Story: The aunt pushed the pregnant sister -in -law downstairs. Her husband said, forget it, I owe her a child

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Now Ke Xia regret not listening to her mother’s words, her mother once warned her: "This family with older aunt can’t marry."

Unfortunately, Ke Xia, immersed in love at all, came out of the right ear at all.

The tears she flowed out now may be the water in her head in those years. Now the water is dry, and her empty brain can make her think about where the marriage should be.


Ke Xia and her husband Cui Ming met with a blind date. At that time, both of them were older. Ke Xia was 28 years old and Cui Ming was 35 years old.

Ke Xia had a four -year love because of the event of a different place, and Cui Ming just said that he had not found a suitable delay.

Cui Ming’s father has died, and only his mother and a dragon and phoenix’s sister Cui Feng at home are also an old unmarried state.

From Ke Xia’s situation of Cui Ming’s family, Ke Xia’s mother was unwilling. The most important thing was that Cui Ming had an older sister. The reason for Ke Xia’s mother was that such an unmarried girl was not healthy.

However, Ke Xia scoffed for his mother’s statement. Cui Ming wore glasses, beautiful appearance, Sis Wen, and the image of his ex -boyfriend. Ke Xia was impressed by him.

On the day when the two met, Cui Ming went to the hospital to pick up her get off work. She rescued the patient and delayed the time. Cui Ming had been waiting quietly in the hospital hall.

When the two met, Ke Xia had been late for more than an hour, and he was late for the first time. Ke Xia was very embarrassed. Cui Ming comforted Ke Xia and said, "What is this, I am willing to wait."

In two simple words, Ke Xia feels more.

In the past, her ex -boyfriend encountered this situation, always one by one, urging people to panic, and ignored her professional nature at all.

Compared with the two aspects, Ke Xia was very satisfied with Cui Ming.

They were all married. The two fell in love for 3 months. Ke Xia met Cui Ming’s mother and sister.

Cui Mingma is an ordinary retired worker, and Cui Feng is a staff member of a small company.The family and Lerong Rong wrapped up dumplings, and they took a lot of distance. Except for Cui Feng who did not like to talk, Ke Xia felt that they were not as good as their mother’s speculation.

After half a year, the two discussed their marriage and discussed the problem of new houses.

Ke Xia’s mother insisted on living alone. Cui Mingma said that the house of the house was 150 square meters, which was enough to live.

In the end, Ke Xia complained about his mother’s complaint, first married in her in -laws, and then two people bought the house and moved out.

After an ordinary and warm wedding, Ke Xia and Cui Ming went to Sanya to play. It was a honeymoon trip of the little couple.Home.


The two packed up a good mood and quickly bought the fastest ticket to go home.

Looking back, my mother -in -law is just an ordinary blood pressure rising. Just look at a clinic. Cui Feng is not as serious as Cui Feng. Ke Xia is a little unhappy.

I did n’t know, Cui Feng was even more unhappy, and blurted out cold words: "What happened to you? You only care about it, even your mother’s body, you spend all the money at home, my mother is reluctant to go to see the doctor.Fortunately, whom do you want to see your face? "

Cui Feng, who usually doesn’t like to talk, said a lot this time. After speaking, he entered the room. Cui Ming and Ke Xia looked at each other.

Ke Xia didn’t even know where Cui Feng’s grievances came from, and did not know whether her cold face showed Cui Ming to herself. For the first time, Ke Xia felt Cui Feng’s maliciousness.

The days were leisurely, and Ke Xia gradually found that Cui Feng’s temper was really bad. In the past, he didn’t have a cold face to himself. In fact, he was suppressed by her mother -in -law and Cui Ming.

One weekend, they went home temporarily, and when they got home, their mother -in -law had been waiting for them to wait for them.

"Yo, this is the young master and grandmother, the big young grandmother is back. I wonder if someone is hungry waiting for you?" Cui Feng’s face was ugly.

Ke Xia explained half the sentence: "We have called …"

Cui Feng turned his eyes directly and smashed the door of the room.

This allowed Ke Xia to teach Cui Feng’s bad temper again. She looked at Cui Ming, and Cui Ming just wrote and said, "ignore her."

It seems that her mother -in -law and Cui Ming are already surprised by such a scene.

While chatting in the unit, Ke Xia talked to his colleagues. His colleagues said that Cui Feng’s weird temper was the reason for the older women. It is recommended to find her object to marry.

Ke Xia listened to a little bit of heart, and told Cui Ming when he went home, but he would refuse to know Cui Ming, so he warned Ke Xia: "Don’t take care of Cui Feng’s leisure." That strange feeling, as if Cui Feng was not his pro -pro.The same sister.

Ke Xia was curious to ask Cui Ming’s reason, and Cui Ming even got angry: "Tell you not to control it, just don’t control it." Ke Xia roar inexplicably.

Cui Feng’s appearance is not bad, and her body is good. At the age of 35, she is still a secret. Ke Xia wants to ask with her mother -in -law, but before she had time, she found that she was pregnant.


