Take a few slices of ginger in the morning and take some medicine at night, which is very helpful to drive the cold

Recently, there are many respiratory diseases, with several reasons, but in the process of understanding the history, there are many factors that have air -conditioned cold.Because there will be a hot period of time in the day, but it still seems colder.At this time, how can we not be able to bear this hot, turn on the air conditioner early.It is easy to be cold and cold, and the body feels exogenous.

Why are there always people who are afraid of heat early, and people can’t bear the cold?This is the result of gasification disorders in the body. The constitution that is afraid of heat is either indeed yang. People are full of yang. They can hit a few rolls without cold when they throw them in the snow.But there are also hot, that is, the kidney essence is not hidden, and it can’t be hidden.Many people asked, the director, I am a yin deficiency or yang deficiency.If you simply look at yin deficiency and heat, yang deficiency is afraid of cold.But in fact, we have better kidney qi, because the four major functions of kidney qi are first based on closed collection.As long as it can be hidden, the function of the kidney can naturally play its role.

The hot constitution is that there are too many kidney qi loss, which causes it to hide it anymore. It depends on the individual differences in the development of the cold and the development of the hot heat.The yin essence is insufficient, and it is not collected, and the natural dryness is obvious.It shows that sweating is particularly a lot, especially sweaty. Sleeping at night is also sweating and sleeping. The waist and knees are weak and weak, and the spiritual heads are basically sleepy.The two eyes with insufficient yin essence have no light. If the essence is insufficient, the pupil is not gathered.Therefore, virtual annoyance, hot and unbearable.

Unbearable cold is what we often see everyday.Because of the increasing things to hurt the yang, the loss of the loss in the kidneys.That true Yang is the basis of yang, but it still relies on the closure of the kidney.Therefore, don’t talk about kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency. This is all done later, that is, the set of Zhang Jingyue, judging by the symptoms, rather than the physiological state of the "Nei Jing".In fact, it seems to have developed, but it is separated.

Many of the we see are afraid of cold and heat. Isn’t this a pathogenic machine that meets the hidden dysfunction of the kidneys?

Actual Chinese medicine see a certain disease, such as the respiratory tract problem talked about Western medicine, asthma, and emphysema.It must be completed by solving the overall gasification.If it is simply not enough to declare lungs, phlegm, etc., it is not enough.The entire "Treatment of Febrile Diseases" is talking about qi, and the entire "Inner Classic" is talking about physiology, and the unity of heaven and man.We are now looking for a long distance, and what diseases are to do.All the diseases are the pathological embodiment of cough, sputum, and so on we are now showing a pathological problem of physiological problems. The physiological physiology we have, and is restored according to the physiological perspective of Chinese medicine. Isn’t this a method of healing?

This climate this year is relatively abnormal, so it should not be hot when it is hot. As a result, some of the constitutions that originally needed the warmth of the sun could not get the Fuyang.If the yang is weak, the waterway system is disordered and the haze is raging.A few days ago, I told the patient that the sun is now particularly needed, and at this time, there is no time to bask in the sun.Instead, it was a bit of the air conditioner, and it was cold.Obviously it is the hotness in the body.

Based on this period of climate change, the syndrome differentiation is a person with cold constitution and wet and cold.You can eat a few slices of ginger in the morning, and you can cook some ginger water.Do not use ginger powder, it is obvious that the stomach is not good.Ginger is fresh ginger, and dry ginger is dried by the ginger base with more than a few years, and the effect is different.Ginger goes on the table, scattered the surface of cold and stomach qi.It is through reducing surface cold, thereby reducing the effects of cold on the stomach qi.I said about the cold, sneezing, hiccups, and qi.Dry ginger is more thick. If the cold is obvious, go directly to buy some dry ginger to eat.One is to relieve the spicy ginger, and the other is to enhance the temperature of ginger.Eating ginger will be put in the morning. With the gas of Tianyang, ginger must not be eaten at night.

Yam is a hardcore yam. The rough is not good. It is good to buy iron rod yam.You can wash it, steam it with fur, eat each meal for a while, and it is okay to be a staple food.Yam can nourish the lungs, strengthen the spleen, and the kidney is a good food.

Ginger in the morning, yam at night.It is necessary to persist. There will be no great changes in the past and a half, but some will be immediate. Specific depending on the person, depending on the constitution.Just don’t pursue fast and effective, and you will have good changes in long -term persistence.

In addition, for the cold physique, cinnamon powder is also very good, soak in water.In response to the current characteristics of the solar terms, we should find a way to boost yang and Fuyang solid.In the winter disease, the summer treatment is Futian. Before Futian, we can beat the foundation. At that time, we can have a more powerful Fuyang solid.

A yang is sufficient, lung yang, spleen yang, and kidney yang filling, then the body is like sputum, water and wet, and these secretions will inevitably disappear.Our airway, valley roads, and waterways can be unhindered.Conversely, sputum, dampness, and edema.

In addition, drinking less porridge is also aimed at the constitution that does not divert qi, inadequate in Zhongyang.Other constitutions can drink porridge normally.All foods are also the truth, and there are prerequisites.If any food is good, it must be based on this constitution.Don’t rush to know nutrition without asking your constitution.This constitution is provided based on a large number of clinical, and it is different from the constitution of nutrition.

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