The "thinner" pregnant mother has become popular, and there are still abdominal muscles in 8 months of pregnancy. Is fitness really good during pregnancy?

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After pregnancy, the most obvious changes in the figure, especially after the middle of pregnancy, the highlight of the pregnant belly will make women look "full of pregnancy."

But some women are more special. When they are pregnant, they not only do not bloated, but only have big belly, and even abdominal muscles during pregnancy, which is rare.

The pregnant mother from abroad took her own pregnant women on social platforms. Since it is a supermodel, she naturally cannot say.But the most surprising thing is that even if it was 8 months pregnant, the "abdominal muscles" of the Baoma still did not disappear, and there were obvious lines and muscles.

This is because Baoma usually has the habit of fitness. After pregnancy, fitness still has not given up, and she still insists that many women have to envy such a good figure.

However, some Baoma believes that you are pregnant and fitness.In the end, the mother also gave birth to a healthy baby smoothly, which was really those who faced each other.

In life, there are indeed some pregnant mothers who still do high -intensity fitness exercises during pregnancy. When we pinch cold sweat for it, people are actually properly metropolis, and they are professional coach guidance when they are fitness.Do it, so do not follow the pregnant women with fitness ideas.

In the traditional concepts of many people, pregnancy must be bedburned!In fact, such a wrong concept should have been corrected.

1) Improve health

During the pregnancy exercise during pregnancy, as the flat exercise, it has the effect of strengthening the body and shaping the body. Proper pregnancy exercise can help pregnant women to increase health and physical strength.

2) Improve constipation

After pregnancy, due to the impact of hormones during pregnancy, and the uterine increase in the obstacle to intestinal movement, one -third of pregnant women will have to varying degrees of constipation.

And moderate exercise is a good way to treat and improve constipation.

3) Prevent thrombosis

After a long -term bed in pregnant women, it is easy to form venous thrombosis of the lower limbs. Therefore, long -term bed is usually not only good, but also increases risk during pregnancy.

Proper sports will promote blood circulation of the whole body and reduce the formation of thrombosis.

1. Early pregnancy

In the first trimester, it refers to the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, it is best not to have severe exercise. At this time, the fetus has just been bed, "the foundation is not deep", and excessive physical labor can easily lead to miscarriage.

At this time, if the pregnant mother wants to exercise, the best thing is to walk this mild exercise method.

2. mid -pregnancy

At this time, the fetus is stable, and the pregnant mother can choose the exercise method according to their preferences.

3. The early pregnancy

As the pregnancy weeks enter the third trimester, at this time the fetus has grown a lot, and excessive exercise will cause the uterus to shrink and cause premature birth.

Like some stars and supermodel movements and strengths, ordinary people should not move hard, but be determined according to the actual situation of individuals.

Different from the popularity during pregnancy a decade ago, in the current environmental environment, expectant mothers insist on diet control, exercise planning and strict figure management, and even excessive expectations for the "vest line during pregnancy."

However, research shows that the large weight growth during pregnancy is low, which will lead to too low weight when newborns are born.When the baby is born too low, it will lead to an increase in risk of diabetes and hypertension in the future.

Therefore, while catering to the trend of "excessive weight loss" in the society, if we are based on the premise of sacrificing the health of the baby, then every expectant mother is unwilling to see it.

Therefore, whether the weight should be controlled during pregnancy should not be indulgence or strict control, but moderate and balanced.

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