. Some people made a horse off the head and reported their wives, nan notes, etc., and basically checked one.

Of course, it is either a wife or a concubine or an absolute thing.

There are unwritten regulations in the middle of the DPRK. If they have been married for more than three years, their wives have nothing to come out, and they will not be criticized after marrying or marrying or Nafangliang.

When my father was in the past, Shen Yan was restricted everywhere. This was not good. That was not allowed.

Therefore, after the attack, Shen Yan could not stand the instructions of others.

In the previous life, the mother hoped that Shen Yan would marry Wu Yan, and she was also selfish.The marriage of kissed and Jiajin is obviously not for the sake of feast, but more to help his family relatives.

It was just that Lao Hou didn’t like Wu Yan. After he knew Shu Yan, he set a high speed on the wedding of Shen Yan and Shu Yan, and found an excuse to send Wu Yan, who lived in Houfu.


After the reunion with Shu Yancheng was four years, Wu Yan, 19, happened to come to Beijing to visit his aunt again.

On that day, Shen Yanqi but his mother chopped first and then played with Wu Yan. She deliberately went to Shu Yan’s room for a whole night.

But that night, although Shen Yan and Shu Yan slept in the same couch, nothing happened.

Shen Yan asked Shu Yan to wait for his clothes to go to bed, but Shu Yan rejected him on the grounds that his body was uncomfortable.

Shen Yan was unhappy, and Shu Yan knew that he had to shake his face. He was uncomfortable early and uncomfortable. Every time she wanted to go with her in the same room, she was uncomfortable.

I really do n’t know what Shu Yan has learned something when she was in the middle of her girlfriend. It is estimated that her brother -in -law was also a dilemma, so she did not ask her to teach her rules before she got married.

It can be seen how important the door is. The difference between this kind of small door and small households is not a little bit.

She obviously helped her to stand in Houfu, creating opportunities to make her sit in the envy of Mrs. Hou as the envy of everyone, but Shu Yan was not in trouble with him.He is replaced by Wu Yan.

Half a year later, Shen Yan stamped the cold and ill.

Although Shu Yan also took care of it, he couldn’t reach his cousin Wu Yan gentle. He asked him every day, and he tried his best to send water to the water.

It is said that people are the most vulnerable to illness, and they want to see more than usual, thinner than usual.

When Wu Yan took care of some time, Shen Yan suddenly felt Wu Yan’s goodness, and he felt pretty good.

Although Wu Yan’s father is also a local official, he is a lot of money to be a noble lady, but she should have a lot of talk and knowledge.

Not only is they dressing up, but the talks are quite decent, and they are also good at piano, painting, calligraphy, painting, and female red knitting.Compared with many noble women in Beijing, the section of looks is slightly better.

Shen Yan was lying on the hospital bed, comparing Shu Yan and Wu Yan, and immediately became high.

He unconsciously remembered his mother’s mention of Shu He and Li, and married Wu Yan.

Shen Yan faintly regretted that if he married Wu Yan at the beginning, maybe his son could say that he could call his father.

Not today’s mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, the aunt is not good, the mother and sister asked him to sue for three days, and Shu Yan was so indifferent to him.

Thinking about it, Shen Yan fell asleep deeply. This night he slept very sweetly and had a dream.

In the dream, he seemed to be drunk and lost in Wu Yan’s autumn water. It was the tenderness he had never felt in recent years and was endless.

On the second day, Shen Yan was awakened by a noisy.

Sister Shen Yi broke in and said that Shu Yan was packing things and went back to her mother’s house.

Shen Yan was in the illness. He had a headache, and he couldn’t figure out what Shu Yan was so troubled.

Listening to Shen Yi said so, she was upset.

When Chang Sui Fu helped him into Shu’s room, Shu Yan was carrying things at him.

I heard that Hou Ye was here, and Shu Yan didn’t ask for An An, and seemed to be unwilling to see you at a glance.

Shen Yan did not want to pay attention to Shu Yan, but when a woman who married and outside the New Year’s Eve suddenly returned to her mother’s house was the easiest to recruit people.

Shen Yan thought that if Shu Yan had left like this. Within three days, someone in Beijing would definitely take it to make an article.

Even if you want to be with Shu He and Li, you cannot be on the eyes of this bone.

For a few years, Shen Yanjin’s Duchangyuan has been pretty, and it has always been appreciated by Peak Han.

A few days ago, Master Han asked him to talk about him, saying that he was too old, and he wrote to the scholar. He wanted to return to the king.

The bright future was in front of the eyes, and Shen Yan knew that the relationship with Shu Yan could not be evil at this time.

He could only drag the disease and persuade him to persuade him softly.

However, Shu Yan didn’t know if he had taken gunpowder or was stepped on his tail. No matter how Shen Yan persuaded her, he only left and left the book to collect the burden.

Shen Yan felt that Shu Yan’s temper was inexplicable. He stopped Shu Yi to understand, and he chased it outside the yard.

There was a lotus pond outside the home courtyard, which was newly planted when Shu Yan was married.

In the summer of the past few years, the lotus blooms well, and in the summer of the summer, fresh lotus seeds can always be eaten in the lotus pond.

Shen Yan has eaten, in fact, it is ordinary. East City is larger than them, and there are more tender lotus puffs. I do n’t know what Shu Fei wants to toss at home.

