The 18 -year -old pregnant woman was raped miserable, and the murderer raped 3 girls during the flee. After 12 years, she finally arrested

What an extinct murderer to kill the 18 -year -old pregnant woman after being brutally raped, and did not even let a 15 -year -old child. For more than ten years, after a few years, he was finally ropeed after the crime.

In a place in Jiangsu in 2000, he got married early at that time. The 18 -year -old red (pseudonym) was just married. The husband and wife were like painting and envious of others.The red and red temperament is kind and gentle, diligent and diligent, and also get along well with her mother -in -law.After a few months of wedding, she was pregnant, and her family life was harmonious and happy.

1. The pregnant woman was tragically poisoned, she was pregnant when she died, and a dead body

It is such a happy little family, but fragmented because of an illegal disgusting thought.

This is an ordinary evening. Honghong longed for the same as the neighbors to go home. Due to the winter, the sun was early, and the night came quickly.It was too late to see the sky, and he was a little panicked on the road. He speeded up his steps home.

After arriving home, Honghong helped the mother -in -law Zhang Luo for dinner and waited for her husband Xiao Wang to come back for a meal.Waiting for Zhong Honghong to learn that the husband asked others to come to the news: He helped him in the village next door, and did not go home to dinner tonight.

"Dad, mom, let’s eat first, the home will not come back tonight, he helps him in the next door."

After the family finished dinner, Honghong returned to the new courtyard where he and her husband lived. The two courtyards were not far away. The mother -in -law sent the red out to ask her to slow down and be careful.

This left, her mother -in -law did not expect that this was the last time she saw her daughter -in -law.

In the early morning of the next day, when I had breakfast, I did n’t return to the old yard. My mother -in -law thought that the red body was uncomfortable. I took breakfast to see my daughter -in -law. When I arrived at the door, I found that no one responded anymore.

The mother -in -law pushed the door, and the door was not locked.When she entered the house, her daughter -in -law was lying on the bed, covered with a messy quilt on her body, and closer to see, Honghong had no breathing.The mother -in -law was frightened for a moment, and immediately called 110 to call the police.

After the police arrived, the scene immediately cleared the unrelated crowd and the scene of the protection of the case was protected.On the scene, a wolf borrowed, the red mouth was covered by a towel, there was obvious scar on the neck, and there was a bruise caused by the struggle struggle on the wrist.

Mr. Wang, the red and red husband, returned home and saw the tragic situation of his lover. He immediately became red, distracted, and a seven -foot man cried on the spot.Seeing this scene, the police handling the case had no choice but to look at it: "You mourn" and said secretly, he clenched his fist secretly.

Police analyzed that the murderer may find the redness of the red at home when he entered the room, so he temporarily got his heart, violated the red and killed him cruelly, although the red was pregnant for three months at the time.

The forensic doctor found the body fluid of the murderer in the red body. The police quickly extracted the DNA of the murderer, and the palm line of the murderer was left at the crime scene.

Such a terrible way of crime has caused a lot of ups and downs in the small town of folk customs.

"Bad, it’s too miserable." "When you are killed, you are still pregnant, a dead body and two lives."

Two months later, the police locked a local person named Li. Li was 33 years old and lived in the village next to Honghong. He had been released from prison because of attempted rape. However, the police compared DNA andAfter the crime time, Li’s suspicion was excluded.

2. The girl in the flower season encountered unexpectedly and was killed after being raped.

When the police thought that the case was in a deadlock, five months later, another rape occurred on the town that was similar to the first case of the case.similar.Police between the two places conducted cooperative investigations and confirmed that the two appalling rape cases were confirmed after comparing DNA.

The victim of the second case was only 15 years old at the time of death. After the investigation of the police, the police found that the murderer was very arrogant. After the violence was brutally killed to kill the girl, he still calmly ate meals by the victim.It is completely provoking the police.

Police found an art knife commonly used by woodworking at the scene.

Could it be that the murderer is a carpentry?

Following this line, the police locked another criminal suspect Zhou. Zhou is a carpenter. He often goes back and forth between the town where the two places is located.

