The 24 -year -old girl detects two vagina, as well as the twin?The doctor answered, tell you in detail what to do

Xiaoya, 24, met a man with good conditions under the introduction of his parents. The two of them were happy and fell into Aihe quickly.

Xiaoya saw the other party sincerely, kind, and her family was also good. She soon had a plan to get married.

Under the cooperation between the parents of both sides, the two are about to enter the palace of marriage and usher in a new stage of life.

When the marriage is approaching, Xiaoya is not happy to get married, but feels worried.Her body is healthy, and there are any problems with menstruation, but the vagina always secretes purulent liquid.

Along with the secretion of purulent liquid, dysmenorrhea often follows, and she gradually found that something was wrong.Because this belongs to the privacy of gynecology, she dares not to tell others, and she dares not to see a doctor. She can only bear the torment silently by herself, and her psychological pressure is getting greater.

Xiaoya also began to feel her abnormal situation. The reproductive organs were also very strange. The frequency and duration of dysmenorrhea were different from others, but they were ashamed to be afraid of being discovered by others.

The marriage period is getting closer, and she is anxious, fearing that her husband will find her abnormality in the future and dislikes herself.

When the marriage was about to come, one day, Xiaoya suddenly felt that the abdominal pain was unbearable, especially the lower abdomen and the right position.

Moreover, the secretions excreted by the vagina are even more thick and accompanied by a strange taste. At the same time, she started to have a fever day and night.

So Xiaoya’s family took her to the hospital. Who knew that the test results were judged as a appendicitis, and she also suggested that she take medicine for treatment.

However, after receiving drug treatment, Xiaoya’s abdominal pain did not decrease, and the thick odor liquid excreted from the vagina still did not disappear.

Thinking that she was about to get married, Xiaoya finally decided to find a doctor to make clear her abnormal situation over the years, and to do a specific gynecological examination.

So under the diagnosis of the doctor according to the test results, Xiaoya was diagnosed with a double vaginal bisder.

The double vagina bispentine is actually a congenital reproductive channel malformation, which is also known as the clinical clinical vaginal oblique syndrome.

It is a relatively rare disease, but the impact on life is not great. It may be possible to return to normal through surgical treatment.

The double vagina bisder is also called vaginal oblique syndrome, that is, there is a gap in the vagina position.

As a channel, the vagina is normal to the two sides. However, there is a partition between this channel, and the vagina is cut out of the tissue from the two cervix.

During the embryo period, there was a problem with the growth of the fetal uterine development, so it did not grow into a healthy and complete uterus and cervix.

There are not many symptoms of the twin uterus, but it will be more than others when menstruation.

The double vagina is attached to the middle of the vagina in the middle of the vagina, and the vagina exits the vagina. Therefore, the vagina was divided into two parts, so the two vagina occurred.

In fact, if there is no difference between the two vagina, it will not affect the same room.

However, if the two vaginal development is very different, such as one is good and the other fails to develop, then the same room will be affected.

If the man enters the undeveloped vagina in the same room, it will cause the female pain abnormalities, the man in and out of abnormalities, etc., and even cause major bleeding.

However, women with such diseases usually have congenital deformities in other connections.

For example, double cervical malformations, twin uterine malformations, and even malformations of the urinary system, and some people will have some lack of kidney in the kidney.

This condition is not rare in recent years. Since the first case was reported in 1922, it was confirmed and then studied, and finally named the vaginal oblique syndrome.

After that, some new cases have been discovered in succession, and the medical community is also trying to study and solve these problems.

However, the specific causes of the specific onset of vaginal oblique syndrome clinically cannot be 100 % clear.

However, some scholars have mentioned that during the patient’s embryo period, if it is stimulated by the outside world, it will be affected by the outside world.

Or affected by the malformed factors, there was a problem with the development of the Miaol’s tube, which caused the vagina or uterine development to be asymmetric, and even the deformity of the development.

In the case of unknown causes of vaginal obsession syndrome, the medical community initially divided the types of lesions into three types according to the specific differences of deformity symptoms.

The first is type Ⅰ. There is no hole in this oblique position, so it is called non -perforated oblique separation.

This situation is that the unilateral vagina is completely blocked, and there is no channel in the middle of the uterine cavity on both sides, and it is in a state of completely separation.

The second is type Ⅱ, which is a hole in the oblique interval, which is called a hole -type oblique.

In this case, there is a problem with the drainage of the cavity after the oblique interval, that is, the unilateral vagina is not completely blocked, and there is no channel on both sides of the uterine cavity.

The probability of this morphological lesion is the highest, accounting for more than 50 % of all bispentine dual vaginal lesions.

Therefore, if this happens during inspection, you must remember to actively cooperate with the treatment and pay attention to the health of life to be easier to recover.

The third is type III. There are fistulas between the cervix on both sides, but there are no holes in the oblique position.In this case, there will also be problems with unfair drainage. The unilateral vagina will be completely blocked, and the fistula can be connected by the fistula between the cervix on both sides.

Deformal situations in such important physiological parts will indeed cause abnormalities to physiological functions.

Because of this, many patients with vaginal diagonal syndrome will feel a lot of physiological discomfort and psychological disheartement in self.

First, it will cause dysmenorrhea, if it is severely caused or even infertile.There is a clinical proof that dysmenorrhea is the main manifestation of the group of vaginal oblique syndrome.

