The 15 -year -old girl is pregnant, and the "culprit" pointed to the 12 -year -old boy in the same village

The girl in the flower season is like flowers, playing with people and scum.

After a few months, the belly was raised, and her mother found that she was messy.

This is an oil poem, and it is also a story of an unexpected pregnancy of a minor girl.To be honest, this is a bit difficult to accept. After all, the girl is only 15 years old.According to the girl, a 12 -year -old boy was pregnant.Let’s take a look at this true story that happened in Faku County, Liaoning.

The 15 -year -old girl Xiaohua (the names in the text are a pseudonym) and the 12 -year -old boy Xiaolong is the same village.The two of them have other things in common: parents go out to work all year round, and they are both "left -behind children".

The difference is that Xiaohua lives with her grandparents in her hometown, and Xiaolong is taken care of by her hometown.

For such a family, everyone understands: Only when the child’s parents are going home during the New Year.Due to the busyness of adults, the education of children will inevitably be "blind".

At noon on July 15, 2019, Xiaohua’s mother who returned home found that she hadn’t met for a few months, and some changes in her daughter’s body -the stomach was a bit bulging.

At first, she thought that the child was probably in adolescence, and it was normal to get fat.Later, the more she looked at it, it felt abnormal.The sixth feeling of the woman made her suspicious, so she used the pregnancy test paper to test the Xiaohua.The results showed that Xiaohua was pregnant.

Under the questioning of adults, Xiaohua said the original committee: One night a few months ago, Xiaolong and I played in the village, and Xiaolong forcibly had a relationship with me.

As a result, Xiaohua’s parents went to Xiaolong’s house to discuss.Xiaolong Yantou denied.Seeing that the child did not admit it, Xiaolong’s uncle was also a little pushed.The old man said that he had to wait for the hospital to issue a formal certificate for Xiaohua’s pregnancy to talk about the next step.

Later, the results of the hospital’s examination came out.Of course, it is consistent with the results of the test paper test.This time, Xiaolong’s uncle had nothing to say.The child tossed such a big thing, and the old man could not do the Lord.So she called Xiaolong’s parents home.

After Xiaolong’s parents arrived at home, the two sides reached an agreement after negotiation: Xiaolong’s family took Xiaohua to the hospital to kill the fetus and bear medical expenses, and compensated Xiaohua 10,000 yuan.

Accompanied by Xiaolong’s parents, Xiaohua performed surgery in the hospital.The combination of surgery and drugs was induced. On July 19, Xiaohua successfully induced the fetus and was hospitalized for seven days.

Xiaohua’s induction of labor is also smooth, but the development of things has also encountered difficulties -Xiaolong’s parents have changed their hexagrams.The two had a good compensation for 10,000 yuan, and Xiao Long’s family was unwilling to pay.

Of course, they have their claims.Xiaolong’s father said that the reason why he agreed to compensate was the sudden incident."We don’t want to make the villagers’ troubles unhappy. And we don’t want to let the scandal know."

In fact, there is another reason why they don’t want to pay for.It turned out that after Xiaohua had an induction of labor, Xiaolong’s father repeatedly asked if his son had done this, but Xiaolong denied it."I believe my son can’t say falsely." Xiaolong’s father said.

Xiaolong’s mother also said.She said that when Xiaohua was checked in the hospital, the doctor said that it was not like the consequences of the 12 -year -old boy (pregnancy).And my son is only 12 years old, and it is impossible to cause others to get pregnant.She further stated that if Xiaohua’s family wants to compensate, she must take out evidence such as parent -child appraisal.

As a result, they have paid more than 3,000 yuan in medical expenses. They no longer want to get 10,000 yuan in compensation.If the two sides negotiated, Xiaohua’s parents filed a lawsuit with the court, and the two sides had a lawsuit.

The court held that Xiaolong had admitted that Xiaohua was pregnant. The two parties also signed a compensation agreement, and the parents of both parties witnessed the abortion of Xiaobei, but at the time, they did not require retaining the fetal as a parent -child identification.The Xiaolong family now refuses to pay compensation on the grounds of parent -child appraisal.The court judged: Xiaolong’s family should compensate Xiaohua 10,000 yuan.At the same time, we also need to pay more than 4,500 yuan for medical expenses.

Because Xiaolong is a minor, it is difficult to have legal accountability for it.As for the original matter, it is difficult to find out the truth.In the final analysis, parents are really missing for their children’s education.

Of course, we can learn lessons or speak loudly for the education of "left -behind children" education.But we must understand such a thing: left -behind children still exist, and family education is still missing.

The education of left -behind children is the best parents.But if it is only relying on his parents, this is not realistic, let alone achieve the ideal effect.As for what to do, I hope netizens will leave your opinion in the comment area.

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