The 18 -year -old girl stands on the street and stands for a child.

The 18 -year -old girl stands on the street and stands for a child.

Two days ago, there was a 18 -year -old young woman with a big belly in Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, and walked on the road.But the young mother was a little overwhelmed.

At that time, a Ms. Chen saw that she immediately helped this scared young mother to hug the child. Ms. Chen looked at her child’s face and was a bit dark.When the sound, the skin turned red slowly.

Ms. Chen now asked her mother to go home to use a towel to surround. She took a chair and asked the mother to sit.At that time, because I was afraid of infection, I was not afraid of cutting the umbilical cord for this mother. Fortunately, after ten minutes, the ambulance came.

And many netizens were surprised to see it: I couldn’t give birth to the stairs of my baby to the hospital, and I was born for two days before giving birth. Why did this mother have a child so fast?

There are even some netizens who say: young baby is fast, which is too enviable.

Mother Jing has a colleague who is an obstetrician and gynecologist: said that having a child is most afraid of giving birth, and it is more terrible than birth. In case of life, it is a big trouble.However, it is often invincible. Such a situation is called urgent birth.

Generally speaking, it is normal for us to have a child for more than ten hours, but if it is less than three hours from pain to having a child, it is an emergency.

1. It is easy to cause the mother’s serious tear production

When we give birth, we usually have several medical staff around us. One of them will protect our perineal with hands, or watching the fetus too long, longing for too long, or not too smooth, we will help the fetus more through the perineal side.Birth quickly.

Not only does prevention of fetal hypoxia mainly prevents mothers from tearing wounds.

The urgent birth is that the fetus is very urgent, which can easily lead to severe tear wounds in the mothers’ perineum or even cause postpartum bleeding.

2. Cause the child’s head injury

Children have a head down, and walking and giving birth to a baby will cause the fetus’s head to fall directly to the floor, causing the child’s head to be injured, such as brain shock or trauma or internal injury.

I heard a mother in Shenzhen before walking at home to give birth to the baby. The baby’s head fell directly to the ground and was immediately sent to the hospital neonatal department to enter the intensive care unit.

3. The occurrence of infection, whether it is a mother or a newborn

If there is no environmental environment outside the disinfection, the wound of the child’s mother may be infected, and the child may be infected.

For example, the umbilical cord is not infected by handling.

4. Miss the best observation period

The newborn will conduct a Ke’s score in the hospital 1 minute and 5 minutes after birth. It mainly depends on whether the child’s breathing, skin, and reflection are normal.If it is abnormal, deal with it in time.

In the emergency mother, the child may be born outside and miss the observation period.

In case the child is born with amniotic fluid or other things, the child cannot breathe, causing the child to be hypoxic, which can easily lead to cerebral palsy or even endanger the child’s life.

1. During the delivery, do n’t go out alone

If you go out alone, you ca n’t say anything in pain. At this time, it ’s difficult to go to the hospital for a taxi, so it’ s better to accompany your family to accompany him.

2. Mom should observe her physical condition in time

For example, after the fetal head is usually reduced, the fall of the abdomen is very obvious. At this time, go out as little as possible.

After seeing the red, it is usually born within 48 hours, so when you see it, don’t run around.

When you find that your stomach hurts for a while, he will go to the hospital as soon as possible.Especially the second mother, there is generally faster to have children.

3. Pay attention to exercise after 32 weeks of pregnancy

Control the amount of exercise and do not do everything as much as possible. Her husband should bear the heavy responsibility of doing housework.

Written at the end:

When the child is born, it is difficult for us to make standard judgments, so learn to observe that if you have problems with problems, you can better protect the health of ourselves and fetal treasures in time.””””

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