sweet!After breaking up, I found that I was pregnant, and my ex -boyfriend chased me back (it’s over)


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Goodbye, I took my big hand and trembled.

"Mom, this is the uncle you said that the superb can make your boss lose his pants?"


Skill, you can close your mouth.

Zhou Yiying stared at her son -in -law like a gaze and laughed.

I panicked.


When I received a personnel phone call, I just came out of Hua Li, and the contract signed on my hand was still hot.

I have followed the project for Huili for more than a month. At first, the boss patted his chest and vowed. As long as I won this project, my promotion was a point.

Seven digits.

Then I have to do it!

With all the hardships, the project was getting in hand, but I was dismissed.

Can’t bear it.

I didn’t even squeeze the bus, and stopped a taxi directly to the company.

As a result, when he arrived at the company’s door, the security guard had been waiting for me in the hall. He was holding a carton in his hand, which was all my things inside.

I was deadlocked for a long time. In the end, I was invited by the security guard, and I was taken away the newly signed contract.


You have to grind a knife to kill the donkey.

Just outrageous!

Standing at the door of the company, I took out the phone and edited a message to send it to the circle of friends: [Please recommend a reliable lawyer, urgent!.

This year, the circle of friends is much more reliable than Du Niang.

Sure enough, the news was sent for a few minutes, and someone responded.

"Enterprise Law Firm learned that except for nobleness, answering questions and confusion, and money is too troublesome."


My sight fell on the word "expensive".

After hesitating for a long time, I gritted my teeth and asked that person to ask the address of the law firm.

As long as you can get this commission, pay more lawyers.

Well, first pick up my son, and I don’t know how long I have to talk about it.


after an hour.

At the door of the Law Firm, looking at the shadow of the big and small holding of the glass door, I was warm in my heart.

On the way, I told my son to my son, and immediately got a big love hug and kiss.


Just two words -happiness!

"Mom, can the uncle in it really help us?"

"Of course, my mother gave money."


Holding my big child in, the younger sister of the front desk immediately pulled a smile.

"Hello, do you help you?"

"I want to find a lawyer who handles labor disputes and consult something."

As soon as the words fell, there was a moment of movement from the elevator. At a glance, I stunned.

The group came out of the elevator, and the clustered man was wearing a black suit, tall and long, and a little cold in the restrained and stable atmosphere, but had a confusing face.

In that stop, it was easy to take everyone’s attention.

"Mom, are you cold?"


"Your hand is shaking."


What can you do not shake, you are standing by my Lao Tzu who is scum, which is not more than ten meters away.

I turned back and turned around immediately.

Ah, who else is worse than me.

The last second was fired by the black heart boss, and the next second met my predecessor who was scum!

It seems that the predecessor was pretty good.

Woohoo, I am worried!

Yu Guang glanced at him, and the man was talking to the people next to him, obviously he didn’t notice here.


I took my son’s little hand to go out. As a result, the next second, the younger sister of the front desk suddenly made a voice, "Lawyer Zhou, the lady wanted to consult about labor disputes."


At this moment, the air seemed to be still.


To the toe, I can even feel the sight that I have seen here.

Behind him, a sound of footsteps gradually approached, until a pair of bright men’s shoes appeared in the sight.

I didn’t dare to look up, and the hands of my child shook even more.

The next second, the sound of milk sounds sounds,

"Mom, this is the uncle you said that the superb can make your boss lose his pants?"


You can close your mouth.

For a long while.

A low -cold voice on the head fell down, "The son looks pretty good!"

Looking up, Zhou Yiying stared at his son -in -law.

I haven’t seen it in four years, and I just opened my son.

I panicked.

Hidden his son behind subconsciously, "My husband is good, this child follows him."

Zhou Yi glanced at me, and I couldn’t see a hint of emotional ups and downs in the dark eyes, and it was very calm.

"How old?"

I gritted my teeth and did not change my face, "three years old."

"Mom, don’t you say you can’t lie?"


My son revealed the little head from behind me, with a serious look, "Uncle, I am four years old this year."


I was born, and it was not soft at all.

"Four years old?"

The corner of Zhou Yi took a touch of arc that laughed and smiled, which was very eye -catching.

In a hurry, my mouth is faster than my head, "Don’t get me wrong, this is not your son."

As soon as the words fell, the sound of inhalation sounded one after another.

"I know."

I was about to breathe, Zhou Yi’s voice slowly sounded,

"How could a woman who was tired and abandoned me gave birth to my son?"


Good guy.

I felt the condemnation and Ling Chi from all directions and Ling Chi.

He is right, he is right.

I was tired of playing, what I said; abandoning him was what I did.

Looking at the appearance in front of me, the words and deeds were all inadvertently flowing out of the charm of a mature and successful man. I was a little embarrassed …

As soon as I went to college, the second day of the devil -like military training, I asked my dad to take me back.

That’s right.

My dad is the biggest sponsors in this school. The building donated the building to renovate the base, and my dad also declined.

"Dad, I want to go home, oh, too hard, military training is not fun at all."

"Pearl, don’t cry, don’t cry, Dad will pick you up, we are not military training."

The pearl is the nickname I gave me, and my dad said that I was his pearl on his palm.

I was about to talk about it, and a smile came out of my side.

I turned my head and looked at my eyes with a pair of ridicule.

Alas, why is he so white?Intersection

This is the first reaction I saw Zhou Yi.

Everyone is dark, and he is so white. This is not angry.

Live around, occasionally a rustle of leaves.

He looked back, and the corner of his mouth was slightly cooked with a contempt, and then stepped away.


Looking at the gradually away figure, I pursed my lips and squeezed out in my dad’s eager shout, "Dad, I’m kidding me, don’t come."

After dealing with a few more words, I hung up the phone and returned to the team again.

However, the dazzling figure was deeply engraved in my mind, and every time I stood in the military position, I was miserable.

In this way, the military training for two weeks was carried by me.

Seeing Zhou Yi for the second time, in the library of school, I was returning to the book, and suddenly there was a commotion around me. Several "watching and watching" sound was full of excitement and excitement.

I turned around and followed the eyes of those girls, and saw Zhou Yi sitting in the corner.

At a glance, I heard the sound of my heart.

Zhou Yi looks so good, just like the young man who came out of the painting.

I immediately joined the group of girls around me.

From their mouths, I knew that this young man was called Zhou Yi, and I was a senior. It was my student. The value and IQ were crushed in school.The only point is that the family is not very good.

My eyes were on.

My dad often reads me to find a reliable husband to inherit our family business. This is not there.


As a student, he would not look forward to the person, and chased it with a bloody blood.

So the next day, I appeared in Zhou Yi’s internship studio.

The next development is both vulgar and blood.

Every corner on the campus, but wherever Zhou Yi appears, there must be my figure.

