The "leg pain" after pregnancy took the child away, and almost asked for my life

My teammates and I have been looking forward to a child. In February 2018, I was pregnant and I found that I was only 5 weeks during pregnancy.In the small town in northeast of the United States, the obstetric clinic can be made in 8 weeks of pregnancy.And we have planned to go to Dezhou for 10 days, so we will have an appointment with the obstetric clinic to come back on vacation and conduct the first pregnancy test.

Unexpectedly, we lost their contract.

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At 6 weeks of pregnancy, I went home for a day, and I felt pain began to start in the front of the thigh on the right.At the beginning, I thought I was tired after walking for a long time and didn’t care.As a result, at night, I couldn’t sleep for a while. At three o’clock, the two medicines could not work at all, and I was sweating.

"Do you want to see a doctor?" Teammates were a little worried.

I don’t want to go.At this time, it was Sunday morning, and the doctors at the clinic did not go to work on weekends. Going to the hospital means to see the emergency department.If it wasn’t for an emergency immediately, it would be possible to wait for two or three hours in the emergency room, and it would be better to lie at home.

However, the intensification of pain made me have to yield.

When we were ready to go out, the pain suddenly disappeared.I had troubled me overnight. There was something wrong with my legs. It seemed that the pain before has never happened, and there was no pain at all day after Sunday.

On Monday morning, I looked at the doctor under the persistence of my teammates.Because the painful part is not in the abdomen, and the obstetricians have not seen it yet, I am looking for a general doctor who usually sees.This doctor is a happy person. Every time I see it, I am very happy, and I will patiently listen to the patient’s demands. I still trust him.

After listening to the symptoms I described, he made me do a few leg movements and asked me not to hurt."I don’t feel normal." I said.He thought about it and said, "You probably stretch your muscles. Although there is nothing now, but I will have a proof, you can do physiotherapy. Even if it is not for the legs, physical therapy will make your later pregnancy more comfortable."

Every day, everything is normal.I plan to come back on vacation and then do physiotherapy, so I did not call to contact.

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At noon on Friday before going out, I opened a remote meeting at home. At the end of the end, my leg pain returned again, and the degree continued to increase.I endured the pain and said goodbye to my colleagues. When I hung up the video, I was lying on the chair and couldn’t get up.

The teammates heard me shouting, and quickly came over to help me.I was dizzy and nauseous for a while, and rolled into the bathroom and spit it up with the toilet.He was frightened: "Are you okay? We have to go to the hospital again! Don’t go to the state if you don’t work."

"No, I’m too tired, I want to take a vacation! And the air ticket hotels are all booked. Now I ca n’t go temporarily and I ca n’t retreat, I will waste it!" I stubbornly insisted on going on vacation.

Later, the pain was reduced a lot, so the teammates compromised.Early the next morning, we took a plane to the south.

It was proven afterwards that the judgment of the general doctor and my stubbornness were extremely wrong and dangerous.Two days later, I almost paid for all of this.

On Saturday we flew to Houston, and car renting all the way to the southwest.The first destination is Rock Potter in Binhai Town. There is a place where the American crane is overwinter nearby, which is also the goal of our station.

In the early morning of the next day, we watched some bird species inhabited in the town near the town, ready to go to see the American crane in the afternoon.

However, in the afternoon, the leg pain came back again.When I found the American crane, I couldn’t get up in the car, and I barely looked at the window and lay down.The pain of the drama spread from the right thigh to the groin, nausea, dizziness, weakness, and unable to move.

"No, we have to go to the hospital now," his teammates said seriously, "You look scary."

I thought for a while, nodded, and took out the mobile phone to start searching for a nearby hospital.At this time, it was discovered that there were no large medical institutions nearby, and only two emergency centers in the town.On the way back to the town, my pain was light and heavy.When I was light, I almost thought I was getting better. I also desperately wanted to reach out to see the smile gulls and Pelicans on the coast in the beautiful sunset.

Going to the emergency department through the smile gull in the sunset, this photo almost became the "legacy" 丨 Author’s picture

We followed the navigation to the first emergency center, and actually closed the door, which was dark.At this time, I couldn’t even hold my phone.When I drove to the parking lot in another emergency center, I was paralyzed on the ground when I got off the car, vomiting.

