The 39 -year -old mother in the UK can’t help but have a relationship with her daughter and boyfriend, but unexpectedly pregnant

According to the British "Daily Star" reported on June 15, recently, a 39 -year -old single mother in the UK called "Daily Star Online" to consult emotional disputes.

The name of the single mother is Maryan.She told the host that she could not help but have a relationship with her daughter’s 20 -year -old boyfriend at a family gathering.Unexpectedly, she forgot to take a contraceptive and accidentally pregnant.Therefore, she and her little boyfriend were very disturbed.

Marianne is 39 years old and has four children.Her boyfriend left home two years ago.Since then, her life has been deteriorating, and most of the time she feels stressful.Her ex -boyfriend is unwilling to pay for the support and never worry about children.Now he has a new partner, and he threw all the family responsibilities into the dump.

The eldest daughter of Marian is 17 years old.Three weeks ago, she brought her boyfriend to her house at a family gathering.Because of this epidemic, Maryan didn’t want them to meet, but they missed too much with each other, so she agreed.

Unexpectedly, her daughter’s boyfriend was so charming.Marian likes this person very much.That night, my daughter drank too much and went to bed early, letting her boyfriend chat with Marianne in the kitchen.During the chat, Marianne found that the 20 -year -old child was very mature and revealed all the troubles to her.One hour later, Mary An even felt that he was his best friend.

She couldn’t help crying.The boy hugged her and comforted her.After a while, she wore a kitchen to clean up some pottery.But when she turned around, she was kissed by the boy because alcohol stimulated Maryan, and the two had a relationship in the kitchen.

Marianne believed that this would be forgotten, but that morning, she suddenly realized that she hadn’t come to a holiday for a month.She was afraid that I might be pregnant, but she didn’t know if she wanted to tell her daughter the truth or keep it as confidential as possible.To this end, she called "Daily Star Online".

The expert suggested that she had to test whether she was really pregnant.If she is pregnant, she may consider miscarriage, because the boy is too young to be responsible for her; the expert also suggested that she not let her daughter know the truth, because this will break the mother and daughter relationship.

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