Suddenly I was pregnant, and my husband shouted to me: Quickly send her to the hospital!(Episode 2)

I dare to be sure that Tang Lu did not kill the child.I didn’t expect this woman to lie to me, I must not let her go.

I walked to Tang Lu in front of Tang Lu, holding out the anger, and sneered and said, "Tang Lu, you haven’t seen you for a long time, will you give birth right?"

Tang Lu, who had a smile that made a smile, was frightened, and her eyes were full of fear.

Tang Lu’s knot said: "Li -Teacher Li, it is really a coincidence."

Tang Lu’s husband didn’t know me, so he asked her who I was.

When I was about to say, when I was the wife of the child’s biological father in your wife’s belly, Ya Zhu dragged me hard, and then said impatiently: "Xiao Mo, let’s go away, a group of people are waiting for us to wait for usWoolen cloth!"

What is Yazhu, why do you want to stop me?I glanced at her with wide eyes, but I knew that Yazhu was standing on my side. She must have her truth.

After the interruption of Yazhu, Tang Lu’s expression immediately returned to normal. She hurriedly said: "Teacher Li, hurry up, let’s get together again." After that, she pulled her husband away quickly.

When I was so angry, Ya Zhu held me again and said, "Xiao Mo, you are so adult, why don’t you think of the consequences before doing everything? You now don’t care about everythingTang Lu came to a fish to die, and put you about your abortion on the Internet. The keyboard party complained that you are a cold -blooded woman? Do you want your reputation? "

I said, "I can’t control so much. I’m going crazy now. I just want to tear her painting skin in the face of the woman’s husband and ask her husband to beat her fiercely so that I will be able to solve it. If it is not Tang LuI lied to me and said that I had divorced Jiang Jun, how could I get into this embarrassing situation today. "

Ya Zhu said: "You are really stupid. Your purpose is to relieve qi. In fact, you do nothing. The effect you receive is better than you open Tang Lu’s secret."

Um?Why did Yazhu say that?I couldn’t turn around for a while.

Ya Zhu went on to say: "Tang Lu asked his husband to be the name of his dad now. Now you know that you are afraid that you will say that you will be bold every day? This kind of torture is not good!"

I had to admire Ya Zhu’s high moves, and suddenly refreshed.

But think about my hard -working marriage that is about to perish, and my mood has fallen to the freezing point again.

Ya Zhu advised me: "Jiang Jun already knows wrong, he is better to you now than ever. And during this time, your relationship has been repaired a lot. Do you have to take that step?"

I said painfully: "If Tang Lu does not give birth to this child, I can still slowly smooth the scars in my heart, but now the child is about to be born. He is like a thorn on my heart.But it will hurt for a lifetime. And Tang Lu lied to me to kill my child, maybe it was gone with Jiang Jun. "

Ya Zhu didn’t know how to persuade me, and he was silent.

We have no intention to go shopping, and I return home with heavy minds.

Jiang Jun was busy in the kitchen, and when I saw me, I smiled and asked me how I came back so early.

I said, "Jiang Jun, I met Tang Lu today, she was about to give birth to a child, you should know who it was!"

As soon as Jiang Jun heard it, the spatula in his hand fell to the ground, and the whole person stood stupidly, murmuring in his mouth: "What are you talking about?"

I sneered and said, "Don’t act anymore, you are your child’s father, how can you not know?"

Jiang Jun was so anxious: "Wife, I really didn’t lie to you. My mobile phone was monitored by you, you should know if I have contacted you with you.I always thought Tang Lu had done him out. "

I sighed and said, "Forget it, I don’t want to entangle these meaningless topics with you. Let’s divorce! I will not let you go out of the house, the property will be divided."

As soon as Jiang Jun heard this, he grabbed my hand immediately. When he was begging me, the doorbell rang.

I pushed Jiang Jun to open the door, and saw Tang Lu standing outside the door.

I snorted and said, "What are you doing?"

Tang Lu was apologized and said, "Teacher Li, can you give me a few minutes and listen to me explanation?"

I looked at her coldly, ready to close the door, but Tang Lu blocked the door, and said, "Teacher Li, I really have trouble."

At this moment, some neighbors opened the door and walked out.When I was scared to my face, I had to let Tang Lu enter the door.

As soon as Jiang Jun saw Tang Lu, he had nowhere to let go.

Tang Lu said: "Teacher Li and Jiang Jun, I have something to conceal you. My husband Lin Gang’s divorce is not because of the relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, but because we can’t give birth to children."

It turned out that Tang Lu had been unable to get pregnant after marriage, but she and Lin Gang went to the hospital to check.