At this time, a nurse came out of the inside, and he heard the help of his teammates from a distance.He pushed the wheelchair to help carry me on it and pushed the door to the emergency center.

After entering the emergency center, my consciousness began to blur. I only heard my teammates describing the condition quickly to the nurse, and told him that I had seven weeks of pregnancy and had not had a pregnancy test.

I was settled in an observation ward. Many people went in and out, busy around me.The doctor came to ask the medical history. I didn’t know what I answered. I only heard the doctor said that the blood pressure was very low, and the medicine for lift blood pressure and analgesic was prescribed.

"How?" When I was in the abdomen B timeout, I recovered some consciousness and heard my teammates asking the technicians nervously."I can only do an examination and can’t do diagnosis. I will show the results to the doctor for a while, and he will judge." The technician said gently while moving the handle on my stomach.

After a while, the doctor who had asked the medical history was back.I only saw it this time that he was not very old and his eyes were gentle and firm."Your situation is very bad .b super shows a large amount of liquid in your abdomen, which should be blood. I think you are likely to be an atomic pregnancy. Now it causes a lot of abdominal bleeding and must be surgery as soon as possible."

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"So, child …" I asked weakly.

"It is impossible to keep. Either pregnancy embryos are usually attached to a position that cannot be developed normally, and it is likely to be in the tubal. In this case, there is no possible development to become a fetus." He said gently, his tone, his toneBut it is firm."I know, it’s hard to accept it for you."

A dark in front of me, tears came up.It turns out that the children we have been looking forward to, this time is destined to be unable to come.

Extrace The pregnancy, which is ectopic pregnancy.I only heard the name of the name before. I knew nothing about it, and I never expected that it would happen to myself.

The doctor went on to say, "I have contacted several recent large hospitals. Now it is Sunday night, only one can organize surgery immediately. Time is urgent, and it takes two hours to drive there, so we are waiting for a helicopter to send you to the hospital."

Is this extent urgent?This "muscle strain" is really terrible!

The meteorological conditions of the night were not good, the fog was filled, and the helicopter could not take off. The ambulance sent me to the nearest city of Capesti.The teammates drove back to the hotel to get their luggage and went to the hospital.

Two hours later, I arrived at the hospital for emergency department. The lights were dazzling, and many people kept busy.Check information, change clothes, build venous channels, blood transfusion, ureteral insertion … At this time, my consciousness is still awake. Before each operation, someone came to explain to me, and I tried to respond.When the surgeon explained the surgical process, his teammates finally came.

"As soon as I came in and saw your hand, I seemed to be pale as a corpse," he told me afterwards, "I was frightened."

However, the two master doctors were calm.The male doctor briefly described the process of the surgery: suspected that the tubal rupture caused by ectopic pregnancy may need to remove the fallopian tube.The female doctor pulled my hand with a smile and said, "We will repair you."

The operating room is cold.The talkist’s anesthesiologist chatted with me while operating.His wife was from Shanghai, and asked me to understand Shanghai dialect … Soon I had no consciousness.When I woke up again, I was already in the observation room, and a nurse was accompanied.He gently told me that the operation was smooth, and I was no longer dangerous.

When I was about to be discharged, I saw the door as the door 丨 The author’s picture

The second Dr. Dr. God came to review and told me that the position of the ectopic pregnancy was the right fallopian tube, and the increasing embryo cracked the fallopian tube.

When I felt my leg pain for the first time, the fallopian tube was just cracking, causing a small amount of bleeding to stop.After repeated attacks, the process of repeatedly cracking and bleeding and coagulation.When at the emergency center, the fallopian tube was completely ruptured, causing a lot of bleeding.

During the operation, the doctor took about two liters of blood from my abdomen, exceeding 40%of the blood volume of the whole body.The fallopian tube on the right and embryo were removed during surgery. My lower abdomen was as more cross incision as a caesarean section.

"But the ovarian on the right side is intact, and it can also play a hormone regulation. The ovarian and fallopian tubes on the left are good. You will have the opportunity to have children in the future." The doctor comforted me."Fortunately, it may be too late to be sent to the hospital." She said with a smile.

"But why did I always feel my leg pain, not stomach pain?" I was puzzled."The pain of ectopic pregnancy is often radiant, so you feel that your leg pain is not strange." The doctor explained.