Zhou’s wife left him early, leaving three children and two eighty -year -olds at home.The family members are on the wall, and their lives are hard.Police were preparing to contribute to customers with Zhou, and when he called his phone, he found that he had already stopped.

After searching, the police determined the rental house where Zhou had lived in, and rushed to the scene but found that there was no one in the house.After that, the police came to his household registration place based on Zhou’s ID card, a small town in Guizhou.

After the arrest of Zhou was arrested here, the police thought that the case was about to break and caught the real murderer.But after comparing Zhou’s DNA, it was found that it was not consistent with the previous murderer’s DNA.

Hell is empty, the devil is in the world.

The police mobilized countless police forces and compared the tens of thousands of DNAs, but still did not find the murderer, which could not help making the police frustrated.Do not make the murderer rope to the law, how to be a tragic red and the child in the belly, and the girl who is only fifteen years old or the child.

3. New victims appear!Fortunately in unfortunate — the murderer left a living mouth

Until 7 years later, in August 2007, the turning of the incident appeared. Unfortunately, it was not a new clue, but a third victim appeared.

One night, a public security branch in Yangzhou received a call from a police call. Xiaoyu returned to her mother to celebrate her mother because her mother’s sixty longevity returned to her hometown, because she drank a lot of drinks at night, Xiaoyu went to the toilet at night, and the toilet in the countryside was the toilet., So they are outdoors.

Xiaoyu left the house briefly, and in just a few minutes, the murderer entered the house from the window along the window along the pipe.Xiaoyu Gang returned to the room, and the shadow behind the door stretched out a big hand to cover her mouth. In order to prevent Xiaoyu call for help, the murderer covered it very tightly.Xiaoyu strangled her if she resisted.

Xiaoyu shivered in horror, and Xiaoyu was pregnant at the time and did not dare to resist.After the murderer committed Xiaoyu, he fled quickly.

The police quickly accepted the case and extracted the DNA of the murderer on Xiaoyu. After comparison, it was found that it was consistent with the killer DNA in 2000.

The victim was still shocked. At that time, there was no light in the house. Xiaoyu did not see the murderer’s face. He only felt that his age was about 30 to 40 years old.Even the clothes were not taken off, just unbuttoned the pants belt.This time, the murderer did not raise his mind during theft, but directly raped the purpose.

The murderer was directly favored by the crime, so the scene did not leave other clues except the murderer’s body fluid, and the investigation was in a deadlock. The murderer was still at ease., Harm to the next victim.

These seven -year -old rape cases, like a heavy boulder, were pressed on the hearts of police all over the Jiangsu.

Because sin is like a self -growing crop, it is easy to learn bad things -Cevanteus.The serial murderer will not be able to suppress the sins in his heart one day, and commit crimes many times. This is the most obvious feature of such special criminals.

4. The murderer really committed the crime again, and the surviving victims saw the true face of the murderer!

Xiaoyu is a migrant worker from other provinces. She lives alone in the rental house of the city alone. One night in August 2012, Xiaoyu rested early due to physical discomfort.

Late at night, Xiaoyu was awakened by her neck. After she woke up, she was frightened and scared, and a scissors were facing her neck.

Xiaoyu saw it clearly that it was the scissors of the nearby shoe factory.

A tall adult man suddenly appeared in the room. At this time, she was pressed above her. Xiaoyu was screaming loudly, but was covered by the murderer, threatening her not to make a sound.Xiaoyu was shivering and speechless, and she could only let the demons in front of her violence.

During the murderer’s crime, Xiaoyu saw the rapist’s face clearly by Moonlight. A middle -aged man in about 30 or 40 years old had a strong body, a height of about 1.75 meters, his face, and her teeth secretly remembered in her heart.

After the murderer implemented the rape, the man sneaked away from Xiaoyu’s residence.When Xiaoyu was shocked, she was not preparing to call the police. After a few minutes, the murderer returned again and took away the scissors who forgot to the rental house.But the murderer forgotten to take the towels that fell in Xiaoyu’s rental house.

