Sudden bleeding of pregnancy … Did I have a miscarriage?Don’t panic!There may be these reasons

“” "Hey, doctor, I’m sorry to bother you so late, my wife just got up to go to the toilet and found that the underwear was flowing blood. May I have a miscarriage? Or …"

I believe that most mothers pay attention to all aspects after pregnancy. If there are occasional vaginal bleeding, the first thing that may think of is "abortion" … Is bleeding during pregnancy?What are the main causes of bleeding during pregnancy?Let’s take a look together.

In fact, bleeding status in the early stages of pregnancy is very common.Chen Yanhua, a obstetrician of obstetrics and gynecology, said that "embryo bed" bleeding is very small, which is a normal physiological phenomenon; doctor Yang Junguang also pointed out that 20%-40%of people will bleed in early pregnancy.

Different from the difference in bleeding between menstruation and early pregnancy

In fact, some pregnant mothers will be very similar to menstruation in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is difficult to distinguish, but the number of days is different from the amount of bleeding.A small amount of brown blood will appear in menstruation, and it will turn into a large amount of blood on 2-3 days, which will end in about a week.In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be about a week of bleeding as soon as possible, nor will it be reported as regular as menstruation. The amount of bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy is "a small amount" may be coffee, brown, and will be relatively large in the number of pregnancy weeks.Improvement.

Observe the color of pregnancy bleeding, pay attention to the pain location

If you appear brown, brown, pink blood in the early stages of pregnancy, avoid too fatigue, stand for a long time, or move heavy objects, rest and observe more.However, if there is a bright red blood, and the amount of bleeding is the same as the menstrual tide, or there is a blood clot, it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Pain with pain should also be noted. Dr. Yang Junguang pointed out that the severe abdominal pain, which is particularly located on the left or right side of the uterus, is more likely to be an ectopic pregnancy!If the bleeding is a little bit, the stomach is just uncomfortable, usually it is not a serious problem. Let’s relax first!

Ectopic pregnancy and cervical lesions may bleed

If pregnant mothers have a small amount of brown blood, or black blood continues to flow, accompanied by strong abdominal pain, it may be ectopic pregnancy.Dr. Yang Junguang reminded that ectopic pregnancy in the uterine pregnancy may be in danger of life, so be careful.

Uterine lesions include cervical polyps, cervical erosion, uterine fibroids, and cervical cancer, which will have symptoms of bleeding.Cervical cervical meat is a common disease of gynecology. The amount of bleeding is similar to menstruation and will discharge brown or red blood.Cervical erosion is a small amount of color and blood and blood. If it is a cervical erosion caused by chronic cervicitis, the patient will have the itching of the genitals, and the vagina will appear yellow and yellow -green secretions.More than 30% of women will have uterine fibroids. This is a kind of benign gynecological species. The condition will be discharged like a natural abortion.Cervical cancer has no symptoms early, and a small amount of blood or blood clots and leucorrhea will also increase with the evolution of the disease.

Dr. Yang Junguang said that the cervix or the lesions of the vagina are also very common. Most of them are bleeding caused by cervical polyps or cervical vagina.In these cases, the amount of bleeding will not be much, and it has little effect on pregnancy.

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