The 23 -year -old massaging technician and doctoral boyfriend, loved for 1 year and became pregnant. The boyfriend agreed to give birth. The woman gave birth to a child, but her boyfriend did not care

Ten years ago, a 23 -year -old female massage technician fell in love with a PhD. After 1 year, the woman was pregnant. The man said: I am married, but I really love you. You give birth to the child and I raise it."The woman gave birth to her son, but the man didn’t ask, the woman took the child to come to the door. The man said," You person must not be grateful."

On this day, 33 -year -old Zhang Ting brought, and the 8 -year -old son came to a university to find his father, Li Guangxi. As soon as he arrived at the door, she stopped and said to his son, "He recognizes you, you have money to readIt’s. "

Li Guangxuan is the teacher of this university and has been rated to the deputy teacher.

Then Zhang Ting pulled out his mobile phone and called Li Guangzhang: "I took my son to come to you, we are at the gate of the campus."

"Why are you here?" Li Guangxi was not cold or hot.

"You come out first and talk about it first."

"I’m in the field, you go back first."

"Don’t want to hide us like this, we can’t see you today, we won’t go." Zhang Ting said eagerly.

"Just you." Li Guangxi said, he hung up.

Zhang Ting, who was annoyed and annoyed, immediately took the child

I found Li Guangyu’s office

But knocked for a long time

No one responds

Later, Zhang Ting found Li Guangxun’s leader: "I am his girlfriend, this is our eight -year -old son. In the past eight years, he regards us regardless of us. Now that my son is going to school, I can’t come to him."

"What are you talking about? Li Guangzhang’s daughter is one freshman. His lover is also the teacher of our school. When he was studying for a doctorate, her lover saved him for money …" The school leader was surprised and angry.

"I am talking about it. He lied to me and asked me to give him a son. As a result, he didn’t care about us." Zhang Ting was very aggrieved.

"Don’t worry, he did go to a business trip in the field, and I asked him to come back immediately." The school leader said.

The next day, under the arrangement of the school leader, Zhang Ting saw Li Guangxi.

"Why don’t you know how to be grateful? I helped you that year, but you treat me so much." As soon as I met, Li Guangxi pointed at Zhang Ting’s nose and rebuked loudly.

Li Guangyu said

10 years ago

When he goes to massage

Seeing Zhang Ting, a technician, ill

Then he got up

So gave her a few hundred dollars

Let her go to see a doctor

Later, he felt that it was better to give people fish than to give people fishing, so she paid money to Zhang Ting to learn a class to learn graphic design, and Zhang Ting was not upset and became a graphic designer through her own efforts.

Originally he thought he had done a good deed, but who thought, Zhang Ting was entangled with him.

In Li Guangyu’s view, everything Zhang Ting did for money.

"You lied to me, and I gave you a child. Now you say me again, it’s so bullying." Zhang Ting said, and rushed to Li Guangzhang a few times.

Li Guangxi immediately hid behind the school leader. While sorting out his clothes, he said disgust: "Just like you, can I find you?"

"I am a doctor, you pressed …"

"No matter if you inherit or admit it, the child is eight years old, just want you to bear the responsibility of being a father." Zhang Ting was just right.

"Unless you can prove that your child is mine, don’t want to get a penny from me." Li Guangxi responded.

Zhang Ting immediately proposed to do a parent -child identification together. At first, Li Guangxi did not agree. Later, due to the pressure of the school leader, he agreed.

But whoever thought, when everyone walked to the stairs entrance together, Li Guangxi slipped away quickly.

So, what exactly does Zhang Ting and Li Guangxuan have?

Ten years ago, Zhang Ting was a technician at a foot -washing shop. Occasionally, she met Li Guangxi.

Li Guangzheng at that time

Is a doctoral student studying

He is gentle and elegant


Zhang Ting loves him at first sight

And Li Guangzhang also felt that Zhang Ting was not only young and beautiful, but also gentle and considerate, so the two quickly came together.

Li Guangzhang not only paid for Zhang Ting to learn the graphic design, but also returned to her home as her boyfriend as her boyfriend.

"You can rest assured, I will marry her." Li Guangzhang promised Zhang Ting’s parents solemnly.

Zhang Ting’s parents were all simple farmers. They were convinced of Li Guangyu’s words. For a while, Zhang Ting found a doctoral boyfriend. The villagers said that Zhang Ting was really blessed.

