The 33 -year -old "man" in the United States was pregnant again, and the frugal accidental surprise, the first baby is six years old

Kayden Coleman, 33, lives in New York, USA, with strong beards, and looks like a man.However, he gave birth to a daughter Azaelia in 2014. At that time, it also caused a sensation. Men could give birth to a baby from him.In 2009, Kaiden transitioned from women to men, but it was not complete, although it was not seen at all from the appearance.

The reason why Kaiden can give birth to a baby is related to his wanting to save money. Although he had breast resection and took testosterone hormones to maintain male characteristics, his "bottom" and "internal" structure did not change.The answer is that the operation fee is too expensive and may also cause complications.

According to the news on June 11, local time of "Daily Mail", saving money also surprised Kaiden. He was pregnant again, and it has been 7 weeks.Kaiden teased that I could not obtain the same pregnancy privilege as women. No one thought I was pregnant. They would only think that this was a beer belly, so no one would give me a seat or help me open the door.

Kaiden’s two children are the love crystals of his and 29 -year -old boyfriend Dominique. In an interview, the two said that they couldn’t wait to see their second child.Although the couple felt very happy, they were still attacked by the Internet. Many people called Kaiden "monsters", saying that his behavior would make his daughter Azalia feel confused and uneasy, and even called for the children’s welfare department to use them.Children take it away.In this regard, Kaiden said that people must understand that I have a complete autonomy for my body, and I can do whatever I want.At the same time, he also thought that his daughter was very happy, and it was no different from other children.

This is a photo of Kaiden as a child, a cute little girl.When he was 20 years old, he realized that he wanted to be a man. Three years later, he began to take testicular hormones and conducted medical treatment.

During her pregnancy in 2013, Kaiden just thought it was a simple gain. When he knew that he was decisively taking hormones when he was giving birth to infants.

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