Testing pregnancy, when is the most appropriate to go to the hospital?

In the gynecological clinic, doctors often encounter some female friends to get pregnant because of early pregnancy test strips.But sometimes the doctor asked her to wait and wait for a while.

So, when is it better to go to the hospital for pregnancy?

How to calculate the number of menopause days?It is very simple. We generally calculate from the first day of the last normal menstruation, and to the number of days on the day of calculation, that is, the number of menopause days.

So every time you ask: Doctor, how long have I been pregnant?Doctors often answer: XX week, or xx.Many people are puzzled, how can it be, it is obviously not so long.

In fact, the doctor answered the time to discontinue the menstruation from the last menstrual period, not the time for the formation of fertilized eggs.Medicine also uses menopause to calculate the gestational week.

Therefore, female friends, be sure to record your menstruation time ~

This is closely related to our menstrual cycle.

If you usually have a regular menstrual cycle and come once a month, then the more appropriate consultation time is about 6 weeks of menopause.

If the menopause time is as short as 5 weeks, the gestational sac has not developed enough, and it is impossible to accurately determine whether it is normal pregnancy.

At this time, you can use the preliminary judgment of the "early pregnancy" test strip.

If one is deep and shallow without any symptoms, you can wait; if the two lines are red, then go to the hospital, because people with irregular menstrual cycles can only rely on gynecological B -ultrasound to help judge the number of menopause days.

If you are pregnant, but the number of menopause days is still short, you must pay attention to observing your symptoms at this time. If lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding occur, you must go to the hospital in time regardless of the length of menopause.

why?Because you have to exclude some of the following situation ~

Ectopic pregnancy

Commonly known as "ectopic pregnancy", in popular terms, pregnancy is outside the uterus. The most common is pregnancy on the fallopian tube. The typical manifestation is vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain after menopause.If the abnormal pregnancy is not discovered in time, it may cause fallopian tube pregnancy rupture, leading to major bleeding, shock, and even life -threatening.

Natural abortion

Even if some embryos do do bed in the uterus, due to various reasons, the embryo occurs naturally, and symptoms such as lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding after menopause have occurred.At this time, you need to go to the hospital for further examination to clear the diagnosis and deal with it early.

Pregnancy nourishing cell disease

This is an abnormal pregnancy -induced disease, including hydatidal, invasive hydatidal, chorionic cancer, and nourishing cell tumors on placenta.Patients often experience pregnancy vomiting earlier, and the size of the uterus exceeds the symptoms of gestational weeks, vaginal hemorrhage and other symptoms.Must be treated in time.

The most important thing is the gynecological B ultrasound!

Through the B -ultrasound, you can directly observe the position, size, whether there are germs, or whether there is a fetal heart.It can also be used to identify the three diseases mentioned above.

If there are no special circumstances, you can see the fetal heart at 6-7 weeks of menopause, so you do n’t need to rush to do B-ultrasound, so as not to see the fetal heart, you need to review it again to increase the psychological burden.

Second, you can selective blood HCG testing

Why is it called selectively?If the B ultrasound is already very clear that it is a fetus with fetal heart in the palace, it is generally not necessary to go to the level of blood testing.

However, if it is suspected of ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy nourishing cell diseases, B -ultrasound examinations cannot be clearly defined, there is a history of natural abortion, etc., you can consider doing blood HCG testing.

Can you know how many weeks of pregnancy?

Unfortunately, not.

Generally, HCG is secreted from fertilized eggs, until the peak of 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy is reached, and then gradually decreases to medium level, and it continues to the end of pregnancy.

However, the difference in HCG levels of each person is particularly large. It may have the same menopause time, more than 100,000 others, and you are only tens of thousands.Therefore, judging that the pregnancy weeks are not accurate through HCG level.

In short, do n’t worry about pregnancy, do n’t worry, pay attention to observing your own symptoms, come to the hospital for examination, avoid unnecessary travel to the hospital ~

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