Studies have found that eating grapes can prevent ultraviolet damage to skin

A recent study published in the "Antioxidant" magazine shows that eating grapes can prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin.Research participants who consume 2 每 cups of grapes daily for two consecutive weeks show that the resistance to sunburn is enhanced.The study also discovered the potential connection between the intestine and the skin, because those with anti -ultraviolet ability have unique microorganisms and metabolic group characteristics.The study shows that the natural compounds called polyphenols found in grapes may be the cause of these protective effects.

UV damage to the skin is caused by ultraviolet radiation exposed to the sun or artificial source. UV radiation can cause various skin problems, including sunburn, premature aging and skin cancer.

This new study strengthened the previous research in this field.In this survey of 29 human volunteers, researchers inspected the effect of eating the entire grape powder for 14 consecutive days -equivalent to the effects of 2/4 cups of grapes on ultraviolet rays per day.By determining that after 24 hours, the threshold dose of the red-out-of-ultraviolet radiation-minimum erythema dose (MED), the subject’s response to the ultraviolet rays of the skin on the skin of the grape two weeks before consumption.In addition, the intestinal microbial group, blood and urine samples were analyzed by metabolic group studies.

In the end, one -third of the subjects showed the ability to resist ultraviolet rays after eating grapes, and compared with reactors, these subjects showed obvious differences in the microbial group and metabolic group.It is worth noting that the same three urine metabolites are suppressed in anti -ultraviolet groups.Especially a kind of metabolites (2′-deoxyucleose) are a powerful indicator of light damage and shows unique gene spectrum related to personalized medical care.

In addition, the three anti -ultraviolet subjects showed a long -lasting response. In the case of restoring to eat grapes, four weeks later, ultraviolet protection still exists.This work shows that some people can resist sunburn after eating grapes, and there is a correlation between the intestinal-skin shaft and anti-ultraviolet rays.

More than 3 million Americans are affected by skin cancer each year, mainly due to the result of exposed to the sun.It is estimated that one of the five Americans will suffer from skin cancer before the age of 70.Most skin cancer cases are related to ultraviolet radiation exposed in the sun: about 90%of non -melanoma skin cancer and 86%melanoma.In addition, 90%of skin aging is caused by the sun.

John Pezzuto-the main author of the paper, the professor and dean of the West New England University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts, pointed out: "’Make your food as your medicine, drugs become your food’It can be traced back to the Hippokradan era. Now, after 2500 years, as the human research institutes made by dietary grapes reflected, we are still learning the practical significance of this sentence. "

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