The 37 -year -old successfully produced a child and became a girl after giving birth.


The first two days of Chen Yihan had a child, which made the public very surprised, because throughout pregnancy, she did not give people a feeling of pregnancy!

In any case, first congratulations to Chen Yihan’s joy and only "little pig" ~

Chen Yihan’s son

What surprised us was that throughout pregnancy, she only got 3 kilograms,

When the child is born, the weight is: 2.6 kg;

Chen Yihan’s 3 kilograms during pregnancy are basically children!

And her 37 -year -old mother has a very relaxed performance before giving birth!

Unexpectedly, right?

This is because Chen Yihan was not idle during the delivery period

I have kept amazing exercise habits. After turning over her Weibo, I can see her photos often swimming, climbing, running, yoga, fixed bicycles and other photos.And scary!yu

Swimming during pregnancy

Mountaineering during pregnancy

Practice during pregnancy 108 worship Japanese style

Therefore, problems such as difficulty, postpartum body shape, difficulty recovery of older women, and health are affected by Chen Yihan’s body.

However, not everyone can do such a large and intensity exercise during pregnancy. I looked at her exercise intensity. It may be difficult for many girls without pregnancy.

Because Chen Yihan was already a well -known sportsman in the circle before pregnancy, the body fat rate was only 11%. This body fat rate was a competitive state of a bodybuilder!

Is it suitable for exercise during pregnancy?

Because everyone’s constitution is different, listen to the opinions of the doctor, see if they are suitable for exercise, or should rest in bed.During pregnancy, you must respect the doctor. Doctors know your physical condition best.

1. Pregnant mother’s membrane early break

If the fetal membrane is broken prematurely, it is easy to cause premature birth, the amniotic fluid is too scarce, hypoxia in the fetus, the placenta peel off early, and the umbilical cord prolapse and so on.Pregnant women who encounter this situation are not suitable for exercise and need to take a good rest.

2. Pregnant mothers suffer from heart disease

People with heart disease cannot be exercised violently, because the heart frequency will be accelerated, which will cause irreversible consequences.If pregnant women have heart disease, and they are pregnant, they will increase the burden on the heart and easily induce heart failure.

3. Pregnant mothers suffer from hypertension during pregnancy

Hypertension during pregnancy is a disease -specific disease during pregnancy, which seriously affects the health of pregnant mothers and babies. It is necessary to control blood pressure in an appropriate range in an effective scientific method to avoid excessive exercise.Diet should be healthy, and the rest time should be sufficient.

4. Placenta front

The pregnant woman is about 28 weeks of pregnancy. The placenta is attached to the uterus, or the edge of the placenta covers the inner mouth of the cervix. These performances are called the front placenta.If the pregnant mother is the pre -trimester, there will be bleeding in the third trimester, but it will not feel pain.To alleviate this symptom, pregnant women should ensure sufficient rest.

Once again, the doctor’s instruction is the prerequisite!

Most pregnant women can exercise, and the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy can also bring many benefits. Pregnant women with a certain basis of exercise. There are no special circumstances. Most of them can exercise. If strength is trained, it is generally trained with hip legs, backs, and arms.Mainly, the training plan does not need to change much to reduce core training.

1. Promote metabolism, which is conducive to enhancement.

Promoting metabolism and enhanced constitution can be said to be one of the most intuitive benefits of exercise, and during pregnancy, our appropriate exercise can have very good effects on blood circulation and metabolism, slowing back and leg pain.It can even reduce edema during pregnancy.

2. Help naturally delivery.

Exercise is conducive to improving the production power of pregnant mothers, and properly doing exercise of some exercise and abdominal muscles can be conducive to natural delivery.

PS: The premise is that the pregnant mother itself meets the conditions of natural delivery!Only in conjunction with exercise will it play a positive effect on natural delivery.

3. Promote fetal development.

The exercise of pregnant mothers during pregnancy can increase blood oxygen content and promote the release of the brain to release substances that have beneficial fetus growth.And during exercise, the shaking of amniotic fluid can promote amniotic fluid, stimulate the whole body of the fetus, and help the fetal treasure development.

Let me tell you what exercise methods are suitable for pregnancy and which exercise is not suitable

The first is a suitable exercise during pregnancy:

Swimming, the focus of drawing this

Chen Yihan, who is swimming during pregnancy

Swimming is definitely the most ideal pregnancy exercise, because the buoyancy of water will easily help you overcome the weight of your body!At the same time, due to the increase in weight of pregnancy, the buoyancy in the water increases, so swimming is easier and effective than any exercise!It can also relieve emotions; if you like breaststroke, congratulations, breaststroke, and expanding your chest, so that you can inhale more air, improve your breathing, and make you breathing during pregnancy.

So in addition to swimming, Chen Yihan just mentioned during pregnancy: yoga, mountaineering, these are all possible, try to choose some low -strength aerobic exercises.

Yoga during pregnancy

High -intensity High -risk High -temperature exercise is not suitable for pregnancy exercise!

For example, high -intensity movements such as fast running and need to jump high, and contact movement (such as ice hockey, boxing, football and basketball), falling high -risk movements (such as lower -slopes, skateboarding, surfing, off -road bicycles, gymnastics and gymnastics and gymnastics and gymnastics and gymnasticsRiding), diving, skydiving, hot yoga or high -temperature tablet, or core, that is, abdominal training, these are the best.

Because there are some movements that belong to the high temperature environment, it is easy to lead to imbalance of electrolytes. It has an impact on the development of the fetus and it is also dangerous, so it is not recommended.

After knowing the exercise that can be done during pregnancy and the exercise that cannot be done.

1. Appropriate exercise

If "self-reluctant and exhaustion" is 1-10, let your exercise intensity reach 7.If you can’t classify your exercise intensity, you can try "speaking experiments".

"Speaking experiment" means that when you are exercising, you should not breathe, you should be able to speak a whole paragraph while exercise.

If you do n’t even have a complete period of exercise, you ca n’t finish it.

Moderate very important

2. never exercise before pregnancy, exercise after pregnancy, start from the most basic start

For yourself, you may not have the perseverance to control your weight and have no motivation to exercise, but when you think of your baby in your belly, maybe you will have the motivation to change yourself.

We can start from walking every day, and then slowly transition to fast walking or swimming.Do not increase your own measurement, you can start 10-15 minutes a day, master the rhythm, and use the principle of physical acceptance without discomfort.Excessive to more than 30 minutes a day.Slowly you will get used to it, and you will fall in love with sports.


3. Don’t drink sports drinks

You may sweat during pregnancy, and you need to pay attention to hydration.But try not to drink sports drinks and carbonated drinks, because these drinks often contain a lot of sugar, which will allow you to consume too much calories, which is not conducive to weight control and physical health.We just need to drink boiled water.

Do not drink sports drink

Vaginal bleeding;

Create painful contractions;

The amniotic fluid flows out;

Difficult to breathe before exercise;

Dizziness, headache, chest pain;

The muscle weakness that affects the balance;

Calf pain or swelling.

Finally, I wish every pregnant mother a healthy and beautiful.

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