I chased him for a whole year, and Zhou Yi did not relax and agreed to be with me. Until I was in my sophomore year, one day, Zhou Yi suddenly returned to his hometown. At that moment, there seemed to be a voice in my heart.Find him.

I went, that was the first time I took a train, or the green skin.

Along the address I got from the school information, I found Zhou Yi’s house all the way. I stood in front of his house and saw the plain white.

I would never forget that day, Zhou Yi looked at me with red eyes, looked at me for a long time, and then took my hand into the door. Under the surprised eyes of everyone, Zhou Yi and I kneeling together on the puppet, towards his motherThe spiritual position stabbed his head.

When you start to feel distressed, you can never get out again.

Later, Zhou Yi and I were together.

In my junior year, the school gave Zhou Yi the only place to be sent abroad.

I want to go with him, but at this time, the accident happened.

My dad was put on a person, the company had a serious debt crisis, and all the assets in the family were frozen. My mother was scared by the person who came to the debt at home.My white hair, I’m dumbfounded.

It only takes a moment from heaven to hell.

Similarly, the decision to break up with Zhou Yi is only one night.

On the day of the breakup, the rain was very heavy. Zhou Yi asked me for reason that I would practice the results of the mirror in the mirror without reservation.

"Zhou Yi, you are so smart that you can’t guess that I am with you just to get revenge on you when you eavesdrop about me when I call me."

"Now I am tired of playing, and the family has arranged me to be the target of the door."

As soon as the words fell, it was a dead silence.

Zhou Yi looked at me for a long time, and my mood was about to collapse for a long time.

Finally, the thin lips that had been painted by my fingertips had been painted countless times, and he said, "OK".

When Zhou Yi turned and left, he stuffed the umbrella he brought to me, and he walked out of my eyes with a step by step.

This is four years.

Three months later, I got out of the ranks of the second generation of the rich second generation and became an ordinary person who needed to live as a living and for medical expenses every day.

At the same time, I was shocked to know, and my aunt hadn’t come for a long time …


"Mom, hand pain."


My thoughts were pulled back, and I hadn’t responded yet. A low -hearted male voice slowly sounded: "What is your name?"

The sound is much more gentle than just now.

"My name is Lin Yi, Grandpa said, I am their most unexpected surprise."


Obviously told him not to talk to strangers.

have to.


I pulled my son back nervously, "It’s not too early, my husband is still waiting for us at home, I am leaving first."

The child Lin Yi stared at his eyes, and as soon as he was about to speak, I covered my mouth and hugged it.

When I raised my feet, I had to leave, Zhou Yi suddenly reached out, and a business card of a black -bottomed gold was handed over.

"You need to contact me."

Before I refused, my son had reached out and picked it up. Even if I covered my mouth, I still smiled sweetly: "Oh … oh, thank you uncle."


When I got home with a sigh of relief, I exhaled it fiercely.

In four years, Zhou Yi forged even more upright. To that stop, a sense of stress on his body, especially those sharp and deep eyes, just lifted your face and lifted it on your face.As if all the secrets in his heart were seen through.

Back to God, pinching his son’s fleshy face, and thinking of the abnormality of Zhou Yi’s time today, I deliberately made a face, "I wish a child, not good today, my mother and grandpa have not told you, don’t be unfamiliar with the strangeness.People speak. "

The son frowned, like someone, "Mom, I think that uncle is my father."


I was in my heart, and I almost knelt down softly.

Looking at my son’s true appearance, I seemed to be unintentionally said: "Why do you think so?"

"Because that uncle looks as handsome as me."

I didn’t hold back, kneeling!

So, in the next few minutes, Lin Yi, like a proud little swan, explained to me what it means "handsome" with my little head.

I couldn’t cry and laughed. One of them said that someone’s gene was indeed strong. Lin Yi grew up in the exclamation of "Wow" from the beginning of birth.

After some toss, the son fell asleep.

Lying on the bed, I looked at the simple chandelier on the top of my head, and stunned, a smile in front of my eyes flashed, and I sat up and sat up.

The condition was reflected and took out the phone. In the search box, the word "Enterprise Ming" was hit one by one.

Then, an introduction about the Enterprise and Mingyu Firm immediately bounced out.

Alas, a lawyer was casually, and the name was loud, and Zhou Yi was the new upstairs of the law. After four years in a foreign office, he returned to the country with a glorious glory.

Whenever he takes over the lawsuit, there is no defeat.

Thinking of Zhou Yi’s eyes when I stared at my son, I was stunned.

A decision is done instantly.

Well, let me come by myself!



Early the next morning, I gave myself a very sharp workplace makeup, and it looked very cold.

Well, the gas field is available.

As usual, I went to the room to kiss me, and then pulled him up from the quilt, washed the breakfast to the school, in one go.

Standing downstairs again, I thought I would be stopped, and it was unexpected. The security guard at the door made me come in.

Not only that, the front desk sent me directly into the elevator and helped me press the number of floors. It was the eighteenth floor where the black -hearted boss was located.

Looking at the rising familiarity, my right eyelid jumped, from the security guard to the front desk, all of which seemed to be arranged.


Sure enough, someone was waiting at the door, and was the secretary of the black heart boss.

"Miss Lin, please."

Gened with a bit disdain.

Am I special …

If it weren’t for me to preserve physical strength and brainpower to deal with the black -hearted boss, I would have exploded.

After walking for less than a minute, I noticed that I was wrong, because this road was not the direction of going to the office of the Black Heart Boss.

I stopped, and the police bell shook in my heart.

The secretary seemed to be aware of it, and said coldly, "Someone wants to see you."


In the conference room, I saw the person who was going to see me, a woman.

"Lin Yan, I haven’t seen you for a long time."


Did I have a seat for my old friends?Intersection

Women with exquisite makeup in front of me, I know, called Li Le.

When I was still a rich second generation, I urged a man she liked.

You can’t blame me, whoever calls me on Zhou Yi.

Because of this, Li Le and I made trouble …

Li Le laughed and laughed strangely. The secretary on the side immediately introduced, "This is our boss."

Am I special …

Li Le is the wife of the black heart boss?

It is a big pot of dog blood.

Li Le held his shoulders with both hands and looked at me from head to toe.

Looking at the proud smile of Li Le’s mouth, I realized.

At first I entered the company to submit positions such as assistants, and I arranged me in the sales department.

I laughed, "It’s really hard for you. I have been thinking about me, and I have helped me arrange it."

"Friends, you have difficulties. Of course, I have to help. I didn’t expect that you were so adaptable and won a lot of projects for my husband."

The words are all taunt.

Oh, I found that the black heart boss and her are perfect.

The smile on the corner of Li Le’s mouth is even greater, and I will get a little bit about me. "What I didn’t expect is that the large project such as Huali has been won by you."


The hand hanging on the side was tight and loose.

The grass mud horse in my belly wanted to smash her.