The symptoms of patients with type I type I are generally earlier, and many patients show symptoms after the first menstruation.

When you feel dysmenorrhea during menstruation, the age is increasing, and the dysmenorrhea will become more serious.

Because most of the menstrual blood of type I patients has flowed into the back cavity, and more and more accumulated, in severe cases, it will overflow to cause inverse flow. If it flows into the abdominal cavity, it will cause the endometrium.

Type II patients are different.Their menstruation is often longer than others, and the menstrual blood will always be scarce but continue, and they will endlessly flow.

And dark brown secretion liquid occurs during the menstruation.

For such patients, the possibility of infection is greater than others.

If the patient is not cared for because of sanitary or other reasons, infection will cause serious pus.

At this time, the vaginal secretion will be accompanied by pus and blood, and it will smell.

Patients III patients generally show a slightly extended period of menstrual period. There will be some bleeding in the vagina, and purulent secretion liquids will also appear.

It is not so obvious compared to patients with type II, and it is not as prone to infection as type II patients.

However, for type II patients and type III patients, if the pus in the cavity is not treated, it will always cause acute pelvic inflammatory disease and even abscess.

However, the most terrible thing is that this disease has certain risks leading to infertility.

For some patients with relatively light malformations, they can be able to bred and produce smoothly.

However, if it is a twin uterus, the uterus volume will be relatively small, resulting in abnormal embryo development and no room for growth.

In terms of mental health, there will also be a certain impact.

After understanding his disease, patients often panic because they are worried about normal life.

I feel sad because I am afraid that I can’t do normal interpersonal communication and get married and have children, which will cause psychological pressure and lead to the emergence of depression and anxiety.

There are many patients who have found sex with the other half, so they have discovered their own problems.

However, many people feel ashamed to enlighten their teeth and do not want to be known to others, so they choose to conceal the situation and dare not go to the hospital for examination.As a result, the treatment is delayed, and the psychological pressure is also great.

Also, although the vaginal oblique syndrome belongs to a malformation.

However, the impact on patient life is not obvious, and it is difficult to find it even from childhood. However, the dysmenorrhea brought by this disease will greatly affect the patient’s life and bring psychological inferiority.

In fact, patients with bispermiars are not affected in marriage and child.

It will not cause much trouble for sexual life. It is just that the growth space of the fetus will be relatively small during pregnancy, and the situation of premature birth and infertility will also occur.

Of course, many lucky patients have no problem in pregnancy, but they are much more difficult than ordinary people during childbirth.

Therefore, patients with double vaginal bises must be cautious after pregnancy, actively cooperate with doctors’ suggestions, and carefully consider how to perform childbirth surgery.

However, if the twin -uterine dual -vaginal patients have been preparing for pregnancy after marriage, they will not be successful, or they have miscarriage soon.

Then you must go to a professional hospital for treatment. You cannot drag it again and again, otherwise you will be delayed when you are pregnant. After the age, pregnancy and childbirth will be more difficult than the average person.

4. What are the ways to treat double vagina and twin uterus? There is really hope for cure!

Generally speaking, hysteroscopy can be selected for further treatment, and further oblique resection surgery is performed through uterine laparoscopy.

This surgery is a traditional abdominal resection surgery, and the curative effect is also very good, and it can greatly protect the uterus and vagina.

There is also endocrine therapy. This method needs to choose some drugs for endocrine therapy according to the patient’s own endocrine specific conditions.

This method generally uses drugs or physical therapy to achieve the integration effect by stimulating the patient’s uterus.

This method has great benefits for the second development of the patient’s vagina and uterus.

Moreover, the environment of embryos will gradually recover, and menstruation will no longer be plagued by pain.

Of course, in addition to treatment, the patient’s own daily care is also very important.

If it is a two -vaginal bivisal patient, you don’t have to feel too panic about this.

Because of statistics, more than 90 % of patients who have succeeded in surgery can succeed in giving birth to life, and more than 60 % of patients can give birth at a full month.

But even the surgery was successful.Patients who have experienced surgical treatment also need to pay attention to their physical health and care during pregnancy, and should be used regularly for pregnancy.

If you find anything, you can find timely treatment in time.

The troubles of the two vaginal bises to patients are accompanied by the growth of patients. If this happens, the uterus will be damaged and even affects life.

Therefore, mothers should avoid any factors that cause fetal malformation during pregnancy and ensure the health of the fetus.

The gynecological diseases such as biocoma dual -uterine have not been popularized at present, so it is difficult to discover the first time even if many women suffer from this symptom.

Therefore, it is also very important to popularize the knowledge about the twin vaginal twin uterus.

After reading this article, I learned about such diseases such as double vaginal dwilies.

Be sure to share this article with the women around you, because most of this disease is hidden, it is not easy to find in life, so many women are troubled and shameful, resulting in late discovery and late treatment.

The attitude of fighting against the disease should never be avoided, and gynecological diseases are not shameful.

It is hoped that both men and women can know whether gynecological diseases are not related to whether they are specific to female sexual life, but it is just a normal probability disease.

Therefore, if women discover what abnormalities and problems with their physiological aspects, they must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.If there is a problem, early treatment and early treatment are good for women’s health.

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