After Shen Yan caught up with Shu Yan, the two pulled for a while, and in the end, some of them fell into the water.

The banquet after falling into the water was unknown, but when he woke up again, time returned to his unmarried five years ago.


Shen Yan has the experience of the previous life, and he will not make himself a embarrassment.

Three months later, Shen Yan married Wu Yan.

As soon as I entered the autumn, Lao Houye became ill and took a lot of soup medicine without surviving the cold winter.

After the beginning of the spring, the imperial decree of the Juejue arrived in Houfu. Shen Yan inherited the title of An Guohou, and Wu Yan became Mrs. Hou.

The old lady made the power of the housekeeper and moved into the courtesy hall to enjoy her old age.

Three days in the past three days, the sisters Shen Yi and Wu Yusu, who told Shuyu, were close. Since his marriage, he rarely complained that it was not.

Looking at the joyful and peaceful family in the family, Shen Yan became more and more decided to marry Wu Yan very correctly.

It is said that Anjia sets up his career. Now the inner house is stable and happy, and Shen Yan has no heart, and he intends to put his mind on his career.

In the previous life, Shen Yan’s Jindu Insurance Institute was less than a year after his father died.

Because of the reappearance, I knew the process of the matter, and Shen Yan felt that I could do it in the Royal History of Zuo Governor for less than five years.

In fact, before Shen Yan crown, the emperor considered his duties in North Korea.However, An Guohou was seriously ill, and the emperor felt that Shen Yan should take the servant as the important person, and the matter was delayed.

The emperor said that he was a micro -service patrol to inspect the people’s sentiment. In fact, it was raid by An Guohou Mansion to inspect the feast.

Shen Yan turned over the calendar and remembered that the emperor’s arrival in the house was half a month later.

The emperor is still frugal, and there are many taboos.

Therefore, during this period, Shen Yan deliberately ordered the housekeeper to pick up the house from the inside to the outside. Some of the eye -catching antique calligraphy and painting were put into the warehouse and changed some of the previous father’s like to place it outside.

Everything was cleaned up, watching the house in the house near the same setting when he was alive, Shen Yan was secretly stubborn. The emperor should not see any flaws.

Unlike Hou Ye, Shen Yan is a hedle. He has always felt that his life is in just dozens of years. Senior officials are doing, but good days are also going to live.

Lao Hou was really frugal before. Nuo Da’s An Guohou Mansion. The standards for eating and wearing and wearing are not as good as the level of Shang Jaofo.

Now that I am the master of the family, I naturally have to live according to their preferences and minds.

Although being a courtier is a blog, it cannot be associated with the opinions and preferences of the holy.

But Shen Yan felt that as long as he looked like before and foreigners in the DPRK, he would not be caught by the small braid.

Go home and close the door.

However, Wu Yan didn’t understand. After asking Shen Yan several times, Shen Yan just used "looking tired".

Shen Yan is a cautious person. When he is reborn, he cannot let the second person know, so he will never show his flaws in front of anyone.

The emperor suddenly came, and Houfu did not get ahead of time. Everyone was dressed up, and Wu Yan didn’t even have time to remove the jewelry that he was trying to wear.

What surprised Shen Yan was that the queen’s mother also went out of the palace with the emperor.

Shen Yan knows that many things have been different from previous lives because he married Wu Yan.

The emperor saw the elegant and comfortable in the Dingguo Houfu, and the couple of the banquet was very happy and filial, and he was very relieved.

It was just that when the queen mother saw Wu Yan’s new head, the smile was a little solidified, and the emperor also keenly noticed the queen’s displeased.

Although the emperor did not say anything, Shen Yan knew that Wu Yan’s new set ruins all his unrealized arrangements.

The emperor and queen lady left in Houfu for only an hour and left.

Shen Yan was bored.

In the previous life, the emperor used Shu Yan’s refreshment in Houfu, and talked with himself to leave.

When the queen mother drank lotus seed tea, visited the silkworm room set by Shu Yan at home, and after seeing the cloth woven from silk, she praised Shu Yan to hold her family.

After half a month later, the emperor announced that he had seen Shen Yan and took office.

Although Shen Yan was unwilling to admit that he had some credit for his career, he knew that the queen lady praised Shu Yan, that is, the emperor recognized herself.

In this life, he was countless, and he missed Wu Yan.

After sending away the emperor and the queen mother, Wu Yan asked Shen Yan carefully: "Hou Ye, you said that the emperor and the queen’s mother should not see anything?"

Shen Yan heard Wu Yan’s self -deceiving words very hot.

After a few days after the filial piety was taken off, Wu Yan couldn’t wait to set up a lot of pearl jewelry.

Although Houfu is not short of these silver, it is too frequent and luxurious. No matter how rich, it should not be spent like this, let alone wear it in front of the queen mother.

Shen Yan picked up the set of head and face removed from Wu Yan from the makeup, and there was a bloody ruby with pigeon blood, which was dazzling.

The shape of the full part of the full crowns is actually the technology of Golden. Although the amount is small, it is not eye -catching, but Shen Yan remembers that the phoenix on the queen mother -in -law’s phoenix crown is golden silk. It is said that it took a year to spend a year.It was only done. No wonder the queen mother today saw it.