I looked at Li Le calmly, "Since the project has won for you, can my trial can be given to me?"

Li Lexian glanced at me, "I want to give you too, but your attendance has violated the rules and regulations of our company. Lin Yan, can you understand?"

I understand your grandma!

At first I did take the leave to participate in kindergarten activities, but I said that it was not a big deal.

To this day, I know that I fell into their pit.

"Okay, since this is the case, then the fish is broken. This project, I can win the company. Naturally, there is a way to make the company unable to do it. By the way, you will not know that the person in charge of Huali is sending it."


Li Le’s face was white, apparently unknown.


I am a showdown.

The Huali project was 99 % of my efforts plus one percent of my little emotional face. Otherwise, how can I let Huali see my plan?

Li Le twisted his eyebrows, "Lin Yan, you are less open here, do you think people will lose such a major project for you?"

The corner of my mouth, "Try it?"

The atmosphere was a little tense.

At this moment, a cold voice came over, "There is still labor disputes in President Qin’s company?"


This sound, I shake again.

The calm just now is a dog feeding.

In the middle, the black heart boss had come in behind Zhou Yi, as if Zhou Yi was the boss of this company.

The boss of Hei Xin glanced at his wife, "How can it, lawyer Zhou rest assured, I deal with it right away, that is, a dismissal employee wants more money."


Good anger.

The black -hearted boss even hit a rake, still in front of Zhou Yi.

"This thing is not handled well. Immediately call the security guard and bomb people out."


The secretary was a brain. I immediately stepped forward and told the black heart boss who just now. The next second, the black heart boss glanced at me in surprise.

However, it was just a moment, "Oh, bluffing, so capable, and I won’t come to work."

"Yes, boss."

Seeing that the back room had called the security guard, Zhou Yi at the side glanced at me coldly, and said, "Sex is still as stubborn as before, and you have to lose your sex."


The atmosphere was silent.

The boss of the black heart was aggressive, "Lawyer Zhou, do you know?"



The word "um" that was so lightly described was already pondered by the black heart boss.

In the next second, the boss of Black Heart laughed with a pleated face, "Xiao Yan, misunderstandings, are all misunderstandings. I don’t know if you are a friend of Lawyer Zhou. In this way, Secretary Chen, you personally take Xiao Yan to the Finance Department.Xiaoyan’s commission is in place. "


That’s it?Intersection

Zhou Yi’s three words helped me solve it?Intersection

I glanced at Zhou Yi, who stood at that complicatedly, and saw that the black -hearted boss had something to ask him. At that time, the cold and taciturn teenager finally flew into the sky and stood at the top of the pyramid.


Half an hour later, I stood at the company’s finance department and looked at the seven -digit accounts on the mobile phone, and I couldn’t say the taste in my heart.

At this moment, a dark shadow was covered.

"got it?"


As soon as I looked up, I just hit Zhou Yi’s eyes.

I nodded, "Thank you."

"Okay, the lawyer is tuned."


"What, do you want to rely on the account?" Zhou Yi frowned.

For a long while, I squeezed out two words from my teeth, "How much?"

Zhou Yi’s eyes flashed very quickly, and when I looked closely, he looked at the cold look. The eyelids looked at my mobile phone, and the corner of his mouth was about to speak.It’s right.

"Lawyer Zhou, I booked a box in Yuyuan. Recently, they have produced a few new dishes, and try it?"

Yuyuan, six digits per capita consumption.

My eyes converged slightly, and silently put away the phone.

As a result, the next second, the shoulders sank.

"Thank you for your kindness, I’m sorry, I have an appointment at noon."


The ambiguity in the words is not concealed.

The black -hearted boss laughed a few times, "I understand I understand, and the lawyer I will not disturb you that week, I have time, and make an appointment."


What do you know?Intersection


As soon as the words fell, Zhou Yi took my shoulder and walked out.

The familiar clear flavor went straight into my nose, and my eyes were hot, and I wanted to break free.

"Don’t move, he watched, do you want to cover the money hot."


I didn’t move immediately and let Zhou Yi take me all the way to the elevator.

When I entered the elevator, I stood spontaneously, my eyes stared at the decreased figures that fell on the layer.

Until a cold humming came from behind, "It’s very resistant, a person comes to ask for money, what about your husband, rest assured?"

I gritted my teeth and pretended to be deaf.

"Lin Yan, don’t you ask your husband’s right husband to come out for a meal to express his gratitude?"


The four words "door -to -door pair" stimulated me.

I can’t pretend.

"No, how much is the lawyer, I will call you immediately. My husband is implicit and does not like to see strangers."

As soon as the words fell, the temperature in the elevator immediately dropped by more than ten degrees, and I hit a chill.


The sound of gritted teeth.

Oh shit.

Why is this elevator so slow.

I subconsciously shrank next to me. Zhou Yi’s aura was too strong, and I couldn’t hold it.



The sound of life -saving, as soon as the elevator door opened, I fled out.

Behind it, the sound of the footsteps was like a shadow.


In the company, I dare not make trouble with Zhou Yi.

Sure enough, I have already reached the door of the company, and the eyes of the security guards are still on me and Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi naturally noticed that there was a touch of unknown arc in the corner of her mouth, and then took a few steps to pull my hand directly, "Go, get in the car."



I’m so difficult!

The vehicle slowly drove out of the company’s parking lot. In the palm of my palm, the temperature I had just held was still left, and the fortress in my heart was at stake. I needed a person to reinforce it quietly.

I pursed my lips, "Zhou Yi, what do you want to do?"

"I want to be the door to the door in your mouth, and a better husband than me eats a meal."



Men’s inferiority is terrible!

Zhou Yi’s tone was a bit of insignificant strength.

I understand it. Today I won’t call my "husband", Zhou Yi will not give up.

I was annoyed and stared at Zhou Yi straight, "That’s really embarrassed, you can’t eat this meal."


"My husband died early on the year, no more."



Until the entrance of my community, Zhou Yi did not say a word.

But when I got out of the car, Zhou Yi suddenly called me,

"Lin Yan."


"Feel sorry."


Looking at each other’s eyes, I finally saw a tumbling emotion in Zhou Yi’s deep eyes.

I counseled.

Fight in the desert!


When I went to the kindergarten to pick up my son from school, I received a call from the company’s personnel and let me go back to the company tomorrow.


It is just to see me and Zhou Yi know. With such obvious purpose, do I look like a fool?Intersection

I rejected it directly and also hit the name of Zhou Yi, so as not to harass me again.

In the evening, I was preparing dinner for Lin Yi’s children in the kitchen. Suddenly, my son called a few times in the living room, and I rushed out with a shovel.

"What’s wrong?"

His son Bai Nen’s hand pointed, "Uncle handsome."

I look at it, alas, really.

On the TV, an interview program is playing, which is basically the top figures of all walks of life on this show.

