The 1 -year -old girl’s stomach is bulging, and the "sarcoma" is lurking with hair in the belly?Learn a tumor

A few days ago, a hot search on Weibo caused a lot of heated discussion among netizens. A 1 -year -old and 9 -month -old girl in Henan took out a grapefruit -sized teratoma. It was surprising that there were hair and bones on the teratoma.

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Many netizens have said, what?How long can I get pregnant at 1 year old?What is teratoma?Is it a fetus?

To be honest, many people are really a little circled when they come into contact with this word. Today, I will tell everyone what the teratoma is.

Favorite tumor is a tumor that comes from germ cells, partly benign and part of which is malignant.Nakaurous teratoma contains a variety of ingredients, including hair, skin, skeletal, teeth, nerve tissue, oil and so on.The differentiation of malignant teratoma is poor in Chengdu, and there are no or slightly forming tissues. The general structure is unclear.

So why do children have teratoma?Is it pregnant?

In fact, teratoma has nothing to do with pregnancy.

Favorite tumor is actually a tumor

Some people will misunderstand about the three words of teratoma, thinking that he has a certain relationship with the fetus, and then thinks that this is a kind of woman’s unique disease. In fact, it is not the case.Men also have it.

Under normal circumstances, it occurs mostly in the ovaries, but there are some parts of testicles, vertical diaphragm, peritoneum, intestine, intracranial, etc.Although the total incidence of teratoma is only 0.025 %, both newborn and old lady may happen.

So, how to distinguish between you suffering from teratoma, and what clinical manifestations are there?

No performance

This is not a joke. Most people may not know that they have grown teratoma, and some male friends have heard that they have grown teratoma.This is mainly because the teratoma usually grows silently. Many patients have no symptoms at all. Some are discovered by the medical examination. Some are discovered after checking irregular menstruation.Performance.

However, if the teratoma grows larger or has a small location space, there will also be compression symptoms.

Oppressive symptom

If there is a tiny space in the originally narrow space, this mass will naturally compress the surrounding organs and blood vessels. For example, pelvic teratoma may compress the intestine and the bladder.Compress the respiratory tract, digestive tract and other places.

Malignant symptom

Only a few patients will have malignant symptoms, such as lesions metastasis and weight loss, anemia, and cancer fever.

In fact, the probability of the incidence of teratoma is very low. Generally, there is no need to check it out.If you want to check, you can go to the hospital for the following examination items.

Gynecological examination: For a larger deformed tumor, you can basically see the abdomen protrusion with the naked eye. You can find the cysts in the pelvic cavity through conventional examinations.

Imaging examination: It mainly refers to B -ultrasound, X -ray, etc. When performing imaging examinations, because the tissue structure of the teratoma is chaotic and complicated, the imaging results are different.

Blood drawing: This is mainly for patients with malignant teratoma. Due to the high degree of malignant, those tumor tissues also have the function of secretion, so usually the nail protein and HCG value will increase significantly.It is necessary to further diagnose and actively treat it.

For teratoma, surgical treatment is generally used. If it is malignant, the sooner the surgery is, the better. If it is determined to be benign, the patient can be considered.Risks and other risks.

Source | Dr. Miaoshuan (Reprinting without authorization)

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