More than a month later, Zhang Ting found that she was pregnant, and she said to Li Guangyu excitedly, "I’m pregnant."

Who knows, Li Guangzhang said, "I never dare to tell you that I have been married."

"Ah, aren’t you deceiving?" Zhang Ting, who learned the truth, was very painful. She immediately said that the child could not have it.

"I really love you, you give birth to your child, I will raise it." Li Guangzhang said vowed.

In this way, Zhang Ting gave birth to the child.

On the day of her production, Li Guangzhang did not appear on the grounds that he was busy, but he transferred 1,500 yuan to Zhang Ting to keep her good care. In addition, he also gave the child a name.

Originally, Zhang Ting thought that she had given birth to Li Guangzhang’s son, and would get more love for Li Guangzhang, but whoever thought, since then, Li Guangxi has become more and more indifferent to her, not only that, but also ignoring the children.

When the child was two years old, Zhang Ting couldn’t hold back and took the child to find Li Guangxuan once. At that time, Li Guangxi not only accompanied the child to play, took a group photo, and transferred to Zhang Ting 1500 yuan.

Li Guangzhang’s move made Zhang Ting think that he had rely on his child. Who knew that after the difference, Li Guangxi disappeared again.

Zhang Ting, who was unbearable, once called Li Guangxuan’s wife and told her about her experience, but whoever thought, Li Guangyi’s wife listened and said, "I don’t know Li Guangxi."

Zhang Ting, who had a gray nose, had to raise the child alone. As the child was getting older, she felt more and more difficult. In addition, her mother was seriously ill. After she had no communication, she had to choose to leave.Legal channels.

But when the court demands Li Guangzhang and the child

When you do parent -child identification

Li Guangxuan refused to cooperate

In desperation, Zhang Ting had to take the child to find Li Guangyu for discussing, so the beginning of the beginning appeared.

So, is Li Guangxi’s biological father of his child?

With the help of the school leader, Zhang Ting once again saw Li Guangxi.

At this time, Zhang Ting just wanted Li Guangzhang and the child to quickly go to a parent -child identification, but Li Guangxi said that after Zhang Ting had such a trouble, his wife had proposed to divorce him, so he can only appease his wife first.

"She gave you a daughter, I gave you a son, you care about her alone, don’t you care about me?" Zhang Ting asked.

"Can you two be compared?" Li Guangxi was full of disdain.

"I don’t care, if you don’t do it, I will follow you with your child." Zhang Ting said angrily.

"It’s unreasonable, you can do everything for money."

Li Guangzhang’s words deeply stabbed Zhang Ting. When she rushed up, she fought against Li Guangxi. When the two twisted, she pulled out a handful of Li Guangyu’s hair regardless of everything.Installed.

Later, Zhang Ting took his hair and took his son to do a parent -child identification.

A few days later, the results of the parent -child identification showed that Li Guangxi was the child’s biological father.

Zhang Ting immediately found Li Guangxi with the results of the parent -child identification. She hoped that Li Guangxuan would pay the support fee of 328,000 yuan in one occurrence.

Li Guangyu said

If the child is really his

He can only give Zhang Ting 50,000 yuan

And pay 600 yuan per month for support for the future

"Child is yours." Zhang Ting fell to Li Guangyu’s face again.

Li Guangzhang said that he did not admit the results of the identification because he didn’t know who the hair was.

"Then let’s do parent -child identification together." Zhang Ting asked again.

But Li Guangzhang rejected Zhang Ting’s request for the first time to save the broken family.

In the end, Zhang Ting said that he could only follow the legal program to solve the problem.

Wish to have a heart

White head is not separated

It is probably the most beautiful look of love

Everyone wants to be able to meet with the beloved, talk about a unforgettable love with them, and work together into the palace of marriage together.

Just like Zhang Ting in the story, she and Li Guangzheng should be sweet and full of expectations from each other to know each other to fall in love. However, since she was pregnant, she learned that Li Guangzhang’s marriage state, her life happenedFully changed.

Many years later, she paid the price for her confused.

As a doctor of knowledge, Li Guangzhang talked with the young Zhang Ting in the state of marriage, and let her get pregnant and had children, and at the same time hurt two women.

He and Zhang Ting’s children are innocent.

In fact, Li Guangzhang should face it positively. If there are doubts about the child’s life, then do parent -child identification. If the child is really his, he should even bear the responsibility of being a father.

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