The "fake tofu" hidden around it has no soybeans. Many people eat every day, don’t care about it.

Tofu is a very nutritious soy product. Many people like to use it to fry the balls.There are also more calcium elements in it. Eating tofu can be used for the elderly, children, and young people, and can also supplement calcium.But some of the common tofu in our lives, although the name is tofu, actually has no soy beans.What the hell is this?Let’s take a look together,

The first is Japanese tofu. We now have improved living standards. The ingredients on the market may not be satisfied with us. We will buy some Japanese tofu.Although it has the name of tofu, it is not tofu, because it does not have soybeans, it is made of egg water, which is made of salt and some additives.

It tastes similar to tofu, very tender, but it does not have soybeans, not soy products. If we want to buy tofu, we can buy some ordinary tofu and do not buy this.

The second is Chiba Tofu. Many people like Chiba Tofu.When eating hot pot, or, when barbecue, I like to use it with cold mixing, which is also very delicious, but its main component is soybean separation protein. It belongs to a kind of soy products.It is relatively low in calories.It is also possible to eat it when you lose weight, but it is different from tofu regardless of the taste or nutritional ingredients, so we still want to eat tofu and buy ordinary tofu.

The third is fish tofu. We are also very common in fish tofu. They will buy hot pot.Or it is also available when barbecue.Many people think that fish tofu is added with fish or more nutritious than tofu, but it has nothing to do with tofu. It does not belong to soybean products. Its main ingredients are fishy, as well as some starch and some additives.It’s just that it looks like tofu, so it is called fish tofu, but don’t eat too much, it is easy to gain weight when eating too much.Well, this is the video of this issue, we see you next time.

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