In order to make people, Tang Lu took medicine and injections, and also made 4 test -tube babies. After experiencing the double torture of physical and mental, he returned without merit.

Tang Lu’s in -laws could not accept no grandson and forced the two to divorce.At first, Lin Gang refused. Later, his in -laws threatened with the property. He had to propose a fake divorce with Tang Lu.

Lin Gang promised Tang Lu that he must find a way to persuade his parents and reunite with Tang Lu.

Tang Lu believed Lin Gang, but she accidentally found that Lin Gang was carrying her with other women.

The heavy blow given by life made Tang Lu’s heart very painful.In order to solve the distress, Tang Lu was drunk at the class of classmates, and what happened behind.

Tang Lu said, "Teacher Li, I admit that I am a selfish woman. I deceived Lin Gang and deceived you. I did not kill that child, because I really couldn’t bear it, he was a life anyway.You are also a mother, will you kill your child cruelly? "

This sentence made me dumbly.

Talking, Tang Lu’s tears flowed down.

I don’t want to listen anymore, I said impatiently: "Okay, I know your hardships, please go back."

Tang Lu said sincerely: "Teacher Li, I have one more thing to ask for you. That is, Lin Gang knew nothing about the truth of the child, and I didn’t want the child to be scolded by others as an illegitimate child, so please help me keep this secret,May I?"

It seems that Yazhu is right. Tang Lu’s heart is fear. I don’t expose her, maybe it will really make her torture her life.

So I said, "I’m not a gossip woman, and I don’t want to take this muddy water."

Tang Lu was so moved to thank me.

At this time, Jiang Jun opened: "Tang Lu, you said clearly in front of Xiao Mo, did you not kill the child, have I colluded with you? Tang Lu, you can do this, you can hurt me, you can hurt me.Xiao Mo is going to divorce me again! "

Tang Lu was shocked when he heard it, and said to me, "Teacher Li, this is really my own claim. Jiang Jun didn’t know anything. During this time, we haven’t contacted it at all. Please believe it."

I said, "It is not important not to make a stringing. I am divorced because I can’t accept my husband and other women."

Tang Lu said, "Teacher Li, I swear, never disturb you again, do we forget this matter, no one knows anyone, and live each other."

I said, "How can I forget. You and your child are like a time bomb beside me. In case the truth, Lin Gang knows that divorce with you, and you have to reunite with Jiang Jun.Don’t you have to give your husband in his hands? "

Tang Lu hurriedly said, "Teacher Li, you think too much. Even if I don’t have Lin Gang, I won’t come to Jiang Jun. How about writing a guarantee for you?"

I said, "You coax me, if you can guarantee that you can use it, there is nothing wrong with the court!".

I opened the door with my face and asked Tang Lu to leave.

At this moment, only listening to fluttering, Tang Lu kneeled in front of me.

Tang Lu sincerely said: "Teacher Li, I pleaded you not to divorce Jiang Jun, otherwise I will keep kneel like this."

Jiang Jun and I were stunned. I wanted to help her up, but I shrank back.

Suddenly Tang Lu screamed, her face twisted painfully, her hands covering her belly, she seemed that she was about to give birth.

I heard that Tang Lu was about to give birth. Her husband shouted to me and sent her to the hospital.I couldn’t care about Tang Lu’s resentment, and hurriedly drove her to the hospital with Jiang Jun.

Tang Lu and I sat in the back row. Tang Lu hummed in pain, and he could grab my hand and begged me to share my hand: "Teacher Li, I beg you, don’t you divorce Jiang Jun?Lin Gang had a relative in New Zealand and said that he could help us get immigration. After I was born, I told Lin Gang to New Zealand. So you should rest assured. "

I said it was so angry: "You still have the energy to have a child!"

It didn’t take long for Tang Lu to send Tang Lu into the delivery room. Lin Gang, who received the notice, came here and said to me while complaining about Tang Lu said: "I let her not run out alone.Back to you".

Of course I know what Tang Lu wants to pay back.

Sending Xiaosan to the hospital to have a child of his husband, this is estimated that the plot that will only happen in the TV series actually happen to himself. I hope that everything is a dream.

Jiang Jun saw Lin Gang very unnatural, and hurriedly pulled me away.

After getting in the car, I said, "Don’t you plan to see how your child looks like?"

Jiang Jun said, "Wife, don’t you mention any children? Even if I really divorce you, I only have one daughter Xixi."

After arriving at home, I regarded Jiang Jun’s begging and insisted on packing up and returned to my mother’s house.I told Jiang Jun for a while to calm down for a while, thinking about where to go with him.