In the show, Zhou Yi was in a formal dress, and the straight black suit set off his whole person to be more expensive and cold.

"Mom, I have to be like Uncle Shuai in the future, in it."


The shovel in my hand seemed to be heavy.

I squeezed my son’s meaty little face, pulled a smile, and said "good" to show encouragement.

I coaxed my son to sleep, I returned to the living room, and the interview show was transferred again.


God is really a good script.



I had to find it after work, so I once again invested in the tide of the interview.

This time, it seems more difficult than the last time.

After a week, I didn’t find a suitable job. With a child, there are too many factors to consider finding a job.

In the evening, when the story was told to his son, his son suddenly said, saying that he saw the handsome uncle today.

When I panicked, I quickly asked him where he saw it.

His son’s milk, "Grandpa after school took me to buy ice cream. What I saw, there was a very beautiful sister next to Uncle Shuai."

After that day, Zhou Yi didn’t find me again, and I saved a lawyer fee.

Now, when I heard my son say that, a certain place in my heart was a little stuffy.

It should have been thought that Zhou Yi is so good.

Xu just saw my emotions a bit low, and my son immediately sat up and hugged my neck. The milk fragrance’s little mouth was printed on my face. "I still think my mother is the most beautiful."

"That is."

I held my son and satisfied.


Unexpectedly, I would see the beautiful sister in my son’s mouth so soon.

On this day, I came out of the company I just interviewed, and I saw Zhou Yi from the car and the woman who came down from his co -driver.

Unfortunately, I know again.

Her name is Zhao Xin, and Zhou Yi is in the same session. Zhou Yi is the first of them. Zhao Xin is the second.


Zhao Xin likes Zhou Yi, and she likes to be as darkened as me, but her pride does not allow her to make a move of Zhou Yi like me.

At the beginning, when Zhou Yi went abroad, I didn’t hold back the thoughts and shouts in my heart, secretly went to the airport, hid myself in a corner, and sent off for him. As a result, I saw Zhao Xin standing beside him.

In a foreign country, lonely men and widows, holding the ball to warm up.

Just think about it, it is a beautiful picture.

Memories ended abruptly when the two came side by side.

Zhao Xin obviously saw me, a trace of mistakes in his eyes, and then put his eyes on Zhou Yi.

Zhou Yi just passed me faintly, Zhao Xin paused for a few seconds, and stopped talking.

After all, my friendship with her is not enough to say "I haven’t seen it for a long time."

In this way, I staggered with them.

The automatic door behind me closed slowly, separating me and them in two worlds.



Three days later, I officially joined the job and was a real estate company, post, and secretary of the president.

On the first day of the employment, it was quite smooth, but just handed over to work with the former secretary.

The second day of the employment is okay. After all, it is not RMB, and naturally it will not like everyone.

One week after joining the job, I gradually adapted, and then the boss began to take me out to entertain.

The former secretary said that it is a common thing to accompany the boss to entertain. Don’t worry, the boss will bring a special blocking wine.

And my duty is to help the boss prepare for the hangover medicine, and be vigilant, who wants to take advantage of the boss to drunk and deliberately talk to the cooperation to make a profit.


If the situation is wrong, then I can only abandon the master runner.

In the private hall, I followed the boss, and under the leadership of the waiter, I entered the box.

After hitting me, several sights fell on me. I glanced at it, ah, a lot of acquaintances.

When my dad had not yet went bankrupt, these people often went to my house to visit my dad.

Well now … those sights are not very friendly.

I understand that the down -to -face phoenix is not as good as chickens, especially when I was suppressed by Phoenix, and naturally everyone wanted to step up and step on.

No, someone can’t hold back, "Yo, President Chen changed newcomers today?"

This tone is very greasy.

I glanced at each other and remembered that he was a supplier.One year, he went to my house with a bunch of gifts to find my dad. He wanted to take a supply chain of my dad’s company and was rejected by my dad.

"President Wang said laughed. This is my new secretary. Today, take her to see the world. In the future, I will often deal with you."

"President Chen is humble, but I look at this secretary a little familiar."

As soon as this says, the others immediately coaxed. In this occasion, I was afraid of being lively.

"You said that, I really remembered, no wonder I feel familiar. Isn’t this the Qianlin Group of the former Lin Group."

Laughing sounded one after another.

Holding his hands on the table tightly.

The boss glanced at me and was silent for a long time, and then said, "Since they all know, Kobayashi, give me a sake to President Wang, Wang is always the supplier of our company.

I naturally hear the deep meaning in the words, that is, don’t offend people.


I took a deep breath.

Holding up the wine glass in front of him, he walked towards the proud face.

At this moment, the door of the box was pushed away. After seeing the coming, everyone got up and greeted it, and my sight was on the crowd and the person at the door.

Just outrageous!

It was Zhou Yi, who was sitting around the main position. Well, there is Zhao Xin, who was arranged to sit on his right hand.

Zhou Yi in the main position was high, overlooking all beings, and it turned out that the distance between me and me was so far away.

I gathered an eyebrow.


After some greetings, everyone’s attention fell on me.

"Seeing my nature, I forgot that Miss Lin is about toast. Alas, my wine glass is still empty, and the waiter here is too strong to see."

The squeezing in the words can be heard.

I gritted my teeth, pulled out a smile, and held the waiter who was valuable to see the waiter who saw the valuable wine bottle and poured him wine.

Yu Guangli, I saw Zhou Yi’s face gradually gloom.

My heart was tight, until the Wang Wang suddenly stood up and scolded: "Is there no long eye! How can I pour wine?"

I noticed that President Wang’s pants were dyed by the liquor.


I quickly apologized. When I was going to draw a tissue paper, I heard that Wang Moc -mocking said: "Be a young lady of the Lin Group. People have to learn to recognize the reality. Your dad has no ability.I can’t live, even my wife died in the nursing home because I had no money to treat it. "

After speaking, President Wang realized that the person in the main position looked like the introduction. "President Zhou just returned to China, and he must not know this lady.","

The words of President Wang turned into a scream.


I didn’t hold back, and smashed the ice bucket full of ice cubes directly.

"Oh, I sent home with improper means, I really thought I was a role."


The scene is messy.

President Wang, who was smashed by the ice cubes, had scarlet eyes, and forgot what occasion it was. He directly picked up the stool at hand and smashed it on me.

Between the moment, a dark shadow rushed over and pressed me firmly in my arms.

Just listening to the sound of "的", while President Wang even took a chair to fly out, he pulled the tablecloth.

A crackling crisp sound kept sounding in the box.

I’m dumbfounded!

At this moment, I don’t know who shouted, "General Zhou, you were injured."

Good guy, a group of people immediately came up, Zhao Xin also ran over in panic.

Zhou Yi’s face was indifferent, but he was unconsciously deepened with my strength. He glanced at a middle -aged man in the crowd, and his voice was cold.I’m leaving."