Ke Xia gave the B -ultrasound to her mother -in -law. She pointed at the small circle on the image and told her mother -in -law that it was the pregnancy sac. The mother -in -law couldn’t hold her mouth with a smile.

At this time, the sound of the key inserted into the eyes came, and the mother -in -law suddenly changed her face, and her eyes were quickly hidden.

Cui Feng came into the door, and he proudly looked at the mother -in -law on the sofa and entered the room at a glance.

Mother -in -law said quietly with Ke Xia’s ears: "Don’t tell Xiaofeng in advance when you are pregnant."

I do n’t know what the mother and daughter played out, and Ko Xia was confused. This pregnancy was a matter of ca n’t hold the fire. Cui Feng had to know it sooner or later.The appearance of her mother -in -law made Ke Xia’s heart.

After two days, Cui Ming suddenly discussed with Ke Xia: "Otherwise, let’s rent out to live."

The strange words and deeds of this family, what they did made Ke Xia more unclear, and the anxiety in her heart gradually rose.

In the evening, Ke Xia said to Cui Ming: "You and your mother are weird, you must tell me clearly, otherwise I won’t move."

Cui Ming’s explanation was simple and clear: "Cui Feng has a strange temper and is thin. I’m afraid that you will conflict with her, and it’s not good for the children in the belly."

It sounds reasonable to say that, but Ke Xia feels weird.

Unfortunately, before they moved away, Cui Feng knew that Ke Xia was pregnant and became furious.

Cui Feng patted the B -ultrasound on the coffee table, and asked for a word that shocked Ke Xia fiercely: "Why are you pregnant?"

Ke Xia was shocked for a moment, and returned back: "Why do you say? Based on me and your brother is a legal couple! Cui Feng, I can bear it to you, how can I offend you, you want to treat me like this."

This time, Ke Xia was really angry. She didn’t know why Cui Feng asked herself like this.

The mother -in -law who cooks in the kitchen, heard the noise and hurried out to hold Cui Feng, and Cui Ming also protected Ke Xia behind him.

Cui Feng’s eyes stared at Cui Ming and Ke Xia, and it looked like they had two people. Ke Xia even saw Cui Feng’s eyes flashed fiercely.

"Ke Xia, I tell you …" Cui Feng’s words were not finished, and her mother -in -law came up and covered Cui Feng’s mouth. Cui Ming also stepped forward and pushed Cui Feng into the room.

Then, Cui Ming wanted to go out of the inexplicable Kexia, however, it happened when they were going downstairs.


Cui Feng ran out of the room like crazy, and pushed a fierce push behind Ke Xia who was going downstairs. Cui Ming didn’t hold it, and Ke Xia was pushed downstairs.

After rolling a few times, Ke Xia fell at the entrance of the stairs, with a colic of a stomach, and blood bloomed on the ground under his head, and she fainted.

Ke Xia’s fall, not only the cerebral hemorrhage, the brain fluctuated, the children in the stomach were gone.

Ke Xia’s mother came to the hospital and held Cui Ming and started. He knew he had a loss, and he didn’t dare to return it. Until the nurse came out and scolded, Ke Xia’s mother stopped, and she couldn’t help scolding in her mouth: "My daughter has a oneThree long two shorts, I can’t spare you. "

Ke Xia in the ward was wrapped in gauze, his head was painful and dizzy. Listening to the noise outside, she wanted to open her eyes to see, and then opened a seam. She was nauseous and quickly closed her eyes.

She quietly touched her belly, and a string of tears slipped along the corner of her eyes. She didn’t figure out the situation until now. How could she make Cui Feng and let her hurt herself so much.

Cui Ming was sitting next to the bed with bruises on his cheeks.

Ke Xia didn’t want to ignore him and kept his eyes closed. Cui Ming held the hand under the quilt of Kexia. She earned a few times and gave up.

When Ke Xia waited for Cui Ming to explain, Cui Ming’s first sentence turned out to be for Cui Feng: "Xiaoxia, can you forgive Cui Feng?"

Ke Xia said without saying a word and looked at Cui Ming coldly. She couldn’t figure it out. Cui Ming was the closest to her, the father of the child in her stomach, and asked for forgive Cui Feng what he said.

Looking at his wife’s head wrapped in gauze, Cui Ming was actually distressed. He hugged Ke Xia, but Ke Xia twisted his body with resistance, and he had to relax.

In fact, he also knew that exporting to love would hurt Ke Xia’s heart, but the situation of Cui Feng, he had to say these words.

A anger shouted from the sky, Ke Xia shouted, "Don’t dream, I won’t forgive her, I want her to go to jail."

After the words landed, the mother -in -law pushed in, and "fluttered" and knelt in front of Kexia’s illness, wiping tears and telling the truth.


It turned out that Cui Feng fell in love with a ten -year -old man at the age of 22.

At the beginning, the family did not know that the man had a wife and son. Until more than two years later, the man’s wife came to the door and made Cui Feng’s troubles.

When her mother -in -law and Cui Ming knew the truth, the children in Cui Feng’s belly had been more than four months.