Shen Yan thought that Wu Yan’s head and noodles were afraid that Lao Houye was customized when he was still alive.

Shen Yan put the jewelry of Zhuyu back into the makeup, and pressed the anger and Wu Yan: "I remember that you were dressed in the past, and the plum blossom golden cricket often worn on weekdays is very beautiful.The complicated beads? "

Wu Yan was stunned, plum blossoms, and the kind of sister -in -law never existed in her makeup.

Wu Yan thought that Shen Yan was saying that he was intentionally responsible for her, his nose was sour, full of grievances. "Whoever in Beijing has no two sets of head and face, a few popular beads and corollas. Hou Ye did not pay attention to it.By the end, Shen Yidai is also a new bead crown today. The dots on the bead crown are much more expensive than the emerald ruby.How do you know that the emperor and the queen mother will come to Houfu. "

Shen Yan heard the meaning of Wu Yan’s words outside. She didn’t think that today’s matter was her fault, but she attributed her fault to the face of Xiao Hou and the emperor who suddenly drove Linhou Mansion.

Seeing Shen Yan frowned, he didn’t speak, and Wu Yan also said: "I have never had plum blossom golden crickets, but if Hou Ye felt that he only wore plum blossoms, then all the jewelry would locked all these jewelry tomorrow.","

After speaking, the tears fell down, like the beads that broke the line.

Shen Yan sighed that although his father -in -law kept abroad and his official positions were not high, Wu Yan was very particular about eating and wearing, and he grew up according to the standard training of the expensive women in Beijing.

After marrying to Houfu, he returned to Wu Yan and said that he missed his mouth and said that most of his dad’s monthly Lulu was spent on her.

When Shen Yan saw Wu Yan crying hard, he rubbed his forehead. Then he remembered that the person who liked Dai Meihua was actually the wife of the previous life.

Shu Yan said that the plum blossom golden puppet was her mother’s relic, so she put it on her head and married Houfu for five years, and never left.

For this reason, Shen Yi said in front of Shen Yan, who said Shu Yan was shabby, and always complained, saying that every time she went out with Shu Yan, she was too not particular about Shu Yan’s dress, which caused him to look at it separately.

In those five years, Shen Yan saw and heard the plum blossoms too many times. Perhaps this is why he mixed people in his anger.


Shen Yan was crying by Wu Yan, and he came out of Houfu to disperse.

Shen Yan looked at the crowds of the streets, and somehow suddenly remembered that in previous years of bitter summer. When the diet was not diet, there were some appetizing fruit snacks in his study. Among them, the plum cake was sweet and delicious, and the taste was very good.I think of it today, but I haven’t eaten it for a long time.

"Cen Fu, the fruit shop you always buy is in East City.

After leaving the Yongxi Lane where Houfu, he turned left to the left and then passed the two streets, which was the bustling and noisy East City.

"Hou Ye, Wanshunzhai has never sold plum cakes, but his honey cherry in his family is also very appetizing, and the small one will buy it for you."

Cen Fu was going to leave after speaking, but was talked about by the passerby on the side: "The son wants to eat plum cakes, so why not find it everywhere. Turn right in front of the intersection.The only family in. "

Shen Yan thanked the passers -by, and found it near the shop according to his guidelines, but a few steps away saw a familiar figure. Under the help of the girl, he first entered the plum cake shop.

It is Shu Yan. A crescent white clothes set off the whole person and elegant, and wearing the plum blossom golden puppets I was familiar with, just looking at the amount, as if it was plump than before.

In the past, when Shen Yan looked at Shu Yan’s dress, she always felt that her little family was full, and she didn’t have any nobleness of Mrs. Hou.Today, I saw the taste of Lan Shengkong several times from it.

Shen Yan was secretly stunned in place, and hesitated whether it was past or not. In the end, the inexplicable curiosity still took over the wind. He raised his foot and followed up with the plum cake shop.

When Shen Yan entered, the owner was packaging for Shu Yan. Shen Yan looked at him. Shu Yan bought a lot, and the owner was divided into three packs.

Shen Yan moved in the direction of Shu Yan by buying plum cakes, and said only the girl -in -law who could only hear Shu Yan said: "Miss, remember it next time, just call a slave to buy it.Soon, I couldn’t run around. If I was hit, the slaves did not know how to explain to the master. "

After listening to the girl’s words, Shen Yan’s sight stayed on Shu Yan’s belly unconsciously.

The summer clothes were thin, and the stomach of Shu Yan seemed to be slightly bulging, and the whole person exudes a gentle and quiet atmosphere from the inside out, especially when she stroked her belly across her dresses.

Shen Yan thought that this should be what a woman gave birth to the meaning of motherhood.

The corners of Shen Yan’s mouth were slightly tilted, and perhaps with the memory of the previous life, he had a inexplicable sense of closeness to Shu Yan.

Or maybe the incident today made him particularly boring, and Shen Yan suddenly regretted that he had married Wu Yan.

Shen Yan thought in his heart, who is the good wife he wants?

It should be Shu Yan who can be praised by the queen in the previous life, adding his own career, and Wu Yan who is close to his mother and sister, and Shu Yan, who can have a son in this life.


