Ten pregnant women and nine constipation, there are 5 reasons, 5 strokes allow pregnant mothers to easily defecate, and the fifth move requires doctor guidance

A netizen said: The most painful thing about having a baby is not the contraction in the birth, because it is only two days of pain; it is not the vomiting in the early pregnancy, because it only smells the taste that you dislike.The hemorrhoids occurred from the second trimester to the third trimester, and it was not better to confine.

Every day, going to the toilet is torture. You ca n’t pull it hard, it ’s painful and painful. He often pulls the red blood and pulls out the red blood.

This netizen is also a relatively extreme case. Of course, if this is so serious, you can also use medicine. It is not recommended to use Fanxian leaves or other laxatives during pregnancy.

Lactan is a medicine that can be used by infants and young children. It mainly allows the stool to absorb sufficient water, stimulate the intestinal tract, and smoothly discharge the stool.

If we ask pregnant women, at least nine pregnant women have suffered constipation.The constipation not only affects the mother’s health, but also has a bad impact on the health of the fetus.

You must know that our intestines and fetuses are in the same room, which is the relationship between neighbors. The neighbors’ hygiene is not good, and it is difficult for our home to be spared.

1. Slow digestive system

After pregnancy, we still have only one digestive system, but we have to raise two people, one mother and one fetus.

Coupled with the fetus, we need more nutrition, and the gastrointestinal and intestines during pregnancy are very smart. The work of the digestive system becomes slower and thinner, so that the food will keep the food longer.The food will stay for a long time, and the intestine will move slowly, which will cause the stool to remain naturally. The stool will re -absorb the water of the intestines for a long time, resulting in dry stool.

And we feel that it is easy to flatulence, and it is easy to be related to the deterioration of gastrointestinal digestion.

2. There are fewer pregnant women’s activities

Before I jumped up and down, I ran left and right. After pregnancy, I became a giant panda. After two steps, I was called a car. The housework was also covered by her husband.

The activity is slowly reduced, and our body is a whole. There are fewer people’s activities, and the intestines follow the slow movement.

3. The uterine becomes larger and compressed the rectum

The uterus has become bigger and squeezed the various organs of pregnant mothers. The rectal is also one of the oppressed organs. One of the stools is more difficult to report.

4. The abdominal pressure becomes less during defecation

Many mothers find that they do not need their strength to defecate after pregnancy, or if they are too hard, they cause they to have contractions, causing themselves not to be too hard.

And because the abdomen is swollen, the abdominal wall muscles have no strength.

5. bad living habits

After pregnancy, I wake up naturally, sleep until three poles on the day, and I can’t disappear when I sleep.

Or I like to read a book while going to the toilet, watching videos, watching TV, and so on will cause constipation to intensify.

The physiological reasons of pregnant women have caused constipation, and mothers should pay more attention to prevent constipation.

1. Cultivate good living habits

Poor laxative time:

Don’t let your stool accompany yourself for one day and night.It is best to stool regularly, for example, when you get up every morning to drink a glass of water, go to the toilet.Or go to the toilet half an hour after eating every day. After the meal, the gastrointestinal and intestines start working.

Be bowel movement:

Pay attention to safety during pregnancy. It is recommended to use a toilet.The legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, and the toes are slightly outward. Both hands are gently fist, naturally hanging on the legs.Such a posture will make mom focus on bowel movements and better force.

2. Into the dietary fiber more

Add coarse food when cooking, comparison, you can cook black rice or red rice, such as oat porridge, corn stick, potatoes, taro.Or the small beans such as red beans, eyebrow beans, mung beans, pea, etc. in advance the night before, for about 12 hours to cook rice or porridge.

Generally, relatively hard foods and dietary fiber are relatively high. These dietary fiber cannot be absorbed by the body but can stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, so that the intestine can better defecate.

In the fruits, the dragon fruit can also promote intestinal peristalsis. Mothers who are prone to constipation can eat one without diabetes.

3. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is not an empty slogan. It is recommended to get up every morning to drink a glass of warm water. Not only can it prevent the blood from being too sticky, it can also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis. Yesterday’s garbage yesterday, the stool is easier to discharge from the body.

4. Exercise is also important

Many mothers dare not move after pregnancy. In fact, exercise during pregnancy is also very important, but we can do some mild exercises, compare yoga, walking, and swimming during pregnancy because of too big belly and not too large.Essence

In fact, we will find that many celebrities are still exercising when they are pregnant. Not only are their mental state in good condition, but also postpartum recovery is also very fast.

After exercise, the blood circulation is fast, and the intestinal peristalsis will be faster. We can still breathe freely during exercise, and we can also speak that such a movement intensity is okay.

5. Use medicine if necessary

It is really severe constipation. For example, it has not been pulled for three days, and the stomach is uncomfortable. If you ca n’t eat things, the garbage in the intestine must be cleaned immediately. You can use Kaisi or lactose under the guidance of a doctor.

Of course, I hope that mothers can solve the problem with the first four, and there is no need to use the fifth trick.

Maybe my mother would say, Mom, you also missed a good thing for treating constipation-banana.

Why does banana make people feel convenient?That’s because of its shape and color.In fact, bananas do not treat constipation, especially bananas that are not naturally cooked. Instead, because containing tannic acid has a certain effect on the treatment of diarrhea, constipation may be countermeasure to eat bananas.

If the bananas are cooked on the tree, the tannic acid is gone, but the amount of dietary fiber is not as good as apples and dragon fruit, so the banana is not very reliable.

Today’s topic: Do you have constipation during pregnancy, how do you finally solve it?

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