The 28 -year -old three -married woman stepped on two boats. After pregnancy, her boyfriend was furious: We have never lived together at all!

"Why don’t I care about you? I am obviously good to you. Now I am with your child, how can you ignore me? You are really wolf -hearted!"

The 28 -year -old three -married woman was pregnant during her relationship with her boyfriend, but her boyfriend was extremely indifferent, claiming that the two had never lived together.

So what’s going on?

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"I thought she was the goddess I dreamed of, and then I was leaning. I didn’t expect it to be the result."

Liu, who is in his 30s, is engaged in air -conditioning repair.

This work is not only dangerous, but also very hard, especially when it is scorching and climbing on the high -rise building, it feels terrible.

There was no time to accompany the family. In addition, after the two children were born one after another, Liu had no time to take care of his wife too much in order to make more money.

Who knew that his wife was carrying him and blatantly lived with other men.

Liu was angry, cried, and made trouble.

But think about the young children who can’t have no mother. He tried to keep it many times, but his wife seemed to be irony.

In the end, the wife was cleaned out of the house and left the two children to Liu.

Looking at the young child and thinking about what his wife did, Liu said that he had no confidence in love at that time.

After that, he put all his energy into work and asked his parents to help take care of the two children.

Every day I came home exhausted, and then fell asleep.

Seems to make you don’t want those bad things through heavy work.

Looking at his son’s decadent appearance, Liu’s parents were particularly uncomfortable.

So they carried their sons and introduced him to the right woman, hoping that their sons could get out of the haze in the past.

Once Liu refuses a blind date, the two elderly people will be forced to die.

In desperation, Liu could only walk around the field.

But this time, he seemed to meet the goddess in his life.

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Kiki is one of the girls introduced by the parents.

At the age of 28, although she had divorced three times and had a child around her, she was very simple and beautiful.

Long hair is a bit natural, and big eyes are talking.

Seeing Qiqi’s first side, Liu was a little heartbroken.

After that, the two ate a meal together.

Qiqi took the initiative to buy the order, and in the meantime, he kept giving Liu Mou, who was very concerned about him.

This made Liu very moved, and the two came together logically.

Liu said that everyone has experienced a failed marriage, and the other party does not dislike himself with two children. He is busy with work and has no time to accompany her. These move him very much.

He also cherishes this girlfriend.

Not only is it considerate in life, but Liu, who is usually frugal, is also very generous to his girlfriend, and it is almost necessary.

After the two got along for a while, they saw that they were talking about marriage.

That day, Qiqi told Liu with joy that he was pregnant with the children of the two.

Liu was shocked, and it seemed that he had never experienced such a thing at all.

Qiqi told the mediator that her boyfriend knew that she became extremely indifferent after she was pregnant and was no longer as careful as before.

This made her feel a little scratching.

So, what happened between the two actually changed Liu Mou’s sexuality?

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"I don’t want to take care of her anymore because I doubt that the child is not mine."

Subsequently, the reporter followed Qiqi to find Liu, while Liu broke a great secret.

He said that Qiqi secretly hid himself and rented a house alone in Xiangtan and lived for a while.

Many people around said that she was very close to other men.

Moreover, the two have never lived together during their communication. Where did the children come from?

Therefore, he was disgusted with a sudden child.

Faced with Liu’s allegations, Qiqi said, what happened to his friends of the opposite sex?

She said that sometimes when she goes out to play, she will take Liu.

She has repeatedly claimed that she and those opposite sex are just friends.

But Liu obviously did not believe her explanation, and then broke more secrets.

Liu said that Qiqi and the opposite sex kept in touch, and he knew several of them had close contact with him.

He said that Kiki often posted some of his own videos on the Internet and responded to those opposite sex under the comment area, and his words were ambiguous.

In addition, Kiki was entangled with his ex -husband and often ran to his ex -husband.

Later, she had no exchanges with her ex -husband, but recently, she went close to a man named Li.

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In this regard, Qi Qi explained to the mediation staff that she did have some exchanges with Li sex men, and after breaking the relationship with her ex -husband.

However, after a period of time with Liu, she had broken up with the other party.

She believes that these things are not worth mentioning, that is, Liu is too suspicious.

When he heard his girlfriend, Liu felt extremely angry.

He and his ex -wife were divorced because of the derailment of the other party. Now, Kiki is entangled with many opposite sex, and even blatantly disappears for a while.

Her actions made Liu feel unable to continue with her again.

Subsequently, a fierce dispute occurred again.

Qiqi complained that Liu did not care about himself, especially after he was pregnant, too indifferent, and felt that the other party was irresponsible.

And Liu complained that Qiqi was not considerate and lived.

The mediation staff is also helpless.

Both of them had the purpose of getting married at first, but now they have reached the point where it is incredible.

And Kiki’s do more than that.

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"I never thought she was like this."

Liu said that when he was together, the two were very sweet, spent a very happy time, and even hoped to get married after 100 trivial things that a couple must do.

But over time, the differences between the two people can no longer return to the past.

Liu said that he was a air -conditioning repairman, which was very dangerous. It was common for high -altitude operations.

But every time my girlfriend calls, I never care about it.

As long as he said no, his girlfriend would be cold, noisy, and sometimes smashing things at home.

In addition to being disappointed with his girlfriend’s approach, he said that what is most tired now is that his girlfriend owes a large foreign debt outside.

In order to help his girlfriend pay off the debt, he saves money every day, but his girlfriend does not feel bad at all. He always says that a big man should make money, and he suspects that he makes less money.

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Every time he transferred his salary to his girlfriend, his girlfriend took the consumption as soon as possible and spent a lot of money.

This also caused Liu’s son to get sick. When they urgently needed money, they couldn’t pay so much money.

My girlfriend does not think it is her own problem.

She believes that it is Liu who makes money too little and ability does not work, which leads to this result today.

It is not enough to spend enough, how can you have money to save.

This made Liu very angry.

Hard -worked, all the money made by his life, all of them drifted.

I originally wanted to raise a child and a daughter, coupled with a child of Qiqi and her ex -husband, life was already difficult, but Kiki ignored it and only care about her own happiness.

These have long been physically and mentally exhausted.

Now, he and his girlfriend have not lived together, but the other party was pregnant, and he forced himself to bear it. If you think about it, you feel very hot.

So, where will the two go in the end?

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"Let’s break up."

Think about it that he was so good to her at first, but the other party didn’t know how to cherish it. Liu felt that there was no need to go on, and he proposed to break up.

But thinking of some friendship in the past, he expressed his willingness to take out 3,000 yuan and let Kiki get rid of the child.

At first, Kiki did not agree.

She felt that Liu didn’t want to be responsible, and kept making a lot of noise there, sprinkled.

Fortunately, under the persuasion of the mediationman, Qiqi still agreed with Liu’s thoughts and decided to kill the child on the day.

Each relationship is not easy to come, and a slap can not be shot.

If you encounter someone who can pay for yourself willingly, you must cherish it well, and don’t regret it until you lose it.

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