It was just that Shen Yan couldn’t figure it out. In the past life, Shu Yan married him for five years, and his belly had never moved. In this life, even if Shu Yan’s marriage time was almost the same as himself.

In the previous life, the mother clearly said that Shu Yan’s body had a loss, forcing Shu Yan to drink a lot of soup, and even let her drink a few times.

But now, now …

Shen Yan’s brain made a mess, and he followed Shu Yan out of the plum cake shop unconsciously.

He wanted to see who Shu Yan married, which could make her conceive her child so quickly.

Shu Yan’s home is in Zhichun Lane in the north of the city. When he leaves East City, he will walk all the way to the north for nearly half an hour.

At the mouth of Zhichun, Shu Yuan saw the back of the husband Gu Shouli, the husband who came home from the duty, and accelerated his steps unconsciously.point.

Shen Yan recognized Gu Shouli. The previous life was the list of the emperor’s pen, and later joined the Hanlin Academy to edit.

In this life, it should be the same position to look at official uniforms. No wonder Shu Yan can only live in such a remote Zhichun Lane.

Shen Yan was a little bit embarrassed, so Gu Shouli was like the official level, and it was not easy to feed himself in the capital of the capital.

In front of Gu Shouli embraced Shu Yan into the door of the courtyard, the feast of the back foot chased up and looked through the door seam.

No matter how ordinary people are, there is a bowl of thick apricot trees in the middle of the yard. Along the wall, there are some vegetables and fruits on one side, put on a pergola, and on the other side, there are some flowers that cannot be named.

The apricot tree is not in the flowering period, only a tree green leaves cover the sunset with the remaining heat.However, those vegetables and fruits are long and happy, and flowers are competing to open, adding a little fun to the narrow and aggressive yard.

There are only three serious houses. If you don’t need to go in, you can see that the inside must not be bright enough. Compared with Houfu’s Kuanzhai Courtyard, you don’t know how many grades are.

In the room, there was an old man who was talking. Shu Yan listened to the call of Lao Ye and promised to enter the room.

Shen Yan speculated that the old man should be Gu Shouli’s mother.

Shen Yan looked down on Gu Shouli more and more, and actually asked the pregnant wife to serve her mother.

Shen Yan was a little proud, and he was different.

In the previous life, Shu Yan lived in the spacious courtyard with her mother. Shu Yan only had to go to the mother’s room in the morning and fainted.And the mother is the mother, who is doing things, and Shu Yan does not have to worry about it, nor laborious.

What is the list of the Emperor Royal Pen’s clicks and what about the article is well written. The popularity of Chunyu has faded, and the halo of the list is no longer.In the final analysis, Zheng Qipin’s editorial practice is still the poor. If Shu Yan wants to squeeze into the circle of Mrs. Jingzhong’s noble Mrs. in Beijing, Shu Yan is afraid it is difficult.

Looking at the current situation of Shu Yan, Shen Yan’s mood was better.


On the way back, Shen Yan suddenly remembered the matter.

In the past, Shen Yi said in private that one time she went out with Shu Yan, and a young man she didn’t know had said to Shu Yan, and it seemed very familiar.

Shu Yan explained to him at the time that the man was his childhood neighbor.

Shen Yan thought that it was both an old neighbor, and it was normal to meet the two sentences.

Thinking about it today, he suddenly remembered that Shen Yi also said at the time: "It is the list of this year, and I look at it as if it was a pseudo -gentleman."

That’s it!Shen Yan slapped it on the stone wall fiercely. No wonder the previous life was indifferent to him, and he was unwilling to have a child. He even left with himself. It turned out that the red apricot came out of the wall.On the body.

Shen Yan suddenly realized that the reason why this life was so fast is this.

Shen Yan’s heart was furious, both indignant of Shu Shu’s infidelity, but also dissatisfied with Wu Yanhuai in this world and fell behind Shu Yan.

After returning to the house for dinner, he entered Wu Yan’s room.The two tossed for a while until the chicken screamed the first pass before falling asleep.

Shen Yan thought that because of the mourning, there were many miscellaneous things. This son’s affairs fell behind Shu Yan. As long as he was diligent, without a month, Wu Yan would have a pregnancy.

Shen Yan also touched the beginning and end of the marriage between Shu Yan and Gu Shouli.

Gu Shouli’s father was the former Jiangnan Daoyu history. He and Shu Yan’s father were brothers in the same family. The two had a good personal relationship.Before the accident, Shu Yan’s parents had lived better than neighbors for many years.

At that time, the two ladies had a pregnancy. The two sides agreed that if one person was male and one was female, she became a child.

When he was a child, Gu Shouli and Shu Qingmei bamboo horse, with no guessing, had a good relationship.

However, later, Shu Yan’s parents died of the time of the epidemic, and the elder brother who stayed in Beijing took her into the capital. After two years, Gu Shouli’s father died of illness, and she broke the contact with Gu Shouli.

When he was going, Gu Shouli’s mother was seriously ill. The most concerned was Gu Shouli’s marriage.Everyone thought that Gu Shouli had no official positions. The matter could not be achieved, but he never thought that he had married the sister Shu Yan, the sister of Masako Masaki, Dali Temple before the spring.