I couldn’t lie to myself. At first, the heart that was strong to divorce Jiang Jun was actually softened. Perhaps it was because of Tang Lu’s guilt, or because Jiang Jun refused to separate from me.

But when I thought of Tang Lu’s child, I was so painful.I wandered between departure and inseparable.

In order to prevent my parents from worrying, I lied that she lived in her mother’s house because Jiang Jun was going to participate in a closed training.

One Saturday, I came back from the outside of the field. As soon as I got off the plane, I received a call from my dad. He said very anxiously at that end, "Xiao Mo, your mother is sick, come to the hospital."

I panicked suddenly. My mother had a heart disease and was more serious, but there was nothing wrong with it. I hurriedly took a taxi to the hospital.

I rushed into the ward and saw that my mother was sleeping steadily, and I was a little relieved.

Dad pulled me aside and said, "Fortunately, your mother will seek medical treatment in time, otherwise we will lose her forever. Thanks to Jiang Jun this time."

It turned out that in this morning, Dad and his friends asked to go fishing by the river. Her mother cleaned at home. She was busy and suddenly fainted to the ground.

His daughter Xixi saw her grandmother like this, so she cried.

Coincidentally, Jiang Jun came to pick up Xixi and found a mother who was not saved.

He immediately called the ambulance and sent his mother to the hospital, so that his mother kept his life.

Dad said, "Xiao Mo, I know you are awkward between you and Jiang Jun. What is the reason?"

I said, "Dad, how do you know? Jiang Jun told you?"

Dad said, "You mentioned Jiang Jun when you came back, but this time I did n’t mention it. I still ca n’t think of it? Jiang Jun is your mother who grows up and people are really good. Your mother is hospitalized. He is busy.Later, it is estimated that you can’t even do it as well. Some things have passed with one eye and one eye, no need to be so real. "

I said, "Dad, I have my own thing, so don’t worry about it."

Dad said, "Where do I be willing to fuck your heart, just watching you are so uncomfortable. Is it bad for a family and the United States to live with Meimei? You can be a husband and wife, that’s all the fate of previous lives."

At this moment, Jiang Jun led Xixi and returned with the buying meal.

As soon as he saw me, he said diligently: "Xiao Mo, you haven’t eaten yet, I will buy it for you now."

After speaking, I ran downstairs and went downstairs. Looking at the back of Jiang Junyuan’s go, my heart was hot.

Maybe it is the fate with Jiang Jun, and the two of us have not been able to divorce this time.

Forget it, just when he made a mistake that men in the world would make, I returned to my own house.I warned myself to seal those unhappy dust and never open it.

In order to make me feel at ease, Jiang Jun did not uninstall the anti -derailment software. From time to time, I found that he was sure.

Time one day passed, and the busy work gradually made me have no energy to think about those bad things.Life finally returned to normal.

At noon that day, I went to the school cafeteria for dinner and walked. I suddenly heard someone calling my name. I looked back and was Ding Lan and Jiang Jun’s daughter -in -law.

Ding Lan was a teacher at another university, because we also knew the relationship between the two men, but they were not familiar with.

Ding Lan said: "Xiao Mo, it’s really a coincidence. Today I came to your school to meet, but I didn’t expect to meet you. You are really blessed!"

I asked puzzled: "Why do you suddenly come up with this sentence?"

Ding Lan said: "For you, Jiang Jun made himself like an old scalpel for you, and he desperately earned money. Unlike the one in my family, I don’t want to do it."

What does it mean?I continue to ask.

Ding Lan said, "Don’t you know? Jiang Jun is doing part -time jobs for my husband’s company, and a lot of money earns!"

Recently, I wrote a paper in order to evaluate the title, and I was so busy that I went home every day and kept myself in the study.

Jiang Jun stayed at home honestly every day, but I didn’t pay attention to what he was doing.

Jiang Jun and I have two sets of houses. Now the set of in -laws I bought was bought by the full amount before our marriage, and Jiang Jun’s name was written.

The other set was bought by our two to save money after marriage.

Coupled with our income, we are not bad, so there is no economic pressure at all.But why did Jiang Jun do part -time job and made money desperately?You know he used to be a person who was annoyed by even the unit’s normal overtime.

Jiang Jun concealed this matter, there is absolutely weird this. I must ask him to ask him clearly at night.

But when I was ready to return to the office after I was dinner, my cousin Hu Wen called. She smiled and said, "Cousin, do you and my brother -in -law want to celebrate today?Hotel! "

Ah, what does Jiang Jun do not go to the hotel to do?I couldn’t figure it out, and I decided to explore it in person.

——Fending to be continued-

Author: Li Xiaomo

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