"If you find it earlier, you don’t need to be so dangerous. Maybe you can do a minimally invasive surgery to retain the tubal?" I regret that I did not wake up earlier, and I was angry with the unscrupulous diagnosis of the general doctor.

The master doctor comforted me: "In fact, the fallopian tube resection is not all bad things. This time the fertilized egg card is on the right tubal, it is likely to be due to some problems with the fallopian tube itself.The probability of ectopic pregnancy is also very high. Now you can only get pregnant from the left fallopian tube, which will be much safer. Of course, the risk of your ectopic pregnancy is still higher than that of normal people.

I live in a Catholic Hospital.As for fertility, the nurse is very sympathetic to me, and takes care of it for four days.

I had barely walked when I was discharged, and there were still several days for the flight home.I planned to change the ticket to go home directly, and my friend proposed to stay next to a wildlife reserve for two days.There are flat boardwalks in the protected area, and you can also rent electric wheelchairs to facilitate our action. We promised.

There, we saw a lot of beautiful tropical birds, and we slightly recovered.Only a week before and after, we lost a chance to be parents.I wandered on the line of life and death, and quickly improved.It was began to be diagnosed with "muscle strain" by general doctors, delayed treatment, and also caused life -threatening.Fortunately, the doctor of the emergency room encountered in the town judged accurately and the rapid action, so that I had the opportunity to save.All kinds of misfortunes and fortunately make people lament that life is full of accident and toughness.

And the surgical doctor comforted me, and the fallopian tube on the left did not bother me anymore.After 18 months, our family ushered in a new life full of accidents and toughness.

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Doctor comment

Li Shanshan | The attending physician of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

Extreme pregnancy is often called "ectopic pregnancy".As the name suggests, the "child" does not grow inside the uterine cavity during pregnancy, but grows outside the uterine cavity.In this case, "children" cannot survive, and it is likely to cause serious harm to the mother.

Who is susceptible to different pregnancy?The risk factors include: pelvic inflammatory disease, vascular surgery or damage, abnormal pregnancy, this pregnancy is auxiliary reproductive pregnancy, smoking, etc.Therefore, once the above -mentioned women find pregnancy, they need to be more vigilant about ectopic pregnancy.We cannot completely avoid ectopic pregnancy, but we can reduce risks by improving lifestyle, such as avoiding unclean life, avoiding artificial abortion and smoking quitting.

Extra pregnancy is most often manifested as menopause, abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding. Like the protagonist of this article, it is uncommon for the first manifestation of leg pain, so it is easy to be diagnosed as other diseases when there are more symptoms.However, any abnormal manifestations occur in the early stages of pregnancy should be checked in time to determine whether it is normal pregnancy and avoid traveling or traveling long distances.Such as the rupture of the ectopic pregnancy block, severe abdominal pain, syncope, shock, etc. may occur. The hero’s manifestation before the clinic is the manifestation of the ectopic pregnancy block rupture and the abdominal hemorrhage.

How can you know if you are an atomic pregnancy?Bleeding time becomes longer or shorter).You can test your own pregnancy first, but this method is sometimes not accurate. The best way is to seek medical treatment in time, conduct more accurate blood tests, and find pregnancy as soon as possible.When medical treatment, doctors will also perform ultrasound examination based on the situation to clarify whether the pregnancy is normal.But sometimes one check is not determined, and it may need to be reviewed twice or multiple times.

Once it is determined to be an atomic pregnancy, it needs to be treated in time.The treatment method includes conservative treatment, abdominal surgery, and laparoscopic surgery. The specific choice needs to be judged according to personal circumstances.

The most common parts of ritual pregnancy are fallopian tubes, and there are also ovarian, abdominal, cervical and cesarean scars.For tubal pregnancy, there are two possibilities: reserved and resection of the fallopian tube, and you need to follow the doctor’s analysis and judgment of the specific situation.However, the rupture of the tubal pregnancy block will be life -threatening, and it is likely that, like the protagonist, the surgical removal of the fallopian tube is removed.Therefore, it is necessary to see and treat as early as possible.

I hope that each female compatriot can avoid the damage of the disease, and be a mother "pregnant" to be a mother!

Author: Xiao Wan

Edit: Dai Tianyi

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