Brother Shu Yan and Shu Yan were very different. Earlier than home, his parents died when Shu Yan was ten years old. Therefore, the elder brother did not know about Gu Shouli’s doll’s doll.

When Gu Shouli came to the door, Shu Yan’s brother -in -law was not allowed, and he was even afraid that he would affect his sister’s festival. It was a rogue to slander Gu Shouli and drive him out of the capital.

However, Shu Shu took out the marriage book that the two sides had signed the painting and signed the painting, and insisted on marrying, and Shu Yan’s brother -in -law had to get the marriage.

Because Gu Shouli’s mother was bad, the wedding period was rushed. In addition, the position of Brother Shu Xun was unreasonable. Gu Shouli had a difficult time with his mother, and the wedding of the two was not arbitrarily. Therefore, the marriage between the two was not known for outsiders.


One month later, Wu Yan ate two or three mouthfuls and stroked his chest and said panic.

Shen Yan was overjoyed, and personally helped Wu Yan to enter the room to rest, and he quickly invited the doctor to see it.

The doctor explored the pulse, looked at the tongue coating again, wrote the prescription, and told: "Mrs. Mrs. recently needs to pay more attention to the diet, and they must not be greedy."

Shen Yan listened to great joy. "The inner son needs to be recuperating for a long time, whether you need to rest in bed, and what precautions do not only explain it.

Shen Yan’s words made Wu Yan feel a sense of pleasure that she had never had before. She felt that Shen Yan recently changed like a person.

She thought that because of the head and face, Shen Yan would be angry with her like before, waiting for her for a long time.

I never wanted to mention the matter with myself after the day of Shen Yan.And this month, I am lingering almost every day, much more diligent than when I am new.

Although Shen Yan was also good for himself, Wu Yan always felt that his heart was far away.

But now he is just a bad appetite, but Shen Yan cares.

The more Wu Yan wanted to be more coquettish.

This month, those sweats that could not be distinguished from each other, and the hot kisses and tenderly stroking made her unconsciously flying a touch of red Xia Xia.

It turned out that being loved by her husband was so happy.

Shen Yan was also a little proud of her heart. Gu Shouli asked Shu Yan to have more than a year, and it was less than a month.

In terms of greatness, it is obviously better than myself.

After listening to Shen Yan’s question, the doctor was confused and handed over the writing prescriptions. "Mrs. Hou only led the spleen and stomach to indigestion and did not need to rest for a long time., Soup medicine to strengthen the spleen and stomach, the lady only needs to take it on time, eat carefully, and take a good rest. "

"But the spleen and stomach are weak?" Shen Yan was unbelievable, and did not reach out to the side of the side.

The doctor’s hand was embarrassed in the air, and Wu Yan’s personal maid quickly stepped forward and picked it up.

"No." The doctor shook his head, but his eyes flickered, and he looked like he wanted to say.

When he was hesitant, the doctor said to Shen Yan: "Hou Ye spoke a step."


Shen Yan sat in the circle chair in the study, thinking about the doctor’s words just now.

"I am afraid that there is a pregnancy, I am not pregnant …" Shen Yan murmured to himself.

The doctor said that Wu Yi’s tongue was fat, white, and weak veins.

Kidney yang deficiency, mostly accompanied by palace cold, may be difficult to pregnancy. Even if you are lucky to be pregnant, the fetus often develops slowly due to insufficient nutritional supply or the fetus is dead.

"Fangzi who gave Mrs. Hou is Wenbu Kidney Yang’s soup. Mrs. Hou pay attention to avoid taboos during the medication. Do not take some messy health recipes to avoid the medicine."

What is the messy health recipe?Shen Yan never heard Wu Yan talking about what soup she was taking.

For a moment, Shen Yan suddenly remembered that Wu Yan had to take a black ball every day.

But Wu Yan said that it was a whitening nourishment pill that she started taking it since she was a child. It was not a health pill, and Wu Yan’s mother spent heavy money before asking her.

Shen Yan also sighed that it may be the effect of whitening and nourishing Yan Wan. Wu Yan’s skin does skin like glycry, which is much white and tender than ordinary women.

Right now, whether the doctor said the mess is either or the whitening pill.

Shen Yan did not give up, and asked Cen Fu to invite several doctors, all of which were similar.

In the end, Shen Yan invited the gynecologist Guan Yuyi in the gynecological gynecological hand in the palace. He also took Wu Yan’s whitening Yangyan Pills to let the imperial doctor look at it.Because I have eaten too long, I hurt too much. If I want to be pregnant, I am afraid that it will take a lot of effort to control.

When Wu Yan didn’t know the details, he was very happy. Shen Yan cared so much about himself. A little problem actually invited a lot of doctors to see it.

It wasn’t until the famous gynecological gynecologist Guan Yuyi went to the house and took her pills to see that she learned that she was afraid of pregnancy.

After knowing the truth, Wu Yan had a serious illness.

The old lady learned that Wu Yan’s body was crying, and she was crying for a while.

Although the old lady did not say clearly when she was crying, Shen Yan heard what her mother meant.

Wu Yan couldn’t take a break. If she had a rest, what other faces she had to meet her mother and sister.

But the old lady also said that Wu Yan could not have a child.The best way is to give Shennana Fangliang in the capital. At that time, the eldest son succeeded in Wu Yan’s name, and it was Houfu sister -in -law.

