The 23 -year -old pregnant mother is "chic" during pregnancy, and her lower abdomen is quickly admitted to the hospital.

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Some mothers do not play cards according to their routines after pregnancy, and they are always unique. According to their own ideas, sometimes their practices may not accept the fetus in the belly.

Especially now young pregnant mothers, they are unwilling to stay at home after pregnancy. They feel that this is a waste of good youth and life.You can’t stop pregnancy, that love of love.

My friend Mier was just 23 years old this year. She urged her to get married before she played enough. She was afraid that she could not find a good object. There was no way that Mier could only obey her parents’ arrangements and married early.

After the marriage, the conditions of the husband’s house are not bad, and they do n’t need to go out to work. The mother -in -law wants to want her grandson, so she urges the young couple to ask for a child.Mi’er quickly conceived her baby, and then her mother -in -law gave her, just like "key protection of animals", taking care of it.

But Mier thought that she was so delicate when she was pregnant. It was time to eat, and it was time to play. Although she was pregnant, she couldn’t delay that I went out to be "chic", so Mi Er often went out with her mother -in -law.

Either go to Budi with good friends, or go to Internet cafes to play games. I often sit in the Internet in the Internet cafe all morning, and sometimes I eat a little bit in the Internet cafe when I am hungry. Mier feels that she is no different from before.

Until one day Mi’er had a bad lower abdomen, her mother -in -law and husband quickly took her to the hospital for examination. As a result, the doctor’s conclusion was that the fetus may not be guaranteed.

After asking the doctor, I realized that Mi’er had "treated" the fetus in the belly like this recently. She quickly asked her family to persuade her not to be "presumptuous". Otherwise, the fetus would not be able to keep it and cry.

Mi’er asked the doctor without conviction: "Why do other pregnant women still work on the ground after pregnancy, and people are okay. Why can’t I get to me?"

The doctor replied: Everyone’s constitution is different, and it is different from person to person. Some people need to keep fetal fetal fetus in bed after pregnancy?If you are more cautious, the child is gone!

There are a lot of young pregnant mothers like Mier. They rely on their youth and do things to "do not know the height of the sky", but when the pregnant mother, they still have to "rule", because there are some consequences that you can’t bear it at all.

1) Don’t avoid your mouth, eat the sea to drink

Some pregnant mothers usually like to eat and drink, and they still fail to quit after pregnancy. They often eat some junk foods: such as barbecue, duck neck, duck intestine, etc. Sometimes they have a cup to eat.But the fetus in the belly had long refused.

The pregnant mothers eat them to the fetus through the umbilical cord, and these junk food fetuses are not needed at all. It will not only help the fetus, but also cause their malformation.

2) Too reckless, encountering impact

We often see on TV that if the pregnant woman encounters a violent impact after pregnancy, basically the fetus in the belly will not be able to keep it. Although there are some exaggerated components on TV, the fetus in the real life is also afraid that the pregnant mother will encounter impact impactEssence

It may not have much impact on the fetus on the fetus, but if you encounter violent impact, it will cause amniotic fluid to crack, early peeling of the placenta, etc., any of them will make the fetus die.

3) No control, emotional fluctuation

After pregnancy, due to the reasons of progesterone, some subtle changes will occur, and their emotions will fluctuate: easy to be angry, easy to violent, and sometimes feel sentimental.

Often the emotions of pregnant mothers will directly affect the fetus in the belly. The long -term surrogate mothers’ emotions will not be too good after birth.

For the fetus and herself in the belly, the pregnant mother must persist in these months, and it is not too late to indulge in the fetus.

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