TCM acupuncture to help pregnancy, no longer the incense of the wall in the wall

Remember a few years ago, a woman who had been diagnosed with premature ovarian favors came to prepare for pregnancy. She was originally preparing to be IVF in the United States. Later, before the formal promotion, the American doctor suggested that she go to acupuncture to improve the ovarian function, and then start to start.EssenceAs a result, chances to return to our country and found us. After three menstrual cycle acupuncture treatment, they were naturally pregnant.This case made me remember. At that time, the feeling of was surprised. Foreign doctors actually recognized the role of acupuncture in improving female reproductive endocrine. At that time, many domestic doctors still held negative opinions.No wonder many people say: Acupuncture is now flowing outside the wall.

In the past two years, more and more women who have been admitted to the clinic for various reasons have been admitted to women who have not been able to conceive smoothly for various reasons. Most of them are women who come to prepare for pregnancy through Chinese medicine acupuncture through friends.I clearly feel that everyone’s recognition of Chinese medicine acupuncture for pregnancy is getting higher and higher.

Today, let’s talk about pregnancy.

Data show that the incidence of infertility in China is as high as 10-15%, which means that there is an infertility in every eight couples.

Speaking of conception, it is a complex and coordinated physiological process that requires time, geographical, and people to succeed.First of all, it is necessary to discharge the normal and mature eggs from the ovaries. You can meet and combine with sperm through the fallopian tube and become a fertilized egg fertilized egg. You can successfully arrive at the uterine cavity. The endometrium is fully prepared and suitable for the fertilized eggs.After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the embryo should develop smoothly, and there is no abortion or fetal stop.

In this way, we can finally give birth to a healthy and healthy baby.

After understanding this process, we can probably know:

1. The problem of fallopian tubes, such as fallopian tubes.

2. Ovulation disorders, for example, the follicles of the polycystic ovary are not long, small follicles, and follicles are not discharged, directly lock up, etc.

3. The endometrium environment is not good, such as uterine fibroids, poor endometrial blood flow, and thin endometrium after multiple abortion, and so on.

4, abnormal cervical mucus, such as abnormal cervical secretions, sperm is blocked, and so on.

In short, pregnancy is like planting crops, seeds, soils, and nutrients.

For example, the example of the infertility of polycystic ovary is that the female patient is 34 years old. She has not been pregnant five years after marriage. She has done three ovulation and no conception.Later, I came to the clinic and wanted to try Chinese medicine and acupuncture to condition for pregnancy.

She is a typical fat polygon, and menstruation is always pushed back, with a menstruation for the longest half a year.When I came to the clinic, I had no menstruation for two months. I always felt that the waist and abdomen were afraid of cold, and the complexion was dull.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, she belongs to the typical spleen and kidney yang deficiency, phlegm and dampness.According to her situation, she formulated a acupuncture conditioning plan for her according to different stages of menstruation.Starting from the four periods of follicle, ovulation, luteum, and menstrual periods, different acupuncture points are selected according to the changes in body qi and blood and yin and yang in different periods.

For polycysts, follicles are not long, and ovulation disorders are the biggest problems.For fat polycysts, the sputum is too strong, which will inhibit the growth and excretion of follicles.Therefore, in the follicle period, promoting follicle growth is the primary task.The body during the follicle period is in the state of yin and blood deficiency.Acupuncture can promote follicle growth through the HPO axis of the hypothalamus, the HPO shaft of the ovary, and the blood of acupuncture acupuncture, while nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

Of course, for women with abnormal ovarian function and ovulation disorders, we have found that many people have the performance of excessive abdominal pressure and abnormal gastrointestinal function at the same time.Therefore, at the same time, you need to decompress the abdominal cavity. This requires the tension of the abdominal wall through acupuncture to release the tension of the abdominal wall, reduce the gastrointestinal squeezing the ovaries, and enable the ovaries to better play its own functions. At this timeAcupoints such as 等, pulse, and Wushu, but the depth of acupuncture must be controlled, just stabbed the muscle surface.After this treatment, it will be found that the patient’s gastrointestinal function can be significantly improved, and the abdominal distension and constipation will be reduced.

After about 20 days after this patient, through the measurement of the basic body temperature and the monitoring of B -ultrasound, the first menstrual cycle of conditioning found that a follicle has grown into an advantageous follicles, which is about 1.8mm.The treatment of ovulation during ovulation, through the technique of thorns such as Sanyinjiao, uterine and other acupoints, promote the discharge of follicles.After two days, the follicles are discharged. At the same time in the ovulation period, the patient is instructed to the same room, and then enters the treatment of the luteal stage. The luteal stage needs to warm the kidney to help the yang to improve the luteal function and provide a good endometrium environment for the fertilized eggs.The luteal period generally increases the cooperation of needle+moxibustion.Fortunately, after 14 days of body temperature in this patient, early pregnancy test strips appeared positive and showed conception.Later, a baby girl was successfully gave birth to a baby girl.

After about forty days of treatment, this polycystic infertility patients were successfully conceived.Although this patient is effective in polycystic treatment, there are many polycystic treatment cycles longer than this.However, from the perspective of the treatment ideas, the reason for such a fast effect depends on the physiological changes in the four periods of the women’s menstrual cycle throughout the menstrual cycle. At the same time, it takes into account the adjustment of the pressure of the abdominal cavity.The influence of each other, if the abdominal wall muscles are tight and the abdominal pressure is high, not only the gastrointestinal function is affected, but at the same time, the normal function of the ovary and uterus will also be limited.Therefore, it is also important to improve the normal function of the ovarian and uterus.

In clinical practice, through this method, it can also effectively improve many problems such as ovulation obstacles, poor endometrium environment, and lack of luteal function in women’s conception. It has a good effect on solving female infertility.

At the same time, acupuncture is also a pure green, non -invasive therapy, which is worthy of clinical promotion and use.

Finally, I want to say a word to the women who are preparing for pregnancy. If you are on the way to pregnancy, you may wish to try the green Chinese medicine acupuncture to help.Finally, I wish a female friend who wants to be a mother.

Regarding the things and methods of traditional Chinese medicine for pregnancy, if you have good experience and cases, you are also welcome to share in the message area, and I am looking forward to learning and progress with you.

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