The incident of Shen Yan was very bored without the following document. Then he was in a sick Wu Yan, a sigh of sighing mother, and a sister who had never been worrying about.Essence

The autumn wind rose, the dead leaves fell from the tree, and it looked even more dilapidated, and Shen Yan couldn’t stop the desolation.

I thought I lived again, and I could disappear in the past, but now it is even more difficult to ride a tiger.

Although the husband and wife were unbelievable in the previous life, the house was not as good as the career.

I thought that with the experience of previous lives, all this life would be compensated, but the careers and children’s things have actually become a boulder in my heart.

Shen Yan thought that Shu Shu was his own fate of his previous life. He tried to avoid it, but he never thought that Wu Yan in this life was not a good person.


While the weather was good, Shen Yan came out, and he planned to find a quiet place to dispel sorrow.

Horseshoe 一 嘚, go all the way north, go out of the city gate ten miles, is Chengtian Temple.

Although it is not the most prosperous season in the incense, the pilgrims in Chengtian Temple are still endless.

Picking up the steps, the sandalwood, the Brahma lingering, the bells frequently spread, and the heart of Shen Yan was a little calm.

In the temple, a monk was talking about the scriptures. Shen Yan heard the meeting, and he generally understood the meaning of the scriptures.

The Buddha has always said that the Buddha is a conscious person and a person who is an unconscious Buddha.

The difference between the Buddha and the person is actually the word the word awareness.Suddenly there is a way to realize it, but I figured it out and think about it.

There are many methods and wisdom in the world that resolve troubles and suffering, and we support the wisdom and methods of learning Buddhism to learn Buddhism.

The Buddhist will teach people who want to cross the river, if the river is shallow, it will go over; if the water is deep, row or swim in the past.

When Shen Yan heard this period, he suddenly saw Shu Yan in the crowd.

She was a blue dress and was tie red knot under the wishing tree.

In the early autumn, the sun gently poured on Shuyao’s high bulging belly, as if it was on a layer of golden light.

Shu Yan appeared at the best time, like a savior Buddha, Shen Yan suddenly found the way to resolve trouble and suffering.

Rather than facing the unknown future again, it is better to return to the previous life and return to the origin of the original choice. With the experience of this life, everything can get the best results.

How can I go back to the past?

Among the shadows, Bodhi shadow.

Shen Yan looked at Shu Yan’s back, and unconsciously pulled a smile.

He remembered that Gu Shouli’s same door was his best friend, and Gu Shouli’s colleagues also had his own friends.

If there is a family banquet named in the name of a poem, please ask friends to spend one or two from it, and let Gu Shouli bring his wife to come. He will not be postponed.

At that time, the men and women were divided into seasons, escaped their eyes, and let the maids lead Shu Yi a person near the pool water.


When Shen Yan said that when he wanted to set up a banquet, Wu Yan thought he was going to prepare for himself to take advantage of the opportunity to set up a banquet.

Wu Yan was not in her heart, but now she does not make sense in this matter, and opposition will only anger the feast.It is better to listen to my mother’s words, and take out the demeanor of being the master and mother.

Wu Yan thought that as long as the people who selected Shen Yan could hold it by themselves, in the future, in this Houfu, her aunt supported her back, and her status could not be shaken.

Thinking of this, Wu Yan and Shen Yan said that the old Houye got a lot of nobles after getting sick. He also wanted to take this opportunity to thank him.Convenient to make some preparation.

After receiving the agreed of Shen Yan, Wu Yan went to the number of women in Beijing to get invited a number of women in Beijing.

There are never a few people in the world who want to climb the power. Although those women do not know what Wu Yan wants to do, there are always people who still look forward to climbing the high door by various banquets. The invitations sent out from Wu Yan have responded.

Wu Yan is very satisfied.

She had long thought.

Wu Yan wants to serve Shen Yan, the father and brother are not high, the appearance is not obvious, the age is not long, and the family is innocent.

The most important thing is that the spleen must be soft and glutinous, and there is no opinion, so that you can be stabbed by yourself after entering Houfu.

She had been planning for a long time. At the banquet, she would set up a game to let Shen Yan get in.

Shen Yan and Wu Yan had their own ghosts and invited guests and friends. The family banquet of Anguo Houfu had not yet reached the day, and it had caused a lot of response in the nobility of the Beijing in Beijing.

On the day of the banquet, Houfu was full of friends, and it was lively.

Shen Yan was in a good mood.

Because Gu Shouli really came, and it brought Shu Yan.

But he was not in a good mood.

There was not much intersection with Gu Shouli in previous lives. On the day of Zhichun Lane, he did not see Gu Shouli carefully.

Seeing this time, seeing that he was extraordinarily in his instrument, he was angry and managed, and his behavior was very eye -catching.

Especially when I saw Shu Yan, who was pregnant with Liuga, she was just a little fans, but she was more elaborate than carefully dressing up.Shen Yan’s complexion sank again.

Shu Yan’s stomach was a bit bigger. Listening to her chat with his wife beside her, it seemed that she would be born in March.

Some lady said that Shu Yan’s belly was tip, and this month was all this month. From the back, there was still a waist, and he was a son.

