Tell my boyfriend, I’m pregnant, see what he reacts, most men answered very much

When you are pregnant before marriage, your boyfriend must be a parent -child identification. If you are a woman, how to decide.

This is a question raised by a visitor on Zhihu: I am pregnant, but my boyfriend wants to do parent -child identification. Should I accept it?

The woman inference was that when she was on vacation with her boyfriend, it happened to catch up with her ovulation period, probably at this time.For two months, her boyfriend has always wanted to do parent -child identification. She feels that there will be no sense of trust?

Should it accept and cause discussion of netizens:

Some say that girls should take the initiative to take the initiative, and you are not afraid of derailment, what are you afraid of;

Some say that the man also needs a sense of security. The man is really not sure if it is his own child, but the woman is okay;

Netizens also said, do n’t talk about irritability as soon as you talk about parent -child identification, and talk about your trust or not. If you reject most of your problems, you can find out at the beginning to satisfy the curiosity of men.

Tell your boyfriend about the news of pregnancy that most men will ask for parent -child identification.

The reality is very worried. How do women choose to lose? The intimate relationship between men and women in love has mottled.

01. For women

If a woman accepts it, she will think that this is an insult to myself. I obviously love you very purely, but you doubt me, so sad!

If they are not accepted, the man escapes for a reason.

Therefore, women have no choice but to maintain their relationship.

Next, after pregnancy, the attitude of the man’s family can better reflect whether this is worthy of marriage.Because the child has become a bargaining chip for the man’s family.

In a close relationship, we want a sense of security and belonging. When a woman is pregnant, the first thing she wants is to be considerate, comforting, and solving problems, rather than prove to men, whether this child is yours.

If the intimacy needs to be proved by medicine, it can only indicate that men do not love her or men are a lack of security.

A man who doesn’t love you enough, the relationship between men and women has not been stable. Can children give birth?Can a person who is insecure bring stable mood to your life?

Therefore, women do not accept parent -child identification.Regardless of whether there is no child, the value of a woman has been underestimated in the eyes of men.

02. As a man

Persist in letting women do parent -child identification, no matter what motivation is, it is an unbelievable manifestation.

If you do n’t trust a person, you have to have a relationship with it. Are you sure you are a responsible man?

From the perspective of psychology, it is suspected to be divided into basis and independent.

According to the suspicion, the man found that women and other men have ambiguous or break with their ex -boyfriend. This doubt is still understandable. No matter how the relationship develops, the woman should also confirm her innocence.

If a man is just because of the lack of security, he has no basis to doubt that the child is not his own. He tries to search for some clues about women for parent -child identification or doubt her because the woman has talked about a few loves.Such a man lacks responsibility.

There is a saying that a man with a responsible man, picking his loved ones, picking his loved ones.

Of course, some social negative news has also increased the anxiety of men.Indeed, there are reports in the news that it has been raised for more than ten years. The last identification found that the child was not born. He paid for half a life and finally lost his life.Such a man is so pitiful!Men don’t want to be such an unlucky egg!

But this cannot be allowed to make women as a reason for parent -child identification. Such cases are a minority after all.

03. Can you still enter the marriage

When a girl is pregnant before marriage, can her boyfriend be a parent -child identification, can she still enter the marriage?

In life, there is such an example. A girl is pregnant and ask her boyfriend if she wants to get married?The boy said that the parent -child identification child was mine and the girl said that the two of us must be yours. The boy said, since it is mine, why are you afraid of being a parent -child identification?

Do you think you can still enter the marriage?You can’t determine if this person is around you, do you have basic trust?

There are too many young people now, and some even think of bringing Cai Li to make up for their homes before marriage.Emotional experts are lamenting that there are fewer and less ideas for love to form a family without fear. No wonder the divorce rate is getting higher and higher.

Although society is increasingly accepted by parent -child identification, this is really not a problem of parent -child identification. He reflects that there is a problem with the view of love, that is, the emotion of the game.

With the tendency of hormones, men and women have sexual behavior, and they are not clear. What do these mean? The two sides are voluntary. Why should I be responsible for you.

Although there are children accidentally, how can it prove that it is mine, and if I can’t prove it, why should I bear responsibility.

Women want to get married. The man said that I have not been prepared to get married, and I don’t even want to get married.Even if you get married, you can’t get it or take less gifts now.

The woman who knows the problem on the top has broke up with her boyfriend. She is really willing to perceive because the parties have not exposed it. Can they ask this problem? Can the relationship be good?

Now most people have allowed sexual behavior outside the marriage, but psychologists believe that only if unmarried lovers have sexual behavior on the basis of promised love, they can be allowed.It is recognized as the most reasonable premise of sexual behavior.

If the relationship is in place or true love, I find that my girlfriend has a child, and truly take out a true man, who will usually get married immediately, and even look forward to the birth of the child.Essence

Why do women suffer before marriage?A girl was pregnant before marriage, because she found her boyfriend debt and talked with other women. They broke up. The boyfriend asked the girl to kill the child, but because the girl had an independent kidney and had nephritis.Can’t have children.After the child was born, she asked her boyfriend to raise fees. In order to fair, her boyfriend asked to do parent -child identification at his location. The girl was in Xi’an and the boy was in Qingdao. How could the child just start a long journey, the girl was very distressed.

Written at the end:

Trust and security are the essential elements of emotional stability, and parent -child appraisal reflects these two things.

Of course, we do not say that we must not be a parent -child identification. If there is a high degree of doubt, for example, the woman is interacting with other men, the time is not in line with the pregnancy month, etc. Men should advocate.But for normal love relationships and proposing parent -child identification, it is too sad. What do you think?”My life is also headline”

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