As soon as the words fell, Zhou Yi took me away. The mess in the box and the general man in the ground were gradually left behind.

After leaving the hall, when the wind blows, I was afraid of it later.

If Zhou Yi is not there today, what kind of consequences will I have?Intersection

Thinking of this, I looked at him subconsciously, and then saw that Zhou Yi’s arm became red.


"Zhou Yi, you are injured!"

Zhou Yi laughed and smiled, "So nervous?"


I deliberately ignored the deep meaning in his eyes and stopped a taxi and forcibly stuffed him into the hospital.

Fortunately, the injury is not very serious.

After the disinfection and bandaging, the doctor told some precautions, especially explaining that it could not be dipped in water.

After some toss, Zhou Yi seemed to be a little tired and sat directly on the bench of the hospital hall.

I was holding the medicine aside.

For a long while.

Zhou Yi said slowly: "What do he mean?"


I was staring at the gauze on Zhou Yi’s arm and did not respond for a while.

Zhou Yi frowned and repeated again, "What’s wrong with your parents?"


After thinking about it, I told him the matter of the year, anyway, I couldn’t hide it anyway.

After speaking, Zhou Yi’s face was worse, and his dark eyes were surprised, blame, and so guilty.

I don’t allow it.

So, the next second, I said: "Don’t get me wrong, I really didn’t think for your good idea. On the contrary, at that time, your existence blocked my future. At that time, a man who liked me was willing to help me Qing.Debt, I thought, that’s great, so I promised to marry him. "


"You are really honest."

Zhou Yi gritted his teeth, and the cold on his body aggravated a little.



It’s not so honest.

I guilty.

Looking down at a bunch of medicine in his hand.

After the short silence, Zhou Yi’s slightly ridiculed sound sounded again,

"Since your husband likes you so much, he has cleared his debt for your family.

I secretly rolled a white eye in my heart, a virtual person, and understanding?Intersection

"Zhou Yi, you are a lawyer. How can you remember it well? I didn’t tell you last time. My husband is gone, the tree is overwhelmed, you will not understand this truth."

Zhou Yi?IntersectionIntersection

The teeth were on the jaw, and a rust smell was directly pushed.

It was a silence again.

I glanced at time, anxious, my good child was still waiting for me to tell my story.


I just said, Zhou Yi took the lead, "I’m hungry."



"What do you want to eat, I’ll buy it."

"How do you remember very well, the doctor turned around when he said, and the outside things were not clean,"

Am I special …


"You said, where is the clean."

"your home."



It’s me, I can’t resist the temptation of beauty.

When I returned to God, Zhou Yi was already in front of my house.

"Hurry up and want to starve me?"


I wanted to struggle. As a result, the good child in the door heard the movement, and ran over to open the door, and then a surprise sound sounded.

"Uncle handsome."


Zhou Yi responded, "Lady, let the way."


It seemed very excited, and the little body gave up a word directly to let Zhou Yi go in.

Inside the house, my dad was wore a pair of flower glasses and looked at the news. When he saw Zhou Yi coming in, he froze slightly, but soon reacted.

They are all old foxes, and you can see some cats of cats.

After saying hello, my dad found an excuse to go out and expressed that he would not return.

When I leave, I look at my eyes.


Can’t be cleaned.


Zhou Yi looked around the house, and finally sat on the sofa with satisfactory face.

Looking at this picture, my nose was sour.

Zhou Yi’s eyes suddenly fell at this time. I panicked and fled into the kitchen.

In the living room, from time to time, a low voice was mixed in childhood, and it seemed particularly harmonious.

I pursed my lips, and tried to ignore the strangeness that was breeding in the bottom of my heart. I opened the refrigerator and started to eat cleanly for the uncle in the living room.

Thinking of the quick decision, I simply gave him a bowl of egg noodles. Just a few sons left in the refrigerator to eat the remaining beef, and I was hot and added into the uncle’s noodles.

It smells very fragrant.

When I brought the noodle bowl out, Zhou Yi had already sat on the carpet with a leg, and was buying the newly bought Lego.

What a big child, slap his hands, exaggerate, "Uncle is great!"

Who can resist the rainbow fart from a small white and tender group?Intersection

No one.

Zhou Yi smiled straight to the bottom of his eyes, so a picture of "Father’s Filial Piety".

It’s just a pity …

"I haven’t seen it for a few years, and I don’t change my problems at all."


I don’t know when, Zhou Yi came over, and the long -standing figure stood in front of me.

I was dizzy.

When my ears were hot, I passed the noodle bowl directly, "Eat it."

Zhou Yi didn’t pick it up, and looked at me with a smile. At this time, the great child came over, and looked at me and Zhou Yi with a naive look of crooked her head.

"Mom, uncle might have to feed."


Zhou Yi raised a thumb towards a good child, "really smart."

The son smiled.


This son, she was raised.

With a bowl of noodles, I fed Zhou Yi’s mouth one by one, and there was a small head on the opposite side looking at me and Zhou Yi with my eyes.

Where can I eat noodles? I am clearly eating my patience.

Fortunately, someone knows how to see it and stop the loss in time.

"It’s finished."

I started to make a guest order.

Zhou Yi didn’t speak, just looked at me and looked at me.

I gritted my teeth, "Don’t be too much, there are two rooms in my house, there is no place for you to sleep."

I didn’t wait for Zhou Yi to speak, and a child saw a stitched needle, "Mom, mother, uncle can sleep with me, my bed is big."


Is the father and son nature?Intersection

I have never seen my son so enthusiastic about others.

"Mom, can you?"

The son looked at me carefully, and his eyes were all looking forward to it.


"All right."

Next second.


There was a splatter cheer, and then the son took Zhou Yi’s big hand, "Uncle, there are a lot of toys in my room, and a picture book bought by my mother, I will take you to see, go."

In this way, the big child took Zhou Yitou and left my sight without returning.



Son, your mother is still messy in the wind, you look back.

I sat on the sofa for a long time until Zhou Yi gently came out of the room.

The atmosphere of the living room was a lot calmly.

"My son is asleep?"

Zhou Yi nodded, "Find me the clothes of your husband, I promised him, and I had to sleep with him at night."


Too much.

His son has been independent since he was a child, especially after the kindergarten, and he asked to sleep with me.

But now …

I am jealous.

Moreover, where do I go to Zhou Yi to find clothes?Intersection

So I pretend to be silent.

Until the sofa sinking down, he stunned, Zhou Yi stretched his arms with his long arms, holding his hand on the back of the sofa, as if I was embraced in my arms by him.

My face was red.

"Zhou Yi, what are you doing?"

"Xiao Yan."


The reinforced fortress in my heart was severely cut off by a hammer.

I was still in a period of love, Zhou Yi liked to hold me on the sofa, and then buried it in my neck, chaotic, and called me "Xiao Yan" over and over again.Itchy and crispy.

