Teach you how to look at the test sheet during pregnancy


I tell you that the arrows on the test form are not necessarily problems.Some are mild or reduced during pregnancy.Some of it has no real meaning, and it has nothing to do with pregnancy.That is to say, it has nothing to do with obstetrics.For example, white blood cells and neutral cells in the blood routine will slightly increase after pregnancy.For example, urine sugar in routine urine has no significance of diagnosis, not to say that you are diabetes positive.There are also bacteria in the urine routine.There are many reasons, including the method of your specimen is incorrect, is it insufficient urine in the middle.

There are also adjacent urethra and vagina, and it is easy to have pollution of vaginal secretions.It is not to say that bacteria in the urine is bacterial urine, or urinary tract infection.There are also epithelial cells.Isn’t that normal?Whose vaginal urethra has no epithelial cells?Another example is in the coagulation function.

The second cluster, fibrin is also slightly increased after pregnancy.And with the increase of the gestational week, there will be a different degree of progress, as long as the problem is not large within the normal range.

For example, uric acid in kidney skills is also a physiological elevation after pregnancy, as well as muscle liver in the kidney skills.There may be a mild reduction after pregnancy.

There is also a few northerners. You have to go through a winter cat winter. Vitamin D must be low. It depends on to what level you are.

Have you noticed it?Sometimes I tell you that there are problems, and you need to pay attention to the items.There is no arrow behind it. For example, transaminase, the patients with hepatitis B are close to 40, then you must pay attention to whether he will continue to rise next time.For example, the total bile acid, you are close to the upper limit at more than 9 o’clock.I want to tell you that you must pay attention to the review next time.The most typical is platelets. Some people’s platelets are more than 130 and 120. The normal value is marked with 125 later, but we ask pregnant women to be above 150, below 150, we will diagnose the decrease in pregnancy and platelets.The meaning is different.

So when you decrease, you must tell you that you have to pay attention to review and pay attention to its changes.Therefore, the test sheet, especially the test sheet during pregnancy, does not necessarily have arrows. There is a problem, nor is it normal that it is normal without arrows.Don’t see the arrows frightened.

There was once a patient. Every time the test sheet was opened, I saw an arrow on myself, and checked it on the Internet. Without an arrow, it thought it was normal. You are really amazing.What I want to say is that if you have no ability, you will listen to the doctor.So don’t be okay, just hold the percentage of the percentage of the eosinophilic granulocytes, and what is the Y jigslase?V glutamyl transit enzyme.And the y glutamyl metastases, why did it increase?Then I don’t know, byebyebyebye by, byebye.

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