The 25 -year -old woman took her daughter to marry together. After pregnancy, her mother -in -law gave her leftovers, so pitiful!

The relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law has always been a tricky issue, and for the mother of the second marriage, finding a suitable partner is even more important.When choosing the second husband, you must not only pay attention to his personality, family background and economic strength, but also need to consider his way to get along with his child.After all, an excellent stepfather can become the child’s good teacher and friend, bringing more care and help, and a unsuitable stepfather may cause family contradictions and children’s dissatisfaction.For example, the life of the second marriage mother, the mother -in -law’s approach makes people worry.

The 21 -year -old Lei Lei was full of faith in love. She thought that love could defeat everything, so she married her first love boyfriend.However, during her pregnancy, she discovered that her husband had an affair.This made her unacceptable. In the end, the two had to divorce.

Lei Lei had to live with her daughter. In order to take care of her daughter, she had to start working.When she was 23 years old, she met a man. The man did not dislike her that she had a daughter. He was a honest rural person. Lei Lei saw that he was good for his daughter and decided to marry him.

Lei Lei lived with her daughter and her new husband, but soon she found a problem. Her mother -in -law never saw her and always looked for her.In order to live well, Lei Lei had to swallow it.

Lei was pregnant in the second year of marriage. The doctor suggested that she had a cesarean section, but her mother -in -law insisted on giving birth. She also said that the women in the past were all delivered.In order not to provoke her mother -in -law, Lei had to obey her wishes.

The process of giving birth was very difficult, but in the end Lei Lei successfully gave birth to a son.The mother -in -law was excited. The eldest daughter next to her hurriedly touched her brother’s face. Unexpectedly, her grandmother slapped Leilei’s eldest daughter, and fiercely said that Leilei’s daughter was wild and broom.Such a vicious words made Lei Lei and her husband instantly angry.

Lei Lei’s husband finally broke out. He snatched his child and drove away his mother.In the end, Lelei and her husband rented a house and left her mother -in -law.They no longer endure their mother -in -law’s bad behaviors, hoping to live a happy life.

Through this incident, Mother Tang Yuan had something to say that Lei Lei’s mother -in -law was the main reason for the problem of her unfriendly and bad behavior.Her mother -in -law did not accept her and her daughter, and even talked about her daughter.This unfriendly attitude made Lei Lei and her husband feel very uncomfortable. In the end, they decided to leave the mother -in -law’s house and seek a new life.

However, this story also provides some important parenting knowledge to help parents respond to similar issues.

First, parents should respect their children’s personality and needs.In this story, Lelei’s mother -in -law does not accept her daughter, which is completely wrong.Children are independent individuals. They have their own preferences and needs. Parents should respect their choices. They should not talk to them because their children do not meet their expectations.

Secondly, parents should protect their children’s rights and interests.In this story, Lei Lei’s mother -in -law is disgusted with her daughter, which is harmful to the child.Parents should protect their children’s rights and interests and do not allow anyone to hurt their children.

Finally, parents should respect doctors’ suggestions.In this story, Lelei’s doctor suggested that she had a cesarean section, but her mother -in -law insisted on giving birth.This is very dangerous, because delivery may cause serious harm to mothers and children.Parents should respect doctors’ suggestions and choose the safest and best ways to protect the health of mothers and children.

In short, this story tells us that family relationships are very important. Parents should respect their children’s personality and needs, protect their children’s rights and interests, and respect doctors.Only in this way can we establish a healthy family relationship and let children grow into individuals who are happy, healthy and confident.

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