The 27 -year -old female accountant, and the units transferred to the unit for 5.49 million in 9 months, but for a crazy hobby

From small to large

Ji Yi is the obedient girl in the eyes of parents and teachers


Ji Yi is lucky enough to pass the public recruitment exam

Become an accountant at the People’s Hospital of Malcon City

However, recently this silent post -90s girl

But a big scourge

One Monday morning in 2019

The cashier car of the Finance Department of the People’s Hospital of Malcon City just goes to work

Check the financial data on the computer screen as usual

An accident found that there is a sum of money

Because the day before was a rest day

In theory

Money that should not be expected

So Che Lang took a closer look at the whereabouts of the money

After the inquiry, I found that I turned to the accounting Ji Yi’s account

But this day Ji Yi is on vacation

Che Lang contacted Ji Yi to understand the situation from her

On the phone, Ji Yi performed unknown

People in the Finance Department are nervous

Arrange relevant personnel to check the account immediately

After the accountant’s account, read and sort out

More than 2 million expenses have been discovered

At this time, the news spread to the ear of the dean Tang Yuanqin

The dean dare not believe his ears

In the impression of the dean

Ji Yi is a very honest girl

Work ability is also very strong

The dean dared not slack off the police immediately

At the same time, the police also reflected the situation to the Municipal Supervisory Committee

On the other side, the accountant carefully checked all the previous accounts

Don’t check without checking

A check shocked everyone

In nearly 9 months

Ji Yi turned 154 to his account

And the means are extremely rude

Transfer the money on the company’s account directly to your own private account via online banking

The amount is as high as more than 5.4 million yuan

However, Ji Yi can be transferred smoothly in 9 months

It is full of doubt

Because general transfer requires cashier and accounting

Hold a U Shield and Code

And all kinds of passwords

Only to successfully complete the transfer process

So will it be the company’s accounting and cashier

Candidate and do it

There is another speculation that one of the company’s leadership

Want to turn it out through Ji Yi’s personal name and then return to his own hands

The fake accounts made during this period

However, there is no abnormal account in the name of the dean and others

After excluding other people

The only suspect fell on Ji Yi’s head

The capture team quickly rushed to Ji Yi’s residence

Arrest her

Facing the arrival of the police

Ji Yi performed very calm

It seems that everything is expected

And acknowledge your behavior

So how did Ji Yi successfully transfer more than 5 million without being discovered?

During the interrogation process

Ji Yi performed very regretful at first

And she regrets that she should not ask for leave

If you don’t ask for leave, you will not be found

Ji Yi did not expect that he would transfer more than 5 million to

The investigation found that Ji Yi did not buy a car to buy a house to buy luxury goods

So where did the money be used?

According to Ji Yi

At first I just bought clothes and cosmetics

Later fell in love with travel

Just start using a credit card overdraft

Over time, it has developed the habit of consumption in advance

Ji Yi, who has no appetite for salary every month, has no appetite

In this way, the old debt has not disappeared and the new account is filled in

Ji Yi can’t extricate himself in the quagmire

The borrowing app has been downloaded fifty or sixty,

From the beginning of the card to support the card to the later loan loan loan

All ways to borrow money

Ji Yi has tried it all over again

Just a few months

Ji Yi’s debt has turned a few times

Ji Yi, who is getting bigger and bigger in the snowball, does not realize the seriousness of the matter

Instead, I turned my attention to the company’s account


Coincidentally, the head of the Ministry of Finance and the cashier are pregnant

Ji Yi holds the fluke’s psychology

I think the company’s account is too much money

If you turn it out, you will not be found

And also making accounts by yourself

Ji Yi believes that everything is all lost

Because in an office

Ji Yi glanced at the cashier password

There is no lock out of the trust U shield

After the conditions are available

Ji Yi believes that the time has arrived

Whenever when the cashier prints the return order

Ji Yi will quietly take away the return order of his own transfer

Ji Yi, who was caught in Demon, was not timid

These huge sums of the power without blowing

In Ji Yi, it is just a number

From the beginning of tens of thousands to thousands later

As long as the company is rich

She will turn to her account

However, Skynet is restored without leaking

Ji Yi still paid a heavy price for her behavior

Because of my crazy shopping desire

The abnormal outlook on consumption makes her deeply trapped the land -loan quagmire

The weakness of legal consciousness ruined her beautiful life

She can’t wash this dirty stain in this life

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