The man was pulled home by his wife and broke up with Cui Feng and returned to the family. Her mother -in -law and Cui Ming forced her to kill her children and broke with the man.

Cui Feng insisted that the man loved her. Now that he said that breaking up, he was persecuted by his wife, refused to give birth, and insisted on giving birth to a child.

The mother -in -law was so anxious that Cui Ming slapped Cui Feng with fierce anger. Cui Feng and Cui Ming hit it. Cui Ming pushed Cui Feng down, and the child had a miscarriage.

Since then, Cui Feng has regarded her mother -in -law and Cui Ming as enemies.

Cui Feng firmly believes that Cui Ming missed her child, and the man broke up with her. This deadly Hutong Cui Feng hadn’t come out for many years, and his temperament became more and more angry.

Cui Ming pulled her mother -in -law and looked at Ke Xia at his eyes. Ke Xia kept crying, but he did not have soft heart. He and the children in his belly did not owe Cui Feng and were innocent. Why should he forgive the violence easily?

My mother -in -law said, "Xiaoxia, you are a sensible girl, you forgive Cui Feng, I will be grateful for you, she also knows wrong. She will definitely not dare to eat this lesson."

Without getting Ke Xia’s reply, her mother -in -law walked down disappointed. Looking at her wiping tears, Ke Xia was also very sad.Believe.

For her marriage, she didn’t seem to see the prospects. She married such a family, Ke Xia regretted it, and regretted not listening to her mother’s words. Now the tears she flowed out is the water in her head.Sober.


Ke Xia thought before he chose to call the police, nothing else, just to ask for justice for the children who had not seen the sun.

Cui Ming did not expect that Ke Xia would really call the police and return to the hospital with meals to know that Ke Xia had called the police.

He was scarlet and asked Ke Xia, "Are you really going to do so? Isn’t it good to you? Is it an accident? Why do you want to force me like this?"

In front of Cui Ming’s successive questions, Ke Xia closed his eyes and said gently: "You protect your sister, but I can’t forgive the murderer who killed my child."

Cui Ming looked at Ke Xia, who was full of resentment, what he wanted to say, and finally shut up his expression.

From that day, Ke Xia ignored Cui Ming, but just raised the disease quietly. Cui Ming didn’t mention Cui Feng’s affairs tacitly, but he tried his best to take care of Ke Xia.

During the hospitalization, there was also an organization in the uterus after abortion, and the palace surgery was performed.

In the postoperative viewing room, the nurse told her: "Your husband really hurts you. When you surgery, he cried outside."

Ke Xia’s heart was tight, but when he thought about it, Cui Ming felt the use of distress and guilt. He couldn’t return the child’s life, and her heart hardened again.

She told Cui Ming: "We will go to divorce when we are discharged, and I also go back to my mother’s house. Cui Feng’s responsibility is pursued, and I will be pursued, and I won’t forgive it."

Cui Ming’s mouth opened, and he wanted to say something. In the end, he just went out. When he came back, he had a report in his hand. Ke Xia saw it, really angry.

This is Cui Feng’s conditional identification. She actually has severe depression and mania. According to this, Ke Xia couldn’t investigate Cui Feng’s responsibility.

Ke Xia threw the report on Cui Ming’s face and scolded emotional excitement: "You are despicable, you can help Cui Feng from sin."

Cui Ming was crying and pointed at the date, indicating that Ke Xia saw that it was a identification four years ago, not the closest.

He said: "Cui Feng’s child was killed by me, and now she also hurts my children and wife. I have no face to ask you for forgiveness. She has this illness, and it’ s useless to tell her. My fault is right.You conceal the truth and let you have no defense to her. You want to divorce, I agree. "

Ke Xia’s heart seemed to be distorted, and he rubbed it fiercely, painful to pant, and lost a child, but she couldn’t even blame the revenge.Down.

After being discharged from the hospital, Ke Xia returned to her mother’s house, and she couldn’t return to that home.


Goodbye Cui Ming after half a year of divorce. At a wedding of a common friend, Cui Ming watched Ke Xia, who had lost a lot, and was concerned.

Cui Ming told Ke Xia: "This time, my mother and I did not taboo and taboo medical treatment, and sent Cui Feng to hospitalization for treatment. Now her illness is much better. She always said that she would apologize to you in person and be pressed by me."

When he left, Cui Ming asked carefully: "Is it possible for us?" Ke Xia was unacceptable, and the hope in Cui Ming’s eyes went out.

Cui Feng was sick, for fear that it would be bad for his reputation. He was afraid that it would affect Cui Ming’s marriage. He chose to conceal Ke Xia. He didn’t talk about her half of the words. Cui Ming’s mother and son were selfish.

In fact, Cui Ming’s greatest selfishness is to forget that trust and frankness are the cornerstones of forming a family.

Because of their deception, Ke Xia lost the considerations and choices of not entering the family, and made Ke Xia, who was unknown, lost his sense of self -protection and eventually hurt.

Although Ke Xia still had Cui Ming in his heart, those harm had been caused, Cui family, Ke Xia did not dare to approach.

—- End ——

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