Gu Shouli heard a flower with a smile on his face, but he said in his mouth: "The daughter is better, intimate."

Shen Yan’s most indifferent person, like him, never concealed his son, and as long as his son’s thoughts.

The gentleman is frank, the villain is long.

Excuse me, in the general heaven, which man does not want his son?Only with sons can blood veins and tones be passed on.

After half the family banquet, Wu Yan finally set the daughter of the family of Guanglu Temple from four or five of the candidates she secretly selected.

The surname of the Ge Lu Temple Temple has been in Liupin for more than ten years, and it has only been transferred to Beijing in the past three years.

There are no children, there are only three daughters under the knee.The eldest daughter has married, and the second daughter Sun Ying has just been at the beginning of the year.

Wu Yan finally settled Sun Ying, because she knew that in terms of the foundation of the Sun family in Beijing, there were not many good and nobles that could be exposed and knew.More than help, so after returning to Beijing, they have been anxious to climb the door.

It was just that the eldest daughter worked hard, and in the end she only married the second son of Shao Qing, Hongzheng Temple.

Wu Yan asked, and the Sun family’s daughter had a good reputation. After the eldest daughter married, her mother -in -law was harmonious and her aunt was kind.For less than three years of marriage, I have had a child. I still have one in my stomach, and it seems that it should be a son again.

Wu Yan cares about this and picks newcomers to Shen Yan, so she will not care if he likes it. She only needs to be innocent, so well -handled, and she can bear the post of fertility.

The girl who works for Wu Yan is her, but she is never a difference with Wu Yan.After Wu Yan promised this, she would give her two silver two backs.

By the opportunity to pour tea, the maiden deliberately poured the tea on Sun Ying.He also asked Sun Ying to preach the matter, otherwise Mrs. Hou would be disrespectful to her guest and lost Houfu’s face to sell her.

Sun Ying was kind, and he did not expect that this would be a trap that he had dug up and waited for himself to jump down.Not only did he blame the girl, but he did not mention the matter to anyone, and quietly went to the room to change his clothes with the maid.

When Wu Yan arranged all this, Shen Yan was not idle.

After looking for an excuse, Gu Shouli had a lot of drinks.Until the liquor was hot, Gu Shouli floated in his footsteps, and Shen Yan called Xiao Xun to help Gu Shouli to rest.

He asked Cenfu to go to the female meeting to find Shu Yan, and said that Gu Shouli drank two more cups and rest in the chamber, but it seemed a little uncomfortable. He had been asking where he was his wife, and asked Shu Yan if he wanted to see it.

Shu Yan got the news, a little anxious in his heart, and couldn’t care about the others. He went to the room where Gu Shouli was located with the lady.

Shu Yan was heavy and walked slowly. He was turned around with a few corridors with a few corridors. When he arrived near the pond, he fell far away.

Shu Yan was very focused, standing around the pond, looking around, and wanted to find the girl -in -law who had just brought the way in the crowd. After looking for a while, it seemed to see it from a distance.

She accelerated her footsteps and chased before she found out that her girl’s clothes were dressed the same, and she confessed that she was wrong.


Wu Yan was pressed by Wu Yan in Shen Yan’s drink. He didn’t know. He went to find the medicine on the road of Shu Yan and almost fell. The people arranged by Wu Yan helped him.

The little sister who helped Shen Yan was originally sent by Wu’s mother’s house to Houfu.

This time, I followed Wu Yan’s instructions, helped Shen Yan to the chamber of the room where Sun Ying was going to go, and pulled the drowsy Shen Yan’s shirts, and then went to Wu Yan.

The girl who caught up with Shu Yan was the one who attracted Sun Ying to change his shirt.

When the two of them were stopped by Shu Yan, the maid was a little unhappy and anxious, and perfunctory Shu Yan took a few words to take Sun Ying to leave.

Sun Ying didn’t know Shu Yan, but saw that she was pregnant with six Jiajia, was inconvenient to move, and had a little panting after walking, and she didn’t wait with her individuals. She couldn’t help asking a few more words.

I learned that Shu Yan was going to find his husband and fascinated in the yard. Sun Ying said that he wanted to bring Shu Yan to find someone first, and it would be too late to change his shirt.

The maid is refused, and when she was thinking about how she refused, she only heard someone calling: "Lady."

It is Gu Shouli.

Shu Yan greeted him, "Didn’t you say that you drink more discomfort, do you find the room for you to rest?"

Gu Shouli smiled slyly, talking in Shu Yan’s ears, Shu Yan looked up at him, and his eyes were full of tenderness.

It turned out that Gu Shouli was deliberately installed by him, in order to avoid those unnecessary entertainment and came early to find Shu Shu.

He didn’t want to come today, but he couldn’t bear the lobbying of his colleagues, saying that he was an official in Beijing.

On the way home the day before yesterday, he encountered the same time in the past. After the greetings, the same door talked to him about the dinner of the house of Dingguo Houfu.

Although the emperor’s position of Shen Yan was still considering, he received the news in private.

Now Shen Yan invites the post of poetry friends. Since he has received the post, wouldn’t it be clear that he would clear the boundaries with him if he didn’t go?

Gu Shouli didn’t want to follow the public, but it didn’t seem to be a bit rude. He went home and asked Shu Yan’s opinion, and in the end the two came.

