The 18 -year -old girl is still pregnant after taking contraceptives. The doctor’s words make her regret it.

Nowadays, the age of men and women can be said to have been polarized. Many leftover men and women are not young. They still cannot find the object to get married. Some have married early, especially in the countryside.Examples abound.In addition, many young girls have lived chaotic and many of them have become problematic girls. Xiaomei is such a problem girl. She has lacked her parents’ constraints since she was a child.Go, drop out of school directly in junior high school, work outside the work outside, and met a group of fox group dog friends. His boyfriend changed several times and went to the bar every night to drink in front of the barbecue stall.Life is good.Essence

Although she was an adult, Xiaomei did not think about her life in the future, and was attracted by the life of drunk dreams.In this way, once, Xiaomei took an emergency contraceptive pill like usual, and her friend called to the bar to drink a lot of wine. What she did not expect was that after that day, Xiaomei appeared.Some different reactions, notice that Xiaomei used the pregnancy test stick, showing that she was pregnant. Xiaomei and her boyfriend couldn’t even raise herself. I never thought about raising a child, but also confused.She took contraceptives, why was she still pregnant?

Then Xiaomei went to the hospital for examination and asked the doctor’s doubt.After seeing the inspection report, the doctor regretted that such a flower season girl was so chaotic. The doctor sighed and explained the reason for the small eyebrows. It may be that Xiao Mei drank a lot of wine after taking the medicine.Because wine has the ability to solve the medicine, it is likely that the contraceptive pill is lost after drinking.

The doctor also told Xiaomei that the contraceptive pills cannot be taken frequently, and taking contraceptives for a long time are very harmful.Due to its inhibition, delayed ovulation, and the effect of inhibiting the endometrium, it can delay the next menstrual period. It may also be temporarily increased by hormones in the disposable blood caused by temporary medication.It is manifested as the early menstruation. The side effects of contraceptives may cause endocrine disorders, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, infertility, or gastrointestinal discomfort, headache, weight gain, nervousness, low emotional tide, skin color spots and acne.

Xiaomei has been confused in a few days later. When will this drunk life die?

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