The 3.5 -meter oversized squid was rushed to South Africa Beach to scare tourists!Deep Sea, why are there so many giants?

Two weeks ago, a squid caused a lot of riots on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula in South Africa.

Compared with the squid we often eat, it is hundreds of times larger.

The huge white body was rushed ashore as the waves, and nearly 10 tentacles were entangled, and the suction cup on it was dense.

Because it was too huge, and the body was distorted into a group, many tourists thought that there was a monster to the beach and frightened.

Local fishermen and courageous tourists stepped forward to observe and found that this was actually a king squid. The prototype of the "sea monster" in Nordic legends is also one of the most mysterious deep -sea creatures in the world.

The king squid lives in the deep sea of the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Female can grow to 14 meters and males to 10 meters. It is the longest in the world.

In ancient Greece, the crew of the crew spread the legend of super large squid, thinking that it could swallow the whole ship, and sprayed the black poison solution to pull everyone into the bottom of the sea.

The legendary Norwegian monster Clarken is also based on such an image.

Nearly modern times, science has the upper hand, and people think that such animals are nonsense and cannot exist.

However, the king squid is real, but it is not as big as it is legendary.

Humans rarely saw the king squid. The first photo of it was taken in 2001, when it was only taken at the time.

In the second year, people found an adult king squid in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan, and they were dead when they came up.

So far, humans have discovered nearly a thousand kings squid, and they are either the wreckage of swallowing whales or corpses that are injured by fishing boats.

On the 20th of last month, the fishermen on the Yujiu Coast, Fukui Prefecture, Japan accidentally caught the living king squid, which caused a sensation. It was planned to be exhibited at the Matsushima Aquarium in Yueqian.

This time, the king squid, which appeared in the coast of the Kaipipan Peninsula, was not so lucky. It was dead before being rushed ashore.

Ali Paulus, a local citizen, heard that there was a monster ashore, and excitedly took his two sons to observe.

She said that from the wound on it, the king squid "was died after being hit by a boat’s propeller."

"I can’t believe it is really so big. What impressed me is that its tentacles have sharp ‘teeth’ in the tentacles. As far as I know, this is used to protect myself from being attacked by the flavored whale."

"Squid is dead, I am very sad, and my sons feel very interesting. We haven’t seen such things before."

Hope Kajiao to prevent official Jon Friedman agreed: "The cause of the death of her (this king squid is a female) death,"The ship hit it. "

"From her internal organs, this animal is very healthy, her stomach is full, and she is only about two years old."

This king squid is only 3.5 meters, and it is a child from the body.

After the nearby fishermen arrived, they quickly cut off its meat and sold it. Fortunately, Ali Paulus took a picture when it was complete.

Small squid can become so big, and the influence of deep sea cannot be underestimated.

Deep in the dark and cold ocean, there are more than double animals everywhere, and it is strangely like another world.

In addition to the king squid, the king’s slurry squid is also a deep -sea overlord. Its head is between 6 meters and 14 meters, which is slightly smaller than the king squid, but heavier weight.

This animal is also very rare. For the first time, human beings caught it in 2003 and got juvenile in the Antarctic waters.

In 2007, people caught its immature individual, with a length of 2.5 meters and a weight of 450 kg.

In 2018, a diver accidentally discovered a dying but intact king’s jelly squid accidentally.They measured with tapes and found that it had 4.2 meters.

Japanese spider crabs are also amazing animals. It is said that they can drag fishermen on the ship into the bottom of the sea, and they are notorious and European squid.

In reality, Japanese spider crabs cannot be dragged by adults, but it is indeed very large. From the rear end of the crustal to the tip of the claws, it can be up to 4 meters, and the body coverage is 100 times that of ordinary crabs.

It is the largest crustacean in the world.

Spider crabs usually live in the deep sea of 3600 meters, and sometimes climb to the beach of the shallow sea for food.Most of the time they eat rotten corpses on the bottom of the sea.Some scientists believe that spider crabs can live to 100 years old.

The super long fish below is called the emperor’s fish. It lives in the depths of the Pacific and Atlantic seas. The water depth is 1,000 meters and sometimes lives at 200 meters.

The body is between 3 meters and 17 meters, with a flat body and a bright red fin on the back.

Because of the huge size, European fishermen called it "Sea Demon King", and Japanese fishermen called it "Dragon Palace messenger" and believed that it could report to the gods in the sea.

In 2013, a California swimming coach discovered a 5.5 -meter -long royal fish while traveling.The 15 adults dragged its corpse to the beach, and the contrast was strong.

In 2016, a 4 -meter -long royal fish was rushed to the beach of Albing, Philippines, and the children happily used it to play the game.

Over the years, people think that the emperor’s fish will be swimming in a wavy snake -shaped posture like an ordinary long animal.

Later, the video taken in the Mexican waters showed that the emperor’s fish was straight in the sea without any bending, and it was promoted by wavy movements.

It looks like a giant pen swimming in the sea.

Another large -scale deep -sea animal, which has to be mentioned, is the king’s feet, also called giant deep -sea lice.

On land, lice are only 2 or 3 mm as large, but in the deep sea, it can be larger than people’s palms.

The king has a feet in the depths of the ocean from 170 meters to 2140 meters, where it is dark and light, and the temperature is only 4 degrees Celsius. They live on the corpse of squid and whale.

In 1891, humans captured this animal for the first time, causing a sensation in the scientific community.Until now, the king of fishing has become a daily life of many fishermen. Japan, South Africa and other countries have regarded it as food, although not many people accept it.

Adult kings can grow to 37 cm. This body is rare in nodular animals, and most of them can only grow to 1 to 5 cm.

In the past few decades, scientists have discovered "the phenomenon of huge deep sea", that is, the deeper the ocean, the larger the species.

The animals mentioned above are typical examples.

Why does this strange phenomenon occur?

Scientists have not found specific reasons, there are only a few possible explanations.

One is the scarcity of deep -sea food resources, which makes deep -sea animals develop late, leading to large body shape.

The size of the body is just an advantage. In an environment with scarce resources, they can swim faster and farther, and find food and spouses more efficiently. They are also good at storing energy.

When animal corpses fall into the deep sea area, these large -headed animals can quickly swallow more foods and store energy longer to ensure their own survival.

Taking the king as a feet as an example, it can not eat for 5 years and consume the energy stored before.

Another explanation is related to the low temperature of the deep sea. The cold temperature can significantly reduce the speed of metabolism and increase life.

For example, most sharks have a body length of 1.6 meters, but Green sharks can grow to 7.3 meters and weigh 1.5 tons.

Such a huge body was obtained in the long life of Green Sharks.This slow -moving animal is only 1 cm long every year, and it is not until 150 years old that it can reach adults, and the life span can reach 500 years old.

In addition, the deep -sea environment is simple, and there are not so many predators and competitors. Green Shark slowly lives, and naturally grows so big.

Other deep -sea animals are also the same,

Low temperature, slow metabolism, long life, stable growing, slowly turning into what we see now.

Humanity still knows very little about deep sea, and more answers may be known in the future.

In the mysterious depth, there are still many unknown waiting for us to discover …

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