The 11 -year -old girl was found lung cancer, and the doctor reminded: behind the 6 major reasons, parents must be regarded as precepts

Recently, according to Long Ping News, a 11 -year -old girl in Yangzhou was unfortunately suffering from lung cancer, which was surprising.

Earlier, Yuanyuan did not have any abnormalities. Not long ago, I suddenly had a fever and cough, and I did n’t use antibiotics. I went to the affiliated hospital of Yangzhou University to check the true murderer of the illness -lung cancer.

According to Guo Hong, deputy chief physician of the Department of chest surgery affiliated to Yangzhou University, at that time, the malignant tumor of the circular lungs had 1.1 cm large and must be surgery immediately.Because the circle is young, the chest cavity is small, and the difficulty of surgery is very high, it is several times more difficult for adult surgery.Fortunately, after consultation with experts, Yuanyuan successfully undergone surgery and has been discharged.

In the eyes of many people, lung cancer is a disease that middle -aged and elderly people can get. Why is it only 11 years old or a child?Guo Hong explained to this: "From the current research, the low aging of lung cancer may be related to long -term staying up late, lack of exercise, less healthy diet, smoking families such as family habits, eating habits, mental stress, etc."

Children’s cancer is no longer an accident. Even as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, it is already advanced cancer. Last year, a 12 -year -old boy in Hunan found the late stage of lung cancer. In March this year, a 12 -year -old boy in Wenzhou also diagnosed the late stage of pancreatic cancer.It is really regrettable.

The WHO Cancer expert Andrei Ilbavavi pointed out that about 400,000 children are diagnosed with cancer worldwide worldwide.

Children suffer from cancer. If you can find early treatment early, it has a high cure rate, but unfortunately, because children’s cancer is hidden, children do not know how to express themselves, and parents are easy to neglect their children’s abnormalities.Once the diagnosis is the late stage.

This directly allows children to be in the second place in the list of children’s death, second only to accidental death.

For the cause of cancer in children, most people have no concept, and they will not even connect children and cancer.

1. Genetic

Children’s suffering from cancer is related to genetic factors, and certain mutations are inherited in children’s chromosomes.Some of these genes will mutate under the stimulus of the outside world and have evolved into malignant tumors.

2. Pregnant women during pregnancy contact harmful substances

Women have exposed to some harmful substances during pregnancy, such as hormones, radiation, or drugs, which can cause embryonic cells to be stimulated by bad stimulation and mutations. In this case, embryo malignant tumors are prone to occur.

3. Virus infection

Common virus infections include EB virus, T cell lymph virus, etc. The former will induce lymphoma, and the latter will induce leukemia and malignant lymphoma.

4. The acquired environmental factors

Long -term exposure to chemicals, formaldehyde in new decoration houses, second -hand smoke, and long -term foods with pesticide residues will cause children to increase the risk of malignant tumors in children.

Cancer can effectively increase the survival rate of early treatment and early treatment. So how to find it early?Look down together.

Compared with adults, children are more sensitive to the treatment of cancer.Therefore, the cure rate of children’s cancer is very high, which can reach 75 ~ 80%, while the cure rate of cancer in adults is less than 50%.

However, the development of children’s cancer is very fast, and even many patients only take three months from the first phase to the fourth phase. Therefore, it is found that early symptoms play a vital role in extending children’s survival.

Professor Wang Xiuzhong of the Children’s Hospital of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University pointed out that these symptoms will occur early in children with cancer:

1. Heat the heat

The fever of unknown reasons cannot be reduced after taking antipyretics, and the fever time> 2 weeks. It is highly vigilant.

2, mass

There are abnormal lumps in the skin or subcutaneous, and the block grows rapidly, the location is fixed, and the texture is hard, and the surface may occur.

3. Lymph node enlargement

Most of the painless lymph nodes are swollen, and it will not return to normal within 2 to 3 months.

4. Decreased weight

Effective tumors can lead to a manifestation of malignant diseases such as decreased weight and anemia.

5. System abnormalities

Urotic nervous tumors can cause nerve abnormalities such as changes in personality, seizures, and unstable walking.

Children with cancer will cause huge torture to the family and mind of the family. If you want to prevent cancer, parents’ behavior is very important!

1. Quit smoking before, after pregnancy, breastfeeding

Moms and dads need to absolutely quit smoking at these three times to avoid some harmful substances in smoke affecting children.

2. Shape smoke -free environment and work hard

In addition to women, others should try to avoid smoking as much as possible to make the family a healthy environment of smoke -free.In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to opening windows and ventilation frequently to keep indoor air circulation.In particular, some newly renovated houses should be checked at least three months after ventilation.

3. Cultivate children’s healthy diet habits

Dietary habits should be cultivated from a young age, and give children more natural food for children. Daily need to consume beans, milk, fruits and vegetables, miscellaneous grains, fish, and moderate meat products, pickled food, fried food, and moldy food.Don’t let children come into contact too much.

4. Urges children to live regularly, don’t add to electronic products

Children should maintain sufficient sleep time, and they can go outdoors to run outdoors everyday. Multi -exercise can effectively enhance children’s physical fitness and reduce the use time of electronic products.

5. Regular physical examination

For children, physical examinations also need to be regularly carried out.The medical examination can be found in time to find some problems in the growth and development of children, and it can also be found that early tumors can be found.

Through the above, we can know that the main reason for children with cancer is that parents must avoid some risk factors that may induce children to suffer from cancer in their lives.”””不”

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