The "fetal stop" of pregnancy and having children

The so -called "fetal stop" is an abbreviation of "embryo". This is more folk saying. In professional books such as textbooks, there is no such term. The corresponding English words should be: Embryo Demise.

"Fetal stop" is more diagnosis of imaging: there are germ sacs without germ, germ have no fetal heart, and fetal hearts are gone.Because it is often in early pregnancy, there are no clinical symptoms, neither a threatened abortion nor the abortion, nor is it inevitable.This is an objective existence of clinical, but it cannot be classified in the diagnosis of existing abortion, so there is a "tire stop" that does not exist in this textbook.

"Fetal stop" eventually had a miscarriage and belonged to natural abortion.

Why do you feel that there are more and more people around the people around you?

In nature, humans are at the top of the food chain, so pollution and toxic and harmful substances in the environment will continue to accumulate in humans. The older the age, the more toxic and harmful substances accumulated in the body.The greater the impact.

In addition, the older the age, the higher the probability of the aging of reproductive cells itself. In the entire population, the abortion rate is about 15%. As the age increases, the abortion rate gradually increases.At the age of 35, the abortion rate was 25%, the 40-year-old abortion rate was about 35%, and the abortion rate had reached 50-60%at the age of 45.

In fact, during the palace period, all the eggs of the female fetus had completed the first decomposition and division, so she had all the egg cells in her life at birth.Her birthday is the "production date" of all her eggs. Like food, the eggs have a shelf life. The quality of the eggs for 20 years and "factory" for 35 years is different.After the shelf life.

Therefore, the older the age, the higher the probability of "fetal stop".Nowadays, everyone’s pregnancy and children are generally delayed, so there will be more "fetal stop".

What are the main reasons for "fetal stop"?

"Fetal stop" is destined to have a miscarriage, but it is only advanced technology. It can be found in the early days that those embryos that are destined to have a miscarriage can be found in the early days.Therefore, there is nothing about the cause of "fetal stop" and the cause of natural abortion, mainly including the following factors: chromosomal abnormalities, immune factors, endocrine factors, anatomical factors, infection factors, environmental factors, etc.

The earlier the "tire stop", the higher the probability of the embryo chromosome abnormality.

After finally getting pregnant, I was diagnosed with "fetal stop", but I really don’t want to give up. Can I try to keep it for 1-2 weeks?

Under normal circumstances, through the vaginal ultrasound examination, you will see the gestational sac in about 5 weeks of menopause. You will see a yolk sac with a diameter of 3-5mm in about 5 weeks.Fighting.

If you do n’t see the pregnancy sac, yolk, embryo and heart tube beating at these points, it may be “tire stop”, but you cannot easily give the diagnosis of “tire stop”."Tire stop" and the standard of suspicion of "fetal stop".

Confirm the signs of embryonication

CRL (top hip diameter) length ≥7mm, no heartbeat

The average diameter of the pregnancy sac is ≥25mm, and there is no embryo

There are no yolk sacs in the gestational sac, and there is no heartbeat embryo after the review after ≥ 2 weeks.

There are gestational sacs and yolk sacs. After ≥ 11 days, the review has not appeared in the embryo with heartbeat.

Doubt but cannot confirm the signs of embryo stopping

CRL (top hip diameter) length <7mm, no heartbeat

The average diameter of the gestational sac is 16–24mm, and there is no embryo

There are no yolk sacs in the gestational sac, and there is no heartbeat embryo after 7-13 days.

There are gestational sacs and yolk sacs. After 7-10 days, there is no heartbeat embryo.

After menstruation ≥6 weeks, no embryo appears

Empty amniocemic membrane (see amniotic membrane near the yolk cystic, no embryo)

Extract of the yolk sac (> 7 mm)

Compared with the size of the embryo size (the gap between the average diameter of the gestational sac and the CRL <5 mm)

Because some people will have irregular menstruation, the ovulation time will be delayed, so when the embryo is suspected, you can consider reviewing the vaginal ultrasound after 7-14 days, but there is no need to wait longer or request the first time or request the first time.Three reviews.

There is no need to check the level of progesterone and HCG during the waiting period, and there is no need to take any fetal medicine to protect the fetal needle.

The first is that progesterone and HCG cannot help you accurately determine whether the embryo survives. Second, regardless of whether the progesterone and HCG level are high or low, ultrasound examination is needed to determine whether the embryo survives.

If the embryo is good, there is no need to take tire -protection medicine to protect the fetal needle. If the embryo is not good, it is meaningless to take tires to protect the fetal needle.

After confirming that "fetal stop", you can choose to wait for natural abortion, drug abortion, and curettage surgery. Each of its advantages and disadvantages, most people will choose the curettage.

How long do I have to wait for the fetus to try to get pregnant again?

The long waiting time after the fetal stop does not mean that the ending of the next pregnancy will be better. Some studies have found that after a natural abortion (including fetal stop), if you are pregnant within 6 monthsThe probability of tire stop and the probability of adverse pregnancy ending is the lowest.

Although the evidence tells us that we do not need to wait too long after the fetus stops, we must pay attention to the following points before pregnancy.

1. Menstruation to recover: In this way, you know at least when you are pregnant, it is recommended to have at least 2-3 normal menstruation.

2. The physical health should be recovered: so that you will have confidence in pregnancy again.

3. The psychological state should be replied: After the fetus stops, many women will be emotional, guilty, and the more they think, the more they will blame themselves.This negative emotion will not disappear easily, and sometimes it lasts for a long time. At this time, she needs special help and care, especially her husband’s care and support.When the mood has not come out, it is not suitable for trying to get pregnant again.

Learn about the probability of a fetal stop or abortion in the next pregnancy

Although natural miscarriage (including fetal stop) is more common, the success rate of pregnancy again is relatively high. If it is the first natural miscarriage (including fetal stop), the probability of successful delivery after pregnancy is 85%.Among the normal people, about 1-2%of people will have more than two consecutive natural abortion (including fetal stops). If it is 2-3 consecutive abortion, the probability of successful delivery of successful pregnancy is 75%.

Therefore, even if there is a fetal stop, there is no need to be too anxious. The success of the next pregnancy is a high probability event.

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