The 13 -year -old girl did not come to the holiday, and asked the teacher to go home to have children: adolescent education, not to be ignored

It is mainly related to the education of teachers and parents

Teachers and parents often do not tell adolescent girls directly, some are ashamed to speak, and some think that the child will naturally know.

I remember when I was in school, there were physiological and health classes in junior high school. This part of the teacher did not talk about it. It was let us see it ourselves. The more adults, the more my children felt mysterious.It’s pregnant.

Seeing it: A 13 -year -old girl, in the first grade, was also aware of the knowledge of physiological and health. I didn’t come to the holiday and thought she was pregnant. I thought that a yellow flower girlfriend suddenly had a child.The head teacher asked for leave and said that he would go home to have children.

Later, the head teacher called her mother and said that your daughter has escaped and said that she was pregnant. I doubt that she was in love.

As soon as her mother heard, she skipped classes, early love, pregnant, crying for her father, and her dad took her to see the doctor. Then she knew that she had not arrived during the menstrual period, and she hadn’t come to her aunt.Very embarrassing thing.

Another girl said that the boy always stared at himself, and his aunt was not allowed to be pregnant.

Another girl said that the first time I came to my aunt almost wrote the testament, crying all night.

It can be seen that the child is adolescent. The knowledge teacher about adolescence does not say. Parents do not say how much misunderstandings will children have, and do not know that the girl who protects them may also go astray, early love, pregnancy, etc.Essence

Parents cannot be ignored in adolescence education.

In adolescence, with the development of the body, many girls are psychologically confused and confused, and they will also be nervous because of physical changes. They are embarrassing. They have a humpback, walking down, and even inferiority.

At this time, the mother should take the child’s adolescent education teacher, let the child understand the small secrets of the body, and encourage the child to ask the mother in time to ask the mother in time not to let the child psychologically burden, and do not be hurt because the child does not know to protect himself.

To popularize the scientific knowledge of adolescence to daughter, cultivate self -confident and happy children, and recommend "Private Books of Adolescent Girls". This book involves 10 major problems such as the physiological, psychological, emotional, academic, and dating of adolescent girls.Solution, saying for mothers to say what they want to say and embarrassed, answering questions that children want to ask and embarrassed.

"Private Book of Adolescent Girls" through parent -child communication, there are cases and theories, so that girls are not confused during adolescence, and they have no troubles. They are called "encyclopedia" on the road of adolescent girls.

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The author of "Mom gave to adolescent daughters", in the tone of her daughter, talked about the all -in -law of adolescent girls, either happy, sad, or doubtful growth events. It is easier for children to accept and convince.It is a real "adopted women’s heart scripture", which is worth reading.

If your daughter is 10-18 years old and curious about physical changes, but you don’t know how to deal with it?

If you want to protect your daughter, let your daughter love yourself, self -esteem, and not hurt, but don’t know where to talk about sex education?

If you want to help your daughter grow up physically and mentally, have a confident personality, a beautiful life …

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