The 28 -year -old pregnant woman’s nausea and vomiting thought it was a reaction during pregnancy, but she suffered from gastric cancer. The doctor reminded that it can be identified like this

Reporter Liang Jian Correspondent Li Yan

"Thanks to the medical staff of the Maternal and Children’s Hospital and the Cancer Hospital of Zhongnan Hospital to help me reunite with my baby safely." On November 25, Ms. Liu, who lived in the ward of the Cancer Hospital of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, took the medical staff from the medical staff.The discharged gifts were full of tears.Half a year ago, she found gastric cancer in the third trimester. The medical staff took over to help her give birth to her child and anti -cancer, and she kept her mother and daughter peace.

Ms. Liu, 28, was farming in the old home of Honghu and her husband worked in Wuhan. After she was pregnant this year, she was very happy.However, in mid -May of this year, when Ms. Liu entered 28 weeks during pregnancy, she would have nausea and vomiting every day, and she couldn’t eat anything. She thought it was a normal pregnancy response.To blood wire.Some panic Ms. Liu came to the Central South Hospital of Wuhan University. After examination, she was diagnosed with a local gastric cancer in the advanced stage and must be surgery as soon as possible.However, Ms. Liu was reluctant to give up the flesh and blood in the belly, begging the doctor to keep the child smoothly, and then complete the treatment of gastric cancer.

In early June, Ms. Liu was admitted to the Maternal and Children’s Hospital of Wuhan University Central South Hospital. The chief physician of obstetrics Huang Fenghua and other medical staff "escorted" for her, and the fetus developed smoothly.On June 9, Ms. Liu, who was 32 weeks pregnant, successfully gave birth to a baby girl.The premature baby was immediately sent to the thermal box, carefully cared by the neonatal medical staff, and Ms. Liu was transferred to the Cancer Hospital of Zhongnan Hospital to continue treatment.Combined with her condition, Dai Jing, deputy chief physician of abdominal tumor departure and chemotherapy, formulated a comprehensive treatment plan for chemotherapy and chemotherapy.22 days after the neonatal department, the baby’s physical indicators were all normal and were taken home by Ms. Liu’s husband.

"The side effects of chemotherapy let me start hair loss and vomit vomiting, but when I think of the newborn baby is still waiting for me at home, I say I can’t give up anything." Ms. Liu said that whenever I think I feel unable to hold,Personnel will cheer her up and encourage her. Every night, take a look at the baby’s photos in the mobile phone, which is her greatest spiritual support.

In the past six months, Ms. Liu’s gastric cancer area has shrunk.In mid -November, after discussion of multiple disciplines of the oncology hospital, she decided to perform gastric cancer surgery for her.On November 15, Cheng Fulin, chief physician of gastrointestinal surgery, conducted a gastric cancer treatment surgery for Ms. Liu.The operation was very successful, and Ms. Liu recovered quickly after the operation. On November 25, she was discharged from hospital."You are a strong mother. I hope that this puppet bear who has the blessing of the medical staff can accompany you and your baby forever."Only pink puppet bears are discharged.

"In recent years, gastric cancer patients have a significant trend of youthfulness. People under 35 years of age have doubled the incidence of gastric cancer compared to 20 years ago." Cheng Fulin, chief physician of gastrointestinal surgery, said that some women with old gastric disease have increased gastrointestinal burden after pregnancy after pregnancy.Big, further stimulated the development of gastric lesions, and even caused gastric cancer.

Cheng Fulin, chief physician of gastrointestinal surgery, reminded that although pregnancy vomiting is a normal physiological response, nausea and vomiting and unseen weight loss still occur after three months of pregnancy. It is best to go to the hospital for gastric examination as soon as possible to avoid misunderstanding.

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Source: Wuhan Radio and Television Station

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