The "Double Song" wedding scene directly hit: Song Huiqiao was round and suspicious, Song Zhongji held his face and kissed the bride on the spot

Today (October 31st) in the afternoon, the wedding was officially held at the Outdoor Hotel on the first floor of the Silla Hotel, Seoul. The entire wedding process will take the traditional Korean customs.It is reported that Shuang Song’s preparation for this wedding was hard -hearted, and the rental fee of the light field was as high as 400,000 yuan (about 80 million won). Guests would only ask relatives and friends in the circle.It is quite expected.

Direct Double Song wedding scene, I feel happy from the screen

On October 31, about 3:30 noon Beijing time, the wedding officially started, a pair of newcomers entered the venue ↓↓↓

Song Zhongji looked at his wife Song Huiqiao sweetly, his eyes were all pets ↓↓↓

Song Zhongji and Song Huiqiao are ready to oath ↓↓↓

Song Zhongji swore, tears choked many times

Sweet Kiss at the wedding of Shuang Song, exclaimed at the scene, sweet fried

Zhang Ziyi then updated Weibo to bless "Double Song", saying that this was "the most beautiful love"

The guest lineup is strong, and the big coffee roads in China and South Korea are brilliant

On October 31, Song Huiqiao and Song Zhongji wedding scenes came at the wedding scene of many China and South Korea.

Zhang Ziyi arrived at the scene

Su Mang, Song Zhongji, Zhang Ziyi took a photo on the spot

Korean actress Lee Meiyan arrived at the scene

Korean artist Liu Donggen Quanrenhua couple arrived at the scene

Song Huiqiao friend Liu Yaren

Korean singer Kim Jong Guo

Shuang Song appeared in the wedding rehearsal, the bride laughed like a flower wearing a wedding dress

At about 1:30 noon Beijing time today (October 31), a couple appeared at the wedding scene for rehearsal.

Song Huiqiao Song Zhongji is rehearsing on the spot

Earlier, the Taiwanese media hit the scene directly. At 8:30 this morning (October 31), the girls of Song Huiqiao were suspected to be tied to a ponytail and wearing a black coat. They walked out of the bride’s room with a group of staff members, and then took away by the nanny car in the side door.The shape and hairstyle are all like Qiao Mei. The prospective bride suspected to be inspected in advance. Nearly 20 people in the backyard also entered the preparation state.

The wedding venue exploded sweetly, and security measures are constantly upgrading

Last night (October 30), nearly 10 trucks were parked in front of the gate of the hotel, and more than 20 staff members ran back and forth.Turn on the lamp again to put the guests’ guest chair. Based on the romantic white trail, it is arranged to the left and right sides. There are 150 seats in a row of 12 chairs.The bride’s aisle is suspicious.The wedding of the Double Song Century has attracted much attention. At 6 o’clock this morning, the hotel has already settled in the hotel. The SNG cars of the Korean TV station SBS are standing by the side.Century wedding.

Although it will be announced in a low profile beforehand, no media interviews are opened, and many tourists can still be seen in the visit. The restaurants have not been blocked.The center of the venue is full of light bulbs, and the main flower material selected is ego. The flower language is "eternal love". The wedding coincidence makes people call very sweet.

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