I arrived at Zhou Yi’s gradually closer chest. "Zhou Yi, don’t mess up, I also have a wife."


The atmosphere is stagnant.

Zhou Yi sank, and the next second, he sat straight.

"Then please, you have a husband, help guests find a suit."


I didn’t move.

Zhou Yi snorted, "Why are you afraid of seeing things and thinking, there is no husband at home?"

In the words, there is something to point out.

I laughed, "Why not, it’s not my husband staying in the evening that I have to hold sleeping."

Zhou Yi stunned, if my eyes could be killed, I would probably have died at this moment.

After a moment of stalemate, Zhou Yi exhaled deeply, and then got up and picked up the phone to make a phone call.

Within half an hour, my door bell rang.

A young man wearing glasses came in with a bag.

"President Zhou, what you want."


Zhou Yi raised his chin towards him, and the man put the bag on the coffee table, and then the two went to the balcony.

I pursed my lips and glanced back, quietly returned to the room and locked the door.

This night, I slept very fragrant.



Early the next morning, I quietly opened my son’s door. On the bed, I slept with a big nickname, and my little feet stretched to Zhou Yi’s face.

This scene, I dare not dream.

Just when I put Xiaomi porridge on the table, I saw a large and small line into the bathroom.

The look of sleepy eyes, cute, I took out my phone and clicked.

When I had breakfast, Zhou Yi’s mobile phone rang. He glanced and got up and went to the balcony again.

The son took a sip of milk and asked me whispered, "Mom, I still want to sleep with my uncle tonight."

I was peeled with an egg, "I like my uncle so much, my mother will be sad."

Next second.

"I don’t want to think."

Where will the children cover up their emotions, the little face is full of sadness and disappointment at this moment.

When I was thinking about comforting, Zhou Yi came back after making a call. He was a lawyer and naturally had an extraordinary observation. So, "Are you bullying?"

Am I special …

The egg in his hand almost smashed his face.

"Uncle, you can’t like you in the future, you can’t sleep with you."


Listen, this aggrieved voice.

I feel that I am not forgive!

Zhou Yi glanced at me deeply, "Even if you are a child’s guardian, you can’t deprive him of the right to make friends."


Is this a united front?Intersection

I glanced at Zhou Yi fiercely, and then looked at my son with a kind look.

The son nodded and ate the breakfast in the bowl silently.

Today, Zhou Yi seemed to be extraordinarily busy, and the phone continued to call in the morning.

After a hurry to eat breakfast, Zhou Yi left.

After sending my son to the kindergarten, I received a call from the boss, about yesterday’s dinner.

After experiencing these two incidents, I have already thought about it, I don’t find a job.

I decided to do it alone!

Seven -digit deposits in your hand can happen as my startup funds.

I made up my mind, and I went to the company first and left the job.

From the boss’s mouth, I knew that President Wang’s life is very bad now, and the company is almost acquired. I am afraid that the last game is worse than my dad.

I smiled, and I left after a few words of perfunctory.

When I got home, I told my thoughts with my dad. My dad came over. Although I did not contact the mall again over the years, I have always been related to current affairs.

Just like the general direction I want to go, from the media.

My dad analyzed me in combination with what he usually saw, and finally came to a conclusion. This path is feasible!



Half half a month passed.

With a carefully conceived short video, I officially launched the first shot of entrepreneurship.

In the era of short videos, a little bit of ravioli was dug lightly with a cup.

Because I was too busy during this time, my dad completely took over the intention of clothing and food, and was very happy every time he came back.

At the beginning, I didn’t care. After all, the account operation had just improved. Of course, I was ironing while it was hot.

But gradually, I found abnormalities.

On this day, my fans have exceeded one million. I went to the mall and wanted to choose some gift draws to send it out.

As a result, when I was passing by a playground, I saw the three familiar figures inside.

My dad was sitting on a chair and drinking coffee leisurely. My good child was held by Zhou Yi’s dog, and the two were playing space sand.

Good guy.

I almost sprayed my old blood.

Looking at the smile on my son’s face, I was mixed, and I couldn’t get out of the pace.

In the end, I hurriedly picked a few gifts and returned home.

The same point as usual, my dad came back with his son.

As soon as I entered the door, my dad seemed to notice that the atmosphere was wrong. Instead, my son, holding a robot toy in his hand, and stuck it seriously.

"Intent, go to the room to play, grandpa wants to talk to my mother."


As soon as the door was closed, my dad first issued a person, "What’s wrong, this face, have you encountered difficulties?"

"Well, internal worry."


"I still bite the text with your dad? Talk about it."

"Dad, why do you hide from me?"

"Xiao Yan, I also ask you too."


Well, Jiang is still old, and under my dad’s eyes, I am silent.

"Xiao Yan, the relationship between blood is that you keep cutting, otherwise, you will not give up so much because you and your mother at first."

Dad’s voice was mixed with a little guilty, my eyes were red,

"Dad, don’t say that, these years, I am very happy, have you, intention, really."

"Xiao Yan, Dad doesn’t force you, because Dad believes that there are some things, you will deal with it well, but intentionally, he needs a man’s company. At this stage, Zhou Yi is the best candidate."

When saying this, my dad has a long -term focus.


Thinking of Zhao Xin, I was about to speak, and a rushed phone ringtone interrupted my thoughts.

Unfamiliar number?Intersection

Press the answer, "Hello, is it Ms. Lin Yan?"

"I am."


This is the case. A video I created was reported by a blogger’s fan because she liked up to millions of than one million.Then I also gave the blogger privately. After the other party read it, I sent me a lawyer’s letter so that I apologized for plagiarism.

I am very speechless.

The time I published was clearly before her, and those copywriting and contents of the baldness stayed up late. Why did she copy her?Intersection

So, I refused, the call was called by the other lawyer.

After talking about almost ten minutes, I disappeared again.

"What’s wrong?"

My dad was worried, so I probably talked about things.

My dad listened. When he patted the table, "How did this reason, it turned up the black and white, who had no lawyer’s friend, Xiao Yan, called Zhou Yi."

Lawyer friend?IntersectionIntersection

My dad has always been fierce. For a moment, my mobile phone had been taken out by my dad, and a series of numbers were pressed out by my dad.

The ringtone rang for a few seconds, and my dad said about it, and then heard a low -magnetic sound in the mobile phone sounded.

"Uncle, I’m here."

My dad hung up the phone with satisfaction.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang, and my dad opened the door in person.

He changed his clothes. He was wearing a casual dress in the playground. At this moment, he was wearing a black suit and a tie tied between his necks.

I immediately moved away. For so many years, my resistance to Zhou Yimei’s beauty was still weak.

"Xiao Yan, Zhou Yi is here, what’s the situation to tell him again, I will go back first. After playing for a day, I am very tired."


