Strengthening prevention and reducing Tang’s syndrome. This knowledge requires you and me to know

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 21st: To strengthen prevention and reduce Tang’s syndrome.

Xinhua News Agency reporters Tian Xiaowang and Shuai Cai

There are serious intellectual obstacles in patients with Tang syndrome. They cannot take care of themselves, and they need to be taken care of for a long time. They are often called "Tang’s" and "Baby Tang".March 21 is the "World Donald Syndrome Day".Experts point out that in order to reduce the occurrence of this serious birth defect, each pregnant woman needs to understand relevant knowledge and accept prenatal screening and necessary prenatal diagnosis.

Each pregnant woman should pay attention to prenatal screening

Recently, Wang Dan (pseudonym), a pregnant woman from Linwu County, Hunan Province, performed prenatal screening at the First People’s Hospital of Luzhou City, Hunan Province. The inspection results reminded Donald’s high risk.Under the suggestion of hospital expert Lei Dongzhu, Wang Dan accepted the diagnosis of amniotic fluid, and the fetus was diagnosed as "Tang’s".

Donald syndrome is also known as the 21 trisomy syndrome. It is the most common chromosome disease, which is caused by one more chromosomes No. 21 of human cells.

"The probability of the occurrence of Tang’s syndrome in the crowd is 1/800 ~ 1/600. In theory, each pregnant woman may have a" Tang family ‘, and the risk generally increases with the age of pregnant women. "LeiDongzhu said that each pregnant woman is advised to undergo prenatal screening and receive prenatal diagnosis if necessary.

According to experts, the Tang family screening method is currently accepted includes serum scientific screening and a free DNA detection (also known as non -invasive DNA test) in serum science screening and pregnant women.Analysis and other methods confirm the diagnosis.

In prenatal screening, what circumstances should be alert to the possibility of Tang’s syndrome?Jiang Yulin, deputy chief physician of Peking Union Hospital, introduced that pregnant women who are more than 35 years old are giving birth to "Tang’s Er". In addition, the results of the chief of Tang’s screening in the age of 35 are prompting high risk of Tang’s syndrome.Or the neck transparent layer (NT) inspection found that the thickness of NT is greater than 3 mm. In these cases, the fetus has a relatively large possibility of Tang’s syndrome.

Non -invasive DNA detection cannot replace prenatal diagnosis

Non -invasive DNA testing is to evaluate the risk of common chromosomal abnormalities such as the fetus and DNA segment of the fetus in the peripheral blood of pregnant women.According to experts, the detection rate of this technology for Tang’s syndrome is not less than 95%.

"But not all pregnant women are suitable for non -invasive DNA testing." Jiang Yulin said that if pregnant women have too much weight, especially more than 80 kg, testing is likely to fail;One child stops developing, which will affect the accuracy of non -invasive DNA detection.

Jiang Yulin also reminded that some cases are not recommended to do non -invasive DNA detection. For example, pregnant women have lost blood within one year, or they are pregnant through some immunotherapy measures; one of the husband and wife has clear chromosomal abnormalities, and one of the families in one party have some certain families in the family.Patients with genetic disease, or ultrasound test during pregnancy, found that the fetus has abnormal structure, NT thickened.

"The risk of abnormal fetal chromosome in the above situation will increase greatly. It is recommended to do pre -delivery diagnosis directly." He said.

It is worth noting that the failure of non -invasive DNA testing does not mean abnormalities in the fetus.Jiang Yulin said that the common situation is that the concentration of free DNA from the fetus from the peripheral blood of pregnant women is too low, resulting in the failure to analyze the test results, thereby judging the risk of abnormal risk of fetal chromosome.Pregnant women who have failed can choose to detect blood when they choose a larger pregnancy week, or directly choose amniotic fluid puncture.

"The results of the test results of serum science screening and non -invasive DNA testing are only a probability." Lei Dongzhu reminded that the test results reminded that of the high -risk of Tang’s syndrome high risk still need to receive prenatal diagnosis;Pregnancy health, routinely accept prenatal examinations and fetal ultrasound examinations, etc. If there are abnormalities, interventional prenatal diagnosis should be performed in a timely manner.

Screenshot of the National Health and Health Commission’s official website

Continuously expand the coverage of prenatal screening

In recent years, my country has strengthened the comprehensive prevention and control of birth defects such as Tang’s syndrome, gradually expanded prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis coverage, strengthened personnel training and network construction, and continuously promoted suitable technologies such as genetic consulting, medical imaging, cellular genetics, and molecular genetics. Management and promotion.

The reporter learned from the National Committee of Health and Health that the pre -production screening rate of the national Tang syndrome has increased from 20.2%in 2010 to 85.7%in 2021.As of June 2022, there were 498 medical institutions that have conducted prenatal diagnostic technical services, an increase of 158 over 2018.All provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country have generally carried out prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis, and the fairness and availability of service is continuously improved.

Shaanxi Province establishes prenatal screening and newborn disease screening service system, and conducts free Donald Syndrome and open neuromatoscopic race screening for eligible pregnant women.In 2023, ten people’s livelihood affairs in Guangdong Province, free of charge for 640,000 pregnant women to provide thalassemia, Donald syndrome, severe death and disability structure, pre -production screening … At present, 19 provinces will provide including pregnant women with appropriate age.The prenatal screening and diagnosis including Tang’s screening is incorporated into the local people’s livelihood policy.

In 2022, the National Health and Health Commission issued the "Core Information of the Donald Syndrome Prevention and Prevention of Health Education" to strengthen the publicity of the Tang’s syndrome prevention and control knowledge, and enhance the awareness of defect prevention and control of the masses.

Experts believe that we should continue to vigorously popularize the knowledge of birth defect prevention and control of prenatal screening, raise the public’s understanding of Tang’s syndrome, and at the same time create a good tolerance social atmosphere, and take comprehensive measures to improve the quality of life and the quality of patients through patient education and training.Its social adaptation ability.

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