Xiaoyu was sure that the man really left this time, so he dared to take out his mobile phone to call the police.The police extracted the DNA of the murderer for the first time. After comparison, it was confirmed that it really was the previous serial rape murderer. He couldn’t restrain his desire and chose to commit the crime again.

Police invited an expert in simulation portrait. According to Xiaoyu’s description, he roughly draws portraits of the suspect, and the victim digs more information about the murderer in painful memories.

With Xiaoyu’s additional supplement, the murderer’s face jumped on the paper, not the gangsters we expected. At first glance, it was not the face of a good person, but an ordinary middle -aged man.

Police followed the portraits of towels, scissors and experts to determine eight criminal suspects. They were arrested one by one to compare DNA. The top five DNA comparative results did not match the murderer.When the man saw the police car, he ran around.

After some chase, the police fell to the ground to the ground, wearing handcuffs and arrests.

After comparing the DNA, the result was finally matched.This is the person that the police have been looking for -Chen.He fled for twelve years and continued to commit crimes and committed rape cases, cruelly killed two victims.

The murderer confessed to his crime. He acknowledged that he was the murderer of the four vicious cases of Xiaoyu in February 2000, August 2000, and August 2007.

Judgment result:

In December 2013, Chen was sentenced to death by the first instance of the Yangzhou Intermediate People’s Court for suspected intentional homicide and rape, depriving political rights for life;

Chen’s crime is undoubtedly a felony. Among the four victims, there are two pregnant women, one minor, and two victims in 2000 were killed. Two happy families were broken.The family members have brought unspeakable dual pain in physiology and psychological.

1. Crime of rape

Article 236 of the Criminal Law of my country stipulates that if a woman is violent, coerced, or other means, it will be sentenced to three years and less than ten years.For the offenders, the nature of the front and rear sins should be comprehensively considered, the execution of the punishment or the length of the crime after the pardon, and the weight of the crimes before and after the crime will increase the benchmark punishment by 10%-40%, generally not less than 3 months.

Since the first rape and killing case in 2000, in the 12 years when Chen Mou had a good family, he had committed another three times during this period. Chen Mouhao had no regrets and guilt, with great subjective viciousness and high degree of social harm.It belongs to a guilty of criminals, and there is an aggravated plot.

2. Crime of intentional homicide

"I don’t want to kill people. They resist too fiercely. I can’t kill them."

This is the statement of Chen when he was facing the police.This is undoubtedly a pretty pale argument. At the moment when Chen was stolen, the moment when Chen had committed rape and murder, his psychology had completely distorted it, and then he embarked on a non -returning path.

Article 232 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that those who have intentionally killed them, the death sentence, life imprisonment or more than ten years of imprisonment; those who have a light circumstances are in prison for three years or more than ten years.

my country is very cautious about the application of the death penalty. For intentional injuries, people die, the means are particularly cruel, and the circumstances are particularly harsh, so that the application of the death penalty can be considered.

In this case, Chen had crimes many times, carrying several lives on his body, cruel means of committing crime, and extremely harsh circumstances. Chen’s indifference to life and multiple crimes without regrets were unbearable.In the end, the court was punished with the crime of rape and intentional homicide, and Chen was sentenced to death.

The law always compensates for punishment. Only by punishment can the crime be repaid. The police chased the murder for twelve years and finally arrested him.Only the evil Chen Mou’s rope can give the dead red, the child who bid farewell to the world at the age of 5, and the two other victims and family members of the family.

The motivation of the rapist is driven by desire, and most of them are pursuing sensory stimuli.Some views believe that rape is not because their sexual desires cannot be controlled at all, but that rapist likes to use rape to harm and control women, which will excite them and make them feel fulfilled.

Most of them lack basic moral consciousness and legal concepts.

Some are special cases that they have formed psychological trauma during their childhood and caused individual hatred women. Most of the criminal crimes are extremely cruel.

Skynet is restored, sparse without leakage, the law will not tolerate this criminal party to continue to endure the safety of the people outside the law.

This also sounds a alarm for us. Women must protect themselves. When they encounter emergency situations, we must focus on protecting their lives. There is hope only if you survive.If you want to help the police bravely, the law will give him the punishment he deserves.

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