Talking, my dad ran away after changing his shoes.

That health, I really didn’t see that he was tired!

Zhou Yi took off the suit jacket, pulled the tie between the neck, put it on the sofa together, looked at it from this perspective, and just saw a sexy arc that was raised in his throat, and evenZhou Yi shouted several times before I reacted.

Looking at each other, I saw Zhou Yi’s eyes.

"What do you miss, so in God, huh?"

The familiar smell rushed over. I stabilized my mind, told him in detail, and took out the two videos to see him.

"The problem is not big, I’ll deal with it."

A warm current in my heart slowly flowed.

"Xiao Yan, I just met, I haven’t eaten yet."



In the kitchen, with a grateful heart, I gave up the idea of just sitting only a bowl of noodles. I really chose a few ingredients from the refrigerator and started cooking Zhou Yi.

In the breath of fireworks, from time to time, Zhou Yi called the sound of calling, listening to the content, as if communicating with the other party’s lawyer.

Zhou Yi at work was just like two people who were lazy before.

With a sound of "呲", the pan was fried, my hand shake, and the shovel was thrown directly on the ground.

As soon as I shook myself, a dark shadow had already come over, and pulled my hand directly under the faucet and rinsed. "How many times have you told you, don’t be in a daze when you work, how can you remember it for a long time?"

Obviously blame, I heard the pets and affection inside.

My heart was soft, and the other hand covered the back of Zhou Yi without listening.

"Zhou Yi."

Zhou Yi was stiff, and his words stopped abruptly.

Then, it was out of control.


Zhou Yi’s deep eyebrows overflowed between the deep eyebrows, and the falling lips were even more fierce, eager, and longed for.

I feel that I will be crushed against the waist of Liu Lidai …

Until a "mother" sounded, my pace came out of reason, and I didn’t know where to come back. I pushed Zhou Yi away and turned back to him.

The son was holding a happy way out of the room.

Xu was halfway, and after seeing Zhou Yi, his son’s voice was raised a few decibels. "Uncle, you see, you gave me Lego, I spent it, I spelled it myself."


Zhou Yi glanced at Lego in his hands, "It is awesome, and the next time my uncle bought you a greater, more difficult and time -consuming one."

My face flushed.

Where can Lin Yi heard the deep meaning of the adult’s words and was so happy to clap.

"Mom, why is your face so red, is it hot?"


Zhou Yi laughed, hugged his son, and tone, "Your mother has just ate deliciously, excited."

I looked at the fierce look.

Lin Yi frowned, not understanding, more complicated than Lego.

"Go, don’t disturb your mother, let’s go back to the room, uncle to play with you."




Without interference, dinner is done quickly, three vegetables and one soup.

On the dining table, three tablets of chopsticks, three people, they are happy, and Lin Yi children eat half a bowl of rice than usual.

As for Zhou Yi, he swept a table.

After meals, I washed the dishes, and Zhou Yi actively contracted the work of bathing for Lin Yi.

When I washed the bowl and standing at the door of the bathroom, I only heard a burst of laughter inside. It was never before when I was alone with my son. I suddenly remembered the words my dad said.I should tell Zhou Yi clearly …

With Zhou Yi, this absurd plagiarism was soon resolved.

The opponent’s blogger pushed a video of an apology. There were a few radical fans who were very happy to accept it. They even intensified the private letter and threatened me.

So, I taught them the truth of being a human being. After all, even if they were across a network cable, they would be responsible for their actions.


I told those fans together.



Three months later, my short video account fans officially exceeded 10 million, and finally I was worthy of my efforts and cloak of hard work.

As my career steps to the right track, I realize that it is time to expand my team. During this period, I rented a studio. Zhou Yi gave me a lot of suggestions and helped me a lot, especially the legal consultant.This one.

Zhou Yi was almost given in vain.


It was not exactly that Zhou Yi began to enter and leave my house freely with the title of the consultant.

The reason is that my dad is old and inconvenient.


As if he was born.

But but there has been no news on the housekeeping company. Every time I asked, I said that the aunt was more nervous recently.


Some things to be made clear, and as my busyness was put on hold, every time I want to speak, either Zhou Yi is busy or I am busy.

Until someone came to the door.

When someone was looking for me, I thought which manufacturer was it?

After inviting people to the office, Zhao Xin looked around, and the small office was filled with samples sent by various manufacturers.

For a long while, Zhao Xin saw enough, but the touch of his eyes was not completely hidden.

After the short silence, Zhao Xin opened the door to see the mountain. "During this time, Zhou Yi pushed a lot of projects. Everyone was speculating, thinking that Zhou Yi was controlling projects that could bring greater benefits. Oh, as a result, he was giving such a oneDo free consultants in the unknown studio. "


I didn’t speak.

Through this time, I slowly knew why those people respect Zhou Yi so much.

It turned out that Zhou Yi was not only a lawyer at the Law Firm. He originally created a BP Group in foreign countries and a well -known investment company.

In four years, he stood at the peak.

"You come, just to tell me this."

"of course not."

Zhao Xin in front of him is still proud.

"I want to tell you, I like Zhou Yi, earlier than you like it. In the past four years, I am with Zhou Yi, watching how he walked step by step to today’s position.

"Lin Yan, you can’t match him, no matter before or now.

"I come to you today, I just want to tell you that I will no longer hide my heart. For Zhou Yi, I am willing to let go of pride."


I heard the point, that is, so far, Zhou Yi and her are not a couple relationship. The two are just colleagues?Intersection

I looked at Zhao Xin, and my mouth was loud, "Thank you."

Because of you, Zhou Yi and I are about to start a more beautiful life.

Zhao Xin?IntersectionIntersection


"Honestly, before you came to me, I once felt that you and Zhou Yi were the best. At the airport, I watched you enter the boarding gate by myself, and I even made up countless you and Zhou Yi in a foreign country.Picture. "


Zhao Xin was slightly stunned.

"Zhao Xin, thank you for coming to me, let me know that in the four years when I was absent, there were no other women around Zhou Yi, but I also broke my thoughts. In this way, I will no longer look forward to it.Consistent. "

"Lin … Lin … Lin Yan, do you have to entangle him like a university?"

Zhao Xin was stuttered.

I laughed, "No way, I have thick skin, I can’t think of other ways except this method.

"Zhao Xin, I admit that when I was still a young lady before, I did not match the last week. But now, I don’t think I can’t match it. I am working hard. I am also growing up.For four years, maybe I have a reputation than Zhou Yi. "


Obviously, Zhao Xin was shocked by me.

After a while, a word came out, "Lin Yan, don’t you be afraid of Zhou Yi hate you?"


Why not fear.


I squinted my eyes, the tone was a bit brisk, "I have a chip!"

