The 13 -year -old girl in Liaoning was pregnant, and DNA appraisal was in line with the principal. After 7 years, she revealed that the girl is still a virgin.

Liu Xiaoli (pseudonym), a 13 -year -old junior high school girl in Fushun, Liaoning, suddenly became pregnant. Ms. Zhao, the mother, called the police immediately after she knew it. After DNA testing, she confirmed that the child of Liu Xiaoli’s child was actually the principal Xu Bodong.

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As a mountain, the principal Xu Bodong was sentenced to 7 years in prison, but Xu Bodong resolutely did not admit that he had had a relationship with Liu Xiaoli.

After 7 years of jail, Xu Bodong always insisted on being unjustly, and insisted on turning the case repeatedly for himself. As a result, he found that Liu Xiaoli was still a virgin, and the hymen was complete.

What has actually happened?This is obviously impossible to exist at the same time in virgin and pregnancy!

This bizarre rape occurred in July 1999. Liu Xiaoli, a girl who was in Fushun, Liaoning Province, was just 13 years old. For a while, her mother found her daughter who was often disgusting, and she was fainted every day.Those who want to sleep and want to sleep, I thought my daughter was too hard to study or get sick.

So Ms. Zhao hurriedly took Liu Xiaoli to the hospital for examination. After the inspection was checked, Ms. Zhao was simply a clear thunderbolt and five thunder.Because the doctor told Ms. Zhao, Liu Xiaoli was pregnant!

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A girl in the second year was pregnant. Ms. Zhao couldn’t accept it. She thought that her daughter didn’t learn well.

Facing this embarrassing thing, Ms. Zhao couldn’t hold back the 100,000 anger in her heart. She shook her hand and gave Liu Xiaoli a large slap, and yelled at her daughter loudly: "Who is the child!"

Facing her mother’s anger and questioning, Liu Xiaoli was blank and grievances. She didn’t know what happened at all, and she couldn’t understand what her mother meant.

Seeing this situation, Ms. Zhao and her husband, Mr. Liu, worked hard. They couldn’t ask something from Liu Xiaoli’s mouth, and they found that her daughter Liu Xiaoli was very confused about adult men and women.Essence

Ms. Zhao began to doubt whether her daughter was bullied at school.

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Liu Xiaoli is a little girl with a more restrained personality. She is usually very quiet and a little timid.According to the character like Liu Xiaoli, he was bullied by the boy and did not dare to tell his parents that this is not impossible!

As a result, Ms. Zhao decided to call the police. No matter how she had to find the initials, she was justice for her daughter.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately filed the case and attracted very high attention.

After the police asked Liu Xiaoli, it was found that during the recent period before and after Liu Xiaoli’s pregnancy, he had been closer to the three men, one was Wang Wei at the same table, the other was Zheng Moumou, a sports teacher in the school, and the other.Xu Bodong, the principal of Liu Xiaoli’s school, has a identity Xu Bodong, that is, he is also Liu Xiaoli’s cousin.

Subsequently, the forensic doctor extracted the DNA of the three men for identification. The appraisal results stated that the biological father of Liu Xiaoli’s abdomen was Xu Bodong.

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What is the heavenly? Isn’t Xu Bodong Liu Xiaoli’s cousin?How can you do such a heartbroken thing about his 13 -year -old aunt?

In the face of this result, Xu Bodong has always shouted that he has never had a relationship with Liu Xiaoli. At the same time, Liu Xiaoli also denied that his brother -in -law Xu Bodong had touched her.

However, DNA is impossible to deceive people. In the face of iron syndrome, Xu Bodong was sentenced to 7 years in prison by the court by the court for adultery.

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Overnight, the extremely beautiful principal became the big demon of raped the auntie.

Xu Bodong’s wife was unable to accept the fact that her husband raped her 13 -year -old cousin, and finally chose to divorce Xu Bodong.Because he was unable to face the pointers and ridicule of relatives and friends, neighborhood neighbors, the depression became ill, which eventually led to schizophrenia.

Seven years later, Xu Bodong was released from prison. The first thing he was out of was flipping the case for himself. He wanted to prove that he had never raped Liu Xiaoli, and he was wronged.

Xu Bodong’s first foundation was Liu Xiaoli. In fact, Liu Xiaoli was also very puzzled by her pregnancy. She didn’t understand why she was pregnant at the time.And Liu Xiaoli has always been worried about the cousin’s betrayal of betrayal of being prison.

So when his cousin Xu Bodong found Liu Xiaoli, Liu Xiaoli hoped to find the truth of the year, Liu Xiaoli agreed.

Xu Bodong’s second person was Ms. Han, the classmate who was a lawyer. Ms. Han told Xu Bodong that if she wanted to turn the case, she could only find breakthroughs from DNA identification.

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To this end, Xu Bodong came to the Institute of Biophysics with the help of Ms. Han. Xu Bodong carefully complained about the case of the case.It is possible to get pregnant.

The doctor of the Institute told Xu Bodong that sexual life is a prerequisite for women’s conception, but there are exceptions to everything, that is, under specific circumstances, even if there is no sexual friendship, it may be pregnant.

The doctorate of the School of Studies said that after the male sperm ejaculated in the body, if it was under an environment of about 37 degrees, generally, the sperm can survive for 4 to 8 hours, then if the sperm in vitro at this time happened to encounter the ovulation period at this time,The woman, even if this woman is a virgin, has the probability that unexpected pregnancy will occur.

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The words of the research institute made Xu Bodong suddenly think of something. He recalled that when Liu Xiaoli was in junior high school, he lived in their house for a while. During that time, Xu Bodong and his wife would take advantage of Liu Xiaoli to sleep in the next room next door.The two will be warm and intimate.

Because Liu Xiaoli was very sticky at that time, she often ran to their room with her cousin on a bed at noon.

So is it possible for Liu Xiaoli to sleep on their bed, and then the possibility of in vitro pregnancy?

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After learning about this, Xu Bodong immediately told Liu Xiaoli the progress of his investigation, and the two came to the hospital for inspection. After the results of the examination, everyone was shocked because the inspection report clearly wrote that Liu Xiaoli’s hymen is intact.No damage!

That is to say, Xu Bodong did not lie at that time, and he did not rape Liu Xiaoli at all.

In December 2007, Xu Bodong brought the relevant information to the court for review.In 2008, the court rehabilitated the wrong judgment of Xu Bodong before, and at the same time, it was economically compensated to Xu Bodong.

This bizarre "rape case" is really embarrassing, which also tells us that men and women are interacting, please pay attention to the distance between the relationship to avoid unnecessary damage!

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