Studies have found that drinking during pregnancy will change the baby’s brain structure and delay the maturity of the brain

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A new nuclear -magnetic resonance study at Vienna Medical University in Austria shows that during pregnancy, even if a small amount of alcohol is drinking, it will change the baby’s brain structure and delay brain development.The results of the research will be announced at the annual meeting of the North American Radiation Society.

Drinking during pregnancy will expose the fetus to a set of diseases called fetal alcoholic spectral disorder.Babies suffering from fetal alcoholic spectrum at birth may occur in learning disabilities, behavioral problems or language development.

In this study, the researchers analyzed the MRI examination of 24 fetuses exposed to alcohol before delivery.During the examination, the pregnancy weeks of these fetuses are between 22 and 36 weeks.Among the fetal exposed fetuses, the total mature score of the fetus is significantly lower than the age -matching control group, and the right temporal groove is shallow.The right temporal trench is related to social cognition, audiovisual integration, and language perception ability, especially it has a great impact on the language development of children.

Studies have found that the fetus’s brain will change even under the exposure of low -level alcohol.17 of the 24 mothers have relatively small drinking, and the average amount of drinking is less than one cup per week. Despite this, the significant changes in these fetuses can be detected according to the prenatal MRI.

According to researchers, the delay of fetal brain development may be related to the delay in the formation of the brain sheath, and the less obvious rotation of the frontal lobe and the pillow leaf.The formation process of myelin sheath is critical to the function of the brain and nervous system.The marrow phospholipid protects nerve cells, enabling them to pass information faster.The important milestone of the baby, such as rolling, crawling and language treatment, is directly related to the formation of the marrow sheath.

Brain rotation refers to the formation of cerebral cortex folds.This folding expands the skin surface area with limited skull space, thereby improving cognitive ability.When the rotation effect is weakened, the function is also reduced.

Researchers said that pregnant women should strictly avoid drinking. Even a small amount of alcohol can cause structural changes in the development of the fetal brain and delay the maturity of the brain.

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