Story: Xunzi is pregnant, and he does not even have a daughter -in -law, and the man is reluctant to see his parents with him.

one year later.

On Wednesday and Saturday, the day is the day of the village. Today, the elder sister Zhou Xia came to buy something and take a look at Zhou Ping. When Zhou Xia went to Zhou Ping’s house, Zhou Ping was still busy burning fire and cooking.

"Ping, I haven’t eaten yet."

When Zhou Ping saw the eldest sister Zhou Xia, he immediately stood up and wiped his hands, and moved Zhou Xia to the stool to let her sit.

"Chaosheng, why didn’t you see him?"

"He went up the mountain early in the morning and hadn’t returned yet, but he was almost back." "Zhou Ping said that he moved from his firewood to move firewood and prepared to cook. Zhou Xia said quickly.

"No need to do it. I only eat at home. Don’t do it if you are troublesome."

"It’s not troublesome, you have to eat it when you come back. It’s not troublesome at all. Just make a few dishes and finish it. By the way, my sister, remember to help me get angry."Go.

"Sister, what is the family?"

"Still like that, that is, Dad is always worried about you, and he is embarrassed to come down. Mom has nothing to worry about. She said that you will deal with it by himself. Big brother and Yongxin go to work."

"Can you come back in the New Year?"

"It seems to say it is back, right, this time I let you go to the women’s insurance station with me."

"I didn’t hear the news." Zhou Ping asked in doubt.

"Organized in the village, paying attention to women’s health, you still go with me."

"Do you want money?"

"Don’t spend money, free."

"That happened, I’m going." Zhou Ping and Zhou Xia said immediately after saying. While cooking, Yang Chaosheng also returned. He was wearing thick Maisai, and the sweat on his body had soaked his clothes.I do n’t know if it ’s being red, or too tired and tired, and I ca n’t open my eyes on my eyes. Seeing Zhou Xia’ s coming, Yang Chaosheng immediately came over to say hello.


"Chaosheng, what are you going to?"

"What can we do in addition to the mountain like us."

"Then you can’t degrade ourselves like this. Do you want to stay in the land for a lifetime and deal with the land?"

"Sister, don’t tell him, he can’t listen to it." Zhou Ping said here, watching Yang Chaosheng smiled. This laugh was full of love. Although Zhou Ping sometimes complained about "not going in", butNo matter how many complaints are, it is not as happy as someone accompanied.When Chaosheng saw here, he no longer mixed into them. He walked straight into the room. Zhou Ping knew that Chao Sheng’s heart was particularly uncomfortable.Zhou Ping and Zhou Xia went to the women’s insurance station to check after eating breakfast together. In fact, Zhou Ping refused to pick up in the township for inspection.That’s it.

"Next person."

"Go, go quickly."

"It’s me." The eldest sister Zhou Xia urged Zhou Ping to go in soon, and Zhou Ping would not know anything after entering. She was uneasy in her heart. After Zhou Ping entered, there was only a humble and unknown electronic equipment inside.Although Zhou Ping is not an intellectual, at least it is more knowledgeable than women in other villages, but this kind of black and white equipment is the first time to see Zhou Ping. The staff inside greeted Zhou Ping lying down.Immediately turn to the small white bed in front of yourself "Lie down!"

"How to check without lying!"

Zhou Ping lay down immediately, and he was stunned.

"Unlock the clothes buttons."

"What are you doing!"

"If you want to solve it, unlock it, let alone so much, there are many people lining up outside." Although Zhou Ping refused in his heart, he couldn’t finish it immediately. After unbuttoning, the man was in Zhou Ping’s belly.There was a layer of unknown layer, and Zhou Ping was uncomfortable, but Zhou Ping had no intention to pay attention to these. Zhou Ping was still thinking about the clothes that were not washed at home, the livestock at home, the land in the family …

"You can see the small fetal sac. The fetal sac accounts for less than 1/4 of the uterine cavity. You can see the fetal buds and you are pregnant."

This sentence brings Zhou Ping back to reality from her own thoughts. At the same time, this sentence also scared Zhou Ping completely. She was surprised and worried that Zhou Ping’s own life has not been comfortable.What will happen, you can’t let your child suffer with themselves.

"How is it, it’s okay!" The elder sister Zhou Xia asked.

"It’s okay, it’s okay, there is a child." Zhou Ping said with a smile that there should be no joy to be a mother.

"Yeah, this is a good thing. You should be happy. You have been married for more than half a year. You should have a child."

"Happy event is a happy event. I just worry that the child will follow us after the birth.