It was only after the seats and kept remembling Shu Yan, so after pretending to leave the seat and waiting for Xiao Xun, he hurried out to find Shu Yan.

When Sun Ying saw Shu Yan, she had nothing to do with her husband, and she had to leave when she was a gift.

Gu Shouli looked at the direction where the girl was led by Sun Ying. It was actually the album of Shen Yan, who was unbelievable, and felt inappropriate.

He hurriedly whispered a few words with Shu Yan, and Shu Yan stopped Sun Ying said: "The master just said to me just now, the greedy cup is wrong, and the head is still a little dizzy., Accompany me. "

The maid just wanted to stop, but Sun Ying stepped forward to hold Shu Yan, "Mrs. Gu carefully feet and walk slowly."

Turning to the girl again, "I’ll come and come, and my sister is so far away, so don’t go away."

Gu Shouli followed him not far behind them.

The three of them went to a quiet place, and Shu Yan said, "I don’t know where the Girl Sun was going?"

Sun Ying looked around and lowered her voice. "I look at the girl who is something wrong, but Mrs. Gu feels something wrong?"

Shu Yan nodded, "My master told me, the subordinates wanted to lead the grandmother’s room, and An Guohou had already entered for a while."

Sun Ying was shocked, and his palms were full of fine sweat.

The two were talking, and they heard crying from a distance. It seemed that it came from where Shen Yan was located.

After a while, the cry was getting louder and louder, and then the entire Houfu was messy.

Gu Shouli inquired: An Guohou had an accident.

Shen Yan died and was strangled by his vomit.

Drunk, coupled with the fierce medicine under Wu Yan, actually vomited twice on the way to the room.

After Xiao Xun helped him lie down, he was afraid that Wu Yan’s arrangement would not be broken, and he didn’t enter the room anymore.

It wasn’t until Wu Yan took the maid to find the chamber that he found that Shen Yan’s nose and nose were blocked by his vomit, and he had no breath.

Shen Yan was really dead this time. He died in the calculation of himself and Wu Yan, and there was no possibility of the third time alive.


Three months later, Shu Yan gave birth to her daughter, pink and beautiful, making people feel tireless.

Gu Shouli is very good for their mother and daughter, happy and satisfied with the days, but Shu Yan always has faint uneasiness in her heart.

Shu Yan didn’t understand that she was obviously only one side with the late An Guohou Shen feast, but after Shen Yan’s death, she repeatedly had the same dream related to Shen Yan.

There are too many things in the dream, but different from reality, in the dream, she and Shen Yan are actually husband and wife.

However, the life of Houfu in the dream is not satisfactory.

At that time, the old man was ordered by the emperor. Under the secret, Jiangnan was chased and killed and injured when he was in the case of greedy ink. Fortunately, he had to meet Shu Yan’s father to rescue him before he died.

A few years later, Chunyu, Shu Yan’s father got into a jinshi, and coincided with the reunion with the old Hou Ye, then learned the identity of each other.

When Shu Yan died at the age of ten, he settled in Beijing with his brother -in -law.At the age of fifteen, he went to Chengtian Temple to give his parents Fengxiang, and met the old man who fainted with his heart.

Later, the old Hou Ye had seen Shu Yan several times, and felt that she was kind and straight, Xiuwai Huizhong, and pure thoughts, and was very suitable to be the young lady of Houfu.

So she sent people to find out many parties and learned that Shu Yan was actually the daughter of her benefactor. After half a year, she came to the door to kiss her only son Shen Yan.

In fact, after being rescued by Shu Yan’s father, Lao Hou also gave it to gold and silver wealth, but he was rejected by Shu Yan’s father Yi Zhengyan.Lao Houye appreciated Shu Yan’s father’s spirit and knowledge at that time.

After many years, he went around, and his fate actually made him rescued by his daughter. The old man in his heart even believed that this was God that he was explicitly showing him that he should use his greatest sincerity to return Shu Yan’s father’s life -saving grace.

This marriage was like throwing a snow ball in the hot oil pan and frying the pan directly.

One year after marriage, although Shu Yan and Shen Yan couldn’t talk about love, they were also harmonious.

It was just that after the death of Hou Hou, Houfu was shackles.

Shen Yan treated her coldly, her mother -in -law did not like her, her aunt made her difficulties, and her cousin who lived in Houfu had always wanted to take her.

Later, Shen Yan’s cousin even climbed into the bed of Shen Yan.

In the dream, Shu Yan died in the water.

Every time I woke up, Shu Yan could clearly remember a large amount of lake water flowing into the nose, unable to breathe, and could not call for help.

Shu Yan wanted to enter God, but didn’t notice that he didn’t know when he had an extra oil umbrella.

Xinghua’s slightly rain was supported by Gu Shouli who had just returned home.

Shu Yan looked up and condensed, and when he met Gu Shouli’s clear and gentle eyes, he felt light and comfortable.In this life, you have already met good people, so why do you have to take care of the authenticity in your dreams.

If all the experiences in the dream are really suffering from their previous lives, it is also the past.

In the previous life, she had tasted all her life. In this life, she would use time as her eyes, filtering the dust and flashy, so that she would live happily and well.

(Original title: "Is Hou Ye like your wish?")

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