The 19 -year -old child was pregnant with a child, and was killed or retained?It’s not so easy to say

At the age of 19, a child who was only 19 years old was pregnant with extreme anxiety and asked netizens to solve it.It has been made into a big mistake. Once you are not careful, you may have an error, and there may be unpredictable consequences.It must be handled carefully.

Tell your parents about pregnancy.You may be worried that you have just crossed the adult threshold, or you are still a child. If you are not responsible for your pregnancy, shameful eyes, your parents will feel that his face is dull, and he will be angry and even thunder.

You don’t need to worry about interrupting your bones and tendons.Although it is possible, after the storm, after the storm, it will be the most intimate, sincere, and selfless love for parents.

In this world, parents are the one who loves you the most and cares about you most. There is no one who cares about you most.

Parents have eaten salt than Mido you have eaten, and there are more roads you have walked than you have passed.For their own pregnancy, they will rack their brains and take out the most favorable, safest, and most reliable treatment plan for their daughters.

Whether it is knocked off or reserved, it is not a simple matter. You can’t easily do it yourself. You must tell your parents.

1. If your child has a clear father, it is the result of your love with your boyfriend.

You should tell your boyfriend and try to keep your children as much as possible, because although it has not yet come to the world, it is a life after all.On the spot, you can get married and make your children a member of the family."Ability" and "economy" are not big problems. In today’s era, no parents can’t feed a child because of this.

2. If you are not the first time you are pregnant, don’t break your child again.

Because you are very likely that you can’t get pregnant again because of multiple miscarriage, and you will always lose the opportunity to be a mother.Families without children are unstable. As a woman, they cannot have children like a tree that is only blossoming. The happiness will be greatly reduced.

3. The most terrible and tricky thing is that the child does not have a clear father. It is the product of your non -reasonable and shallow.

If so, it is really difficult to handle. Even if you are pregnant many times, you can hardly retain your children even if you lose the possibility of being a mother.Because you will face difficulty in getting in the obstacle of marriage and support the distress.You may have to pay a heavy price for your superficial, thin, and self -procurement.

19 years old, junior high school?high school?University?You should have some knowledge.

Pregnancy, involving health and implication of life, is not a game of children who live in the family.

In today’s era, you should not be pregnant, you can avoid pregnancy, and you can do it as long as you have intentions.Not high -precision.

At the age of 19, if you are a child, you are pregnant with your child. Life and health are not a small mistake.

Because of the economy and ability, I want to destroy him, nor is it a child to live in a family, implicate life, and hidden unpredictable health risks.

Past experience guide for the future.I look forward to the 19 -year -old you who are still a child. In the future, you are cautious about pregnancy and no longer enter today’s embarrassment and helplessness.

The 19 -year -old child was pregnant with a child, should it be destroyed or should it be kept?Looking forward to your comment.

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