The 17 -year -old female high school is in an unexpected pregnancy, but the target is the 13 -year -old boy. How do parents of both sides deal with

According to some reports on the Internet, things happened in Hebei. A 17 -year -old female high school student and a 13 -year -old junior first student had a relationship, which caused the female high school to get pregnant.

Facing the girl’s mother, the boy always pretended to be innocent, after all, he was only a 13 -year -old child.Indeed, in this regard, it will look shocking, I do n’t understand, and I do n’t think that the consequences will be so serious.

At first, the little boy pretended to ignore it and chose to escape.However, the girl’s mother warned him seriously that if he escaped, he would report to the police!Perhaps for the 13 -year -old, he was just two ignorant children seeking a stimulus, and did not consider what would happen.However, in the end, this incident can only allow female high school students to undergo abortion surgery, and such boys receive psychological counseling education.Let’s see how the parents of both parties deal with this incident?What do you think.

Many netizens have joined the discussion of this incident. Some netizens believe that this is the negligence of two family education, which is responsible for both parties.Some netizens believe that the school has also lacked education for young people.

Some of my personal views on this matter are like this:

Sexual education issues, including violence, have not paid enough attention.This is the failure of our education. "Talking about the incident", "", "should not be regretful afterwards, or ask questions and criticism afterwards.Different results, including a case of a campus injury that happened today.

For this female high school student, at the age of 17, according to common sense, formal sexual knowledge should be accepted.And this time the accidental pregnancy will have a big problem, which is the harm to the body.At the same time, it will also cause trauma to psychology.

The 13 -year -old boy, with the 17 -year -old girl, both of them are minors at the legal level. They do not have the ability to civil behavior and bear criminal responsibility. He does not know the harm to the girls after he is about to bear.From the dialogue, "I’m afraid" and "Can a child be killed" enough to see.

The two minors only seek for a moment of stimulation, and it is serious that the consequences of sexual behavior are serious.This is the pollution and influence that we have not valued the pollution and influence of young people in the real environment and network environment, thereby having wrong ideas and behaviors.

Parents of both sides also lack the education of children. Facing children in teenagers, yearning for the world of adults, imitating the behavior of adults, but ignoring communication with children.They should reflect on whether they have defects in family education and whether they bring their first exemplary leadership to the child.

Whether the school has strengthened the education of students, allows students in teenage to understand the content of sexual knowledge, health and sexual safety, cultivate students ‘correct values, and communicate students’ mental health.

In this incident, the woman’s parents’ approach was calm and calm.But if it happens in any family, I guess I can’t sit still as parents.Obviously, the parents of the woman have been educated in higher education, and let the parents of both sides communicate with each other. It is the most proper treatment plan. The world of adults is expensive.

In this incident, we do not need to evaluate the subjective aspects of morality, value. After all, both parties are minors. They should pay attention to their privacy and do not attack. Two children who do not know.In the event, we should be aware of the urgency of youth education from the incident.They are also easy to make

This is also a warning clock for our society. It should be educated from many aspects of schools, families, and society.

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