Take taboo medicines in different periods of pregnancy can cause different effects, pregnant mothers please keep in mind

If you take taboo drugs in the early stages of pregnancy, it is very dangerous, and it may also affect the fetus, but the degree of affected is affected by many different factors, such as taking the dose of the drug, the physical fitness of the mother, the degree of embryonic development,Wait, you cannot easily predict.

Below, we focus on the effects of taboo drugs on the fetus during the different periods of pregnancy.

(1) Within 14 days after fertilization

At this time, the effects of drugs on the fetus are divided into two extremes, either cause abortion or no effect at all.Therefore, during this period, taboo drugs were misused, so there is no need to worry about the fetus deformity or artificial abortion.

(2) Within 15 to 56 days after fertilization

This period is a period of differentiation of embryos, and the fetal limbs and internal organs have begun to grow.At this time, medication has the greatest impact on the fetus, which is very easy to cause fetal malformation.Therefore, at this stage, you must take medicine at this stage.

(3) Within 57 days to 84 days of pregnancy

Although the drugs have a great impact on the fetus during this period, they cannot take it lightly.This is a period of perfection of the fetal organs. Fingers, toes, and other parts begin to grow. If the medication is improper, it may also cause fetal malformations.

Mom can judge the taboos in which period of about which period, and increase the intensity of prenatal examination to ensure the health of the baby.

Moms need to check the fetus’s body, limbs, organs, and internal organs within the time period of twelve to 20 weeks of pregnancy.It is not affected by the drug.

To do Tang’s screening within 15 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, check the intellectual development of the fetus to ensure that a smart baby can be given to.

If the child has some disability, you can only endure love and terminate your pregnancy.After all, if a child with inappropriateness is given, it will not only cause pain to the child, but also bring pain to themselves and their families.

If there is no problem with the test results, you can prepare and welcome a new life.

Here, it is still recommended that women should be careful of medication. It is best to consult a doctor in taking drugs after intended to conceive and follow the doctor’s advice.

At the same time, it is also recommended that women can usually strengthen exercise and create a strong physique.If there is no pain, there will be no need to take medicine, then there will be no risk of taking the wrong medicine.And a strong physique can also reduce the impact of taboo drugs on the fetus. In this way, there is still room for saving after taking the wrong drug.

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