"You are too worried. There are too many things to worry about. My elder brother -in -law has two daughters. The days are not the same. What can be worried about?What to look at you, marry a daughter -in -law and a child will not give birth. What do you have to look at you when you have a neighbor? There is no news at all in the past half a year? "

"Sister, don’t say it, I’m in a hurry now."

"This is a good thing to be in a hurry, let’s go home and talk about this matter with Chao Sheng."

Zhou Xiaang took Zhou Ping to go home together after speaking. The market was in front of his house. Zhou Ping also wanted to buy something you used to use in life while rushing, but after such a trouble, Zhou Ping even bought somethingThe mood was gone. When she returned home, her mother -in -law Zhang Hong and Yang Libing. Yang Chaojun watched TV in the hall. Zhou Ping and Zhou Xia greeted them and went directly to the back house. Yang Chao was also watching TV.If you want to go out, he can’t go out. As soon as Zhou Ping entered the house, he lay on the sofa directly, but Zhou Xia said to him in front of the victory.

"Chao Sheng, Ping has a child, better to Ping in the future."

Yang Chaosheng heard this sentence, I don’t know if he is happy or troubled. He found a cigarette from his pocket to ignite the smoke, and then said.

"Forget, you are pregnant."

After talking about the corner of Chaosheng’s mouth slightly, Zhou Ping knew that Chao Sheng must be happy and happy at this moment.

"Okay, okay, just know it, take care of my good Ping!"

Before Zhou Xia finished speaking, Zhang Hong and Yang Libing heard the sound. Zhang Hong walked into the back house and watched Zhou Ping and Chao Sheng in surprise and asked, "What, Ping has children?"

"I just went to the village to check back and said it was there."

Although Zhou Ping said it blandly, Zhang Hong and Yang Libing seemed to be an ant on the hot pot. Zhang Hong immediately pulled Zhou Xia’s hand and said.

"Ping, sit down, sit down, do not stand for too long, rest for too long, rest."

"That’s right, take a good rest. Don’t do it in the work of your family in the future, let Chao Sheng help."

After Yang Libing said and watched Yang Chaojun said to the Chaojun.

"Look, your sister -in -law is pregnant with a child, then you, your daughter -in -law don’t know anywhere."

After Yang Libing stared at Yang Chaojun, he walked away helplessly with his hands with his hands. In his heart, the North Army hated his parents to transfer this topic to him. He was not particularly anxious to marry himself.After the Chaojun walked out, he took his own mind and came to a pine cypress tree on the hills. He knew that the elder brother and his parents were happy to add new Ding at this moment. No one would pay attention to him.The bag of bags was smoked. Now it is 11 o’clock in the morning. After waiting more than half an hour, the group should come over. Every day he and the group will agree to meet at that time and place.Yang Chaojun thought about his past and the group, and sneaked secretly. He and the group knew it on the train because the group missed his water. At that time, his father was also present, but he did not necessarily think of himself.It will develop into a relationship with the group. Yang Chaojun thought that he was a little happy here, and at the same time was a little worried, because the particularity of the group Yang Chaojun was worried that his parents would stop the relationship between the two. When he was thinking, Yang Chaojun’s eyes were blinded.Then a sweet voice said.

"Guess who I am?" "Qun, don’t make trouble." Yang Chaojun said with the group’s hand.

Qun is 6 years older than Yang Chaojun, but it is like a child in front of the army.

"Say something!"

"My sister -in -law is pregnant."

"Oh, that’s a good thing!"

"My dad said, let me take my daughter -in -law home as soon as possible." Qun heard the brink of frowning.

"I’m afraid, your father will mind my past, and I still bring Xiaopeng."

"We can’t always sneak like this."

"How could this be sneaky?" Yang Chaojun heard the anger in his heart up, and he grabbed the group’s hand fiercely.

"Don’t sneak, then you go back and see my parents with me!"

"You are too anxious, I haven’t said it!"

"I didn’t say anything, and I didn’t say any time." Yang Chaojun said here, staying in the group under the lonely pine tree, Yang Chaojun knew what the group was worried, but his heart was overThe group was unwilling to accompany himself to see his parents, and at this moment his heart was the same as being bitten by an ant.When a person is in a bad mood, he really can do everything, just like the Korean army. He usually has a good temper, but today I don’t know why, he is unhappy. He doesn’t even know why he is like a group.Thinking that Yang Chaojun was a little fierce again, but the Chaojun didn’t want to run to apologize again. Yang Chaojun thought all the way and walked all the way. When Yang Chaojun returned home, he was more upset.In the joy of pregnancy, no one cared about his feelings at this moment. Yang Chaojun sat at the big stove and pulled out the cigarette bag, and started cigarettes and then ordered.

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