Zhao Xin?IntersectionIntersection


When I got home at night, the door opened, and a scent of scent passed over. When my mouth was grinned, I walked in lightly, and when I walked to the living room, I heard the big and small conversation in the kitchen.

"Intent, how about I will be a dad in the future?"


"Don’t you like uncle?"

"No, my dad is miserable."


Zhou Yi obviously stunned.

The next second, the sound of so big sound sounded again.

"Every time I ask my mother and dad, the answer I get is different. Once I said that Dad couldn’t find it, once I said that Dad was caught by the aliens when I went out to buy toys.Once I said that my dad fell into the toilet and was rushed to the sea by water.

"Uncle, don’t be my dad, or next time I ask my mother where you go, my mother will blink again and lie to me."


I was in place. It turned out that the clown was myself and my son knew.

"Intent, do you want a dad?"

"I don’t want to, because my mother is the best mother in the world. She is a superman. She is even worse than many children’s father."

The crisp sound was firm and echoed in the entire living room.


Superman mother is broken!

twenty one

I was about to step forward, and I was so sensible in my arms, and when Zhou Yi’s voice sounded again.

"Intent, my uncle has a secret to tell you."

I stepped up.

"What secret?"

"In fact, my uncle has a son, but his mother is disobedient. He has a temper with his uncle. He leaves his uncle with his uncle’s son. Uncle is now coaxing her. Do you have any good way to help your uncle?"

"This is simple. When I mess with my mother, I hug her very hard, and then kiss her, and my mother will laugh happily. Uncle can hug her like this and kiss her."

"Really a good idea, I do n’t want to see what my uncle’s son looks like?"


"Say, uncle shows you."


I always feel that something is wrong, there is no sound in the kitchen, I put it in step by step, and then I saw two small heads of small heads squeezed together.

For a long time, my son raised his head. In the next second, I saw Zhou Yi holding a mobile phone on his hand, but the screen of the phone was on the screen.

In the screen, only my son.

I’m … dumbfounded.


The son saw me and suddenly rushed to my arms.

I’m so big, you are shocked.

I didn’t expect the dog men’s routine.


Zhou Yi knows?Intersection

When did I know, my dad said?Intersection

In the kitchen, the atmosphere was silent.

"Mom, my uncle said I was his son."

For a long while, the son raised his head, like Zhou Yi’s eyes full of expectations.

Unexpectedly, this moment came so suddenly.

In the little pupil of my son, the picture I nodded slowly.

Next second.

"Yeah, I have a dad, my dad found it, my dad was released by the aliens, and my dad finally came back from the sea!"

I am angry, the bunny cub, really raised, here I will be my army!

Last week, Yiyi looked like a smile, my face was "唰", and it was red.

I thought Zhou Yi would ask me what, as a result, people were calm, and they continued to make dinner in the kitchen with their sleeves.

The more he is, the more I feel like the frog cooking in warm water.

After dinner, Zhou Yi hugged his son into the house and successfully replaced my status of storytelling.

I was uneasy in the room. After thinking about it, I decided to lock the door of the room. After all, the night was quiet and should not talk about things.

As a result, I just walked to the door and pulled me into my arms directly. At the same time, the door was kicked.

"Zhou Yi …"

The familiar breath surrounds me tightly. In front of me, Zhou Yi’s healthy chest, behind the hard and cool walls behind me.

"Xiao Yan, I like my intentions very much, I like it when I see it at first glance."


"Stupid Xiao Yan, if you have seen a photo of my childhood, you know how much intention is to me."


"Xiao Yan, intentionally, as long as I hug you and kiss you, you can coax, huh?"

I finally knew where it was wrong. I fell into the pit, and I dug it by my son, Iron, and Iron.

twenty two

During speaking, the hot breath sprayed all of them on my neck, ears, cheeks, and where the breath was wet.

"Zhou Yi, don’t, let’s talk well."



At the same time, the hands and mouth are not idle …

In the hot breath, I completely softened.

I never think that the night is so long!


After the chaotic chaos, I was lying in Zhou Yi’s arms. Zhou Yi stroked my back gently, rubbing my back, and the low voice slowly told the four years of his abroad.Pile pile pieces.

Listening, my eyelids gradually pulled down, and the last moment of the consciousness dispersed was Zhou Yi’s lingering "Xiao Yan, I love you".


Zhou Yi and I were together.

After my dad knew, his eyes were red, and he immediately ran to my mother’s tomb and told her the good news.

On the day when Zhou Yi was ready to receive a certificate, I received a call from Zhao Xin.

Knowing some Zhou Yi will never tell me.

For example, in the first year of abroad, Zhou Yi knew about my family. Therefore, he made money day and night, and pushed himself into the hospital, but still sent the money to me in the name of a friend.

In the second year, Zhou Yi began to start a business. During that time, it was the hardest time in his life. He almost climbed up hardships. Sometimes he was difficult to bleed by customers and had stomach bleeding, but in the hospitalThere is only one sentence that murmured in his mouth, "Xiao Yan, wait for me."

In the third year, the era of Zhou Yi came. With the help of a close friend abroad, Zhou Yi founded BP, Bright Pearl, which means a bright pearl. In the same year, the domestic Law Firm was quietly established.

In the fourth year, everything was ready, and Zhou Yi couldn’t help but want to regain the heart of the lost pearl again. He returned to China and gave it to his best friend, and returned to the Ming Dynasty.A lawyer.

At the same time, for that pearl, he woven a silk net intentionally and approached her step by step.

I held my phone and wet my face.

I suspected that Zhao Xin was intentional. I knew that I got my certificate today, but I still had to call me this call, which made me cry.

For a long while, Zhao Xin’s voice sounded, "Lin Yan, I lost, don’t be proud, I didn’t lose to you. I just lost to Zhou Yi’s love for you. Zhou Yi loved you deeper than you thought."

"Thank you, Zhao Xin."

"Huh, thank me, I won’t bless you either."


Zhao Xin hung up the phone.

This proud woman!

When Zhou Yi came out of the room with a hukou book, he saw my crying face. I rushed to his arms, more enthusiastic than ever.

Zhou Yi was stunned, for a while, his breath was messy.

I nodded, "Then don’t you feel soft."


From the Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhou Yi did not have the same law of unparalleled law.

He smirked the two red books, and immediately held my hand immediately after laughing, put it lightly above the red book, and took out his mobile phone to click.

I am echoed, "I want to take a picture."

"Not nostalgic."


"I announced on all social software that I am a married person. In the future, I am a well -known Lin Yan husband."


The eye circles are red again.

"Zhou Yi, I love you!"

The confession was caught off guard. Zhou Yi, who was originally edited by the text, was obviously a meal, his head was shocked and looked at me with joy.

"Wife, talk about it again."

I held Zhou Yi’s face and gently printed a kiss on the corner of his lips.

"Husband I love you!"


I love him, I have a lifetime that makes Zhou Yi feel that my love is not less than him!


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